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Another web of treason and deceit that traces back to Rome.

The story surrounding the “Hale-Bopp comet” is as sketchy as the disappearance of powerful Democrat Congressman Thomas Hale Boggs during his October 16th, 1972 flight from Anchorage to Juneau, Alaska along with Alaskan Democrat Congressman Nick Begich.

The two “astronomers” are named “Alan Hale” (no, not Gilligan’s skipper) and “Thomas Bopp”.  No kidding.  Both have admitted ties to the military and “Alan Hale” was born and raised in Japan.  This sets off a red flag because the Society of Jesus has always had a strong hold there.  “Thomas Bopp” is not to be confused with “Thomas Boggs”…or, maybe he was meant to be.

As we’ve already shown you, the entity with the most at stake in creating a false cosmology to enslave you with, is Rome.

In 1972, Begich was facing a tough race against Republican river-boat captain Don Young.  As a consummate politician, Boggs was helping Begich campaign, shoring up the ties with one of the few Democrats who voted against him for Majority Leader.

The two were flying in a twin-engined Cessna 310, along with Begich’s aide Russell Brown, and pilot Don Jonz1 when they “disappeared”.  This precipitated “the biggest search in the history of the country (to date), involving 40 military and 20 civilian aircraft,” but to no avail.

Don Young went on to win the ensuing special election and has served as Alaska’s sole “at large” Congressman ever since: a sickening 45 years, winning re-election a shocking twenty-two times and counting.  He is currently 84 years old and one wonders if he is able to stay awake during session, no less keep abreast of all of Alaska’s critical legislative dealings.  Truly, America is governed by an ensconced “Ruling Elite” and “elections” are a mere formality.

Boggs was one of the most powerful politicians in America at the time.  To drive this home, Wikipedia remarks

In 1960, the Republican Elliot Ross Buckley, a cousin of William F. Buckley Jr., challenged Boggs but got only 22,818 votes (22 percent) to the incumbent’s 81,034 ballots (78 percent).

All the Boggs’ are good Roman Catholics and all the Buckleys are good Roman Catholics, so the Vatican wasn’t worried about her lock on Louisiana’s 2nd District.  Few embody such secret control over American affairs than William F. Buckley, Roman Catholic CIA operative, “journalist”, publisher and Yale Skull and Bones, 1950 (with honors!).

Buckley is not the only CIA man to bounce from espionage to “journalism”.

Enough is Enough

Thomas Wardell Braden was Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta, OSS founder William Donovan’s “protégé”.

Braden worked closely with CIA Director Allen Dulles.  Dulles and his brother John (Secretary of State for Roman Catholic President John Fitzgerald Kennedy) were supposedly good Presbyterians yet, John’s son (Allen’s nephew), Avery, became one of the most powerful Jesuit Cardinals in America.

Although he was a “daredevil” CIA man, Braden didn’t let his apparent patriotism interfere with his Leftist ideology.  In fact, Dulles would supposedly use Braden’s Leftist ways to fight the Communists in Europe in the propaganda of the Cold War.  Perhaps we should forgive Braden’s complete lack of tangible results, given that Soviet Communism was the ultimate and ideal end of Leftist thought.  It certainly wasn’t in the Central Intelligence Agency’s way of doing things to purposefully be incompetent.

Fidel Castro Survived Over 600 Assassination Attempts, Cuban Spy Chief Said

It is openly admitted that the Central Intelligence Agency has been intimately involved with efforts to manipulate the same American citizens it is supposedly sworn to protect and serve via information and propaganda with efforts such as Operation: Mockingbird.  We’re told that Mockingbird’s sole agenda was to make Americans anti-Communist and we can trust that the CIA didn’t go any further than that.  Having power yet refusing to use it is a hallmark of CIA activities.

Thomas Braden was an “integral part” of Mockingbird.  Surprisingly, no one thought this odd when he “left” the CIA and bought a newspaper, the “Blade-Tribune”.  He did this with a little help from his friend, Nelson Rockefeller.  It was just a coincidence that the paper’s name combined homosexual slang with the title of an elected official within the Roman Empire.

