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Giovanni Augustino “Johnny” Cirucci didn’t get much out of college.

To this day, his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is barely worth the frame it hangs in.  He didn’t know it then, but it’s by design.  “Higher education” is a machine that needlessly bleeds the common citizen and uses the teachings of sexual deviants and card-carrying Communists to take America’s children from their parents.

But one thing college did do for Johnny was teach him how to argue and debate.

From astronomy to sociology every “professor” found an excuse to bad-mouth America and/or Christianity. Not being one to sit still during such tirades, Johnny usually stood up and spoke up.

Combined with extreme disinterest and youthful laziness, this gave Johnny spectacularly mediocre grades.

But Johnny learned how to use facts, references and citations to defend himself and his beliefs.

It was almost worth the $50,000 he and his mother went into debt for to go to “University”.

Johnny found an in with the University paper and began writing political opinion columns.

Again, this was good practice.

Johnny struggled for several years trying to find his way.  The divorce of his parents and an abusive upbringing added to the chaos.

Johnny attempted to pursue a career in the military but was a late bloomer.  He dropped out of college and joined the Marine Corps.

Lacking maturity, he took an administrative discharge from Marine Corps bootcamp in the late 80’s.

Johnny continued to struggle but was determined to right the failures of his past.  With his mother’s help, he scraped together the funding he needed to return to the out-of-state college he had dropped out of.

His attempts to rejoin the Marine Corps were less successful, however.  Again and again he was denied admission.

Johnny was a non-practicing Catholic while in college.  He was always warm to the Gospel but found the Bible to be dry and confusing.

A friend of Johnny’s tricked him into attending an Evangelical church, promising him that it was a good place to meet girls.  He didn’t get a girlfriend, but he did get a radical change.

After hearing the teachings of Pastor Skip Heitzig, Johnny was a changed man.  A short time after that, he made a miraculous breakthrough with the Marine Corps and was given a waiver to return to boot camp.  He finished this time, at the ripe old age of 27, and graduated from college soon after.

But Johnny still hadn’t found his way.  He elected to do 4 years in the Marine Corps Reserve and, when he petitioned to go full time and become an officer, he was denied due his age and he left the Marine Corps upon honorable completion of his obligation of service.

Johnny was managing a furniture warehouse when 9/11 took place.  He immediately called his old unit but they were not bringing in personnel on “Inactive Ready Reserve”.

Two years went by.

Johnny kept his writing muscles strong by researching the Bible and composing tracts that he handed out.  They were actually more like term papers but no one ever accused Johnny of doing something half-way.

When Johnny met a 39 year old about to get his commission as an officer in the Navy, he decided to give up on the Marine Corps and try other services.

Against All EnemiesHe joined the Army in 2003 and attended Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia.  Johnny then married a girl he had met in a Christian chatroom from a far away state and they lived together in Oklahoma.

Still outspoken and opinionated, Johnny began blogging on the internet to express his opinions about religion, politics and movies sometime around 2004.

Unfortunately for him, the Army stuck him in a job he hated, despite his excellent resumé.  He was miserable for the next four years and chose to leave Active Duty rather than continue.

Johnny attempted an end-run on them all by joining the National Guard in order to do a job he liked.

It was in the service of a state governor, not the president, that Johnny was then called up for a deployment to Iraq.

The deployment to Iraq changed Johnny greatly.

His already strong distrust of authority was pushed even further as he saw how everyone on all sides was victimized by the so-called “War on Terror.”  Iraq’s destroyed infrastructure and suffering people left a mark on Johnny.  Even the animals suffered, on top of their low place in muslim society.  It was the suffering of the innocents and the vulnerable that truly bothered Johnny.  Johnny spent $1,000 just to bring a single scarred cat home with him against orders.

When Johnny got home, he began to think that the people running America, her government and her military weren’t just selfish incompetents, they were America’s real enemies.

The election of Barack Hussein Obama confirmed this for him.

Johnny’s blogging began to take a different turn.  When he realized that “Conservative” pundits refused to play hardball with Obama, he began to question and distrust them, too.

When those same pundits openly accepted the death fable of Osama bin Laden, Johnny turned entirely from “Conservative” media and plunged himself into “alternative” media.  His inside military information confirmed for him that the bin Laden raid was far from kosher.

Johnny began writing and researching about “forbidden” topics.

The word “false flag” soon entered his lexicon.

