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  • Andrew says:

    Dear Johnny
    I have been following you for a while. You have me on your mailing list under but I can’t use that address anymore as its just swamped with spam from a Canadian pharmacy because I made the mistake of buying something from them once and now it drowns me in spam so thick and constant and under so many different names and addresses its impossible to use that email address anymore. Its just ridiculous.
    If you could change my email address to this one I would appreciate that.
    I was listening to some of your older Team Cirucci podcasts and heard you mention that Adventists are all legalistic about the 4th commandment as the mark of the beast. I don’t know who your sources were but the Mark of the Beast IS the Sunday law BUT it is not relevant UNTIL we are living in a One World Government. Before that time the Sunday law is meaningless. Or at least that is what they taught when I used to go to church. I stopped going for different reasons, one being the President of the Adventist church is a Jesuit. He was asked in an interview if he thought there were any Jesuits in the Adventist church, to which he replied ” No we don’t have any Jesuits in the Adventist church as we have different beliefs” Or something to that effect. Only a very Obvious Jesuit would even think up such an obvious bullshit reply. Anyway
    I hope things are going well for you and God Bless

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi Johnny, I have just come across your site, through William Ramsey, you were talking to him about your book, eaters of children.

    I saw Andrews message here, when I was about to leave you a message, regarding the Sabbath and the Mark of the beast, which IS SUN-day worship, when enforced, first with no buying or selling, then upon the death decree, this is biblical, this is why satan needs all the world to unite under Rome’s false Sabbath,the seat of satan.

    The Lord has been opening my eyes to all the evil of this sin sick world, and how Beelzebub is running this world, with all his minions,it’s horrendous.

    I, like Andrew, have left the SDA church, because it is run by Jesuits, but that does not mean that God did not raise this movement up in the 1800’s, to call people out of the organised church’s, and out of error, it will be the 11th hour people (the remnant) to give the last message of warning to a lost and dying world.

    May God bless you and bring you into All present truth, as there are not many people that are open to the wickness of this world, and willing to speak out against it.

    You have my e-mail, if you would like to e-mail me, that would be great, bit if not, I understand, I will keep you in my prays,
    Jen 😊

  • Greg46 says:

    Anti Christ Anti freedom World All is comng to fruition & an end

  • Martin Stonestreet says:

    superb analysis. Thank you paisan!

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