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You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public to turn to the State to ask for greater security. ~ Insider terror operative Vincenzo Vinciguerra explaining why he murdered innocent Italian civilians in a brutal bombing campaign as part of the CIA’s “Operation Gladio”.

At 2:50 PM on April 15th 2013 an explosion rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon. A few seconds later, a second explosion followed. Quickly the reports started coming in of mass carnage. Body parts were everywhere…we were told.

Had this terrible event occurred 10 years ago it would’ve galvanized the nation.

But times have changed.

Americans are starting to become overwhelmingly distrustful of their own government and increasing numbers now look at terrible tragedies broadcast to them with high pomp from syndicated media with skepticism.

“Truth” and “reality” begin to blur behind an agenda-driven government/media complex that, should one question the existence of which, they would be immediately castigated as a “conspiracy theorist” and wearer of “tinfoil hats”.

But emotion driven ad homonym attacks are the tools of propagandists, not journalists. Journalists ask questions. Propagandists create alternative realities for a hidden elite.

One such example could be this video of CNN apparently interviewing one woman on two different occasions, one after the bombing in Boston proper, the other after police cornered a suspect in the suburb of Watertown.

Certainly, not the first time CNN has been caught manufacturing “news”.

But the suspect who was captured that day—Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—was not the first suspect the police went after. Nor was his now-dead brother, Tamerlan.

In fact, while the explosions were still ringing in the ears of runners, media sources were, themselves, running to blame “right-wing extremists”. lead with its muslim empathy special Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American while MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was linking to the bombing to a supposed Tax Day protest (not that hard working Americans would have any reason for anger at their overwhelming tax burden).

In Boston, the Marathon is traditionally run on “Patriots’ Day”, a solemn occasion marking America’s first experience with “gun control” when British regulars stormed the armories at Lexington and Concord but were delayed by gallant fighting of the colonial militia, enough to secure many Patriot supplies. Leftist propaganda hub “Mediaite” felt this would be instructive as to who the bombing suspects would turn out to be.

The furor climaxed in a Constitution-hating crescendo of taxpayer-funded “National Public Radio” suggesting the slaughter of innocent civilians was likely the work of a right-wing fanatic celebrating the birthday of Adolph Hitler.

We now know that the government’s lead suspects are not crazed Tea Partiers. But did massive levels of skepticism make this possible? Were government and media sources looking to blame Patriots and did they get derailed by the failure of all citizens to watch with glazed eyes at whatever CNN told them?

In uncharacteristic hesitation, official government sources hedged their bets. Barack Obama warned Americans not to “jump to conclusions” while the Department of Homeland Security felt it best not to issue any terror warnings until all the data was collected. It appears that the waters were tested in somewhat plausible deniability by Obama’s “advisor” David Axlerod claiming the perpetrators could be related to a “Tax Day” protest, but this was quickly abandoned.

This was a sharp contrast to the death of media personality Andrew Breitbart. In February of 2012, Breitbart made the announcement that his organization had shocking new information on the mysterious background of Barack Obama. But the conservative blogger never made the announcement. Before the month was out, he was dead at the tender age of 43. Breitbart was pronounced dead at midnight on the 29th of February. At 7:20 AM the next day, the LA Times definitively reported “natural causes”.

Were one to be cynical of what goes on behind the closed doors of government, one could imagine a meeting where secretive clandestine Elites decided, “OK, the Patriot angle isn’t going to swing. Move back to old faithful.”

As far as New World Order enablers go, “fundamentalist” muslims have been the soup du jour for decades. They are the wild card of chaos who appear to be unfettered by any semblance of compassion or decency. Muslims used as pawns for power players is a little-disputed fact.

But what may come as a bitter, horrifying surprise to most Americans, is that it is an agenda whose ace-in-the-hole has been for intelligence agencies and puppet masters to murder their own citizens to further a political agenda.

False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations than those who actually planned and executed them. ~ Wikipedia

The historical examples are legion.

