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Letters to Johnny
Wed, 13 July 2005

The Trial of Jesus

13 July 2005 dear brother please could you give your thoughts on the trial of jesus,    e,g, jesus or barrabus.    psycolical thaoughts of how the crowds preferred to release barrabus, as of today the wickedness of barrabus served his community in ill gains which met…
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Mon, 19 July 2004

Love, Mom

19 July 2004 I always come away learning something after reading your website. *** Awesome and moving is the only way to describe your writing of the events of April 12th.  You've managed to grab the heart and soul of the reader and place him/her…
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Tue, 11 May 2004

Best Wishes

11 May 2004 I am glad to see that you are speaking your mind.  Although we certainly do not agree on every issue (and never have), I believe that informed and well debated issues result in better informed policy and voters.  I will continue to check in…
Letters to Johnny
Sat, 20 March 2004

Keep it Up!

20 March 2004 Keep up the comments and keep them coming.  I e-mail them to my friends who are somewhat liberal and are wimps when it comes to speaking out for what they believe in. I live in the land if the people who if…
Letters to Johnny
Thu, 11 March 2004

I Love This Site

11 March 2004 I love this site...I am so happy the internet exists because you finally, after years and years of hard work have found a place where you can speak your mind, share your thoughts with so many others, and hopefully bring people closer…