Resistance Rising 006: Barakenaton, Where’s Putin?, Zionism, Pope & Pompeii Porn

Saturday, 21 March 2015; 08:00 PM, EST

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Obama Clone of an Egyptian Pharaoh?

Akhenaton the Renegade Pharaoh


Where’s Putin?

Russia is preparing for something at the Kremlin while Putin’s absence baffles everyone

Swiss media reveals more about Putin’s girlfriend, baby



RT Says U.S. is Hitting “ISIS”


Scofield Heresies: Magog is Not Russia


Poking the Dragon

What REALLY Happened At Sandy Hook?

L Pozner: The Sandy Hook Pozer

Sandy Hook Shakedown: How Google & the Government are silencing alternative media.


Satanism, Pompeii and the Rosary – a bizarre tale surrounds Francis’ next trip

Pompeii’s Whorehouse: Erotic Murals Re-Exposed

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