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by Bryson Bell

Athanasius = 32 Full Reduction

32 Sun Rays on the Jesuit Logo


Kircher = 72 English Ordinal

Jesuit Order = 72 Reverse Reduction


Athanasius Kircher = 112 Reverse Reduction

Catholicism = 112 English Ordinal (Obvious correlation as Kircher was a Jesuit, a branch of the Catholic Church)


Kircher played a role in Egyptology, the study of Egyptian history.

Hieroglyphics = 197 Reverse Ordinal, the 45th prime

Kircher = 45 Full Reduction


Francis Line = 56 Full Reduction


Robert Boyle = 56 Full Reduction


In Paragraph 3 of Kircher’s Wikipedia page (all sources at bottom), it reads: “One of the first people to observe microbes through a microscope, Kircher was ahead of his time in proposing that the plague was caused by an infectious microorganism and in suggesting effective measures to prevent the spread of the disease.” True mockery in regards to his illustration “Pyrophylaciorum”, which looks exactly like what we are told is the “coronavirus”.


Kircher died on November 28th, 1680 at 78 years old

Jesuit = 78 Reverse Ordinal


Kircher was born May 2nd, 1602, the 122nd day of the year

Satanic = 122 Reverse Ordinal

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122 Reverse Reduction


May 2nd, 1602 (Kircher’s birthday) left 243 days in the year. 243 has factorization of 3x3x3x3x3, and he died on November 28th, 1680, the 333rd day of the year, also the day leaving 33 days left in the year. That’s a lot of 3’s. And when you write out “three” as a word, it equals 56 in English Ordinal, corresponding with “Society of Jesus” = 56 Full Reduction, as well as “Coronavirus” in the same cipher, which we will get to in a minute.


Kircher died 6 Months 26 days from his last birthday. This can be rearranged as 266, and the IHS in the Jesuit Logo stands for “Iesus Hominum Salvator” = 266 Reverse Ordinal


Kircher also died 155 days from his upcoming birthday. “Coronavirus” = 155 English Ordinal, and Kircher’s illustration “Pyrophylaciorum” looks nearly identical to what we are given a picture of for the supposed “coronavirus”. Adding insult to injury, the name, “Pyrophylaciorum”, sums to 89 in Full Reduction. Virus = 89 English Ordinal, and, again, this illustration is nearly identical to what we are given as a picture of the so-called coronavirus.


The 155 days can also be written 5 Months 4 days, corresponding with the Full Reduction value of “Jesuit Order” = 54.


Wikipedia emphasises how Kircher was a “German Jesuit” scholar.

German Jesuit = 52 Full Reduction (His birthday is 5/2)


Kircher was born in “Geisa, Duchy of Thuringia” = 113 Full Reduction, 112 Reverse Reduction

Athanasius = 113 English Ordinal

Catholicism = 112 English Ordinal


Kircher identifies by “Roman Catholicism” = 173 English Ordinal

Athanasius K = 173 Reverse Ordinal


Kircher’s illustration “Pyrophylaciorum” is derived from his book titled “Mundus Subterraneus”.

“Mundus Subterraneus – Athanasius Kircher” = 226 Reverse Reduction

“The Roman Catholic Church” = 226 English Ordinal


There is a wide variety of dates that “Mundus Subterraneus” was supposedly published, so I will cover all I could find for good measure.


The 1st shown release date is 1665. Pandemic = 65 English Ordinal


Systema Ideale Pyrophylaciorum Suberraneorum, quorum montes Vulcanii, veluti spiracula quaedam existant.: Geographicus Rare Antique Maps


The 2nd shown release date is 1668, 300 years before the term “coronavirus” was coined.


Three = 56 English Ordinal

Coronavirus = 56 Full Reduction


File:Kircher, Athanasius — Mundus Subterraneus — Subterraneus Pyrophylaciorum – (colored) — 1668.jpg – Wikimedia Commons


The Secret History Of The First Coronavirus ( (CTRL + F and type 1968)


The 3rd shown release date is 1678. Jesuit = 78 Reverse Ordinal


Kircher has his own museum named “Museo kircheriano”. 

Look at the coordinates for the museum and you will see the 1229 for the E coordinates. 1229 is the 201st prime, connecting to “The Jesuit Order” = 201 Reverse Ordinal


After Kircher’s death, the museum’s new curator was a man named “Filippo Bonanni” = 226 Reverse Ordinal


“Contuccio Contucci” = 191 English Ordinal, like “Society of Jesus” = 191 English Ordinal, expanded the museum’s archaeology collection between 1735-1765.


Not long ago in 2012, a man by the name of “Edward W. Schmidt” wrote a book about Kircher titled “A Man of Misconceptions”. (Paragraph 4 Kircher Wiki)

“Edward W. Schmidt” = 224 Reverse Ordinal

“A Man of Misconceptions” = 224 English Ordinal

“The Society of Jesus” = 224 English Ordinal


The full name of the book is “A Man of Misconceptions: The Life of an Eccentric in an Age of Change” = 515 English Ordinal, 263 Full Reduction

515 can be written 155, like how Kircher died 155 days before his birthday and had the illustration that looks exactly like the illustration we are given for the “coronavirus” = 155 English Ordinal

Regarding the 263, that is the 56th prime number, corresponding with the full reduction values of “Coronavirus” and “Society of Jesus”.


“Kircher has been considered the true “founder of Egyptology”, because his work was conducted “before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone rendered Egyptian hieroglyphics comprehensible to scholars.” (Linguistic and Cultural Studies Paragraph 3)


Founder of Egyptology = 251, 54th Prime

Jesuit Order = 54 Full Reduction


The Rosetta Stone = 201 Reverse Ordinal

The Jesuit Order = 201 Reverse Ordinal


“Kircher was sent the Voynich Manuscript in 1666 by Johannes Marcus Marci in the hope of Kircher being able to decipher it.”


The Voynich manuscript is named after a man named “William Voynich”

William Voynich = 201 Reverse Ordinal

The Jesuit Order = 201 Reverse Ordinal


“He (Kircher) also proposed hygienic measures to prevent the spread of disease, such as isolation, quarantine, burning clothes worn by the infected and wearing facemasks to prevent the inhalation of germs.” (Medicine Section, Wikipedia)




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