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Robert Hase and Johnny Cirucci

Few things prove the corruption and control of “elected office” better than “elected officials” who spend half a century in their seat then turn it over to a family relation (usually an offspring).

With so many examples one would think the citizenry would be on the verge of total rebellion by now.

One of the most recognizable examples are George Herbert Walker Bush and his son George Walker Bush.

Grand-daddy Prescott Bush helped bankroll the Third Reich.  Wishing to give Americans a “choice” from the entrenched Communism of Franklin Roosevelt, Prescott attempted a fascist military coup.  Unfortunately for him, he chose one of the few honest men ever to make General-grade but fortunately for him, his treason was swept under the carpet by his friends.

George H.W. Bush was appointed by Warren Commission member Gerald Ford during his presidency to become the 11th Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  After attacking California Governor Ronald Reagan for promoting “Voodoo Economics” the two would join together to become President and Vice President in 1980.  Just over 60 days later, Reagan was shot and almost killed by a Bush family friend.

Not that it mattered, a little over 7 years later, Bush would become the 41st President of the United States.

He would turn his office over to his friend, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton.  Clinton is likely the bastard son of bisexual Governor of New York, Winthrop Rockefeller.  He would be trained by Jesuit professors like Carroll Quigley and Communist Jesuit “community activists” like Father Richard McSorley, S.J.

Both men would ride into the Father Andrew White House on a mountain of cocaine provided by the Central Intelligence Agency.

H.W. is Yale Skull and Bones ’48.

W. is Yale Skull and Bones ’68.

In 2004, W. “campaigned” against Vietnam war hero John Forbes Kerry, Roman Catholic and Yale Skull and Bones ’66.

Both Skull and Bones President George Bush #41 and Skull and Bones President George Bush #43 got their middle names from their maternal patriarch, George Herbert “Bert” Walker; a silver-spoon blue-blooded, Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic.

The youngest of their eight sons, David Davis Walker (1840–1918), moved to St. Louis where he made his fortune as a dry goods wholesaler.  In the Midwest, David Walker maintained the Southern attitude about race, though with a contemporary overlay of social Darwinism.  He was a believer in eugenics and the “unwritten law” of lynching.  In a letter to the editor of the St. Louis Republic published in 1914, David Walker described Negroes as a greater menace than prostitution and “all the other evils combined.”

David Walker’s son George Herbert Walker, born in St. Louis in 1875, was raised like a Midwestern prince.  Bert Walker, as he was known, had both a nurse and his own valet.  In the summer, the family would travel by private train car to the coast of Maine.  The valet went with Bert to Stonyhurst, the Jesuit boarding school in England, where his mother sent him, out of concern that Catholic education in St. Louis was too dominated by ill-bred German immigrants. ~ The New York Times

Although the Bushs are supposedly Protestants, John Ellis “JEB” Bush, (son of President George Herbert Walker Bush, brother of President George Walker Bush and former Governor of the State of Florida—not that the Bushes have any tenure there, none is needed to rule) is more open with his Roman Catholicism and membership in the Knights of Columbus.

The Bushs do hail from Connecticut where another Roman Catholic family of corruption and treason have ruled generationally.

Joe McCarthy was trained up by the Jesuits at Marquette—the same location where another 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was trained.  They’re brother alumni include comedian Chris Farley who died at the magick Luciferian age of 33.  Speaking of untimely deaths, reporter James Wright Foley who was supposedly beheaded by “ISIS” was also trained by the Jesuits at Marquette.  It’s probably only a coincidence that Foley was working for “USAID”, a “non-governmental organization” (NGO) thought by independent journalists to be nothing more than a front for CIA operations.

A mass was given at Marquette for James, though whether he attended is up for speculation.

Marquette is actually quite proud of Joseph McCarthy, maybe that’s why Ann Coulter is a fan, too:

McCarthyism: The Rosetta Stone of Liberal Lies

When I wrote a ferocious defense of Sen. Joe McCarthy in Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism, liberals chose not to argue with me.  Instead they posted a scrolling series of reasons not to read my book, such as that I wear short skirts, date boys, and that “Treason” was not a scholarly tome.

After printing rabidly venomous accounts of McCarthy for half a century based on zero research, liberals would only accept research presenting an alternative view of McCarthy that included, as the Los Angeles Times put it, at least the “pretense of scholarly throat-clearing and objectivity.”

This week, they got it.  The great M. Stanton Evans has finally released Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.

I wouldn’t be too quick to brag about “M. Stanton Evans” coming to my rescue as “M. Stanton’s” father, Medford Evans, was a member of the John Birch Society.  The “Birchers” are also controlled opposition who do a truly remarkable job of nailing down subversive Communists while giving complete absolution to any Catholic involvement, perhaps because Freemasonic founder Robert Welch showed who he answered to by converting to Catholicism on his deathbed.

