* Frasier creator David Angell, Roman Catholic who “died on AA Flight 111”, the same flight mentioned by Linda Hamilton on a 1997 episode

Frasier’s Catholic Angell on 9/11’s Pre-Planned Treason

* Angell’s brother Kenneth is a pedophile-protecting Bishop who gave special attention to a pedo priest operating in Haiti

* Grammer was born on St. Thomas just a few miles from Eppstein’s “Orgy Island” Little St. James (he now also owns Great St. James)

* according to gossip source “Radar Online” he lives a life filled with sex and drug extremes that have made some concerned for his life

* his father, a bar owner, was murdered in 1968.  The perp was let go on an “insanity” plea.

* 7 years later his sister was kidnapped, gang-raped for 4 hours, stabbed, left for dead, bled out trying to get help.  2 perps were soldiers from Ft. Carson.  The murderer was given the death penalty.  It was overturned by the Colorado Supreme Court

* two half-brothers were diving off St. Thomas. One “disappeared” and the other suffered an embolism looking for him

* the name of the man who murdered Grammer’s father was Arthur B. Niles

So across the 11 years of one of the longest-running sitcoms on TV, Grammer was saying the name of his father’s murderer with the warmth of a brother thousands of times.

Half of the image for this story is cover art from the album killtherapists by Vatican Assassins.
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