There was a radical change in his work from when he started to today and he continues to gain knowledge by digging in unorthodox places.

When one of Johnny’s columns on the so-called “Illuminati” got him modest success, he decided to cover the subject in his usual, meticulous detail.

The project ended up being an 826-page book with 2,000 citations covering the system of Mystery Babylon from Nimrod to today.

Illuminati Unmasked

Since then, Johnny has written a slightly less intimidating prequel to Illuminati Unmasked presenting the detailed historical foundation to how Rome rose to where she is today—

Secret History

He has subsequently blown the lid of the New World Order with—

Eaters of Children

In 2013, Johnny experimented with podcasting.  After a two-year hiatus he has returned and continues to search for the most effective means to disseminate real Truth to American, Christian and world citizens.

Johnny On The Air

Johnny’s columns have been featured on Before It’s News, Raiders News Update, the Government Rag, the SHTF Journal and the Save America Foundation.

e-mail Johnny at
johnny (at) johnnycirucci.com

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  1. REALLY appreciated your article re. Sandy Hook, Johnny – In fact, the more i read your articles – the more impressed i am with you and your ability to explain/share it with many of us. (One other person who also writes superb articles is Jon Rappoport).

    Thank you!

    • Hi Johnny,

      Colossians 2 :16 is a verse about mans opinion regarding whether to fast on Sabbath days or whether meat should be eaten. That’s why in verse 8 reference is made to tradition of men, not the law of god, to set the context. Paul could not write off the Sabbath and be a true prophet according to Duet 13. (also I’m not and SDA)

      Keep up the good work on the podcast

  2. Disappointed you don’t stand for the KJV as Rome controls the modern versions that change with regularity and get farther and farther from an untainted translation. KJV is not difficult to understand. Your opinion of the KJV is not valid. Do I recall you favor Jack Chick and David Daniels? They could enlighten you of all the biblical rewrites of all other versions. Why haven’t the Jesuits come after you? If they kill presidents, they would think twice about popping you. I’d like to believe you because I abhor the Vatican and its homo army the Jesuits. The RCC is a smokescreen for this satanic political institution. My guess is you’re a Jesuit doing a blown cover cover.

    • Janice…Janice…Janice…

      I DO “stand by” the King James in as much as you can show me it’s superiority with SPECIFIC examples and not nebulous generalities.

      My opinion regarding the KJV and those who have a fanatical attachment to it, and it alone, is VERY valid; they almost always exhibit a fleshly need to use pseudo Shakespearean English to SOUND holy. My guess is that you’re one of those.

      Trust me, I’ve had and continue to have personal challenges that I think can be traced to my endeavors but they can’t do much more than that because I have the King of kings.

      “homo army”? Maybe YOU have the issues.

      In fact…maybe YOU’RE the one working for the Whore of Babylon to stop by and make a stink over nothing to discredit me.

      A tree is known by it’s fruit. I try to do the most damage I possibly can to the Whore. If belial casts out belial he is divided against himself, how then can he stand?

  3. http://www.chick.com/catalog/bibleversions.asp

    Read these unless you don’t care that the version you are reading was changed by satan. I’m not saying the KJV is perfect. Nothing produced by man can be perfect but it is the best of the bunch. I have read the others. I have doubts because if really know the Bible, you would know these things. The Jesuits are an abomination; of that we can agree but I doubt your sincerity.

    Your opinion of me on your podcast really is worthless. Why would you bother? Those who know their stuff, know the KJV is superior to all modern versions.

    One last note. . . You are quite mistaken about Steven Anderson. How can you mock Scofield, which is what he deserves dead or not, and not see what Steven Anderson brings to the table? For centuries, man has been deceived by wayward preachers touting twisted doctrine for gain. You are a mishmash of confusion. I know Steven Anderson and can vouch for his character not to mention his wisdom bestowed by the Holy Spirit.

    • The real question, Janice, is why are YOU bothering?

      Isn’t that typical of someone with pride issues? “Here. I have NO rationalization for what I believe. Go read these books and find out my side of the argument for me.”

      I have no doubt that Rome has made important doctrinal changes to some versions of English translations but WHAT SPECIFICALLY ARE THEY?

      Why am I not surprised that you would defend that callous-hearted, OBNOXIOUS Jew-hating spawn of satan Steven Anderson?

      You really are a Jesuit coadjutor, aren’t you. The two of you BELONG together. Where did you meet, a convent?