What, Masons can’t be Catholic?  My book will tell you otherwise as the list includes names that run from Pierre Charles L’Enfant to John Wilkes Booth.

Why would Ann Coulter be such a passionate defender of Joe McCarthy?  —Because her father was a devout Catholic and famed FBI Communist fighter.

It’s interesting that John Vincent Coulter shared the same resumé as a man on the other side of the supposed political spectrum‑Connecticut Senator Thomas J. Dodd.  Dodd was also at Nuremburg.  The devout Catholic liked the Nazis so much, he used the 1938 Nazi Gun Control Act to fashion his 1968 Gun Control Act.

The Dodd’s are yet another Ruling Elite family who have been destroying America for decades on behalf of their papal masters.

Son Christopher Dodd took up where Senator Thomas Dodd left off as a Connecticut Congressman and Senator eventually creating MASSIVE debt and disaster via government real estate hand-outs at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.

Christopher Dodd went to Georgetown Prep was instrumental in helping brother Thomas Dodd, Jr.—a professor at Georgetown—become a United States ambassador. ~ Ann Coulter’s Jesuit Problem, Johnny Cirucci, Johnny

Even the name “America” (whether of the nation or the continents) comes from Rome; specifically from explorer Amerigo Vespucci.  The loyal Catholic received his education from his uncle Giorgio, a Dominican monk.  Before the Jesuits existed, the Dominicans were Rome’s shock-troops from indulgences to the Inquisition.  In fact, it was a Dominican peddling indulgences that spurred Augustinian monk Martin Luther towards his Protest (Father Johann Tetzel).

The reach of Rome over her vassal “America” extends from Connecticut to Alaska.

Alaska is a surprising stronghold of Papal control in America with highly-publicized figures like former Governor Sarah Palin being baptized and raised Roman Catholic (although this information has been expunged from all sites—even Jesuit James Martin’s sources are now gone).  The state continues to be controlled by aristocratic Jesuit-trained Catholic elites like the Murkowskis—and when upstarts like Frank Miller attempt to interrupt the handing of daddy Frank Murkowski’s Senate seat to daughter Lisa, we just go ahead and take it from him (by hook or by crook).  Examples abound of hard-Left and faux-Right Papal families ruling off and on for generations in America from the Dodds in Connecticut to the Cuomos in New York.  If they live long enough they simply get recycled like California’s current re-Governor, Jerry Moonbeam Brown, a trained Jesuit priest. ~ SHOCKER! Indicators Show Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting Yet Another False Flag, Johnny Cirucci, Johnny

In fact, Francis Hughes “Frank” Murkowski was educated in two Jesuit colleges, the public-sounding University of Seattle and Santa Clara University.

Santa Clara alumni in powerful positions include former Governor of Arizona, former Secretary of “Homeland Security” Janet Napolitano, former and current Governor of California (and Jesuit seminarian) Jerry Brown, former Chief Financial Officer of Apple and current Goldman Sachs Board of Directors member Peter Oppenheimer as well as Leon Panetta.  Panetta was a California Congressman, Chairman of the Office of Management and Budget for Jesuit-trained President Bill Clinton, Secretary of Defense and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Murkowskis are to Alaska what the Daley’s are to Chicago; generational Catholic ruling Elites.

Francis (named after the co-founder of the Jesuits, Francis Xavier), held power for 40 years from Commissioner of Economic Development to Governor to United States Senator.  When he attempted to give his seat to his daughter Lisa (through an “election”, of course), interloper Joe Miller threatened to intervene.  He beat Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary and should have locked her out of the election but a “write-in” campaign miraculously delivered her daddy’s Senate seat to her.

Daddy’s little Senator was also educated by Jesuits (at Georgetown).

If you factor in brothers and sisters, Rome’s lock is even more complete.

In Pennsylvania, Irish Roman Catholic Michael Fitzpatrick turned his United States Representative seat over to his brother Brian (in an “election”, of course).  Brian is as good a “Republican” as Rome can deliver; he’s betrayed Pennsylvanians on everything from gun rights to healthcare (he has repeatedly voted to preserve the “National Healthcare Act”, a.k.a. “Obamacare”).

On the rare occasion that a Roman agent of insurgency doesn’t receive or hand off their position to a blood relation it matters little thanks to the despicable longevity with which they serve the Papacy.

It is even more outrageous when the agent is a United States Representative serving for 40 years or more, supposedly getting “re-elected” every two years.

Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha (a far-Left Catholic) spent so much time in office the only power to unseat him was death.

