In an interview with Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland radio host Paul Flynn (who says he’s been saved from sins that “offend a Holy God” like “metal music”) spoke with “former Catholic priest” Richard Bennett (his “about” makes no reference to details like which Order, when ordained, when left, but simply shows a face-only cut-out picture from “1984” where priestly vestures are not apparent), both play very much into the hands of the Papacy.

Bennett laments the scourge of Islamic terrorists like “ISIS”, or Islamic immigration and “gang rapes” and then uses sources like Jesuit-trained Vatican visitor Stephen K. Bannon’s to prove his points.

Rather than show how the Vatican and her Intelligence Agency operatives have needlessly fabricated those threats (real and imagined), Bennett and Flynn legitimize them by taking the angle that Rome secretly and overtly supports the “Muslim menace”.

Just two days before, Flynn attacked Mormon/Catholic Ted Cruz for “Dominionism” which has been “Embraced by Heretics”.

“Dominionism” is the non-existent threat of Christians seeking to instill Biblical virtue into public life.  The use of the word “heretics” is telling.  Above all else, Papists and Luciferians fear the Godly taking a more active role in any public arena and with shrill voices their agents decry this boogeyman claiming that “Dominionists” believe they must create Heaven on Earth in order to facilitate the return of Jesus Christ.

Flynn’s “Megiddo TV” is as good a name for Jesuit diversion as Tom Horn’s “SkyWatch TV”: looking to an unseen future conflict with a hidden future Antichrist who may come from “outer space”.


  • Although few have heard of Paul Flynn and little advertising and even less traffic is apparent, he clearly has the best of expensive audio and video equipment (professional microphones are quite expensive, I can tell you!).
  • The side-by-side pictures provided by Richard Bennett: he has maintained the same grooming and appearance for over 30 years! Such stagnation bespeaks of someone still in the grip of “religious” habits.