  • In 64 AD, Rome suffered a terrible fire that burned for nearly a week and destroyed 75% of the proud city. Citizens suspected that brutal emperor Nero had started it but instead, he scapegoated the troubling and burgeoning population of new Christians.
  • At the turn of the century, Cuba was an allure to American business for trade in sugar and iron. The Elite were eager to rid the hemisphere of Spanish influence, and the death of the U.S.S. Maine (along with 266 sailors) was the catalyst for war. However, controversy swirls around the grave of the warship to this day and the original government explanation of a Spanish mine no-longer holds water.
  • In May of 1915, a German U-boat sank the ocean liner RMS Lusitania and she lost an astounding 1,195 passengers to the icy waters of the Atlantic. It was an outrage that echoed repeatedly until America joined WWI less than 2 years later. What was discovered much later, was that it was the American and British governments that put those passengers at risk by loading the Lusitanian with arms for the war.
  • In 1932, Germany’s political landscape was strewn with schisms caused by competing parties and interests. In January of the following year, German President Paul von Hindenburg appointed the powerful Nazi Party’s Adolph Hitler, Chancellor. Hitler was extremely ambitious but had learned from his attempted strong-arm coup of a decade earlier. Less than two months after becoming Chancellor, Germany’s building of parliament—the Reichstag—burned to the ground. German communists were blamed and the furor was a wave of emotion that Hitler rode into becoming Führer. Few now dispute that Nazis started the blaze.
  • Success breeds success and 6 years later der Führer had his eyes on Poland. In late August of 1939, the German Secret Police (Gestapo) located an isolated radio outpost along the Silesian border near the town of Gleiwitz. The three operators were subdued by “Poles”, the radio station taken over, broadcasting a message of Polish resistance that likely no one heard because it was only a relay station, and Polish sympathizer was dragged by the Gestapo in a drugged state to the location where he was executed as “proof” of the “aggression”. A few days later, in September, Germany invaded Poland.
  • At the close of WWII, an ugly skeleton lay hidden in the closets of Britain and America: their two respective governments had created the Soviet beast that threatened to engulf Europe. It was the greatest general America had ever created—George S. Patton—who threatened to disclose the annoying fact. Author Robert Wilcox made the chilling accusation that America’s new intelligence service, the Office of Strategic Services (precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency) grievously wounded him in a staged car accident and then enabled Soviet Army Intelligence (the NKVD, precursor to the KGB) to finish the job.
  • “Remember the Maine!” In 1962, members of the United States military recommended to President John F. Kennedy that innocent Americans be murdered and Communist Cubans could be blamed as provocation for war with Cuba. In the most perverse sense of irony they even offered to blow up a U.S. warship in Guantanamo Bay, creating a new take on Spanish philosopher Jorge Santayana, “Those who are oblivious to real history are doomed to repeat it.” Some have pondered whether Kennedy’s refusal contributed to his assassination.
  • In 1964, American aid to South Vietnam was only in the form of “advisors” and Special Operations units. After a series of attacks on the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin, Congress gave Lyndon Johnson carte blanche to send tens of thousands of young men to be maimed and killed for a massive new “military/industrial complex”. Later it was found, no such attacks ever occurred.
  • In 1967, Johnson would again be implicated in the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty—an intelligence-gathering vessel busy keeping tabs on Egypt/Israel “6-day war”. On June 8th the Liberty was attacked by both Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats. Over the course of the attack, 34 sailors were killed and 174 were wounded. Plenty of firepower was nearby but ordered to “stand down”. Later, an astounding accusation surfaced that Lyndon Johnson had ordered the men of the Liberty be sacrificed so that he could plunge the nation into a nuclear war with Egypt and her surrounding allies. It was averted with only minutes to spare when it became apparent that too many other nations (such as the Soviet Union) were aware of Israel having caused the damage to the Liberty.
  • In 2005 a group of contractors from the Zapata Corporation fired at a United States Marine Corps outpost in Fallujah, Iraq. This odd occurrence was chalked up to the “fog of war”…until one digs deep enough to find that the “Zapata Corporation” is a CIA front company founded by former CIA Director George H.W. Bush.
  • Allies shooting at allies may come as an awful shock, but a very high-profile example cropped up later that same year when two British operatives were apprehended by Iraqi police for shooting up the police station in Basra. The two commandos were dressed as Iraqi civilians and at least one Iraqi minister accused them of fomenting sectarian violence in the Shiite-dominated southern province that bears the same name. Basra police suddenly became crazed “militia” requiring an astounding force of tanks and helicopters to quickly rescue the two offenders. This was in sharp contrast to the 15 sailors and Marines captured by the Iranian navy whom British Elites felt were no high priority.

With incidents like these all well-established in the historical record, my recent claim that current Attorney General Eric Holder sits as the most powerful law enforcement officer in the world because he is a gatekeeper of similar treasons tracing all the way back through Oklahoma City to Waco, isn’t quite so unbelievable. Nor is it any wonder that the Attorney General (a man who alerted the public in 1995 to his desire towards anti-gun “brainwashing”) was found to have visited the Leftist Democrat Connecticut governor only two weeks ahead of the Newtown School shooting to talk about “gun control”.


As a further twist of “coincidence” straining credulity, the very place where the bombs went off was a memorial to Sandy Hook victims.

“Conspiracy Theorists” would tell you that treasonous government insider Elites meticulously planned the details as a best-guess trial run for their agenda. Soon, witnesses began to speak of drills and bomb-sniffing dogs along the route. Drills are very convenient to insiders when murdering your citizens; they dull the reactions of first-responders and increase the chances that the professionals you conscripted to do the actual killing don’t get netted along with the patsies.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. The scenario of a “disaster” at the Boston Marathon has been played out before.

One of the benefits of the technological surveillance society is that, currently, surveillance works both ways and some very interesting citizen photos began streaming in to alternative news sources (those unfettered by certain influences). Apparently, government security contractors (the kind that would be way outside Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s league) littered the finish line. Even more disturbing is that they were all wearing backpacks that looked just like what we were told what the pressure-cooker bombs were left in.

At the bare minimum, authorities knew of a risk that they kept to themselves. This should’ve caused immediate resignations and even prosecutions throughout Boston’s law enforcement leadership and as high as the mayor’s office. Rumor has it that the Justice Department will get on it as soon as Congressman Darrell Issa finishes with Eric Holder. Judging by how long it’s taking for Issa to make Holder “own” giving guns to a vicious Mexican drug cartel for the government’s piece of the drug trade while simultaneously slandering the Second Amendment (this threat made back in 2011), we may be waiting a bit.

But a much more troubling scenario is that mercenary operatives were used in Boston to facilitate the bombing.

