Sun, 17 June 2018

Resistance Rising 174: From False Flags To False Reality—You Live A Roman Lie

* Who really killed Osama bin Laden? —The sickening PsyOp that runs from traitors in the Navy SEALS to propagandists at Fox News; and all ends up in Rome. POPE SAINT JOHN PAUL II KNIGHTS “NON-CATHOLICS” ROY DISNEY, BOB HOPE & RUPERT MURDOCH Catholic Anger…
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Fri, 15 July 2016

Enter the Buzzsaw with Sean Stone – Illuminati, Jesuits, Obama & Government Connections with Johnny Cirucci

Illuminati connections to the government through the Jesuits, and the long standing ties from George Washington and the founding fathers all the way to Obama that links the US empire to the vatican is revealed by Johnny Cirucci. How Guy Fawkes isn’t who you think…
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