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Letters to Johnny

Catholics and Orthodox Resisting the New World Order

By Tue, 24 February 2015November 4th, 2017No Comments
24 February 2015

Dear Johnny Cirucci,

We are in agreement on many things.  With my checkered past, I have seen much of those things you write about.  Dan Barber will vouch for me.  On the other hand, you could always google: “Candela Sun Tzu Marine Corps,” “Candela Sun Tzu Harvard,” and “Candela China Stratfor.”  At the same time, I find that in conjunction with what I have done since returning home to be too much exposure, and plan on doing one last public project before fall of the radar again.

I am writing to refine some that you sent.  It is worse than stated.  Rome was a republic for a short time, but the empire lasted a long time.  The war of 1776 actually took 100 to 200 years to develop.  Consider Col Boyd’s thesis that people will go with whatever system most allows them to survive in the immediate.  That considered, perhaps yo would like to entertain a discussion of alternate structure that are in the process of being built or could be built by good Americans with the hope of replacing the following.

1. (Education Monopoly) Teachers, Unions, Support Personnel, Counselors, Administrators, Private Schools, Public Schools, Colleges, Universities, Academic Accreditation Organizations, Teaching Certification Organizations, Departments of Education and Labor, Teacher Training Enterprises, Content and System Designers, Text Book and Supplies Manufacturers, and Educational Grant and Scholarship Foundations.  Alternate Structure, Homeschooling.

2. (Media Industry) Entertainment, News, Published, Radio, Television, Movie, Video, Mass Marketing and Distribution, Internet, Public Opinion Firms, Performing Arts, Galleries, Culinary Arts, exclusionary gathering or parties for causes, Writers, Actors, Unions, Producers, CEOs, Large Conglomerates, Filtering Personnel and Boards.  Alternate Structure, Deep or Dark Web, Conservative Entertainment.

3. (Survival Necessities Control) Food and Nutrients, Water, Air, Shelter, Safe Physical and Psychological Environments, Clothing, Fuel for Heat and Transportation, Waste Disposal, and Certified Charities.  Alternate Structure, Going Off Grid to One Degree or Another.

4. (Health Care Restriction) Nurses, Doctors, Medical Technicians, Administrators, Trustees, Public and Private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Treatment Panels, Transition Personnel, Social Workers, Social Services, Hospitals and Clinics, Certifying Boards, Licensing Boards, Departments of Health, Medical Supplies and Equipment Manufacturers, Medicine Manufacturers, Retailers, Inspectors, Behavioral Sciences Organizations, Psychological Personnel, Public Information and Opinion Specialists and Firms, Government Regulators.  National Socialist compliant American medical care providers will likely find agreement with Malthus and the Georgia Guide Stones shortly and become similar to many pre-WWII doctors who were in Germany and the States.  After all Social Security is broke.  Alternate Structure, Underground Services, Black Market Medicine, Family Size, Family In Home Care.

5. (Information and Intelligence Manipulation)  Specialists across fields held together by mission focus, Researchers, Academics, Institutions, Professional Journals, Journalists, Publishers, Documentary Facilitators, Propagandists, Promoters, Programming Directors, Editors, Expert Boards and Panels, Promoters, Distributors, Activists, Organizers, NGOs with various degrees of Public Sponsorships, and the upper administrators education and media monopolies.  Alternate Structure, Deep Dark Web, Additional Networks and Methods of Communication.

6.  (History Rewritten)  Alternate Structure, Older Books Digitized and Reprinted,  The Manipulation in Item 5. is best shown by studying the Deconstruction of History and Rewriting of History pushed by Academics and Activists, coordinated by Schools, agreed to by Journalists, and used by Politicians and Corporations.  In this downward cycle, the court room of History loses its impartiality which is dependent upon scientifically recorded facts and universal principle based decisions, and then, also can no longer be recorded and judged impartially by those who no longer have the facts and principles.  The past is rewritten, bogus scientific studies manufactured, false shock or anger are used to intimidate any cross examination to undermine the foundations and principles on which sound decisions are made and promote the Oligarchic and Socialist politically preferred solutions to what are alleged to be the most pressing problems that need to be solved.  In turn mass belief and behavior in the population is directed.  With incomplete historical knowledge, faulty pop-culture memory, and a prideful but also oddly insecurity based politically directed selective amnesia of the past coupled to an undermined concept or right and wrong the masses will do anything they are directed to do, even if it is nothing at all.  This is right out of Orwell’s writings.  In a country that was once said to be “of the people, for the people, and by the people,” it seems that the concepts in Sun Tzu’s chapter on intelligence were applied to the people by a select few in powerful positions.

