1. Tell me more about what you know regarding Brother Nathanael. I followed his commentary for quite awhile. Never saw any connection with the Jesuits. Please elaborate. Thank you.

  2. Be careful with “Brother Nathanael”.

    That guy is a real Orthodox priest like I am.

    There’s no way that someone could push the Jesuit smokescreen of “IT’S THE JEWS!” as hard as that guy does without being a Jesuit.

    I KNOW how they work and the Orthodox Church is HEAVILY infiltrated by the Jesuits.

    Stalin was trained in an Orthodox seminary and he admitted himself that the Jesuits really ran things!


    My proof is all deductive reasoning but I am comfortable standing firm on it.

    Frothing up anti-Semitism is the oldest trick in the Jesuit playbook and they’ve done it OFTEN.

  3. Found your site, book and podcasts two days ago. I’ve been researching for the past ten years… and to just about every conclusion you’ve made, i agree. The latest? Flat Earth! Once I looked at it, about six weeks ago, I had to keep digging. I have no doubt at this point as to the veracity of an enclosed model. I now wonder of the frenetic panic among the “elite” regarding melting of the “ice caps” is somehow related to the Antarctic ice shelf. I have also always had a nagging suspicion in the back of my mind regarding the airship Hindinberg. It was outfitted for scientific exploration, in the southwest US, I think, when it burned in NJ. It would have been the perfect transportation for an Antarctic exploration,… able to carry alot of material and men. One more thing. Admiral Byrd’s son, who had accompanied him on at least one of his Antarctic trips, was invited to Washington DC, to accept an award from the Smithsonian (!!) honoring his father. This was several years after Admiral Byrd’s death. Byrd (Jr.) caught a train to Washington, and was never seen alive, again. His body was found in an abandoned warehouse a month later. Surprisingly, it would seem the investigation died then. I cannot find further information. I wonder if Byrd intended to “spill the beans”, and someone got wind of it. All conjecture, I know. One thing I’ve discovered, though, coincidences among these people are rare. Thank you for your work and research. I appreciate it, and so will anyone willing to dig on their own. I’ve found, too often, people unwilling to search the facts for themselves. I ordered your book. I can hardly wait to dig in! Please keep going. If you ever need research help on a topic, I’m a bulldog. Prayers for your protection are now on my daily “to do” list.

  4. Johnny – I’ve looked further into the Hindenberg disaster, and possible reasons for it. I may be stretching here, but I do think an airship was and still would be the perfect tool for Antarctic exploration. The Graf Zeppelin explored the Arctic in 1931 with great success. The international team carried over 11,000 pounds of equipment, and was able to take clear high altitude movies and pictures of the Arctic. In fact, the Artic was re-mapped. I now wonder if Byrd did not use the Zeppelin because the 1937 disaster took forever the idea of using the Zeppelin. Just how contrived was the disaster? This may be useless speculation, but I think that the further examination of our God created home merits examination of trails we may have missed. How many times have we been thwarted from discovering the truth?

    • I agree: a zeppelin WOULD be an excellent platform from which to conduct an exploration of either polar region but particularly the “southern” one.

      Before we proceed along with your suspicion we need to know if the Hindenburg was ever slated for polar exploration. If not, the idea that it was destroyed to keep it from such a mission doesn’t hold water as there were hundreds of similar craft extant at the time.

      Nothing like that will be allowed today, however. The world militaries (to include supposed mortal enemies US, UK, Russia and China) will destroy it and murder the crew LONG before they could come close to their goal.

  5. No, I’m not particularly fixated on the Hindenburg. What I’m thinking is that the destruction of that airship took the acceptance of using an airship… Any airship off the table as means of exploring the Antarctic.

  6. Thought you might be interested in this site, although you have already checked it out. The web address has “sites.google.com”, so not sure how reliable it is. If it’s a phony shill site let me know, as I was interested in the 1611 KJV comments in association with Free Masonry.