  4. Hi, Johnny. New fan here. Love the website and especially the podcast (I hope once you settle down with your job, you can do it more frequently).

    I just wonder what your thought process is when you tag some people within the “truth movement” as co-opted. For instance, Fritz Springmeier. I’ve been a big fan of his for years and he seems like an incredibly sincere individual, and his book on mk ultra mind control is the most critical book on that subject you will find anywhere today and is attested by victims of mind control. I also like to correct something. He doesn’t belong to “it’s the Jews” crowd. In his younger years, around the time when he first released his first book on the Jehovah’s witness’ masonic ties, he was, but since then, he has seen the error in his ways and acknowledges he was misled.

    Okay, back to my point. Is anyone in the truth movement who doesn’t acknowledge the central role of the Jesuits and Rome co-opted? Thank you.

    • Hey James!

      Thanks for the kind words; encouragement is always appreciated in an endeavor such as this.

      I wasn’t tracking Fritz’s about-face on the Jews. If you’ve got a link, I’d love to see it.

      It’s not a good sign when he is a frequent guest on Alex Jesuit Coadjutor Jones’ show and walks that vast audience right to the door of the New World Order and then covers’ for the Jesuits by pointing at the Jews (their favorite tactic).

      If he HAS seen the Light he has a tremendous amount of damage to make up for.

      The keys to Springmeier and Jones being good at what they do is how they lay a foundation of alternative truth that is accurate but, at the last minute, screen the Whore of Babylon and blame someone else, which is exactly what they’re paid to do.

      “Is anyone in the truth movement who doesn’t acknowledge the central role of the Jesuits and Rome co-opted?”

      That’s a great question and an immediate “YES” would make me seem a bit paranoid but the answer is “YES”. That’s a little tongue-in-cheek but not much.

      An “alternative news” researcher can NOT do their job for very long without hearing or reading the word JESUIT. For instance, the top boogey-man word today is ILLUMINATI. It only took me a few minutes to see that “the Illuminati” were founded by Adam Weishaupt, a Jew converted to Catholicism trained by the Jesuits starting at AGE SEVEN! He went on to teach Canon Law (how Rome conducts itself as a political entity) at Jesuit Ingolstadt University.

      You have high Papal shills like Mark Allen Shouldice (a.k.a. “Mark Dice”) who wrote an entire book on “the Illuminati” yet never mentions the Jesuit connection.

      Joseph “Doc” Marquis claims to be “ex Illuminati” yet Weishaupt’s Jesuit indoctrination is all but invisible with him.

      The Whore and her satanic Special Forces, the Jesuits, rule the world for satan. They own ALL the banks, ALL the militaries, ALL the intelligence agencies and nearly ALL media, “alternative” included. They can destroy whomever and whatever they wish from your reputation to your livelihood to your life and the ONLY thing that will stop them is the Blood of Jesus Christ on your doorposts and lintels.

      As a result, I can count sources of information on the Whore on one hand. If they aren’t bought off they are intimidated. At the bare minimum they have learned that doing a paranormal variety show brings them big audiences and lots of advertising, but showing the nakedness of the Whore doesn’t.

      As for me and my household, we serve the Lord.

  5. Johnny,

    Thanks for the response!

    “I wasn’t tracking Fritz’s about-face on the Jews. If you’ve got a link, I’d love to see it.”

    I’m sure I remember him at least saying something along the lines of “the Zionists don’t play a central role in the “Illuminati”. He mentioned it in passing on a radio interview he was on, though i’m having a hard time finding it. He seems to have a very bible-based Christian view towards the Jews. There’s no doubt that most of the people that appear on the Alex “the clown” Jones’ show are gate-keepers and shills. However, I don’t believe all are. Fritz appears on his show IMO, to get his voice on a major platform. You’ll notice that there are only “certain” topics Jones allows him to discuss. Bloodlines/JFK/Manchurian candidates/bankers… Once Fritz veers off to MK ultra, Jones cuts him off and chances the topic, or just brings up Lee Harvey Oswald type Manchurian Candidate mind control. He never lets him talk about monarch programming in detail and the manner in which these psychos shatter the mind to create human robots. This was why Fritz got in trouble initially, for exposing their greatest and most dangerous weapon in his book. {side note : what they are able to accomplish with this “technology” is astonishing and frightening. We are living in probably the first generation of fully programmed mind controlled slaves. Exposing this is just as crucial as exposing Rome’s influence} That’s why his house was raided and he was thrown in prison on trumped up charges. That is his field. I’m not convinced at all he has that much of a great understanding of the illuminati which he speaks of.