''The Craft'' at the Boston Marathon

As crazy as that may sound, the good people of Boston didn’t help in the way they reacted to total martial law over the search for the bombing suspects.


“Police” were indistinguishable from soldiers on patrol in Iraq or Afghanistan (to include “up-armored” Humm-Vs and “MRAP”-style armored trucks) and, whether you cynically believe that the decade-plus “War on Terror” was also a proving ground for the One World Order, the fact is that Washington D.C. now has a complete infrastructure and wealth of information regarding how to control entire populations of people.

That knowledge appears to be getting used on American citizens in direct contravention of Federal law.

martial law 01

martial law 02

martial law 03

martial law 04

martial law 05

martial law 06

martial law 07

martial law 08

martial law 09

martial law 10

martial law 12

After having real “assault weapons” (semi-automatic rifles capable of automatic fire) shoved in their faces and many of them pulled from their homes like Jews by the Gestapo without any due process—there was a 19 year old who may have been involved in a crime on the loose—Bostonians said “THANK YOU!”

slave thank you 01

slave thank you 02

slave thank you 03

“Test bed”, indeed. This was an impressive show of force that wasn’t built up in a few hours: it was ready.

The Central government is adding fuel to the fire by having a military aircraft circle the Boston suburb of Quincy in a slow, repeated fashion and refuses to give citizens and their local representatives any explanation, heightening their fear.

When it came to putting a cutsie spin on martial law, the government/media complex was ready with a photo op of a black-clad, assault-weapon-wielding stormtrooper delivering milk to one of the lucky slave households. I’m sure they ALL cut milk delivered to them in their “lock-down”…with cookies in the shape of the faces of Deval Patrick and Barack Obama.

And politicians were quick to finish the job.

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC)—a career politician who hasn’t seen the private sector in almost 20 years—lamented that there wasn’t a drone or two to help track down this desperate teenager, and then went on to encourage Barack Obama to forget Constitutional protections for the accused because our safety was at stake! Republican perennial power Elites like Graham who masquerade as “loyal opposition” to the state juggernaught while simultaneously stoking the steam furnace of suffocating government authority are finally getting to people. Washington Times reporter Tiffany Madison who wrote the article linked in this paragraph noted;

Senator Graham is a known proponent of military-style detention for American suspects merely accused of terrorism. During debates regarding indefinite detainment provisions in 2011, which effectively invalidated the Bill of Rights, he notoriously bellowed that Americans accused of a terrorist-related crime should be denied Due Process. “When they say I want a lawyer you say, ‘Shut up! You don’t get a lawyer’.”

He was also a most vocal critic of Senator Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster designed to demand answers regarding the Obama administration’s domestic drone program. When the tide of public opinion turned against him, he stopped vocally defending the “homeland battlefield” ideology, but Graham never lets a crisis go to waste.

In fact, Lindsey Graham tows the Machine line so well, you’d think he were being blackmailed over some deep, dark secret.

Another member of the “loyal opposition”, 20 year Congressman Peter King (R, NY) recommended that law enforcement start keeping track of the sale of ball bearings, nails and pressure cookers because that is what we were told the bombs were composed of—as if anyone in the government needed encouragement to gather more information on law-abiding Americans.

With Republicans like these guys, who needs two Parties? We can get pure, raw totalitarian Marxism from the likes of Frank Lautenberg (D, NJ). After retiring from his 20 year stint as a United States Senator, the aging machine politician was pulled from the grave to be anointed back into office to replace disgraced Democrat Robert Torricelli after he ran afoul of some inconvenient campaign finance rules. The 89 year old woke from his noon nap long enough to announce that he would re-introduce a previous attempt of his to require background checks for the purchase of black powder.

Boston’s Police Commissioner Edward Davis used the occasion to push for NYC-level surveillance of citizens which, I’m sure, makes Lord-Mayor Michael Bloomberg (the bane of salt and soda) just blush with pride. Bloomberg, currently presiding over a city where any unlucky pedestrian can be randomly stopped and frisked by his own private army without due process or probable cause is already working on his own plan to make the City a massive glass bowl where no one can escape his all-seeing eye.

Commissioner Davis’ request for more surveillance is surprising in light of how Boston already has cameras on every streetcorner. Perhaps this was a reference towards how, despite copious video coverage, no evidence was released of the Tsarnaev brothers actually committing a crime.


Once the razor-sharp machine of Homeland Security began to bring its multi-billion dollar assets to bear, we received quick results. They just weren’t accurate results.

The first two suspects targeted—Yassine Zaimi and Salaheddin Barhoum—turned out to be innocent athletes but, hey, they looked like terrorists!

The next young foreigner fingered for the bombing turned out to be…dead. The body of Sunil Tripathi was pulled from the Providence River less than a week after the bombing. It was an eerie harbinger of how subsequent suspects would be treated.

Dzhokhar TsarnaevBefore we even knew who the next victim…er…suspect was, we were told he was shot by police. After the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was examined, it became clear that he was also hit and run over by a motor vehicle. We were then told that his 19 year old brother, Dzhokhar, did that as he evaded police. Fortunate that a hunted fugitive should be killed by his own teen-age brother—a young man who seemed to have the wile and ruthlessness of James Bond.

Interestingly, getting Tamerlan buried has proven to be no small feat.