    Thanks for all your work and insights.


  7. Johnny, this is Veritas__Aequitas from the RomeRules subReddit. If you run out of guests for your show, drop me a line. I can share with your audience the Papal/Jesuit connections to recent false flags/psy-ops, anti-Jewish pro-Jesuit fake Knights Templar frauds, hidden Jesuit-controlled think tanks, etc.

  8. Hello Mr. Cirucci,

    I just wanted to tell you that I heard an interview you did a couple of months ago on canary cry radio… I really enjoyed the insight you gave about love. Love IS sacrifice… Arranged marriages ARE the way to go!

    Those two revelations I had already gotten from the Ruach Hakodesh prior to listening to the show. The revelation I didn’t get until I heard your interview was about the Helmet of Salvation.. Wow..wonderful..

    Yes! We must be saved in our minds. We must make a choice for righteousness in every minute of every day… I have been struggling here, please pray for me.

    It made me think to all the times I’ve heard pastors talk about giving our “heart” to Jesus. You already know the verse “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” Jer 17:9

    A simple prayer to give our wicked heart to Yehoshua does not keep us saved. I love that you never prayed the “sinners prayer.” Who wants to pray a “sinner’s prayer?” I desire to pray a redeemed Child of Elohim’s prayer!

    We have to continually give our minds to Christ. That’s why Satan is always running Psyops – because he wants our minds. Our minds make us fall.

    It was also great to hear something other than just the same old conspiracy stuff, we’ve all heard – although you brought some new things about Lincoln’s assassination that didn’t know. Thank you.

    I’ve read Eric Jon Phelps and agree that the Jesuits are the power – except there are three higher… What I was shown is that the Scottish overlords run the Vatican, the BIS, and Washington. Through demonic ritual they report directly to Satan.

    As you stated Yahuwah uses their plans against them, but He also uses Satan to carry out His wrath, just like He used His “servant” Nebuchadnezzar.

    Of course you know that Satan has his foot soldiers (fallen angels) in Every walk of life, just like the movie “they live,” but the Black Pope (4) takes his orders from the Highland (3) who get their orders from Gadre’el (Satan – 2). I would even submit that Yahuwah moves Satan to make his moves in accordance with justice.

    So in essence, none of them really control anything. Yahuwah is THE (1) and He has it ALL in the palm of His hand. This is why the towers fell on 9/11. 9/11 is Yehoshua’s birthday, telling us all who’s Really in charge…

    Love you brother!

    In Christ,

    Michael Christian Son of God’s Peace

  9. Johnny!

    I just heard part 2 of you recent interview with Rob Skiba! Preach it brother! You fired me up! 🙂

    You mentioned the United States being a captured operation… You know I was looking up the meaning of the word Roanoke; the first settlement in America. I’m sure you know that there’s a lot of controversy surrounding what happened there.

    Did you know that the word Roanoke means “money”? Is it possible that these United States (that just happened to start with 13 colonies) from a base called “little Rome” was never truly a Christian nation to begin with? Is it possible that these UNITED States were instead an intricately planned Western Babylon? I believe that the naming of Roanoke is a big clue that says yes…

    I mean we know the Jesuits plan 50-100 years in advance right?

    People here believe that Christianity was at the core of this nation’s founding. Was it? Did any of the leaders in this nation’s history ever honor the laws of Yahuwah? Or have they always incorporated pagan practices? I would argue the latter..

    Is it possible that the UNITED States was the new Atlantis that was controlled by the rich from the beginning and the precurser to the UNITED Nations? Think about it, 13 states became a nation, just as nations will soon become a one world government. I see a pattern here don’t you?

    If you look at the founding father’s quotes you will often find famously Jesuit inspired double speak. Is it possible that our constitution took rights away, instead of granting them?