No one batted an eye as several “retired” CIA men banded together and went into “journalism”.  They even had a name for their affiliation, “The Georgetown Set”.  —That’s Georgetown the municipality, not Georgetown the Jesuit school that has educated massive numbers of the world’s Elite (CIA operatives, included).  The two should never be confused (even though one dominates the other).

Braden then became an “integral part” of America’s first 24-hour news channel, CNN.  It was decided that he would be a good foil to stir the emotions of “Left vs. Right” and he started the program “Crossfire” across from Patrick James Buchanan.  Buchanan learned his “Conservatism” at the feet of Jesuits in both Gonzaga College Prep high school and the aforementioned Georgetown University.

Left to Right: Thomas Wardell Braden, Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III, Patrick James Buchanan.

Braden’s wife, Joan, was also a covert “journalist”.

Witty and charming, Joan Braden was a popular Washington hostess who also held a number of low-profile political and government positions.[15]  During John F. Kennedy’s 1960 presidential campaign, she reportedly ghosted a weekly newspaper column, “Campaign Wife”, for Jacqueline Kennedy, who could not understand the respect of her husband and brother-in-law, Robert F. Kennedy, for Braden’s opinions.[16]  Later, Joan Braden worked as coordinator of consumer affairs in the State Department, a position created for her in 1976 while her friend Henry Kissinger was secretary of state.[17]  Among her other close friends were former ambassador Averell Harriman and CIA Director Richard Helms. ~ Wikipedia

Harriman almost single-handedly helped maintain a Soviet Union destroyed by Communism as a dangerous, viable enemy.  He personally handed Laos to the U.S.S.R.2, insured that Soviet missiles were left untested by Western officials3 and guaranteed that Western help would account for 2/3rds of Moscow’s flagging industry.4

Of course, even though the Kennedy’s were so devoutly Roman Catholic that they had their own personal Jesuit, we’re sure that they didn’t mind that Joan was married to a St. Alban “Episcopalian”.  As religions go, Episcopals have so much in common with Catholics, they have been slyly referred to as “Catholic Lite”.

And Thomas Braden sure acted like a good Catholic: he surrounded himself with them, worked with them (whether in espionage or “journalism”), he even lived like one.  In fact, Braden’s very large family turned in to a lucrative secondary source of income when his book chronicling the challenges of having eight children was picked up by ABC and turned into a SitCom titled Eight is Enough.

Even Braden’s television counterpart, Dick Van Patten, was a devout Roman Catholic.

Like the Boggs’ and Begichs, the Bradens have generations invested in these agendas.  Unfortunately for Thomas W. Braden, III, his life as a “journalist” was cut short at the gnostic age of 33 due to a tragic car accident.

Nick Begich’s son Tom became an Alaska State Senator.

His son Mark became the Mayor of Anchorage and then went on to become the United States Senator for Alaska, opposite Lisa Murkowski.  Both Tom and Mark govern from the Left as Democrats.

The Murkowski family is also composed of generational Ruling Elites (and good Jesuit-trained Roman Catholics).

Alaska is a surprising stronghold of Papal control in America with highly-publicized figures like former Governor Sarah Palin being baptized and raised Roman Catholic (although this information has been expunged from all sites—even Jesuit James Martin’s sources are now gone).  The state continues to be controlled by aristocratic Jesuit-trained Catholic elites like the Murkowskis—and when upstarts like Frank Miller attempt to interrupt the handing of daddy Frank Murkowski’s Senate seat to daughter Lisa, we just go ahead and take it from him (by hook or by crook).  Examples abound of hard-Left and faux-Right Papal families ruling off and on for generations in America from the Dodds in Connecticut to the Cuomos in New York.  If they live long enough they simply get recycled like California’s current re-Governor, Jerry Moonbeam Brown, a trained Jesuit priest. ~ SHOCKER! Indicators Show Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting Yet Another False Flag, Johnny Cirucci, Johnny

In fact, Francis Hughes “Frank” Murkowski was educated in two Jesuit colleges, the public-sounding University of Seattle and Santa Clara University.