Had it come out that law enforcement brutally ran over a suspect, unconvicted of any crime by due process–execution-style—it would’ve been as sensational as finding out that police would be willing to burn alive a fellow officer who had purportedly gone on a cop-killing rampage. Police officers executing a “kill on sight” order of a suspect couldn’t possibly happen in America. That could only happen in some Orwellian police state.

Soldiers…I mean cops, had to go in blazing, we were told. The brothers were desperate and armed with both guns and explosives. One officer was wounded, another killed. Later it would come out that Transit Officer Richard Donohue was wounded by other officers who were shooting weapons like they were in the OK Corral. Certainly, big city police officers are not known for their disciplined professionalism when it comes to precisely pulling triggers only at perps, as two innocent women in Los Angeles can tell you. Nine New York City citizens can tell you the same thing about NYPD’s “spray and pray” tactics. One would think we were dealing more with the Iraqi Army than experienced American cops.

This chilling video appears to show cops slowly pounding away at the Tsarnaev brothers as they scream “Chill out! We didn’t do it!” No return fire can be heard.

A few days later, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was located in the suburb of Watertown, hiding in a boat. After riddling the boat with bullets, Tsarnaev can be seen emerging under his own power.

US police snare Boston bomb suspect after brother killed

Suddenly, Tsarnaev is on the ground with a terrible wound to his throat; a “botched” attempt at suicide, we were told. Later it was revealed that Tsarnaev was unarmed when arrested. The teenager apparently slipped and fell on a bullet which happened to go off and hit him in exactly the perfect place that would keep him from saying anything inconvenient…sort of like how a mob witness can slip and fall on a knife 14 times before having a chance to testify. Everyone seemed to forget that, if Tsarnaev was unarmed there remained the question of who killed MIT security guard Sean Collier? Details…details…they were proving as troublesome as reading a suspect their rights.


A Saudi national by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was reportedly tackled and injured in Boston for “acting suspiciously”. The official story was that, in order to question him, the Obama government and Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security decided it was best to place him on the “no-fly list” just as a routine precaution. As a routine side-effect to the routine precaution, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi would be summarily deported.

Fortunately, the Department of Homeland Security was thoroughly on the job and quickly certified Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi as a person of disinterest.

Heck, it was obvious to everyone except Representative Jeff Duncan (R, SC) that there was nothing to see here. Can you blame the Madame Secretary for refusing to even acknowledge the useless representation of his office?!

Just because Ali Alharbi has ties to radical terror groups and comes from a very well-placed family in Saudi Arabia, there’s nothing to bother with.

Just because Barack Obama had an emergency meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, “to discuss Syria”, there’s no cause for concern.

Just because Mr. Ali Alharbi received a special visit in the hospital from Michelle Obama is no reason to make a fuss.

And just because, previous to this, Mr. Ali Alharbi was a frequent visitor to the White House, Tea Party crazies want to get crazy.

If I were a really cynical conspiracy theorist, I would try to do something ridiculous like say that House of Saud has been the prime mover in American policy since former CIA Director George H.W. Bush took office, that a perverse relationship exists with Elites (especially in the CIA) where Saudi Arabia provides jihadis to slaughter Americans and treasonous American Elites reap the political rewards. And that Barack Obama helping Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi to escape interrogation quickly after the Boston Marathon bombing was no different than Bush #43 enabling the bin Laden family to be ferried out of America by presidential aircraft shortly after 9/11.

But I’m not saying that.


Again, if we were to be particularly cynical, we could imagine a thought process going something like, “We aren’t playing the COINTELPRO card, so let’s return to the ‘War on Terror’. It’s been a great cash cow for over a decade. Let’s bring 9/11 back to the forefront.”

Should such a war-room meeting have taken place, both media, politicians and even victims helped tow the line.

As if on cue, a piece of aircraft wreckage from the 2001 World Trade Center attack was found and not just anywhere but at the site of the planned muslim Conquest Community Center.

Intrepid reporter Diane Sawyer helped George Bush 43 connect both the Marathon bombing and the explosion of the fertilizer plant in West, Texas to 9/11. We’ll go out West a little later in the column.

And now that developer Larry Silverstein is reaping billions of dollars in the destruction of his World Trade Center, it’s replacement is ready. Surprisingly, the ceremonial finishing touch came a little over two weeks after the bombing in Boston. The flag-adorned spire will cap the total height of the new monstrosity to a patriotic 1776 feet! But before you dust off your John Philip Sousa marches and set your Tivo to record the fortuitously-timed resurrection of “24”, understand that the name of this Tower of Babel is the “One World Center” and there could be another reason why 1776 was an important number to evil people with lots of money, power and brainrot. May 1, 1776 is the “birthdate” of the original “Illuminati” secret society. By the way, they really enjoy getting you excited about one thing while secretly honoring something demonic behind your back.

Bombing survivor Heather Abbott also drew a line from Boston to NYC. For her trouble, Abbott was visited by Aviva Drescher, star of “Real Housewives of New York” as well as Michelle Obama who seems to be busy in between vacations.

I was concerned that many of the early pictures of Heather did not show her injury. When dealing with master manipulators, it’s hard to judge what’s real. Sadly, Heather does appear to be missing part of her left leg. However, there is such a thing as “amputee crisis actors” and the government is already using them.