    I’ll give him a pass for falling for the silly, “it’s the Jews” rhetoric. Even I was privy to that initially when I started my search for truth before finally realizing the role of Rome. Maybe or maybe not he to is a shill, but I strongly doubt it. If he were, there’s no way they let him write that book he wrote. And to the depth at which he did it. Also, his manner shows the fruit of the Spirit, which is not something you see in shills.

    “You have high Papal shills like Mark Allen Shouldice (a.k.a. “Mark Dice”) who wrote an entire book on “the Illuminati” yet never mentions the Jesuit connection.”

    Speaking of Mark Dice and Alex Jones, it’s hard to imagine how anyone with more than two braincells takes these imbeciles seriously. There was a time when Dice was having a serious feud with Jones, around say, 2012/2013, which I don’t think was scripted. Dice was seriously going after Jones. Calling him a shill, a fake, a scam artist etc.


    Jones, in order to save face, (i’m guessing he panicked) decided to call a truce with a very strange video called “conscience”. Starting at 7:15, notice the veiled masonic language he begins to use to communicate with his “brother” Mark Dice. Too bad the sheeple won’t have understood.


    Then lo and behold, Mark Dice gets the “message” and ends the beef.


    Just to end, keep up the good work! Even the Holy Bible is with you. Read Rev 17:18! Too bad the completely co-opted Evangelical American church won’t dare speak out against the Whore, who is mentioned more times in the book of revelation than even the antichrist.

    • Thanks James!

      *phew* lot of info there, I’ll go over it as I can

      I think the “truce” between Shouldice and Jones was manufactured by Papal powers just as the connection to WND editor Joseph Farah was.

      Farah is a Papal puppet on the Council for National Policy

      Thanks again for the encouragement!

      I’ll stop when we win or Christ tells me to.

  6. Johnny, what’s going on my dude?

    Anyway, some interesting material for your podcast. Since Hovind’s been freed, the man has been spewing some strange doctrines. Methinks he’s been forced to undergo some “reeducation” to gain his freedom. He’s now promoting the “it’s the Muslims/Islam” angle, pushed by Shoebat, Richardson and these other agents of Rome. He even said the legs of iron in Daniel wasn’t Rome but it was the Ottoman empire! This among some other strange stuff. Listen to all his new videos yourself. I liked and admired Hovind so much, but this isn’t a coincidence.

    Anyway, here’s a youtube video from this guy in the know (though he’s an irritating KJV-Onlyist).

  7. Walter Veith is not a heretic. He is far more humble than most and tries to deliver criticism with love. The lost sheep of Catholicism are blind but treating them with arrogance calling everyone a Jesuit shill will not get the job done. I know the Jesuits are the spawn of hell but NOT everyone is a Jesuit.

    • Hi Janice!

      I think my last show in its entirety gives the whole picture accurately.

      I adore Professor Veith and love his teaching (except when he goes full Adventist on me) but there is no Salvation without Christ Jesus.

      As I said in my podcast, I was tempted to call what Professor Veith said regarding God having His own in “EVERY RELIGION” as the words of heresy but I’m holding back in view of all the other great work the Professor has done.

      Unlike others in our anti-Papist field, I’m not quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  8. I know what comment you’re talking about and I think Veith could have explained further what he meant but I do not believe he meant that all roads lead to the same God like Pope Francis has stated. I think Veith meant there are people in every walk doing God’s will whether they know it or not. What about Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar? Both were instrumental to God but neither professed Him. Your thoughts?

    • Yes. As dangerous as the comment was, there is too much good fruit from Walter. I must give him the latitude of consideration and say that he should have clarified more.

      I am still quite comfortable pointing others to his teaching.

  9. Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” Why is there any question the sabbath should be kept? I’m not a SDA but I don’t think they are wrong here. Jesus Himself kept the sabbath. God’s command to keep the sabbath is not men’s vain philosophy. That statement by Paul is always misunderstood and contradicts what Jesus said above.

    • I’ve said repeatedly I don’t disagree, but Colosians 2:16 says that the Sabbath is a shadow of Christ and, therefore should not be adhered to in fanatical legalism like the Adventists. One man’s Saturday is another man’s Sunday.