Santa Clara alumni in powerful positions include former Governor of Arizona, former Secretary of “Homeland Security” Janet Napolitano, former and current Governor of California (and Jesuit seminarian) Jerry Brown, former Chief Financial Officer of Apple and current Goldman Sachs Board of Directors member Peter Oppenheimer as well as Leon Panetta.  Panetta was a California Congressman, Chairman of the Office of Management and Budget for Jesuit-trained President Bill Clinton, Secretary of Defense and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Murkowskis are to Alaska what the Daley’s are to Chicago; generational Catholic ruling Elites.

Francis (named after the co-founder of the Jesuits, Francis Xavier), held power for 40 years from Commissioner of Economic Development to Governor to United States Senator.  When he attempted to give his seat to his daughter Lisa (through an “election”, of course), interloper Joe Miller threatened to intervene.  He beat Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary and should have locked her out of the election but a “write-in” campaign miraculously delivered her daddy’s Senate seat to her.

Daddy’s little Senator was also educated by Jesuits (at Georgetown). ~ Catholic Communist Cabals Command from Canada to Cuba, Johnny Cirucci, Johnny

New Alaska Governor Gives Daughter His Seat in Senate, New York Times 2002

The Croatian Begich family religion is kept under wraps but the “Our Campaigns” political information site lists Senator Mark Begich as “Catholic”.

After the massive search was unable to produce Hale Boggs, his wife, Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne “Lindy” Boggs, went on to take his place.  Apparently, no one else of the proper qualifications could be found.

What were “Lindy’s”?  —She was a devout Roman Catholic.

In 2013, she died at 97 years old and the Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, presided over her funeral.

“Lindy lived her faith and was guided by this faith in her family, life in Congress and all her political life,” Aymond said. …

She won a special election to finish her husband’s term and then won re-election eight times. She was the first woman elected to Congress in Louisiana history. …

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who sang “Ave Maria” at the Aug. 1 Mass, heralded her as an oak tree with roots as deep as the nation itself who provided branches to rest on, shade to protect and bountiful fruit.  He also said she followed the example set by the Virgin Mary when she accepted being the mother of Jesus with the words, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.” ~ The National Catholic Reporter

The Jesuits taught Mayor Mitch how to be a lawyer at Loyola, New Orleans.  He returned the favor by teaching there.  His sister Mary was the United States Senator for Louisiana for the same amount of time “Lindy” Boggs was Congresswoman: 18 years.  She went to Ursuline Academy, an Elite, private, all-girls Roman Catholic school.

At the conclusion of Lindy’s 18 years in her husband’s seat, President Bill Clinton made her Ambassador to the Vatican.

The daughter of Hale and “Lindy” Boggs, Cokie Roberts, became a foundational “journalist” at both taxpayer-funded National Public Radio and ABC.

In 2014, the “journalist” made news by helping stir sympathy for victims of another questionable plane crash.

Veteran ABC news correspondent Cokie Roberts, whose father was presumed dead in a plane crash, said her “heart just goes out to those families” of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crash.

“I really do understand what these families are going through, and I feel terribly for them,” Roberts said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday.

Roberts’ father, House Majority Leader Thomas Hale Boggs Sr. of Louisiana, disappeared in a plane crash in 1972 while campaigning in Alaska for Rep. Nick Begich.  The two boarded a twin-engine Cessna 310 for a flight — arranged by young Democrat Bill Clinton — from Anchorage that never made it to its destination of Juneau. ~ Newsmax

You read that correctly: the ill-fated flight was “arranged” by Georgetown-Jesuit-trained Bill Clinton.  Even “Baptists” like Bill Clinton need a Jesuit hand to guide them in American politics.

The Roman Catholic Boggs family of “journalists” and politicians (entrusted with the control of Americans). From left to right: “Journalist” Cokie Roberts, Louisiana Congresswoman Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne “Lindy” Boggs, Princeton, New Jersey Mayor Barbara Boggs-Sigmund.

