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The body of Dru Sjodin has been found in Crookston, Minnesota today 5 months after she disappeared from a ND shopping mall. A sad, if not unexpected end for the 22 year-old girl.

The chief suspect in the case is Alfonso Rodriguez, a convicted sex offender who had just finished a 23 year prison term for stabbing and trying to kidnap a woman. He had previously pleaded guilty to a charge of rape.

He was classified as a “Level III” sex offender which means the predator in question has had 1 or more victims, and/or has committed previous crimes of a similar nature, and/or has shown excessive cruelty to their victim(s).

Rodriguez’s sister, Ileana, called local police Sgt. Gerry Moreno several times following her brother’s 23-year prison term completion. She asked Moreno to keep her brother locked up or away from the community.

Moreno told The Forum of Fargo, N.D., that he wasn’t in a position to help her.

“Once a person does their time, they have no ties to probation,” Moreno said in Sunday’s edition of the newspaper. ~ Associated Press

There is much that points to Alfonso Rodriguez as the perpetrator—

Grand Forks County Sheriff Dan Hill confirmed that a preliminary DNA match was made between Dru and blood found in Alfonso Rodriguez’s car, that a sheath found in the Columbia Mall parking lot near Dru’s car was a likely match for a knife found in Rodriguez’s car, and that a shoe found near Red Lake River in Crookston MN a few days after Dru’s disappearance had been identified by Dru’s college roommate as probably being Dru’s. ~ Miami Herald

How is it possible that this animal was walking the streets at all? —We can thank the American justice system.

And we can thank it further if this predator is convicted within the state jurisdictions of either North Dakota or Minnesota, neither state allows heinous criminals to be executed.

It’s entirely possible that both Dru and America’s licentious culture contributed to her demise. She was last seen leaving work at the Columbia Mall in Grand Forks, ND on November 22, 2003. It has been reported that a “SuperTarget” security camera places Rodriguez in the mall parking lot an hour before. It’s certain Rodriguez was stalking her perhaps after seeing her at work in the mall.

Dru Sjodin worked at “Victoria’s Secret.” A pretty girl in a store full of skimpy women’s underwear and many near-pornographic wall posters was obviously too much for Rodriguez to handle. He was doubtlessly attracted to the store in the first place because of it’s reputation.

Think about Dru the next time you get a catalog in the mail.

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