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Tue, 12 April 2016

The SPECTRE of the Jesuit World Order

One of the best sources on Jesuit machinations is an incognito Jesuit who masquerades as a “Baptist Calvinist” expert on the “Society of Jesus” and calls himself “Eric Jon Phelps”.  He is the ultimate example of what Cardinal Thomas Wolsey termed “learning against learning”—to infiltrate…
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Thu, 2 April 2015

Jupiter Ascending (2015): DECODED

Well the Wachowskis have done it again.  They’ve made another movie teaming with insider innuendo. Laurence “Larry” Wachowski (b. 1965) and Andrew Paul “Andy” Wachowski (b. 1967) were raised in the Jesuit Communist community-organizing mecca of Chicago. Chicago was where Jesuit Greg Galluzzo taught Barack…
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Mon, 30 March 2015

Hercules (2014)

With a few minor exceptions, Hercules 2014 followed such a predictable pattern of old and new hit movies it was almost as if powerful people simply said, “Make something that both glorifies and demystifies the Greek demigod and make sure it’s palatable.” When I think…
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Wed, 25 March 2015

The November Man (2014)

So there I was on the treadmill again, wading through the latest delivery from my rental service. When Pierce Brosnan was selected to play James Bond through the late 90’s I vowed not to watch a single one (and I haven’t).  I couldn’t believe the…
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Fri, 22 August 2014

Noah (2014)

After all of the hype has died down, I finally took the plunge and rented the Darren Aronofsky film Noah (2014). The reality of the work lies somewhere in between the Christian pastor rubes who were sucked in to endorsing the film and the shrill…
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Wed, 16 July 2014

RoboCop (2014)

The vast majority of pap that comes from Hollywood ... Helliwood ... Commiewood is either poison, banality or foolishness. Occasionally, it can be inspiring with minimal cancerous messages being sent to you and once in a great while a movie can be downright thrilling as…
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Sun, 20 October 2013

The Veteran (2011)

Rob Miller is a British soldier who has spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a well-trained paratrooper who has killed “hundreds” in-theater. A tragedy caused him to finally call it quits, but when he returns home to London, he finds that the war…