Consider the fictional account of Hydra’s growth, infiltration, manipulation, and destruction of the body nation and republic like a cancer to be a close similarity to what actually started under the Wilson administration, in Columbia University, and from the smoke filled back room parlors in filled with Robber Barons and Federal Reserve Bankers in association.  In his last speech to the Cooper’s Institute Lincoln warned America of those who would trade Race Slavery for Wage Slavery.  As Walter Lippmann detailed the quick sand that allows this to be maintained is the pitting of labor against itself.  Simply substitute the term “middle class” for “labor.” in the previous sentence and it might sound like Lou Dobbs’ War on the Middle Class or Bob Herbert’s Losing our Way.  In principle, there is nothing new under the sun.  This Brings us back to Col. Boyd.  All levels of government in America have undermined all of the checks and balances that used to exist, closed ranks, circled the wagons, and are defending the empire they rule.  Americans are no longer free, if they ever truly were.  In a country at war with itself, the police are no longer civilian officers of the court, but soldiers trying to keep public order which has been decoupled from “the rule of law.”  In turn a civil society becomes a barbaric hierarchy.  I would not expect the police to resist as they have mortgages to pay and wish to keep their jobs.  Without justice and having a weakened fear of G-d’s judgement, it will only get worse as the law used to protect both the innocent and the guilty.

7. (Public Militarization) Alternate Structure, Infiltration, Redirection, Withdraw, Confrontation.  Application of Military Structure and Technology to Control the Civilian Population, Swat Teams, Cameras, Drones, Night Vision, Helicopters, Tanks, Personnel Carriers, etc.  Transformation from Civilian Officers of the Court into Members of Paramilitary Organizations by Defined Job and Title.  Secret or Undercover Police.  Secret or undercover Courts.  Multiple Overlapping Police Forces, Military Intelligence Entities, and Laws or Policies Without respect for Constitutionally Restricted Jurisdictions and Duties in Addition to Excessive Redundancy.   Public Regulatory Infringement into the Private Sector, Private Affairs, Private Dwellings, and Private Lives.  The Loss of Privacy, Even in Information, Papers, Effects, and Persons  The infringement of the Right to be Secure in over 22 exceptions recognized by SCOTUS and taught in Law School.  The Loss of the Understanding and Practice that the 2/3rds of the Bill of Rights is Directed Against the Courts.  The denial of the Right to know the Accusation, the Accuser, Defense, and Jury.  The use of Militarized Police to Restrict Public Lands From Use.  Confiscation and Punishment Before and Without Trial.  Brutal Suppression of the Exercise of Free Speech Assembly, and the Right to Bear Arms.  We could continue, but the point is made.

I am considering my end game scenario.  If there is a round up, fighting a Leviathan will be impossible.  At first, I thought about South America, but for the Corruption, Socialism, and Oligarchies there.  I though about St. Helena, but for the location and lack of supplies and boats.  In the case of Anarchy, hunkering down in a fox hole is out of the question, as any number of actors will come and root you out.  Organizing your street before hand or in short order will not work for a number if reasons.  So the other options might be, a country villa (Alternate Structure, Access to the Mississippi, Chesapeake Bay, Inter-coastal, Great Lakes), hidden deep woods cabin (Alternate Structure, On the edge of a State Park), or Swiss like Chateau on a cliff face in the middle of nowhere (Alternate Structure, Agreement Between Enclaves for Escape and Defense), if not a very large but fast sail boat.  However, what middle class working man can afford any of that?

One more issue remains that I need to ask you about.  You do understand that there are a number of very conservative Catholics and Orthodox, call them a remnant that loves Christ, who are not supporters of the NWO?  You do understand that there are a number of NWO supporting, sodomite infiltrated, and unAmerican protestant denominations also?  Consider the traditions of opposing occupation in Irland or the Christeros in Mexico.  I am not any of the aforementioned.  I only pray to Christ my and the only Lord and Salvation.  Still, I do not doubt that there are allies in places that you may not realize yet.  Maybe ever in the Secret Service or DOD.  Are you aware of Calvin’s Doctrine of Lower Civil Magistrates or Milton’s Tenure of Kings?

Sincerely, Harry David Candela

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