“It was the best shot that I ever made and the dirtiest trick I ever done.”

Such was the supposed confession of scout, hired gun, Pinkerton, range detective, cowboy, and soldier, Thomas Horn, Jr. upon investigating the death of 14 year old Willie Nickell.  The investigation concluded that Horn had murdered Willie (claiming to have shot him from an astounding 300 yards away) thinking he was the boy’s ne’er do well father, Kels Nickell.  Nickell was a sheepherding bane to the local cattlemen like John Coble—Horn’s employer at the time of the shooting.

Horn was tried, convicted and hung on November 20th, 1903.

Thomas R. Horn is a former Assemblies of God pastor who has taken the alternative media community by storm.  Exactly what his parents had in mind when they named their son, only they can say.

Horn has authored a staggering number of books only to be surpassed by the number of books he has co-authored.

The subject matter has all been what Conservative Christians might call “fringe”—

  • Spiritual Warfare: The Invisible Invasion
  • Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald The Dawn Of TechnoDimensional Spiritual Warfare (co-authored with wife, Nina)
  • Beast Tech (co-authored with Terry L. Cook) about technology speculated to be used for the “Mark of the Beast”
  • The Gods Who Walk Among Us (co-authored with Donald C. Jones) about how ancient gods are still worshiped by today’s Elite
  • Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed how Freemasons (not the Jesuits nor the Vatican) have tapped into ancient evil to bring about the New World Order—Forward by Stanley Monteith, Preface by Christian Pinto; two big names that also go (went) heavy on Freemasons and light on the Jesuits
  • Redeemed Unredeemable: When America’s Most Notorious Criminals Came Face to Face with God (co-authored with Donna Howell)
  • The Ahriman Gate: Some Gates Should Not Be Opened (co-authored with wife Nita) a fictional thriller about government involvement with UFOs and demon/human hybrids called “Nephilim” in Genesis 6
  • Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers how modern leaders and scientists are re-opening gateways for “Nephilim”
  • Zenith 2016: Did Something Begin In The Year 2012 That Will Reach Its Apex In 2016? written in response to angry critics over the 2012 doomsday prophecies that didn’t pan out, Horn pushes everything back 4 years. The Amazon summary reads “What even the best researchers of the Illuminati and veiled fraternities such as the Freemasons were never able to fully decipher is spelled out herein for the first time.  The power at work behind global affairs and why current planetary powers are hurriedly aligning for a New Order from Chaos is exposed.  Most incredibly, one learns how ancient prophets foresaw and forewarned of this time.  ZENITH 2016 REVEALS FOR THE FIRST TIME: Unveiled!  It started in 2012…”

Horn-announcementSo for all of you skeptics who were furious over the 2012 Mayan calendar Doomsday hype that went unrealized, Tom Horn wants you to know it started in 2012 but the “Zenith” will be in 2016.  Is this prophetic insight that only Tom has, or snake oil scam salvaging—an effort to keep a good thing going even after it’s died an ignoble death?

Using contrived end-of-world prophecies to bilk the Faithful is an old game.  History is littered with the corpses of those taken in, both figuratively and literally.

For example, Freemason “Baptist” preacher William Miller predicted the return of Jesus Christ in 1844.  He and his followers were humiliated when it didn’t happen and many of his believers were ruined as they had sold all they owned in preparation for the end.  It is quite ironic that the Jesuit Luciferians used Miller and his Seventh Day Adventists to do great harm to Christendom yet they have turned into Frankenstein’s monster—today the Adventists are the only Christian sect boldly proclaiming Rome as the 4th and Final Beast as all of the Reformers had done and none of today’s heretic Christian leaders are doing.

In 1997, Marshall Applewhite convinced 38 members of his “Heaven’s Gate” religious cult to commit suicide in preparation for the UFO that was traveling behind the Hale/Bopp comet to pick them up.  Interestingly, Applewhite once taught at the private, Catholic University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.

Perhaps the worst tragedy of our age was the Jonestown massacre in Guyana, where over 900 people died at the hands of their leader, Jim Jones.  Jones had connections with the Democrat Party, the Soviet Union and the CIA but the connection that explains it all was to the Company of Loyola.

In 2012, Horn did another collaboration, this time with Cris Putnam.  The subject was a powerful one; an obscure prophecy by an enigmantic Irish Catholic Priest, Máel Máedóc Ua Morgair, the Archbishop of Armagh—better known as “Saint Malachy”.

In this prophecy, Morgair listed a vision he had of 112 Popes, ending in “Peter the Roman”; the Final Pope.

Their book, Petrus Romanus: the Final Pope is Here, even went so far as to predict that Benedict would step down.  The book was published in April of 2012.  Just short of a year later, Benedict was the first Pope in 600 years to resign.