Another daughter, Barbara Boggs-Sigmund, became Mayor of Princeton, New Jersey (apparently, there were no qualified natives of New Jersey to govern at the time5).  Unlike the President of France’s “National Front” political party, Jean-Marie le Pen, Barbara Boggs-Sigmund had a legitimate reason to wear an eye-patch: she lost her left eye to cancer.  Why did she choose an eye-patch instead of a prosthetic?  It is a fair question that allows her critics (of which there seem to be very, very few) to offer, “Perhaps she was using her personal tragedy for political gain.”

Oh, le Pen, too, was trained by the Jesuits at Saint Francis Xavier boarding school in Vannes.  That is where he seems to have learned to blame the Jews for France’s woes; a trait he passed on to his equally politically unviable daughter, Marine.  As a result, the French are presided over by—you guessed it—a Leftist, Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic: Emmanuel Macron.  In fact, Macron has the added twist of having had an affair with his drama teacher while at his Jesuit high school.  They would go on to marry.

Barbara Boggs-Sigmund stayed in New Jersey and ran for Governor but, unfortunately she didn’t make it out of the Democrat primaries.  That honor went to Jim Florio who went on to become Governor of New Jersey.  He, too, is a Leftist Catholic Democrat.

In fact, Florio is so far to the Left that he made a public showing of resigning from the Knights of Columbus because the Bishop of Camden said that Catholic politicians who radically support abortion like Florio won’t be allowed to speak at Catholic gatherings in Camden, County.  Such a punishment sent shockwaves of fear amongst the legions of far-Left Catholic leaders.

Thomas Hale Boggs, Junior, preferred to pull the strings of politicians and went on to become one of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington.

After one unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 1970, for a seat from Maryland rather than Louisiana, his family’s stronghold, Mr. Boggs chose to follow what the Boggses called the family business, politics, in a more lucrative way.  Losing the race, he later told an interviewer, was “the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Starting a small company with a partner, Jim Patton, Mr. Boggs used his familiarity with both the levers of power and the intricacies of policy to build the firm Patton Boggs into a giant that became synonymous with Washington lobbying and represented some of the nation’s largest corporations and trade associations.

Mr. Boggs had a notable success as a behind-the-scenes architect of the federal government’s 1979 bailout of Chrysler, his client.  He was well known for battling on behalf of trial lawyers to block changes to tort law that threatened to make it harder for people to sue for damages, and for lobbying for free trade, a priority of his father’s, in Congress.  Like some of its competitors in the lobbying industry, Patton Boggs went through tough times in recent years. It merged this year with the international law firm Squire Sanders to become Squire Patton Boggs. ~ The New York Times

Certainly CEO Lee Iacocca being a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta didn’t hurt Chrysler’s chances of getting a free gift from the taxpayers.

Iacocca was one of the many good Catholics who helped cover up the murder of America’s first openly Catholic President, John F. Kennedy.

If there really were several bullets fired that day in Dealy Plaza, then certainly the car would have contained evidence of this.  And so it did.

Three days after the assassination, Carl Renas, head of security at the Dearborn Division of the Ford Motor Company, drives the limousine, helicopters hovering over head, from Washington to Cincinnati.  In doing so, he noticed several bullet holes, the most notable being the one in the windshield’s chrome molding strip, which he said was clearly ‘a primary strike’ and ‘not a fragment,’ The limousine was taken by Renas to Hess and Eisenhart of Cincinnati where the chrome molding was replaced. The Secret Service told Renas to “keep your mouth shut.” — Charles Crenshaw, JFK: Conspiracy of Silence, Penguin Books USA, p. 106.

Renas was the head of security for the Dearborn Division of Ford Motor Co.  Who was the head of that division in 1963 that dispatched Renas for the task of his life?

Henry Ford II says today that the first time he can remember meeting Lee Iacocca was in November 1960 when he summoned the young salesman to his office to tell them he was giving him command of the Ford division [at Dearborn]. — Robert Lacey, Ford, the Men and the Machine, Ballantine Books, p. 531.