After setting a record as the longest-serving Congress-woman, Mary-land Democrat Barbara Mikulski (a far-Left Catholic) is finally retiring.

This pattern goes well beyond “America” and holds true whether there are “elections” or not.

In fact, the Communist Catholic cabal can sometimes come together as it does for Canada and Cuba.

The Central Intelligence Agency has been owned by Roman operatives since its inception under Knight of Malta and Wall Street lawyer William Donovan.

The CIA had the power and position to blow the brains out of a sitting United States President—

—yet was completely inept when it came to supposed CIA target Fidel Castro.  The government of Great Britain (via “public broadcasting”) ludicrously claimed to have tallied the inept attempts at assassination totaling 638 tries.

As a result, either Fidel or his brother Raúl have ruled over Cuba since 1959.

Fidel was educated at no fewer than three Jesuit institutions and Raúl was a good altar boy.

Fidel has many sons and daughters (as a devoted Catholic should) and one of them may even be the current Prime Minister of Canada.

The 15th Prime Minister of Canada, Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, was a devout, Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic.  He was educated by the Jesuits at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal.

Trudeau sent his son Justin there but, of course, the Collège had become “non-denominational” by then—not a Jesuit to be found in any classroom, we’re sure.

Justin Trudeau would go on to become Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister because there were no other candidates qualified in a country of 37 million citizens.

In 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau (Number 23, that is), upon learning of the death of Fidel Castro, eulogized him as a “legendary revolutionary and orator”.  The autocrat’s passing gave the Prime Minister “deep sorrow”.  When questioned as to his admiration for a Communist tyrant, Trudeau doubled-down and reaffirmed his admiration.

But no one should be surprised, the Canadian “democrats” go way back with the Cuban Communists.

Alexandre Trudeau, writing a decade ago, fondly recalled the stature of Fidel Castro within the Trudeau household.

“When Michel was around eight years old, I remember him complaining to my mother that my older brother and I both had more friends than he did,” Alexandre recalled in 2006.  “My mother told him that, unlike us, he had the greatest friend of all: he had Fidel.”

The older brother, of course, was Justin Trudeau.

In his piece for the Toronto Star, Alexandre recalled that Castro “had a special place” among his family’s friends.  There was a picture of him in the Trudeau family home — the Cuban dictator holding Michel, the youngest of Pierre and Margaret’s three boys, in his arms.

It was Castro who gave Michel the lifelong nickname Michel during Pierre and Margaret’s official visit to Cuba in 1976. ~ CBC News

Pierre Trudeau’s wife Margaret was half his age and, apparently, needed much more than he was able to offer.

“Maggie” had a voracious sexual appetite that was fed by many recognizable names of that generation to include actors Ryan O’Neal and Jack Nicholson, rock star Ron Wood, Senator Ted Kennedy, Perrier-water heir Bruce Nevins, and a notorious cocaine dealer.

In his 1991 autobiography “Exposing Myself”, infamous talk show host and “journalist” Geraldo Rivera said of his tryst with Margaret Trudeau, “It was like she had never been made love to before…  It was like she was unleashing years of pent-up frustration.”

Not that Pierre lacked sexual deviancy.  He figures quite prominently in the exposé of Cathy O’Brien, a purported sex slave tortured and used by the Central Intelligence Agency to cater to leaders like Trudeau.

When Pierre Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada in 1968, I often heard it said, “Pierre Trudeau is one of Ours, you know.”  I first heard this phrase cryptically referring to Trudeau’s loyalty to the Vatican when Father Don was discussing him with my famer one Sunday after mass.  This fact circulated quickly among those I knew who were involved in the Catholic/Jesuit aspect of Project Monarch.

The summer after Trudeau was elected, my father took the family to Mackinac Island as usual.  Climbing on a large statue on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion, I could see across the field to the Grand Hotel.  I noticed Canadian flags flying amongst the American flags that lined the front of the old hotel.  As I slid down off the statue, Guy VanderJagt approached with a drink and a cigarette in his hand.  Palling my hair into place he said, “Straighten your shirt, I’ve got someone important for you to meet,” “I knew someone important was here because of those flags,” I said, tucking my shirt in my pink shorts.

“When I was at the Vatican,” VanderJagt began, “I was told that Prime Minister Trudeau is a friend of the Pope.  He thinks like one of us.  A true Catholic.  He likes Cathy-licks.”

VanderJagt led me upstairs in the mansion, where Pierre Trudeau was lowering the window shades in a dimly lit bedroom crowded with antiques.

VanderJagt closed the door behind me.  Trudeau’s tuxedo coat was neatly draped over a chair, which left him in his formal pants, while shirt, and a bright red cummerbund which caught my eye.  “I like your sash,” I said.