  10. Jew or Greek, bond or free does not matter anymore.

    Also, if we don’t have to keep sabbath anymore then God is not the same forever and He’s lied to us.

  11. “All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them. What other kind of truth is there?”

    Moral relativism, not truth, is preached by this pernicious pontiff.

  12. Can you tell me what you will be presenting on in Lina Ohio? Are you alone presenting all day? Also I hope in the future you can have a meaningful conversation with Rob Skiba about keeping the Sabbath and Holy Days.

    • Hey Maureen.

      It’s just me and I’ll be covering…EVERYTHING.

      * who rules America
      * who the antiChrist is
      * Flat Earth
      * Israel
      * Tribulation/Rapture

      “…let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths, which are a shadow of things to come, but the substance is of Christ.” ~ Colossians 2:16-17

  13. I have not read all of your posts, but have read several. I fully agree that what makes most of the alternative media questionable to me is the UTTER and Complete silence on the Vatican origins/connections of the Luciferian (Illuminati) Cult. EVERYONE and their dog seems to be afraid, deadly afraid, of condemning our catholic ‘brothers.’ People have gone mad! They have forgotten that Rome is the Antichrist spirit, and most people do not recognize the TWO Babylons (Hyslop) (Babylon/Rome). Any time I hear a ‘Christian’ leader, speaker, pastor, prophet, you-tuber, etc., make some apologetic for the Catholic religion or any aspect of it (Pope, Rome, Vatican, its sadly deceived followers), I am grieved. The great deception has been alive and well the whole time, right under their noses. When family members tried to get me to jump on board the Muslim Antichrist theory, I stuck to my guns. I know the false prophet comes from the papacy (and will/does direct ALL false religions into an ecumenical unity), and the actual anti-Christ beast will be one of the Vatican’s installed/anointed men. The beast who looks like a lamb, but speaks like the dragon is the pope, has always been the pope; this one in particular is an ever more perfect embodiment of what the false prophet will indeed be. Once he is able to call down fire from heaven (in a mockery of Elijah-at Mt. Carmel), then I will be certain the very end is upon us. It is best that none of us follow any man at all, but only follow Jesus. Cursed is the man who puts his trust in a man. Blessed is the man who’s hope is ONLY in the LORD. My motto is this, I will listen to what men have to say, in order to gain information, but I will only ever BELIEVE the Word of God. The moment the teacher says anything in opposition or contradiction with what God decrees, I begin to take everything they say with an ocean full of SALT! That’s my formula for not being deceived. I don’t need to follow any man at all. God is my LORD, Jesus is my Savior, the Holy Spirit is my guide and my seal unto the day of redemption.

  14. Dear Johnny,
    Praise God that you have been weaned off the Kool Aid. Please consider contacting a godly whistle-blower, Scott Bennett, author of the Book Shell Game, armypsyop.wix,com/scottbennett
    He served in central command, with a direct commission, until he began sending reports about the dysfunction of the defense contractors. Then he was framed and sent to prison.
    I am a veteran also, having served in 4 combat units in Viet Nam.

  15. Dear brother Johnny,

    Firstly thank you for speaking out against the Jesuits and their counter reformation. Would to God that he would raise up more men preaching truth!
    I heard your interview with Rob Skiba and your dissertation on the Biblical truth of the Earth on it’s face being flat… And it was good, but both you and brother Rob are missing the “whole picture”. I refer you to my YouTube video series titled Tabernacle Earth: Flat Earth Model as Found in KJV link below:


    I pray that it is edifying.

    God Bless
    Harrry Katz

  16. I have dealt with Eric Phelps too. Eric will not admit when he is proven wrong. He will not admit that the Black Pope worked with the founding fathers in 1775! Tupper Saussy exposed this in his book “Rulers Of Evil”. Check this website out and scroll down to Lorenzo Ricci and start reading. http://www.abeldanger.net/2012/12/washington-dc-rome-on-potomac-jesuits.html

    You will also be interested in this short video showing Jesuit Archbishop donated Rome, MD to Washington to create Washington, DC and Jesuit Dan Carroll signed the Declaration Of Independence! http://www.abeldanger.net/2012/12/washington-dc-rome-on-potomac-jesuits.html

    You talk about the Titanic. The Titanic did not sink! It was switched with the Olympic and then the Titanic sales around under the name of the Olympic and just like 9/11 they took out a huge insurance policy on the ship before it sank. Never before or since has a ship ever sunk from hitting an ice berg! Sound familiar? If you want more information on this one let me know.