Are Horn and Putnam soothsayers…or did they have inside information?

Who would know that Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, would step down?

Benedict was replaced by a member of the Society of Jesus; Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  For the first time in Vatican history, a Jesuit reigned as “White Pope” (the Jesuit Superior General is known as the “Black Pope” for the black priest’s cassock he wears and the shocking power he wields).

Did the Jesuits give Benedict an “offer he couldn’t refuse”?  Did they know how it was going to go down and impart that information to Horn and Putnam, after first resurrecting the obscure prophecy they gave them as well?

The next Tom Horn book was another collaboration with Cris Putnam and this time, the Jesuits were the stars.

Exo-Vaticana: Petrus Romanus, Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R. And the Vatican’s Astonishing Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior focuses on the keepers of the Vatican observatory—the Jesuits—and their preparation for “alien contact”.  Horn and Putnam received unprecedented co-operation from the extremely secretive and cloistered Company of Loyola, to include a guided tour through the Jesuit observatory on Mount Graham at the University of Arizona.  The fact that the Jesuits have such a facility on American soil—stolen from the sacred ground of the Apache Indians—is the subject matter for a book all its own.

Because of Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana, Horn is considered an arch enemy of the Jesuits…but is he really?

Horn does what a “former” Jesuit Priest, also named “Malachy”, did.  Father Malachy Martin was an outspoken author and speaker on how both the Jesuits and the Vatican “turned bad” with Communism and Satanism.

But my contention is that they have always been that way.

Protestant doctrine has defined Rome as the fourth and Final Beast since the days of the Roman Empire.  It was only with the re-writing of Christian doctrine by Jesuits like Alcazar, Bellarmine and Ribera that we have forgotten it all, along with the horrors of Papist persecution of Christ’s followers.

These are the details you won’t find in a book by Thomas Horn, but you will find them in mine—

With Rome so clearly depicted as the 4th and final Beast of both Daniel and Revelation, Jesuits needed to disconnect Christians from that interpretation and they used Preterism and Futurism to do it.

Preterism is the idea that most of prophecy has already taken place.  It was concocted by a Jesuit. …

Preterism wasn’t accepted by large groups of Protestants and an alternative interpretation of the End Times was put forth.

Futurism is more appealing in that it acknowledges that much of prophecy is yet future but it distracts from the 4th Beast and paints the anti-Christ as a man who suddenly appears just before the Tribulation and who stands alone, apart from any organization or system.

It, too, was fabricated by a Jesuit. ~ Illuminati Unmasked, pp. 185, 186

It is truly amazing that Rome would have the blood of so many Christians on her hands, and today’s “Protestants” would be so oblivious of her crimes as to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation by grasping onto those bloody hands with their own.

Lutherans and Catholics Plan Joint Ecumenical Commemoration in 2016

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU) will jointly host an ecumenical event in the fall of 2016 as a continuation of the process “From Conflict to Communion” and to express the joint gifts received through dialogue, particularly in anticipation of the 500th Reformation anniversary in 2017.  2017 also marks 50 years of ecumenical dialogue between the LWF and the Roman Catholic Church. ~ The Lutheran World Federation

The list of atrocities committed by Rome upon Born Again Christians fills volumes; what used to be the most well-known of those volumes is Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.

Burned alive, entrails ripped out, arms torn from their sockets, bowels burst, finger nails pulled out…these are just a few of the tortures endured by Protestants at the hands of the Inquisition.

Chillingly, more appears to be planned.

Horn’s latest collaboration is an “ultimate collection” of some 14 authors who, knowingly or unknowkingly, have all passionately espoused Jesuit doctrines of Dispensationalism, Christian Zionism, the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and the erasing of Rome as the Dragon; Tom Horn, Gary Stearman, Chuck Missler, Cris Putnam, Michael Lake, Sharon Gilbert, Derek Gilbert, Larry Spargimino, Paul McGuire, Douglas W. Krieger, Douglas Woodward, Terry James, Stephen Quayle and Angie Peters.

The book is Blood on the Altar: The Coming War Between Christian vs. Christian.

In all previous “wars” between “Christian” Rome and real Christians, the followers of Jesus Christ haven’t done very well.

Christians scapegoated and martyred by Rome


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  • Avatar Daniel Hartman says:

    Luciferian prophets (false!!)