Lee Iacocca was the man in charge of the Dearborn Division of the Ford Motor Company, who dispatched Carl Renas to go to Washington D.C. to get the car that JFK was in when he was assassinated.  Iacocca was the head of the Dearborn Division until he became President of Ford Motor Company in 1970.  Iacocca was part of the cover-up because he suppressed evidence concerning JFK’s assassination.

What connection does he have with the Catholic Church?  In Iacocca’s autobiography he says,

It took me a number of years to fully understand why I had to make a good confession to a priest before I went to Holy Communion, but in my teens I began to appreciate the importance of this most misunderstood right of the Catholic Church.  In later years, I found myself completely refreshed after confession.  I even began to attend weekend retreats where the Jesuits in face-to-face examinations of conscience made me come to grips with how I was conducting my life. — Iacocca: An Autobiography, Bantam Books, p. 8.

Roman Catholic Lee Iacocca, head of the Dearborn division of the Ford Motor Co. was the one who dispatched Carl Renas to get the limousine that had the evidence of multiple bullets that were shot from multiple guns that killed John F. Kennedy.6

Left to right: Roman Catholic Knight of Malta, former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca, Leftist Roman Catholic Cuomo Governor of New York #52, Mario Cuomo (son Andrew would become Leftist Roman Catholic Governor of New York #56, Roman Catholic Al Smith of Al Smith Dinners fame was 42nd, Franklin Roosevelt was 44th, Jewish banker Herbert Lehman was 45th, Ambassador to the Soviet Union William Averell Harriman was 48th, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was 49th), Ukrainian Jew and former Mayor of New York City Edward Irving Koch (the current Mayor is far-Left Roman Catholic Warren Wilhelm Jr., a.k.a. “Bill de Blasio”).

Perhaps most interesting of all is the spouse that didn’t go into politics: Pegge Begich.

Journalist Jonathan Walczak said he spent three years investigating the disappearance, relying on interviews and material obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, and archives to collect insights and new information into the plane’s disappearance.  But he isn’t able to answer the key question of what happened to the small plane, though he offers a number of theories.

Most of the speculation over the years centered on the plane going down in bad weather. …

Walczak wrote that about 18 months after the accident, Pegge Begich, married Jerry Max Pasley, “a murderer and bomber with mafia ties.”  They split in 1976.

In the 1990s, Pasley told investigators the plane carrying Hale Boggs and Nick Begich may have been intentionally brought down, Walczak said.  At the time, Pasely was serving a life sentence for murder, plus 20 years for aggravated assault, the author writes.

Walczak wrote that he wouldn’t be surprised if Pasley was lying.  “Yet, if he told the truth, this is one of the great untold stories of the last 50 years…” ~ The Times-Picayune


In 1972, Leftist Democrats controlled the House (which is usually the case).  Thomas Hale Boggs, Senior was the House Majority Leader: a powerful position.  His “disappearance” (no bodies have been found to this day) has stirred many then and since to ask, “Was this foul play and, if so, why?”

A frequent “conspiracy theory” was that Boggs was the only member of the Warren Commission to dispute its findings and he was about to go public with his concerns.

However, Boggs was an ensconced Catholic Congressman from the very city where the Kennedy assassination was planned: New Orleans.

New Orléans in America [is] the location where both assassinations of President Lincoln and Kennedy were planned.97

New Orleans was founded by Canadian Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, also known as “Sieur de Bienville”.

Le Moyne was 4 times governor of Louisiana although one must dig very deep to see that he was also an “enthusiastic supporter” of the Company of Loyola.98Secret History7

Two years after the Warren Commission presented its magic bullet findings to Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Boggs reaffirmed what he had been a part of.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Hale Boggs, a member of the Warren Commission, says he doubts that the investigation of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination should be reopened without new evidence.

Boggs, a Louisiana Democrat, said Sunday on the CBS program “Face the Nation” that in all the controversy surrounding the commission’s report, he has found no question not already raised by the commission.

But he said “if new evidence can be presented it should be looked at objectively.”

Boggs said he has no doubt whatsoever that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and killed Kennedy.