    God Bless,

  17. Hey Johnny: Lots of good work and good sniffing. I had to come to agreement with your comments in regard to Rick Wiles, unhappily, after working for a short time with him. Not trustworthy. In regard to your presentation #44, I exhort you from II Tim. 2:19, “let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity” and Eph. 4:19, “let no corrupt communication come out of your mouth.” It just seemed that unseemly words flowed with considerable ease to be later bleeped out. We are all works in progress, for sure, but I’m just urging you to give attention to putting a bridle on the tongue in this area, with all due respect and Christian love.

    • Thanks, John. I appreciate the feedback and make no excuses for my flaws; but only seek forgiveness in my constant self-examination and desire to be humble.

      Interestingly, I have found that my flaws tend to bring out those in others and that, frequently, those who feel the need to exhort me in II Timothy 2:19 or Ephesians 4:19 tend to be guilty of Matthew 7:3–while they are busy condemning the splinter in my eye they have a telephone pole sticking out of theirs.

      In Christian love,
      ~ Johnny

  18. Hi Johnny,
    Greetings! New fan here. I’m reading your book and it’s very impressive. So far we agree on almost everything – jesuits, flat earth, intelligence agencies, false flags and so on. Maybe someday we could chat about “mystery babylon”, I think Chris White has the most accurate interpretation on that, although he doesn’t mention the Vatican as the main character to make Jerusalem become the capital city of the world. Keep doing your good job and God bless you!

  19. I recently heard your resistance rising audio series. I have also read your book “Illuminati Unmasked”. I would like to begin my message by commending you for your dedication to exposing the “MAN OF SIN” aka the Papacy & for your defense of the Historical Protestant doctrine concerning the identity of the ANTI-CHRIST (The Church of Rome). With that said I would like to share some reservations I have concerning your understanding of the SDA Church (Seventh Day Adventist Church which you are critical of. I won’t presume to know what’s in your heart but I will ask you to clarify your position after I present my case to you based on your aforementioned presentation specifically radio presentations #103-106 in your Resistance Rising audio series. You are very critical of William Miller because he was a Freemason. Are you aware that he disavowed himself from Freemasonry prior to preaching his message? Are you aware that he was one of many , many , many others the world around who were preaching the imminent return of Christ in or around the time of the Mid 1800’s based on their then understanding of the 2300 days prophecy of the book of Daniel? Can you tell your audience what level of Freemasonry did William Miller reach? Are you aware that according to Morals and Dogma page 819 ISBN:-1-930097-81-6 by Albert Pike aka Bible of Freemasonry that the lower level Masons are “Intententionally Misled” by the Higher level Freemasons? You claim to be a “Former” Roman Catholic” of 25 years or so, should your audience be suspicious of “YOU” because you were a member of the most POWERFUL , SATANIC , religious institution in the world identified as the ANTI-CHRIST for 25 years? Are you aware that Ex-Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera was under the false pretense that Freemssonry was antagonistic to the Papacy & that wasn’t until he was at the Jesuit Headquarters in Rome & upon kissing the then Black Popes ring he noticed the Freemason logo he realized that the Head of The Jesuits & Freemasonry are one and the same? You disagree with the doctrinal position of the SDA’s concerning “ENFORCED” SUN-day being the “MARK” of the Beast , yet you have failed to mention that it is the Beast aka Papacy as you your self agree the Papacy to be herself has stated that the change of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday is the “MARK” if their authority in religious matters? So if the Papacy is the Beast which is the Historic position of the Protestant Reformation and this Beast states that the change of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday is their Mark , why then are you critical of the SDA’s position? Using deductive reasoning is how the SDA reached that understanding concerning the “MARK” of the Beast! Are you aware that the Lords Day Alliance USA also states that SUNday Observance is the “MARK” of Christian Unity? Are you aware that according to the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” ISBN-0-382-30463-2 page 528 , ISBN 978-0-385-47967-7 page 585 & “The Roman Catechism” ISBN 0-8198-6408c or 0-8197-6413-7p page 386 all instruct the Laity that they should seek to have SUN-day legislated by civil authorities just as the Lords Day Alliance USA & The European Sunday Alliance are currently seeking to have legislated? Have you ever heard of Blue Laws? Are you aware that “Atheists” are currently holding SUNday services? Are you aware that the Mandatory SUN-day Law outlined in The Great Controversy by E G White has been confirmed by a “NON” Seventh Day Adventist source, view the YouTube video entitled “US Congress gave AUTHORITY to the Papacy during Pope’s visit!” Now let’s talk about the Sabbath Commandnent you claim is no longer binding in the New Testament! Can you explain that if the Sabbath Day is no longer binding then why did JESUS instruct his disciples to pray that their flight from Jerusalem concerning the prophesied destruction of the Temple which occurred in 70 A.D. Which was approx 40 years “AFTER” the Death & Resurrection of Christ would not occur in the Winter nor on the SABBATH DAY see Matthew 24:20? Can you explain to your audience that if the SABBATH DAY was no longer binding after the Death of Christ why then did the Greeks aka “GENTILES” request that Paul preach to them on the SABBATH DAY? See Acts 13:42-52 , Acts 18:4. In closing I would like to share an observation with you! Mr Johnny Cirucci you need to bring it down a notch or two , you have become self righteous because of your book! Never forget that you are a mere vessel used by GOD for his Glory! You need to be a bit more humble! You have been very critical of a Church that has been the only consistent Protestant even to this day! Of course there are individual congregations which are questionable but they do not invalidate the Present Truth known as the Three Angels Messages! Since you have never mentioned the aforementioned information with your audience should they in turn be suspicious of you since you were once a member of the ANTI-CHRIST Church or should your audience consider that you were not aware of the aforementioned facts , and though you may have been sincere you have been sincerely WRONG? I for one am giving you the benefit of doubt, I simply am giving you some advice , if you spit in the Wind you might just get spat on! Mr J Cirucci you are not the Big Fish in the Tank none of us are! Humble yourself before GOD does it for you! See 1 Peter 5:5. MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU & ALL YOUR LOVED ONES!

