* From Costco and Starbucks in Seattle through racial outrage in Philadelphia to Rome.
* Yellow Journalism: why “mainstream” news boldly enflames racial hatred and tension.
* Do the Jesuits revere Ellen G. White?  If so, why?


* Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera on Adventism and the Sabbath.
* How successful has the Jesuit assault on the Bible been?  —Judge by what “Christians” believe.
* Want to succeed?  —It requires a “deal with the devil”.
* Seattle; Starbucks, Microsoft, institutional pedophilia and Rome.
* How many of America’s mayors are far-Left, homosexual and Catholic?

* Roman Catholic-OWNED Ireland opens the floodgates of infant sacrifice through far Left homosexual interloper PM Varadkar, who is honored by his fellow agents in the U.S.
* Mocked even further by Pope Francis’ “World Meeting of Families” occurring in Dublin!
* Éamon de Valera: Ireland’s mystery insurgent Prime Minister at a critical time with England.
* “NOT BORN HERE”—How Rome uses insurgents with no attachment to the citizens they betray.
* Seventh Day Adventism: FRIEND, FOE OR BLUE PILL SLAVES?

Can We Finally Call Hillary A Roman?

* “NOT BORN HERE”: Rockefellers in Arkansas, Clintons back to New York.
* “NOT BORN HERE”: California’s Governors (quite a few of them).
* Female Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a far-Left Catholic homosexual (just like in Seattle and elsewhere).
* Who owns Utah, Mormons or Jesuits?  Jesuits Have Had a Strong Presence in Northern Utah
* From big business to social networking; Jesuit-trained Roman Catholics are in control.
* Wherever an American state is pushing privately-owned firearm restrictions, there are far-Left Catholics behind it.
* Ronald Reagan: far-Left gun-grabber?  HE WAS!  As both Governor and President!
* Hegelian politics: radical Left and phony Right.
* Why is Paul McCartney being resuscitated to push gun control?
* Was there a secret agenda behind the movie Jaws?
* Did thinking for themselves require John Lennon and Malcolm X to be murdered?
* How much does Rome control “popular culture”?  —Ask Ed Sullivan.
* Ahmet Ertegun: the Jesuit-trained Turk behind Atlantic Records.
* Jews even write the music for Hollywood; but they aren’t allowed to run the Pentagon.
* From Billy Joel to Robert Downey, Jr.; Jews grease the skids in Hollywood but Romans make things happen.
* Harry Houdini, Arthur Ignatius Conan-Doyle, child trafficking and Rome.

The Most Dangerous Anti-Establishment Movement in History!


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