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As I explained to you in my book, Eaters of Children, the surest source of loyalty for corrupt authorities is participation in the systemic abuse of children.  It is an enterprise so perverse, it gives credence to the Christian concepts of “evil” and a “Devil” and explains how just such a being could control all power, even your very reality: the Devil’s Simulation.

The official story is that Marine Corps veteran Ian David Long1 killed 13 (including himself)2 and wounded 10 more.

Supposedly with a single handgun that has a magazine capacity of 13, Long rushed into the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, throwing smoke grenades and firing at least 30 rounds to get as much of an edge over the oblivious and unsuspecting patrons as possible.

The motive for this military assault on a country/western bar3 was Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You have a 0.000026 chance of being the victim of a mass-shooting over your entire lifetime, yet victims of the Las Vegas shooting4 in which 64 year-old Stephen Paddock killed 58 and wounded 851 were also at the Borderline Bar a year later.

If these statistics are making you wonder whether you’re being told the truth5, consider yourself a “conspiracy theorist”.

Yet, mass terror tragedies are now occurring in the West (especially America) about once every two weeks.

Could it be that some of them are “false flags”6 conducted in co-operation between media and government to further enslave the citizenry?

Police and politicians, journalists and judges, are all sworn to protect the people.  Yet, they collude with each other to deceive, harm and enslave us, instead.

What could possibly motivate them to do so?

For several years now, my team and I have been reporting on the malignancy of the sovereign city-state in Rome; the Vatican.  The Catholic Church has an army of nearly 2 billion adherents, a number of which are willing to commit any crime necessary because the Pope needs them to and they believe their very soul depends upon it.

Those crimes include high treason and, often, we easily see Catholics involved in these mass tragedies, like Brendan Kelly, the young man the media is claiming has lived through two mass shootings in less than a year of each other.

But a new word is being passed around in reference to the Borderline shooting; “Lutheran”.

California Lutheran University is only 4 miles away and Cal Lutheran alum Justin Meeks was a security guard at Borderline who “died a hero” at the shooting.

Hopefully, you aren’t interested in too many details about California Lutheran beyond the Protestant-sounding name.

“Evangelical Lutheran” Christopher Kimball has been the President since 2008, but7 his “About” has been taken down by the University as has been his faculty profile.  According to the University, its President can not be found.  Not even Kimball’s “inclusive” message supporting millions of illegal Catholic immigrants remains standing.

California Lutheran is, in fact, about as “inclusive” as it gets; as long as “inclusive” means giving preference to Roman Catholics.  There will even be Rosarys said in the Cal Lutheran “Lutheran Chapel” for the victims of the Borderline shooting.

There is, however, another motivator to willingly participate in the heinous betrayal of citizen trust that is a “false flag”, and that’s blackmail, corruption and crimes against children.

As we reported for you back in March of 2017, the very institutions that are sworn to protect you from crime are actually the hubs for the worst acts imaginable, including the rape, torture, abuse, trafficking and murder of children.

This appears to also be the case in Ventura County, where one Sheriff is said to have died responding to the shooting.

If true, then Sergeant Ron Helus arrived at the scene proclaiming “boy love” with his badge (according to the FBI).

Helus is as much a mystery as Cal Lutheran President Christopher Kimball.  Aside from his status as a “hero” being repeatedly touted by government and media authorities, we’re given very little about him.

If he did give his life in the line of duty, the scant page erected by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is nothing less than offensive.

If you dig, you might find Helus’ LinkedIn profile in which he oddly skips over both his high school and college but proudly proclaims a Master’s Degree in “Administrative Leadership” from the University of Oklahoma.8, 9

Recruits in training to become Police Officers and Firefighters, along with students from Camarillo High School, were volunteered to honor Sergeant Helus the day after his apparent death.

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean is one of the many public figures tearfully calling Helus a “hero”.

Sheriff Dean is either very civically-minded or perhaps has a disconcerting focus of interest.  At 61 years old, he maintains a connection to the Boy Scouts—an organization notoriously used for grooming victims of sexual assault.