Boggs struck at critics who have questioned the direction of the shots, whether one bullet struck both Kennedy and Texas Gov. John B. Connally and how skillful a degree of marksmanship was required.

He said all evidence showed the shots came from the rear, the evidence was “very persuasive” that one bullet hit both men and that “almost any marksman using a telescopic sight could have performed that dastardly deed.”

Others make a connection to the speech Boggs made in 1971 excoriating J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the spring of 1971, Congressman Hale Boggs of New Orleans, then the House majority leader, was making moves on Capitol Hill.  A well respected member of Congress, Boggs had served in the Democratic leadership since 1962.  Notably, he had helped guide President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs through the House and even served on the Warren Commission.

But on April 5 of that year, Boggs rose and gave a floor speech denouncing the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its powerful director, J. Edgar Hoover.  Comparing the FBI’s methods to “the tactics of the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Gestapo,” Boggs called upon Attorney General John Mitchell to demand Hoover’s resignation.  In his remarks, Boggs specifically charged that the FBI had wiretapped congressional offices and stationed agents on college campuses to spy on students. ~

Propaganda-pushing papers like the Washington Post ran with the story of how Nixon called Minority Leader Gerald Ford in wonderment at Boggs’ “outburst” and Ford could only recommend that he was either drunk or popping pills.  The transcript comes from Nixon recording himself and Ford—the Warren Commission member who fed information back to Hoover and the FBI; needless to say, not a “scoop” what-so-ever.

Everyone involved was a good team player but that doesn’t mean that team-mates won’t consider you a threat.

The Jesuit-mentored Roman Catholic Kennedys are an excellent example.  The murders that kept them from challenging the rest of Rome’s power structure—Jack, Bobbie and Joe Junior—worked diabolically in the Vatican’s favor.  Her agents often crow, “The Kennedys are Catholic.  Of course the Pope wouldn’t allow them to be murdered.”

Operation Aphrodite: The Kennedy who was murdered because he was a threat to become President (not JFK). ~ Johnny

If the plane crash was, indeed, caused by foul play, who was the target?  Thomas Hale Boggs was the most powerful, but he was also well-kept by the Roman Establishment.  Was he collateral damage or could certain Puppet Masters foresee him threatening to enter the Father Andrew White House and fire J. Edgar Hoover?

It wouldn’t be the first time that assassins killed a group to keep investigators off their trail.

Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, the astronaut slated to be the first man to walk on the moon, was murdered, his son has charged in the Feb. 16 edition of Star magazine.

In another stunning development, a lead NASA investigator has charged that the agency engaged in a cover-up of the true cause of the catastrophe that killed Grissom and two other astronauts.

The tabloid exclusive by Steve Herz reports that Scott Grissom, 48, has gone public with the family’s long-held belief that their father was purposefully killed during Apollo I.

The Jan. 27, 1967, Apollo I mission was a simulated launch in preparation for an actual lunar flight.

NASA concluded that the Apollo I deaths of Grissom, as well as astronauts Edward H. White and Roger Chafee, were the result of an explosive fire that burst from the pure oxygen atmosphere of the space capsule.  NASA investigators could not identify what caused the spark, but wrote the catastrophe off as an accident.

“My father’s death was no accident.  He was murdered,” Grissom, a commercial pilot, told Star.

Grissom said he recently was granted access to the charred capsule and discovered a “fabricated” metal plate located behind a control panel switch.  The switch controlled the capsules’ electrical power source from an outside source to the ship’s batteries.  Grissom argues that the placement of the metal plate was an act of sabotage.  When one of the astronauts toggled the switch to transfer power to the ship’s batteries, a spark was created that ignited a fireball.

Clark Mac Donald, a McDonnell-Douglas engineer hired by NASA to investigate the fire, offered corroborating evidence.  Breaking more than three decades of silence, Mac Donald says he determined that an electrical short caused by the changeover to battery power had sparked the fire.

He says that NASA destroyed his report and interview tapes in an effort to stem public criticism of the space program.