It’s a tough call when you see Hollywood actors responding to the victims of high-profile, politically-charged tragedies because you want to believe the best of make-believe but you also know just how thoroughly controlled they all are.

Jeff Baum is one of those victims. Charged as the man who was instrumental in the FBI identifying the Tsarnaev brothers, Bauman also had high-profile well-wishers (which always makes good copy when in the tragedy business).

However, some of the graphic pictures (WARNING) surrounding Jeff’s injuries show a substance on the ground more akin to what goes on a fire engine or picnic table rather than what comes out of a horribly-injured human being. Some have presumed that Bauman was being portrayed by Afghan veteran and double-amputee Nick Vogt but this appears to have been put to rest apparently due to Nick missing a finger on his left hand where Bauman is not.

Real bombs went off. People did get hurt. But anomalies in the evidence we are given requires us to do the job reporters won’t do.

The most effective disinformation is to take a real tragedy and litter it with insider plants to help steer the dialogue. Then, when the moles are discovered, truth-seekers jump to the conclusion that all victims are plants and are laughably dismissed as paranoid kooks.

When the father of a Sandy Hook victim (a little girl who, at one point, was in the running to become the next JonBenét Ramsey) jovially waltzes out to a press conference and asks, “Read the card? OK.” before visibly working himself into an alternate emotion, you dig deeper into events that so help the Leviathan of government.


The Tsarnaevs quickly proved to be tougher and more vocal than those of previous mass-killing suspects.

The brothers’ aunt, an attorney, claimed that no one in law enforcement contacted her in any investigations, she was forced to call the FBI hotline, herself. She went even further accusing government authorities with setting the boys up (this is after being coached by a so-called “reporter” that she didn’t mean the authorities, did she?). Sounding more like Alex Jones, Maret Tsarnaev told the so-called reporters “You do the math.”:

Maret is already paying for her frankness.

The mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev claimed that she was close to her sons and that neither gave any indication of them preparing to do this. She admitted that Tamerlan began to take his muslim faith more seriously but not to the point of jihad. But what is really interesting is her assertion that U.S. government authorities were not only tracking Tamerlan but in constant contact with him and her:

Evidence is quickly mounting to back up Zubeidat Tsarnaev’s accusation. For instance there’s this clip of the Tsarnaev brothers walking through the Marathon crowd in very close proximity to official-looking security personnel (humorously, the government warning against only using materials the government has approved in searching for suspects):

A YouTube channel authored by “Tamerlan Tsarnaev” has a start-up date of a mere 8 months before the bombing (to include two deleted videos labeled “Terrorists”). I was surprised when my researcher and reporter Allie Ross sent me this to see the account still standing and still active.

Disbelief is suspended even further when we look at the citizenship of Dzokhar Tsarnaev. He was naturalized on 9/11 (a process that takes no small government involvement).

Unfortunately for him, Tsarnaev’s American citizenship seemed to be the most minor of speedbumps for government officials. Barack Obama sent his “High Value Interrogation Group” to the teenager who could no-longer talk and the “public safety ‘exemption’” of the rights of the accused was being enacted. Even though Dzokhar was shot in the throat, he did not have “the right to remain silent”.

One relative who wasn’t screaming “False flag!” and “Set-up!” was Uncle Ruslan. Uncle Ruslan had a very fiery press conference where he commanded Dzokhar to turn himself in and ask forgiveness because he has shamed the family and all Chechens.

Uncle Ruslan wasn’t always “Ruslan Tsarni”. He was once “Ruslan Tsarnaev”.

Neither did he take his wife’s name although, interestingly, he was once married to Samantha Fuller, the daughter of former Deputy Director of the CIA’s National Council on Intelligence, Graham Fuller.

Fuller wasn’t just any CIA Deputy Director, he is a powerful player with ties to radical Islam who once stated

The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against [the Russians]. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.

A radical Imam by the name of Fethullah Gulen left his native Turkey in 1998 to avoid prosecution for attempting to overthrow the secular Turkish government. The Fethullah Gulen movement boasts an astounding 600 schools and 4 million followers. He could’ve gone anywhere in the world.

He ended up in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania with the help of Graham Fuller.

When questioned about these links, Graham Fuller called it “absurd”.

Perhaps a quick geography lesson is called for. “Chechnya” is not a country. It is satellite Russian protectorate in the best Soviet sense that has spent generations fighting for its independence.

You may recall the school hostage crisis of a decade ago that took place in Beslan, a town in the Pravoberezhny District of the Republic of North Ossetia, Russia, just west of Chechnya. Russian government forces gave a textbook example of how to rescue hostages by using complete disregard for the hostages—331 of whom were killed, 186 of those were school children. Chechen Islamists were blamed.

South of Chechnya is Georgia. South of Georgia is Turkey.


Now make sure you’re sitting down: the apparent mastermind behind the hostage-taking crisis in Beslan was a Saudi named Abu Farukh.

Isn’t this just cozy?!

It would seem that, when it comes to Islamic Fundamentalist terror, some surprisingly anti-Islamist faces appear behind the Chechen effort to destabilize southern Russia. As the U.K. Guardian put it (so grateful for others doing the job American journalists just won’t do):

…in the U.S., the leading group which pleads the Chechen cause is the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC). The list of the self-styled “distinguished Americans” who are its members is a rollcall of the most prominent neoconservatives who so enthusastically [sic] support the “war on terror”.