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    HI Johnny; great article. Your connections really get me thinking. I’ve read Blood on the Altar. I’m also reading Foxe’s Book of Martyrs which is really difficult because of the unrelenting list of persecutions. I have to keep putting it down and taking a break. It’s really quite horrible what Rome has done to Christians. I am also horrified to be a member of the Lutheran church right now. I had no idea that the LWF was so close with the RCC and the more I learn the more disgusted I get. Now that I’m awake I’m catching on to all kinds of things going on at our church, like the plans being made for the 500th anniversary in 2017. Just last night at a meeting our Pastor was speaking about how much the Catholic church has changed their practices because they don’t focus on “works” as much as “grace”.

  • Avatar M. Free says:

    Johnny, I enjoyed your interview on Daniel Ott’s program. I was probably one of the first people to read your excellent book, which I purchased right after your interview with Freeman Fly back in February or March.

    I just want to let you know though, that you are wrong about those of us who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture; we are not sitting around on our rumps just waiting for the Lord to come get us while the rest of the world goes to hell. I know it has become very popular for those who do not believe in this rapture to make claims like this. It is equally popular for them to claim that Margaret McDonald’s so-called vision of 1830 is what led to the pre-trib view, and that is simply not true. Her vision was not a “Pre-Tribulation Rapture”, but was Post-Tribulation. Check it out for yourself and you will see.

    Regardless of what her vision was, I would simply like to ask, has God ever punished the righteous with the unrighteous? No, He has not; and the wrath that is coming in the tribulation period is God’s wrath. It is His holy angels that are pouring out the judgments upon the earth.

    I agree with you that Obama is not Muslim, it’s much worse than that. For one thing, he is a flaming homosexual and they would have already beheaded him. But equally absurd is his claim that Stanley Ann Dunham was his mother. There was a dna test run on Obama while he was visiting London, before he was even elected in 2008. The test showed that he was not related in any way to the couple he claimed were his maternal grandparents. His entire history has been a lie, including all of the photos that have been posted on his Facebook page; they have all been tampered with and thoroughly photo-shopped. We have no idea who he really is or where he came from.

    I think your book is amazing and I still go back and re-read parts of it. There is nothing about the Catholic Church that is Christian, and I cannot understand why so many people are so deceived, but please don’t make everyone that doesn’t believe exactly the same doctrine as you do to be enemies. I was very surprised when I listened to some of your first programs on Blog Talk Radio, because you used language that was more vile than most of the secular programs I’ve heard. If I remember correctly, you made all kinds of excuses as to why you used such language. Just drop the rock and stop pointing to everyone else. I am sure that authors like Tom Horn and Chris Putnam could easily ask how you were able to find out all the information in your book.

    • hmmm…always interested in people who start with how much they support me and then attack me.

      I’ve found that the sanctimonious holier-than-thous who pummel me for my language usually have secret sins FAR worse than that…so what’s yours, hardness of heart?

      If you’ve read my book like you claim, then you’ve seen how the Jesuits created the “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” to put Christians asleep.

      We need go no further than Matthew 24: first comes the Tribulation in verse 29, THEN comes the Gathering in verse 31.

      “Punishment” is NOT tribulation! If you know ANYTHING about being a Christian, it is PAIN and TRIAL and CHALLENGE.

      Just ask ANY of the faithful Christians who have been TORTURED and MURDERED by Rome.

      Foxe’s Book of Martyrs is full of them.

      I’m sure Tom and Cris appreciate your defending them…and the Jesuit Pope appreciates it even more.

    • Avatar The Remnant Awakens says:

      In re M.Free’s comment about Muslim Obama I will say this:
      Muslims don’t have a problem with homosexuality. They are child molesters just as the Catholics are, and yes I mean men abusing boys. Muslims keep boys for pleasure and women (wives) for childbearing. No, that won’t describe every single Muslim in the world; some will be decent; but, it is accepted practice with the upper echelon. My source is someone who did time in the military in Afgan/Iraq.

      Pre-tribbers are always keen to bill those of us who take the literal Biblical view of post tribulation rapture as being mean spirited, illiterate, uneducated, etc. I have never seen this (with the exception of Pastor Anderson, who can be quite caustic). My experience is the opposite. My pre-trib father (who passed away before the rapture) would never civilly talk to me about my views. He always and only used the writings of men (not the Bible) to forcefully push their misinterpretation, and was never interested in looking at the Bible together in order to try to discern the very plain truth. Others I know are very intolerant, and would never actually sit and study the scripture alone in order to decipher the chain of event which will lead up to Jesus’ return in the air. I guess what I’m saying is that I tire of being mis-characterized as being pushy or rude with my post trib view; when the truth is, pre-tribbers are very intolerant and almost always Biblical illiterate as pertains to the end times passages. But I digress…

      As pertains to the utter silence by almost everyone who is anyone in the Christian and alternative media world regarding the Jesuit (Babylonian) agenda to ruin life on earth: to this I say I too am astounded. I trust almost no one unless they are willing to tell the entire truth about Rome; I find it too suspect to ignore, and it makes me question the speaker/writer’s motives. I basically have decided to take all things with a grain (or a shaker) of salt. Believe half of what you see (in print) and non of what you hear. People lie; they do it for all sorts of reasons.