    I mean didn’t the colony members already have their guns, their religion, their freedom? They had to honor and give tribute to a king sure, but when I read my Bible I see King David and King Solomon requiring a tribute…

    Would it really match Yahuwah’s character to throw off the bonds of a king in favor of invoking a government of elections by popular vote – with elitist controls? I don’t think so, do you?

    When Christ sets up His government is He going to reign as King or have elections? 🙂

    Frankly I can’t imagine a more Antichrist government than that of a democracy. In fact, freedom of religion is what destroyed this country, because it opened the door to paganism. Think about it. What did Hezekiah and Josiah due in Israel? They destroyed all the pagan high places and were rewarded.

    We are told that the Puritans worshiped one Elohim – Yehoshua. But were there any mighty moves of the Ruach Hakodesh or was there death? It sure took a lot of settlers to get things started. If they were righteous as you encouraged me to be tonight, wouldn’t they have had the covering of Elohim? I mean there’s still no proof that they followed the law of Yahuwah. I wonder if they were just stuffy knitting clubs…

    Just something to think about!

    Thanks for convicting my heart tonight! I loved your message! 😀

    Yahuwah bless you!


  10. Dear Johnny – I am avidly following your podcasts. I saw an old (and dreadful) youtube video years ago called “New World Order – The Devil in the Vatican” (https://youtu.be/ICc4pxx_mDg) that I couldn’t stop watching until I saw all 40 episodes! Poorly done, but contained many truths and was part of my journey of waking up. I would love to read your book and will do soon when I can get it.
    Years ago (1980s) the Lord showed me MANY things about history that you would find interesting, including much about “Mystery Babylon”. I tried to share it long ago, then gave up because people thought I was nuts, but it was probably just too early.
    Anyway, today I saw the classic old symbol of Rome -Romulus and Remus ravenously sucking the teat of a wolf -along with the scripture warning about the men who would usurp the chuch being “ravening wolves” (Mt7:15, et al) This seems a cryptic reference to the old symbol of Rome itself, does it not?
    Please keep up the good fight.
    Amy Harbert

    • Hey Amy. It’s great to connect with you. If you’re awake to Rome being the 4th and Final Beast you will LOVE my book. Forgive my stumping for it; 900 pages and 2,000 citations.

      The video you reference is actually Papist disinformation spread by Jesuits like Malachi Martin. Rome was NEVER the “Temple of God” and Satan has ALWAYS been there!!!

      Send me any insights you have in short e-mails (go to my About page for the address) and try to give references, citations and/or hyperlinks. As I speak and write I’ll give you credit. ~ Johnny

  11. “Storms Coming”

    Hi again, Johnny-don’t know if this is correct way to reply, but I can’t e-mail from this computer, so will reply here.

    I have not heard your podcast on (2008) “Sherlock Holmes” yet, but you referenced it in another cast so I know you’ve seen it. Don’t know if you mentioned this little bit or not:

    Near the end of the movie, after the bad guy is defeated, he is sitting up on a scaffolding overlooking London with the female lead (? Rachel McAdams-don’t remember) and off in the distance is a huge black thunderstorm. He says (in an odd way) “Storm’s coming … but we have a little time still”

    This made my spirit perk up, but I didn’t know why.

    Then the next movie I saw was “Quantum of Solace” and it had the same phrase – “Storm’s Coming” – spoken by Bond at the Illuminati conference. Same reaction for me.

    Since then I’ve seen several more movies which all contained the spoken phrase “Storm’s Coming” worked into the dialogue, either subtly or awkwardly.

    More than mere coincidence? I wonder. I just saw a Rob Skiba video on all the bruhaha over these Baal gates being set up all over (i.e London)… and who/what is Baal? The god of STORMS. (of course, he has other designations as well.)

    Things to make you go HMMMM.


    • Hey Amy. This is functional but not best.

      I’m sure the Luciferians have a dramatic increase in their schemes of domination planned that include more false flags and more mayhem.

      All of them get reviewed by the King of kings and, when He’s ready, He will intervene (as He already has in many ways).

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