“Hasn’t anyone taught you Silence yet?” His somber, gruff attitude was softened by his smooth, silky voice.

Triggered into the part of me that endured the Rite to Remain Silent, I assumed Trudeau knew all about interdimensions according to my deliberately formed perceptions.  I could not/did not understand that interdimensions actually equated to the inner-dimensions of my own compartmentalized mind.

Likewise, I did not understand that “Keys to the Kingdom” referred to knowing the codes, keys, and triggers to my controlled mind.  “Guy said you like Cathylicks,” I said, repeating what VanderJagt had told me.  “Are you the Keeper of the Keys?”

Trudeau seemingly bore his cold, dark eyes right through me.  “You can learn more from the school of thought than you can by asking precocious questions.  Haven’t you learned that children are to be seen and not heard?”

“Is that a precocious question?” I asked.  “What is a precocious question?”

Trudeau sighed with impatience.  “That is irrelevant.  What matters is that you shut your mouth, still your mind, and enter the school of thought.  Silence is a virtue.  Listen to the silence in the stillness of your mind.  Go deep inside your mind,” he slowly led.  “Deeper and deeper where it’s quiet and still…”

Trudeau expertly manipulated my mind with sophisticated hypnotic language.  Not only did he enlist my Silence for the pedophile perversions he indulged in, but he instructed my “school of thought” in a manner that equated to programming.  He laid a foundation for Air-Water programs that is a mirrordimensional theme often used by NASA and others involved in Project Monarch.  Playing off his own name “Pee-Air,” he added a perverse twist to the theme that he accessed each time 1 was prostituted to him.

Had I been capable of fear, I would have been afraid of Pierre Trudeau.

Trudeau’s slow, deliberate movements masked the brutal power of his body much the way his smooth, soft voice pierced my mind and intruded on my thoughts.  The icey cold touch of his effeminate, manicured long fingers contrasted with the heat of his perversion…  a perversion for which he blamed me and my “temptuous, contemptuous ways”.

In my childish ignorance, I believed Trudeau’s demeanor and forward combed hair were characteristic of his French descent.  “I know all about the French,” I had bragged to my new “Grandpa” Van while visiting his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

My mother’s father had died shortly before Kennedy was assassinated, and my Grandmother quickly latched onto a wealthy, highly political businessman from Milwaukee.  She met Grandpa Van Vandenburg on the passenger/cargo ship that traveled the waters of the Great Lakes, the Milwaukee Clipper.  The Clipper transported cargo including Cadillacs from Vandenburg Motors to Canada, as well as the drugs sanctioned by the local Coast Guard via the U.S.

Government that my father distributed.  Sometimes 1 accompanied my father to the docks in Muskegon to pick up the drag shipment, which usually involved prostitution.  Jerry Ford and Guy VanderJagt combined business with pleasure in the ship’s casinos on occasion, which is where the connection between my Grandma and Grandpa Van was reportedly made.  Grandpa Van knew Jerry Ford, and subsequently was acquainted with Pierre Trudeau.

“What do you know about the French?” Grandpa Van asked me as I sat on his living room floor petting the dog he just brought home.  Improperly cued and dumfounded by his question I remained silent.  “I know you’ve met Pierre Trudeau,” he prompted.  “I also know you love doggies.  So I bought this dog for your grandma now, so you could enjoy him, too.  His name is Pepe.  He’s a French Poodle,” “I know all about the French.”  I said, mentally comparing the large French Poodle in front of me to Trudeau.  “They have pretty nails…”  I stroked Pepe’s painted toenails.  “They have funny hair…”  I petted Pepe’s clipped fur.  “And they pee a lot,” I giggled.

“You’d better take him outside, then,” Grandpa Van told me, attaching Pepe’s leash.  After walking the dog past what felt like every tree in the neighborhood, I announced that 1 would call him “Pee-pee”.

Uncle Bob filmed Pepe and I pornographically on numerous occasions, producing bestiality films that I would later learn Pierre Trudeau was privy to.

Pepe remained a part of my experience long after Grandpa Van divorced himself from my Grandma, and long after I developed beyond Trudeau’s perversion for little children. ~ Trance Formation of America, Cathy O’Brien, Mark Phillips, Reality Marketing (1995), pp. 91-93 [digital]

Although “Maggie” Trudeau jumped from bed to bed, she found a soul-mate in Fidel Castro whose sexual exploits were so notorious he was nicknamed “The Horse”.

As people began to put the 2 and 2 together and put the two together, the dutiful media lampooned the “bizarre” theories that Fidel was Justin Trudeau’s biological father.

Using physical resemblance for proof (especially in an age where even children can now create any convincing PhotoShop image they like) is not remotely acceptable for journalistic practice but given the facts above, it does raise an eyebrow.

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