      Jesus will return immediately after the tribulation of those days. Before that, all hell will literally break loose upon the face of this earth. During that time, people who believe as I do will be ostracized and eventually tormented by all those who are deceived by the rising beast and his false prophet (pope, in my opinion).

      In the meantime, it is nice that some people don’t have a hard time outing the truth. Thank the Lord God for those (FEW) people who are brave enough to shine a light on things now and again.

      • Avatar Kelly says:

        I watched the movie “After The Tribulation” on youtube. I had never heard of Pastor Anderson before that. I really loved that presentation because before that,I was a pre-Tribber but the teaching never sat right with me. So I was overjoyed to watch it. Anyway, I watched his other videos and quickly soured toward him. The anti-Israel and the ones where he said he was assaulted at the AZ/Mex border really upset me.. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing for sure. But I am truly thankful for that one video he did… I had heard of it thru listening to Infowars

  • Have you put your thoughts and question forward to Tom Horn?
    I’m pretty sure he would be happy to have a conversation and answer.
    I am a huge fan of the Tom Horn/Putnam collaborations. This is info every Christian and professing Catholic should take a look at.

    Blessings Karen-Idaho

    • I myself have researched many of the things that the authors related to in your article and have some to be quite true while others I have found to be either un-truths or at least, very, very misconstrued. Certainly some of the information found in Tom Horns books, as well as dozens and dozens of others, is pertinent to some aspects of true biblical studies but, after countless hours of delving into document after document, learning the historical track records of said “Authors” and story tellers I have learned that not all of their books and papers are for the good of the true Christian. In fact, I find much of what is written to actually be damaging to true Christians if they have not already had a firm understanding of scripture, both old, and new testaments. While fallen angels, nephilim and the suchness occurred in the early ages of the church, I firmly believe that the flood was solely due to the constant wickedness that mankind held in their hearts continually. Plus, after delving a little deeper into the backgrounds of certain authors I learned that more than a quaint handful make quite a healthy living in the handling and selling of such things like storable foods, special stoves for after the great cleansing, gold and silver bullion for hard curerency. It’s shameful to see what other wise could be good teachers and men of the almighty God as they stoop so low as to incorporate such tactics as fearmongering and blasphemy to make money and prosper off of fellow Christians and those who do not know any better. Regardless of their reasons, they seem to have failed to realize that just by their doing such damnable acts as these, they have unknowingly exerted themselves into the true prophesy of the word of God. I believe that it is safe to say that it’ll get worse as we draw nearer to the close of these times that lie ahead of us and I implore everyone to study the word unceasingly. Only by the fathers grace shall even his elect ones be spared. My prayer is that we all grow stronger in his word and that we da h receive the gifts promised to us as according to our own strengths and weaknesses and that we will have the wisdom to know what to do with such gifts when we do receive them. I believe prayer is important, especially in these last of days and I ask you all to pray for one another daily, not just the men and women that we know personally but the millions of strong brothers and sisters in Christ that are out there on a daily basis, spreading gods true word, the un-dying gospel, the forever unchanging answer to all of this madness that seems to be growing out of control

  • Avatar notjam says:

    great article
    I had the same suspicious about these controlled opposition agents that talk about the vatican , but never them out as the antichrist. plus all the publicity they get is a sure sign of controlled opposition.
    just found your website today. and will be a regular reader. thanks for this great article.

  • Avatar Susan Lynn says:

    Hey Johnny. Thanks for addressing the skywatch crew, especially this ring leader. They’ve left a bad taste in my mouth for quite some time now, particularly with the incessant churning out of books and mega-deals that drip with commercialism and false prophecy. Recently saw a couple of them discuss on social media how lovely the meal “the cook” made for them over at their fancy-pants studios and I wanted to upchuck. I find it absurd they need a cook to provide lunch for them daily and certainly not something I wish to throw my hard-earned money towards.

    kudos for your work.

  • Avatar Dennis Richardson says:

    Did I know one of Outlaw Tom Horn’s relatives that was in the US Navy because of a falling out with his father. Who then went to a large University to obtain an engineering degree near 1976. This degree got him employment with a company that led this other Horn to become a Freemason Satan worshiper. Is Tom R Horn a con man?

  • Avatar David A Zappardino says:

    Talk about miss leading the miss lead, this is it. The is miss information at its best from all concerned. This… is very sad.
    In Christ..!
    David A Zappardino

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