1. Hello Johnny
    I have been listening to your media for the last few dayx about the illuminatti and the luceferian agenda in general
    you make some very strong arguments with credit based on a lot of what I have heard from talk show hosta in the past.
    I am a Christian who is a a standstill concerning many things and the “who to trust” issue is all over the place.
    But I do Trust that Christ is in position to not allow me to fall away from my place in His Plan.
    you have used many names of people I am familiar with and only validated my distrust in them being totally sold out for Jesus which leaves them to me as a satanist perpetrating a Christian.
    I am skepticle of many personalities on the airwaves now.
    I Like it that you do speak out against those well known and respected by the church people who are shills as for thier true fruit with the ten percent of deception.
    I would love to have a phone visit with you and ask you some questions about a few people I am aware of to see what your opinion might be and also ask you about the trauma based mind programing mkultra, DID/MPD satanic ritual abuse, fritz Sprimmierer, deprogramming, the famous Stew Webb (always pointing to the Isrealis and mossad) do you feel he is genuine and possibly ignorant of the truth that it is the jesuits first and then the mossad, the (rothchilds) red shield who do you think they are shielding or protecting?
    hagman and hagman, alex jones, steve quayle, ????????
    and other stuff that can help me to fill in some gaps.
    I wanted to send a straight email to you but this was all I could find as for your contact.
    you make a lot of sense I do hope you can contact me back.
    Thank you for saying the things people are afraid to say and putting yourself on the line.
    you are in a great place to be able to share.
    God Bless you

    • I’ve personally written Steve Quayle, LA Marzulli, and Alex Jones about the earth being exactly as God says it is in the Bible. It is covered by a bowed firmament with the lights set in it, and He “spread” the earth out, “stretched” a line across it, set it’s cornerstone, set it upon it’s foundation and pillars, set the sun and moon in their “circuits”, and says several times that the earth is “immovable”. Proving the earth a flat, domed structure would shatter the lies of “evolution and the big bang” instantly, while revealing that we are living in a created structure. The above mentioned gentlemen want NO part in exposing this, they are controlled opposition IMHO. What are your thoughts on this my brother in Christ?

      • it breaks my heart about LA, Matt but serves the Machine even if he doesn’t mean to

        and, given how well he serves the Whore of Babylon with everything he does, it’s hard not to think he knows what he’s doing

        Quayle and Jones are so far up the Pope’s ass they don’t have to go anywhere to get instructions from him

  2. Larry O.
    Atlanta Ga
    661 555-1212

    that email I sent was not a comment but a contact
    I did not know if it was going to post right away 🙂
    but now that I am aware it will be moderated out from the website.
    OK please contact me or set up a time I can talk with you
    God Bless you

  3. Yes Johnny no contact button
    but I sure would love to get more stuff on Tom Horn
    too, as he is so well respected
    as is La Marzulli and Stan Deyo????????…etc
    I know that things are not totally right with him
    I have personally talked with doc.marquis on a few occasions
    and he too seem to sway away from certain what I feel to be relevant subjects.
    I feel that most of these people you mention or I referred to are yet mk ultra programmed individuals and some are not aware that they are under mind control sadly

    I have a subscription confirm email from you today
    is that the one you sent?

    • yeah…I haven’t done an e-Blast since my computer crashed but it’s coming

      Tom, LA, Stan, Doc…you won’t get Jesuit names, places and dates from them.

      Hell you won’t get the word “Jesuit” from them unless Tom is spooking/spoofing with “aliens”.

      At least you spoke with Doc. I asked him TWICE for confirmation that Weishaupt was a Jesuit and he ignored me–he’s the one who said it.

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