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Thu, 22 June 2017

One-Evil: Heinrich Himmler

  Key Facts Other names Fr. Heinrich Luitpold Himmler S.J. Born 1900 Location Munich, Germany Bloodline Married No.  Jesuit Priest Children No. Position Great Inquisitor , Reichsführer-SS Died 11 October 1958 (aged 58) , Cuba Background Born the middle child of three in Munich, Germany…
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Mon, 2 January 2017

One-Evil: Joseph Stalin (Ordained Jesuit Priest) Joseph Stalin Key Facts Other names Joseph Stalin Иосиф Сталин (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) Born 1878 Location Gori, Georgia, Russian Empire Bloodline   Married Yes Children   Position General Secretary, Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee (1922-1953) Died March 5, 1953 Background hJosef…
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Thu, 15 January 2004

The Kennedys’ Jesuit

The Georgetown Voice by Voice Staff 15 January 2004 Journalist Thomas Maier’s The Kennedys: America’s Emerald Kings, which chronicles the Kennedys through the lens of their Irish-Catholic roots, received significant press when it was released late last year because of its revealing portrait of Jackie…