  20. Hi Johnny,
    I Just wanted to send you this quick message to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas 🎄 and best wishes for 2017. Since finding your channel I have learned so much and I know you are the real deal. I pray that God gives you the means to continue doing your no holds barred podcast, bringin us Cirrucian diamond grade jesuit info!!
    Never give up, you are a credit to your subscribers.
    Anyways, godbless, enjoy the holidays.
    From the uk.

  21. Hey Johnny,
    Just a quick one for you to look at if you get chance, because I am done with trying to advise this Youtuber that he is wrong. Its a guy from the uk, his Youtube channel is called “Spudgy Pang”, I dont believe for one minute that this dude is a shill or anything like that and to be fair he has done some interesting predictive programming breakdowns of certain things that have happened. The problem is this, the dude is consumed and obscessed with the old “its the jewish / zionist freemasons” that control and own everything. I’ve sent him a few links clearly showing him he is wrong and that the jews are just frontmen and scapegoats for loyolas disciples. What pi##ed me off and why I am bringing this to your attention is when I tried to direct him to your channel, he arrogantly came back with, that you was a shill chanel talking about the illuminati. So i bit my lip and said no no, your wrong, you dont understand. Illuminati unmasked is telling you who is behind the buzz term of “illuminati”. So that just showed me he just glanced at your channel without looking at the content properly. A few more messages went back and forth and his ultimate answer was that I was wrong, the jesuits may predate zionists but the zionists own and control everything today. After that reply…..I went for a long lie down and then 8 x 3 minute rounds on the heavy punchbag to relieve my annoyance at this f##kwit ziontard.
    So I ask you, if you get chance, swat this fly once and for all with some real truth…. Lol.
    As always, love your website, love your channel, love listening to you. I’ve learned so much to which I am very greatful of.
    Speak to u soon.
    Take care and godbless you and your family.

    Cirrucian Warrior 🗿

  22. I was super involved in church the ministry choir helping and so on for the past almost 40 years have met thousands of beautiful people however I have never met such genuine truly loving people real people not fake as I have doing volunteer work for abused animals,homeless outreach work the people who give to these things the folks I’ve met building these relationshios are a different breed they are deep because the people are not fake not religious they just have an ginormous amount if love for animals and those who are suffering and Johnny loves animals, children people and has the skills smarts passion determination to expose the evil doers and hes an incredible truth teller a wonderful gem he shares with his whole heart. We are truly blessed God gave him to us.

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