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Wed, 22 July 2020

coronahoax: Cash Cow for the Catholic Church

Wed, 8 July 2020

Cathy O’Brien Outs the Pedocracy: Johnny Reads “Illuminati Unmasked”, #056 (starting p. 482)

Wed, 24 June 2020

Johnny Reads “Illuminati Unmasked”, #055 (starting p. 471)

Johnny’s Articles

Mon, 13 May 2024

Revenge of the Nerd-Hooker: Proof That Media-Spotlit “ANTI-VAXXERS” Work for the Gov’t-Big Pharma Complex

In slang, a Mickey Finn (or simply a Mickey) is a drink laced with an incapacitating agent, particularly chloral hydrate, given to someone without their knowledge with the intent to incapacitate them or “knock them out”; hence the colloquial name knockout drops.  Serving someone a…
Sat, 20 January 2024

Setting You Free From Loyola’s Prison

Who Are The Jesuits And Why Are They So Powerful? Felipe Robles and Giovanni Cirucci Don Inigo Lopez de Recalde, after Romanizing his name, has become known as Ignatius of Loyola. Loyola, is perhaps the second most infamous man to only Judas Iscariot, the man…
Sat, 20 January 2024

Can An Abortionist Forgive A Pedophile? (A “Pro Abortion Christian” Is Not A Christian)

Abortion is a literal altar to Moloch.  It is one of the ultimate sins of betrayal.  It is one of the most egregious crimes against the epitome of innocence and vulnerability. Every individual I’ve ever heard claim to be “Pro Choice” was a disingenuous liar. …
Fri, 29 December 2023

Jesus’ Coded Affinity For The Prophet Daniel

The Prophet Daniel, Beloved By Jesus (who “never claimed to be God”)   Jesus referred to Himself in the Gospels as “son of man“ (Son of Man) 82 times and once more proclaimed by Stephen as he was being illegally put to death by enraged…
Sun, 6 November 2022

Ukraine’s Dummy Decoys Are For RUSSIA, Not You (REALLY!)

Alternatively, The Unprovoked Russian Incursion Into Ukraine (also known as Fast and Spurious: INTERNATIONAL) It has been leaked Ukraine is using dummy decoys of military equipment to fool Russia! In the crazy world of “fake news” and “conspiracy theories”, truly cynical nutters would claim that…
Mon, 23 May 2022

The Secret Jesidue of Republican Power Politician Mitch McConnell

We start with what can be gleaned from McConnell’s Wikipedia entry (always a risk because of the extreme corruption in Wikipedia): In 1944, at the age of two, McConnell’s upper left leg was paralyzed by a polio attack. As I have shown in my latest…
Sun, 22 May 2022

Are the Jesuits Crypto-Jews?

Are the Jesuits Crypto-Jews? May 29, 2022 James Arendt The answer to the question in the title of this article is a resounding NO! Johnny Cirucci in his talk with Jim Duke clearly and eloquently explains why the Jews have not infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church.…
Fri, 13 May 2022

The Age of Aquarius: How The Jesuits Crush The Dreams And Souls Of The Undiscerning

“New Age” can loosely be defined as “spirituality without fear, consequences or critical examination”. Human beings broadly desire communion with the intransient (to interact with spirits).  Many would consider this common, innate desire proof that inter-dimensional agencies (“angels”, “demons” and God) exist.  “Why do so…
Tue, 10 May 2022

Papal Palliative Death-Care

Felipe Robles and Giovanni Cirucci In the age of the “coronavirus”, (rebranded the more frightening “COVID19” and “SarsCov 2”) one of the topics most debated was the care of the elderly. The endless tyranny of pandemic “mandates” have only the purposes of mind-control and enslavement…

Johnny’s Notes

ArticlesJohnny’s Notes
Sat, 3 April 2021

Raggedy Ann: The REAL Story

When I attend jiu-jitsu classes I try not to stick out: “keep your head down, don’t get choked” is at the top of my agenda, there. But when I overheard an outspoken woman talking to the coach about coronavirus vaccines, trouble was guaranteed. It turned…
ArticlesJohnny’s Notes
Fri, 2 April 2021

Kary Mullis: Closet Catholic?

* The “May 1996” (still searching for the exact date) interview of Mullis by Gary Null is permeated by Mullis using “examples” or metaphors focused on Rome. * First question by Null at about 2” — NULL: Have scientists become our arbiters on what’s right?…
Johnny’s Notes
Sat, 6 February 2021

What “AIDS” Actually Is

Gary Null interview (“press conference”) with “Blood Diamond” investigative journalist Janine Roberts; uploaded to Null’s YouTube 9 November 2008. Janine Roberts (1942 - 2016) journalist., Janine Roberts: European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance, The Resumé of Janine Farrell Roberts. Null: The French “virologist” credited with doing…
Johnny’s Notes
Thu, 14 January 2021

Thomas Parran Jr. and the Tuskegee “experiments”

“TRUST THE EXPERTS!” “TRUST THE GOVERNMENT!” “TRUST DOCTORS!” Thomas Parran Jr. (September 28, 1892 – February 16, 1968) was an American physician and Public Health Service officer.  He was appointed the sixth Surgeon General of the United States from 1936 to 1948, and oversaw the…
ArticlesJohnny’s Notes
Mon, 14 January 2019

The “Railroad Killer”

How American law enforcement—local, State and Federal—coddled an illegal alien serial rapist and murderer, enabling him to victimize Americans for almost 30 years. Below are some notes for Johnny’s upcoming series on Roman Catholic serial killers and how they are carefully created and enabled by…

Johnny’s Entertainment Reviews

Entertainment Reviews
Tue, 12 April 2016

The SPECTRE of the Jesuit World Order

One of the best sources on Jesuit machinations is an incognito Jesuit who masquerades as a “Baptist Calvinist” expert on the “Society of Jesus” and calls himself “Eric Jon Phelps”.  He is the ultimate example of what Cardinal Thomas Wolsey termed “learning against learning”—to infiltrate…
Entertainment Reviews
Sun, 31 January 2016

Illuminati Symbolism in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

If you’re a regular Johnny fan, you don’t need to be told what I’ve said several times before but, if not, let me summarize—having grown up on comic books today’s big-budget/CGI/top-name cast renditions are films I always have a passionate opinion about.  Having grown up…
Entertainment Reviews
Tue, 1 December 2015

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

There’s no such thing as a “good Biblical epic” coming from Hollywood these days and you could almost make a case for there having never been one. The Apostle Paul calls Satan “the god of this world” (some translations render II Corinthians 4:4 “the god…
Entertainment Reviews
Thu, 2 April 2015

Jupiter Ascending (2015): DECODED

Well the Wachowskis have done it again.  They’ve made another movie teaming with insider innuendo. Laurence “Larry” Wachowski (b. 1965) and Andrew Paul “Andy” Wachowski (b. 1967) were raised in the Jesuit Communist community-organizing mecca of Chicago. Chicago was where Jesuit Greg Galluzzo taught Barack…
Entertainment Reviews
Mon, 30 March 2015

Hercules (2014)

With a few minor exceptions, Hercules 2014 followed such a predictable pattern of old and new hit movies it was almost as if powerful people simply said, “Make something that both glorifies and demystifies the Greek demigod and make sure it’s palatable.” When I think…
Entertainment Reviews
Wed, 25 March 2015

The November Man (2014)

So there I was on the treadmill again, wading through the latest delivery from my rental service. When Pierce Brosnan was selected to play James Bond through the late 90’s I vowed not to watch a single one (and I haven’t).  I couldn’t believe the…