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11 March 2004

I love this site…I am so happy the internet exists because you finally, after years and years of hard work have found a place where you can speak your mind, share your thoughts with so many others, and hopefully bring people closer to Christ. I pray you make a way for those who would like to and are able to, send you donations to further your work. I don’t think your readers are aware of the amount of money, your own money, you have put out to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ over the years, in addition to, giving your tithe faithfully to your home church. I’m sure they are not aware, as I am, the amount of TIME you have also invested to preparing the youth you have been able to come in contact with the trials they will surely have to face, of the world they live in. You are a true “soldier for Christ” and I am so proud to know you and to have been blessed (as well as my oldest child) to have been baptized by you, someone so full of the Holy Spirit! God bless you my friend, and keep up the good fight. Much love, “you know who”

Johnny Cirucci

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