They include Richard Perle, the notorious Pentagon adviser; Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra fame; Kenneth Adelman, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. who egged on the invasion of Iraq by predicting it would be “a cakewalk”; Midge Decter, biographer of Donald Rumsfeld and a director of the rightwing Heritage Foundation; Frank Gaffney of the militarist Centre for Security Policy; Bruce Jackson, former U.S. military intelligence officer and one-time vice-president of Lockheed Martin, now president of the U.S. Committee on NATO; Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, a former admirer of Italian fascism and now a leading proponent of regime change in Iran; and R James Woolsey, the former CIA director who is one of the leading cheerleaders behind George Bush’s plans to re-model the Muslim world along pro-U.S. lines.

I’ve never been a fan of the descriptor “neocon” but rightly can it be used to describe the rogue’s gallery of pseudo-right strategists.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was “radicalized” by a jihadi from Dagestan named Doku Umarov and that the FBI had been tracking him for 5 years, corroborating what Zubeidat Tsarnaev (the mother of the accused) told Russia Today. Both the Tsarnaevs and their friends seemed to be living well above their means.

The NY Times claimed this was all information the Feds kept from their friends in Massachusetts but when citizen journalist Dan Bidondi snuck in to a Deval Patrick press event and asked if the obvious prior warning officials had was proof of a false flag, Governor Deval seemed more interested in having security shut Bidondi up than defending his lack of knowledge of Federal machinations.

Perhaps Governor Deval was distracted from the stress of having supported the Islamic Society of Boston, whose Imam Abdullah Faarooq young Dzhokhar is reported to have listened to on occasion.

Before we leave Uncle Ruslan, it’s worth noting that he’s a savvy investor. Knowing that war is business and the “War on Terror” is big business, he’s made some friends in a mega-contracting corporation you may have heard of: Halliburton.


Barack Hussein Obama appears to be on a mad dash through the Middle East, and his agenda seems to be—by an amazing coincidence—exactly the same agenda that the CIA has: using radical Islamists to effect drastic changes for the benefit of the Elite. In this agenda, the American people bear the burden with their tax dollars and blood but receive none of the reward.

First a coup in Egypt, then a bloody war in Libya which culminated in the brutal death of that nation’s sovereign. And now Syria.

Syria, however, appears to be where Russia and China stop the fall of Islamic dominoes.

How bloody inconvenient.

When a competitor tells you that you’re being a pig and you can’t have what’s on their plate, you offer them a cookie. Or some tea.

Boston tea.

If the Boston bombing was engineered by powerful Elites secretly manipulating America, why pick fall guys who help the very country the entire supposed proxy war is against?

As Paul Roderick Gregory of Forbes noted:

Boston extremism should plague Barack Obama throughout his second term as it raises legitimate question about his handling of the war on terror. It will help Vladimir Putin remove the last vestiges of democracy and free press from his totalitarian Russia without a peep from the U.S.

In an astounding reversal, the Bear has ceased weapons shipments to her ally and claims that she has a mutual interest in “stabilizing Syria”.


How fast did all of this happen? —Fast.

The banker-driven, CIA-empowered Machine of globalism is losing ground. The genie has been let out of the bottle. As much as government agencies use the internet to spy on citizens abroad and at home, people hungry for real, unfiltered news were proving themselves just as effective.

Almost immediately information started coming in that questioned the official story and awake Patriots across the country and rebels against the “New World Order” across the globe were outraged and digging for themselves. The era of taking in whatever Walter Cronkite said with complete mesmerized faith was over.

A day after the bombing, letters laced with the highly toxic substance “ricin” were found having been addressed to Senator Roger Wicker (R, MS) and to the Messiah in Chief, himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

Very quickly, there was an arrest and quietly, the suspect was released. Anyone who took a mild interest in the story will tell you that Paul Kevin Curtis was an Elvis impersonator. Silly distraction. Next story.

But as you dig a little deeper, an interesting tidbit comes to light: Curtis was obsessed with the conspiracy of an illicit organ trafficking trade. A fascinating narrative of intrigue develops. According to the Atlantic Wire, Curtis was fired from working at a Tupelo, Mississippi hospital but he claims it was because he saw things he shouldn’t have seen—a “refrigerator full of dismembered body parts and organs wrapped in plastic in the morgue.” All destined to be used illegally for profit. He claims he is a “person of interest” to the FBI and the government. At one point, he attempted to alert the authorities to what he knew, namely, Senator Roger Wicker.

As you dig a little deeper into the organ trade, you find some things that are grotesque, disturbing and even nightmarish.

The organ trade is an unregulated world-wide endeavor where the very wealthy are able to order whatever they want.

A key player in the game is China.

Recently, a symposium regarding the outrages of “organ harvesting” occurred in Israel with extreme pressure being put on the organizers by both the Israeli and Chinese governments. China is so efficient it sends roving “death vans” to quickly rip out the vital organs of “criminals” after their execution.

You see, the problem with organ harvesting is that useable organs can only come from living bodies. This can make the field of volunteers depressingly narrow. So, in 1968, Harvard University created the “loss of personhood” protocols that allowed for a person to quickly be diagnosed “brain-dead” when their heart is still beating. As medicine has advanced, these protocols (along with the term “brain-dead”) have proven ethically problematic for doctors. Patience pronounced “dead” can sometimes not stay that way.