“I have agonized for 31 years about revealing the truth, but I didn’t want to hurt NASA’s image or cause trouble,” Mac Donald told the paper.  “But I can’t let one more day go by without the truth being known.”

Grissom’s widow, Betty, now 71, told Star she agrees with her son’s claim that her husband had been murdered.

“I believe Scott has found the key piece of evidence to prove NASA knew all along what really happened but covered up to protect funding for the race to the moon.” …

Grissom, one of the original Mercury seven, was the senior astronaut when the Apollo missions began.

Shortly before his death, Grissom had taken a large lemon and hung it around the space capsule as the press looked on.  He had suggested publicly that the project could never be accomplished on time.

The Associated Press reported, “‘Pretty slim’ was the way [Grissom] put his Apollo’s chances of meeting its mission requirements.” ~ NewsMax [taken down but archived here]

Grissom was a Freemason in good standing at the Mitchell Lodge No. 228 in Indiana but when he showed signs of blowing the whistle on NASA and the “moon landing” he was dealt with quickly and severely.  Unfortunately for them, fellow astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee weren’t in good standing (as Freemasons).  We have seen no evidence that either were part of any secret group common to their profession from Freemasonry to the Knights of Columbus to the DeMolay Society for Boys.  Perhaps this was how 3 birds were killed with one fire (an execution perhaps meant to harken to the Inquisition).

Was Hale Boggs the target of his plane going missing?

Whether it was J. Edgar Hoover or Carlo Gambino that pulled the trigger (or set the explosive), one thing is for sure, Rome can take all the credit.

Vatican Killed Kennedy, Says Mafia Boss Breaking Code Of Silence


UPDATE: 20 MAY 2020

Motive discovered for Hale Boggs’ “disappearance”!

Boggs began to question the FBI and the “Warren Commission” (of which he was a trusted member) on the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Boggs had doubts that John F. Kennedy and J. D. Tippit had been killed by Lee Harvey Oswald and that Jack Ruby was not part of any conspiracy.”  According to Bernard Fensterwald: “Almost from the beginning, Congressman Boggs had been suspicious over the FBI and CIA’s reluctance to provide hard information when the Commission’s probe turned to certain areas, such as allegations that Oswald may have been an undercover operative of some sort.  When the Commission sought to disprove the growing suspicion that Oswald had once worked for the FBI, Boggs was outraged that the only proof of denial that the FBI offered was a brief statement of disclaimer by J. Edgar Hoover.  It was Hale Boggs who drew an admission from Allen Dulles that the CIA’s record of employing someone like Oswald might be so heavily coded that the verification of his service would be almost impossible for outside investigators to establish.”

It has been claimed by John Judge that when Alan Dulles was asked by Hale Boggs about releasing the evidence, he replied, “Go ahead and print it, nobody will read it anyway.”

According to one of his friends: “Hale felt very, very torn during his work (on the Commission) … he wished he had never been on it and wished he’d never signed it (the Warren Report).”  Another former aide argued that, “Hale always returned to one thing: Hoover lied his eyes out to the Commission — on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, the bullets, the gun, you name it.” ~ Simkin

Congressman Nicholas Begich, Senior, Begich’s aide Russell Brown, and pilot Don Jonz were all “collateral damage” and “expendable”.

Boggs’ wife Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne “Lindy” Boggs, trained at the elite Catholic all-girls “St. Joseph’s Academy”, was considered much more loyal to Rome and the Catholic Church’s machinations.  The Dame of Malta received many rewards toward that end including her husband’s Congressional seat, time as Ambassador to the Vatican, membership in the Jesuit Archbishop “John Carroll Society” and even stood in as Regent to the Smithsonian.

One might consider this an odd honor and ask, “What did ‘Lindy’ Boggs have to contribute to ‘science’?” until one learns that “science” is a fraud run by Jesuits.


  1. A name like that raises the question, “Are we even dealing with a real person?”  Unfortunately stupid parents saddling their offspring with monikers of that sort is all too common.  Chances are that all four men perished on this flight.
  2. None Dare Call It Treason, John Stormer, Liberty Bell Press (1964), p. 57
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