The Boy Scouts were founded by “Baron” Robert Baden-Powell, now acknowledged to be a pederast (an adult male sexually attracted to boys).10

Brendan Kelly supposedly survived two mass-shootings in less than a year, but, according to the media, Telemachus Orfanos11 was at Las Vegas but “died” at Borderline Bar.  His mother Susan won’t rest until every American gun is confiscated…the ones owned by citizens, that is.  At 27 years old, Telemachus was still an “Eagle Scout”.

Sheriff Dean is also on the Board of Directors for the Casa Pacifica home for abused children.  Shockingly, such public facilities are often where abused children are placed to increase their abuse, not heal them of it.

Casa Pacifica appears to be no exception.

In 1996 California officials “launched a probe” into abuse allegations.

The following year, the “probe” was ceased and a “team” took it’s place.

By 2015, the results were marked by words such as “delays” and “uncertainty”, even though Casa Pacifica had been proven to have hired a care worker who had impregnated an under-aged girl at a previous facility.  Neither Casa Pacifica nor the worker have been charged.

I guess it helps to have a Sheriff on the Board of Directors.

Ash Not About Your Guns!

SitCom comedian Ashton Kutcher has jumped onto the gun confiscation bandwagon along with the mother of the odd-defying victim, Telemachus, via a Twitter campaign.12

When Ashton says “my wife”, he probably means his second wife, Milena Markovna “Mila” Kunis, a Ukrainian Jew who spent time under the Jesuits at Loyola Marymount.

From 2005 to 2013, Kutcher was married to actress Demi Moore, almost 20 years his senior.

Moore practices “Kabbalah” and, supposedly, initiated Kutcher into Jewish mysticism, which was in contrast to his “conservative Catholic” upbringing.

Apparently “Kabbalah” has few restrictions on sexual immorality.  At only 16, Moore posed nude for the French pornographic magazine Oui13 and has not shied away from explicit sex scenes in her movies which bolsters our sad contention that the beautiful women of Hollywood advance only if they are willing to be used in the process.  In 1980, Moore’s step-father, Dan Guynes, committed suicide at age 37, two years after separating from Moore’s mother.  13 years later, Virginia Guynes (née King), posed nude for the pornographic magazine High Society to counter Moore’s pregnant softcore spread for Vanity Fair and to “take my life back”.14, 15

When Kutcher claims “Only reason we are alive is the shooter chose a different night,” it’s either because he has no concept of probability over time, or he has an agenda that supersedes logic: disarm the citizenry for the Elite.

This is, of course, assuming that he really did have a “party” at the Borderline Bar just like the rest of us “normal folk”.  Kutcher’s net worth of $200,000,000 does throw this contention somewhat into doubt.

Kutcher plays a ranch hand for the Catholic streaming service Netflix.  Perhaps he feels that is all the credibility he needs, as well as the claim that he “grew up hunting” and “worked at a gun club”.

Certainly, that should put vulnerable Americans at ease as their last bulwark against tyranny is stolen from them in an age where everything they do and say is recorded without their consent or due process (much of it thanks to the inversely-named “Patriot Act”, written by a Jesuit Georgetown law professor).

We also might not believe Kutcher’s “good ‘ole boy” claims when he treats his wife courtside to an NBA Finals game, sporting his Oxford Freemasons ballcap.  Maybe he just liked the color.

Despite playing a “redneck” on a SitCom, Kutcher added a very un-Southern sentiment that even armed citizens were killed at the Borderline Bar and, therefore, gun “reform” (code for reduction and confiscation) was desperately needed.

Either the comedian was again disconnected from the facts (at no point did media make the claim that any Borderline patrons were armed that night, in a State with Draconian gun laws already), or, again, facts were unimportant to his agenda.

Kutcher also added the dubious phrase “mental health” as further fuel for firearm forfending.

This, too, is a tactic that has already been used by the State of California to take firearms from citizens.

Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying 40-caliber Glock pistols, nine California (STOCA1) Justice Department agents assembled outside a ranch-style house in a suburb east of Los Angeles.  They were looking for a gun owner who’d recently spent two days in a mental hospital.

They knocked on the door and asked to come in.  About 45 minutes later, they came away peacefully with three firearms. ~ California Seizes Arms as Owners Lose Gun Rights, Michael Marois and James Nash, Bloomberg16

For that matter, so is focusing on the “instability” of war veterans.

Warriors in the Crosshairs

Kutcher continued to push, tagging First Daughter Ivanka Trump with pleas for her “legacy” to be encouraging her father to go along with further disarming the citizenry, throwing in a reference to the Judaism of Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner.

Although Kushner is non-existent as a force in government, it hasn’t stopped media from thinly-veiled anti-Semitic fear-mongering.

His wife, however, is disturbingly present at all levels of her father’s dealings.  It raises serious questions about exactly what Ivanka is to Donald Trump.

As I’ve told you before, whenever the people become aware of systemic criminal corruption, they are told that their politicians are holding a Committee on the matter—which is the purest form of sophistry as Legislative “examinations” hold no policing authority.

Apparently, the most powerful government in the world and its most powerful national police force, the FBI (founded by devout Roman Catholic Charles Joseph Bonaparte, great grand-nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte17) can’t get a handle on child sex slave trafficking so they have turned to the foremost authority on the subject: SitCom comedian Ashton Kutcher and his Geek Squad.

Kutcher took his skills (not acting, tracking down pedophiles!) before Congress; where it really mattered.

If Kutcher is as plugged in as he pretends to be, then he fully understands that his antics are to give cover for, not expose, systemic child trafficking (just as ex-Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer does with his “Veterans 4 Child Rescue”).


Is Kutcher a pedophile, himself?

Has he made a “deal with the devil” and co-operates with pedophile child traffickers for his fame and fortune?

In that case, it’s no wonder he wants to disarm the American people.

  1. “Lone gunmen” always have three names to make them spooky in the propaganda.
  2. Not a necessity in a false flag, thanks to total control of the penal and “justice” systems, but always helpful.
  3. Aside from Taylor Swift.
  4. —the one in 2017, not 2014.  Hey, Vegas ‘ll make ya crazy.
  5. The probability that an American citizen could randomly survive two mass shootings in a lifetime (no less within a year of each other) is 0.000000000676.  Can we call that “statistically impossible”?
  6. A traumatic event staged by authorities to manipulate the public towards an unhealthy end that they wouldn’t allow under normal circumstances.
  7. As of this writing.
  8. “Heavy”—which heavily pushes a cleared, Catholic agenda of cherry-picked “personal details” of public figures—does add that Helus received a BA in “Criminal Justice Management” from Union Institute & University in May 2012.
  9. “Heavy” cites the “Bravo!” section of the Ventura County Star which supposedly chronicles all the minutia about local residents each and every day, as far back as October 12th, 2012, yet the page-after-page of similar posts are nowhere to be found!
  10. This is often dismissed as just how men acted 80 years ago, How High Should Boys Sing? Martin Ashley, Routledge, (2016) p. 79
  11. Sure.  Why not?
  12. Great find, Greg, Master of the Graphic Arts.
  13. If you followed the link, shame on you.  The claim is that Moore “lied about her age”, but seeing as how French judges throw out rape cases on 11 year olds because they decided “she wanted it”, I don’t buy it (pun intended).
  14. Demi’s Mom Nude? unattributed, The Calgary Herald, 23 Feb 1993, p. D10
  15. If you read that with a “WTF?” look, so did I.
  16. “Mental Illness”: The New Ploy For Gun Confiscation, Johnny Cirucci,, 18 June 2013.  Strangely, the report from Bloomberg is no-longer available.
  17. The Bonapartes in America, Clarence Edward MacCartney and Gordon Dorrance, Dorrance & Company, Philadelphia (1939), p. 64

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