Even more annoying, “dead” donors react to doctors carving their organs out. As Board-Certified Neonatologist and Pediatrician Dr. Paul Byrne put it:

Try to imagine an incision down the center of your own body from neck to chest to pubic area. Then, an electric saw splits your sternum to open your chest. Your beating heart is right there in full view for everyone on the transplant team to see. This is done without anesthetic, but only a paralyzing drug to be sure that no one in the operating room is too uncomfortable, should there be any response of your body besides the increase in heart rate and blood pressure that commonly occurs during transplantation.

Rather than taking medical advances and curtailing this industry, medicine is enlarging it, now saying the Harvard protocols are too strict.

Any of this making you uncomfortable? Don’t worry, James Everett Dutschke was picked up by the FBI from Tupelo, MS and Reuters says it was just a personal spat amongst local martial arts aficionados. Fox News says he’s a child molester, too. I think, at one point, he even made some derogatory statements about Santa Claus.

Certainly, when someone ticks me off, the first thing I do is whip up a batch of ricin and send it off to a Senator that they just happen to be trying to warn about abuses in a multi-billion dollar organ trade.

It is interesting that Reuters noted how the letters heightened the culture of fear that emanated out of Boston:

Discovery of the letters fueled more national anxiety in the days after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Eccentric computer guru and wealthy developer of the virus protection that bears his name, John McAfee had an even more astounding accusation to level against the United States government: Mexican drug cartels were working with Islamic terror groups to develop ricin as a threat and the U.S. government was tacitly letting it happen.

According to McAfee, computers he had “gifted” the Belize police as part of a revenge scheme for their rousting him netted some shocking intelligence. According to McAffee:

…the State Department either does not understand the depth of the treat or for some bizarre reason does not want anyone to know the depth of the threat. In fact, they don’t even want people to know that Belize is sending terrorists into America at all. All official reports claim that the passports that people have been caught with are in fact forgeries and that the Government of Belize is not involved in creating false identities. Unfortunately, they are. And the threat is of an enormous magnitude. The substance being created in Nicaragua is being created by the ton.

Experts say that distilling ricin from castor beans is a very involved process that no one should worry about…really.

Previous to Boston, the incident that seems to have divided Americans most about the possibility that insiders within their own government would murder them to further a political agenda of enrichment for them and enslavement for us was 9/11.

A week after the attacks which claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 Americans, letters laced with Anthrax spores were sent to Congress and the media. 5 were killed, 17 were sickened.

After 7 years, crack investigators at the FBI finally tracked down the suspect—Dr. Bruce Ivins, a scientist who worked at the United States Army’s biological warfare facility, Fort Detrick, MD. Interesting that such would be the source, given the supposed decommissioning of U.S. biological research. It would seem that Dr. Ivins, unbeknownst to everyone else at Fort Detrick was dabbling in the forbidden.

Really. It’s not that hard to hide weaponized Anthrax amongst all those test-tubes and volunteers. Fortunately for us, the government was able to see the light and pick right back up where they left off.

And fortunately for the FBI, Dr. Ivins became very depressed and they never needed to take their evidence to court—something that would’ve been problematic given that the Justice Department at first contradicted their findings and then counter-contradicted when they realized just how guilty Bruce Ivins was. It was getting so messy, even Congressmen and Senators began doubting the G-Men.

The only thing left was to quiet down the families of the dead who wanted to know how weaponized Anthrax came from a government facility that supposedly doesn’t do biological warfare anymore to kill their loved ones. A cool $2.5 million should do the trick…as long as they agreed to destroy the evidence.


It was precisely because the government/media complex was losing the InfoWar that efforts to crackdown on internet freedom arose in the form of “copyright protection”.

In November of 2012, Harry Reid’s “Cyber Security” bill (passed by the Republican-controlled House) was shot down by his own Democrat Senate, we were told, once and for all.

But bad legislation is like acid reflux from a clam and anchovy pizza with extra sauce…it keeps coming back.

This time, when Son of CISPA re-passed the again-willing “Opposition Party” in the House, it was shortly after the Boston bombing when few were thinking about the fount of information on their laptops drying up and growing eyes. This time, it was “new and improved!” Representative Sheila Jackson (no hyphen) Lee invited her friend Janet (no known gender) Napolitano to join the fun…for safety reasons, of course.

Representative Mike Rogers (R, MI), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was all for it and was pushing hard for success this time around. This was getting to be such a cozy “bi-partisan” effort to reign in that damn inconvenient internet. Hell, even Independents have been clamoring for some restraint on information!

He had just gone on “Meet the Press” to assure us that the Tsarnaev’s had probably been to Russia and that the FBI had done a stupendous job if they hadn’t been tripped up by an unnamed “intelligence service”.

And we all know what a bang-up job the FBI has been doing to protect us.

Of course it doesn’t hurt Mike Rogers that the bill he’s pushing would slide a modest amount of cash towards a company connected to his wife. From Mike Masnick of TechDirt:

…it seems rather interesting to note that Rogers’ wife, Kristi Clemens [no hyphen] Rogers, was, until recently, the president and CEO of Aegis LLC a “security” defense contractor company, whom she helped to secure a $10 billion (with a b) contract with the State Department. The company describes itself as “a leading private security company, provides government and corporate clients with a full spectrum of intelligence-led, culturally-sensitive security solutions to operational and development challenges around the world.”

War is business but cyber-war is big business.

Rather than doing the dance again this time, the Senate has chosen to not see CISPA and instead break it up into smaller, less obvious bills—each of which has a better chance of being missed during the next distracting crisis.


A lot has changed since 9/11. In almost direct proportion to the growth of the internet has been citizen distrust of the government.

On April 15th the bombs went off in Boston.

On April 16th the ricin letters were found.

On April 18th an explosion took place in West, Texas just outside of Waco that nearly went unnoticed…except for those killed and injured. At a fertilizer plant in the small town that boasts a mere 2,800 residents and explosion took place that registered as a 2.1 earthquake.

What we were originally told is that a fire was started in a storehouse and that lead to the explosion that flattened or damaged acres of property.

In the wake of Boston, few were giving much attention to mushroom clouds in Texas. The fact that ammonium nitrate requires a detonator to explode only bothered a few.

Even alternative media and conspiracy specialists weren’t pushing hard on this one. Why? Was it just too crazy to say that there were multiple tragedies being engineered by treasonous insiders across the country? Were people going to doubt your veracity because you looked to be saying that every single event was “staged”?

Journalists report. We don’t give a damn about what things “look like”. Until there’s evidence like this—where a light-source can clearly be seen traveling through the smoke of the fire an instant before the explosion.

waco fertilizer explosion

Even more disturbing was this clip with sound that was eerily similar to that of an incoming bomb or missile.

Of course you would expect that, had an aircraft launched a missile it would’ve been seen. But remember drones now launch munitions of all kinds and they can get pretty small from long distances. And we certainly can count on drones we thought relegated to the skies over Baghdad coming home with a vengeance.

And there are some interesting facts surrounding what happened in West, near Waco…such as when it happened.

April 19th is an epicenter for a great many weighty events, most of them terrible:

And on April 19th 1993, a mass of flames engulfed the Branch Davidian compound killing some 80 men, women and children. It was a “rescue” enacted by William Jefferson Clinton and Janet Napolitano’s distant cousin; Janet Reno. Even mainstream news media noted its fiery 20 year “anniversary”.

It took some time, but people are starting to ask questions. Barbara Boxer (D, CA) wants to investigate safety hazards (sounds like a very effective way to show official involvement that is completely devoid of substance what-so-ever).

Local police have made an arrest that they say is “unrelated” but clearly related: an EMT first responder, Bryce Reed, was arrested for being in possession of “bomb-making material”, namely, a “pipe bomb”.

We have been assured that, even though someone connected to the plant as a first-responder, and having illegal explosives has been arrested, it has nothing to do with the criminal investigation also started by the local police.

Again, if one wanted to be particularly cynical, one would imagine public scrutiny driving the very late criminal investigation more than government officials pushing to put all these anomalies together.

What makes the arrest of Bryce Reed particularly interesting is something he’s been quoted to have said to residents and blast survivors:

I will avenge this. This will get right. I don’t care what it takes. I will get square…There’s one thing about Texas, that Texans understand: People talk about law and order. Well, welcome to Texas. We believe in justice. I’m going to get my justice. Period.

I wonder if his subsequent arrest has changed his mind any.

What is less well-known about what happened in West, Texas is what happened before the fire and explosion. West Fertilizer used to be Texas Grain Storage Inc. Texas Grain Storage was pursuing a possibly very costly class-action lawsuit against mega genetic manipulator Monsanto, charging that the GMO giant had artificially inflated prices for its herbicide Roundup through anti-competitive actions.

How powerful is Monsanto?

Powerful enough to have the Democrat Governor of Connecticut single-handedly sabotage a bill that would’ve required Genetically-Modified food be labeled in the Constitution State.

Monsanto was able to get the Illinois Department of Agriculture to confiscate a bee-keeper’s bees along with 15 years of research showing what their “Roundup” has been causing the devastating honey bee dysfunction Colony Collapse Disorder.

Monsanto has both the Left and Right covered on the Supreme Court having been represented by Elena Kagan as well as Clarence Thomas.

Congress has just handed Barack Obama a bill that is so deferential and protective of genetically-modified poison food it has been wryly renamed “the Monsanto Protection Act”.

But the most telling example is when, in 2009, the partner of the Health-Food Crusader appointed former Monsanto vice president Michael Taylor to be his “Food Safety Czar”! This stunned even Obama sycophants who are still waiting for the terror detention jail cells at Guantanamo Bay to be closed. What they don’t understand is that Mr. Obama thinks his malignancy towards Americans is funny. The individual who dismissed a child’s confession that he was being sodomized by an adult man, Obama made the “Safe Schools Czar”. The woman who is so viciously anti-baby and anti-woman she gave safe harbor to Third-Trimester abortionist ghoul George Tiller “the Baby-Killer”, Obama made the Secretary of Health and Human Services (and she was promptly given the “OK” by the “Opposition Party”). Oh I could just laugh for hours.

How powerful is Monsanto? Powerful enough to topple 3rd World governments.  Here is my report from July of last year.


Personally, I think the United States has become unrecognizable. Since the bloodletting of the 60s where the CIA has been implicated murdering a sitting president in broad daylight, later to have similar questions be raised about the murder of Kennedy’s Attorney General and brother Robert—America has had a government of shadows.

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