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“Bible Answer Man” Hank Hanegraaff and his “Christian Research Institute” are the Snopes of Western Christendom and, just like the devious couple behind “Snopes”, they work tirelessly on behalf of the Luciferian Elite to sow discord and protect the Final Beast of Biblical prophecy: Rome.

I’ve told you this before—we Christians have been intimidated and lied to about why we don’t need to fight for Truth.  We’re told “satan owns the globe” and, therefore, there’s no sense trying to stand up to him.  We should just sit in a corner and wait for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture to beam us out.

There will be no “Pre-Tribulation Rapture.”

We own the Earth.  It was given to Adam to steward as a son of God.  Adam’s sin surrendered that authority for his children (who are all sons of Adam, sons of a man) but the Son of God, Jesus Christ won it back for us—for all who surrender to Him.

If our adversary “owns” anything it is the parasitic system that he built which he uses to usurp and control our Earth.

…the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.  And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”

Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you, Satan!  For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’” ~ Matthew 4:8-10 (NKJV)

Although he masquerades as an angel of light [II Corinthians 11:14], our adversary is the very father of lies [John 8:44].  His entire empire is built upon them.  Without lies, falsehoods and propaganda, the chains fall off.

It’s that simple.

As a result, he has invested a sizable portion of all the wealth he has stolen and hoarded into buying pawns and traitors to Christianity to shore up the matrix we live in.

Enter Hendrick “Hank” Hanegraaff and the “Christian Research Institute”.

I grew up (spiritually), immersed in the Matrix of the Final Beast.  I came to Christ at a Calvary Chapel—a movement that has strong ties with Rome.  I spent the next ten years of my Christian Walk learning from Dr. Chuck Missler—a man born of the military/industrial complex who has put a great amount of effort into fooling Believers with Rome’s doctrines.  These doctrines include everything from the ball-Earth, heliocentric, cosmic accident of our supposed cosmology to a future Dispensationalist role of the fabricated nation of “Israel”; from the “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” to first Russia and now Islam replacing Rome as our greatest threat (all fabricated distractions from the Whore of Babylon, the Fourth and Final Beast).

One of my first experiences with Hank Hanegraaf and the “Christian Research Institute” was in concern over their attacking my virtual Jesuit mentor, Chuck Missler.  Of course, they weren’t attacking Missler on the critical issues taught by Rome like Dispensationalism or distracting Believers from understanding the “Holy Roman Empire” to be the Final Beast, they were simply attacking “Koinonia House” on teaching the importance of prophecy.

This is an old trick.

In the field of subversion and counter-intelligence, you can plant your agents deep into the enemy’s camp by having them seem to out other agents.  In reality, CRI’s “critique” of Missler also helps Rome!  Prophecy is critical to understanding our environment and also an important factor in discerning who runs the system of Mystery Babylon—the hidden control of all banks, militaries, intelligence agencies, media and governments.


The Company of Loyola—the Jesuits—is a military organization (their commander is the “Superior General”) that specializes in assassination, subversion and gathering intelligence.  An excellent example of this is the suppression of the Jesuits in 1773.  After 200 years of Jesuit plots in their countries, even Catholic nations were demanding the Pope disband his special forces.  Although Clement XIII attempted to in 1767, he was murdered before he could sign the concordat.  His successor was able to publish a Papal Bull—Dominus ac Redemptor on 21 July 1773—and he languished in extreme pain and even premature decomposition before finally dying of aquetta poisoning.

Were they actually suppressed?  One late author says “No!” and he has built a shockingly brilliant case.  Frederick Tupper Saussy, in his Rulers of Evil, noted that Sun Tzu’s Art of War was published in 1772.  It was “translated” by a Jesuit named Jean Joseph Marie Amiot although neither East nor West had any recollection of the nebulous “Sun Tzu”.  It is far more likely that this book (required reading in America’s war colleges) was a publicizing of a Jesuit strategy so brilliant they would emerge in total control of all world affairs.

As the fourteenth Superior General, Michael Angelo Tamburini, is reputed to have told the French Duc de Brancas, Philippe II, in 1720, “See, my lord, from this room—from this room I govern not only Paris, but China: not only China, but the whole world, without any one knowing how ‘tis managed.”

It is no coincidence that Father Amiot was Qianlong Emperor Aisin Gioro Hongli’s personal astronomer: “Don’t worry about looking up, my king.  I will tell how the Earth is round.”

In Chapter XIII of The Art of War, we learn—

The Use of Spies

…what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge. …

6. Knowledge of the enemy’s dispositions can only be obtained from other men.

7. Hence the use of spies, of whom there are five classes:

(1) Local spies;
(2) inward spies;
(3) converted spies;
(4) doomed spies;
(5) surviving spies.

8. When these five kinds of spy are all at work, none can discover the secret system. This is called “divine manipulation of the threads.” It is the sovereign’s most precious faculty.

9. Having local spies means employing the services of the inhabitants of a district.

10. Having inward spies, making use of officials of the enemy.

11. Having converted spies, getting hold of the enemy’s spies and using them for our own purposes.

12. Having doomed spies, doing certain things openly for purposes of deception, and allowing our spies to know of them and report them to the enemy.

13. Surviving spies, finally, are those who bring back news from the enemy’s camp.


CRI continues to pretend-attack fellow Papal agents like Missler and his Jesuit insurgent friend Hal Lindsey.

For a public Christian, Lindsey’s personal information has been expunged from the internet.  But when you are able to pull anything up it is at direct odds with his stellar moral and ethical reputation.

Hal appears to be on his fourth wife.  The book that put him on the “planet”—The Late, Great Planet Earthwas actually written by a Lesbian, radial Left activist and United Church of Christ “minister” Carole Carkeet Carlson (she also wrote several of David Jeremiah’s books for him, too, but don’t ask Wikipedia who she is).  If you want to know where Hal’s heart is, just follow his daughters…to Jesuit Gonzaga University.

Hanegraaff’s own personal life is also invisible across the vast internet, outside of his being born in the Netherlands and having twelve children with his wife Kathy.

A “Google” search of “hank hanegraaff netherlands catholic” lists the entire first page (or subsequent pages for that matter) completely devoid of anything negative.

booble protects hanegraaff

It sure helps to have friends in extremely powerful places.

His Wikipedia entry says volumes because it says nothing—

Personal life

Hanegraaff was born in the Netherlands and raised in the United States since childhood. He and his wife Kathy have twelve children.  They lived in Southern California[12] but are now living in Charlotte, North Carolina.[1]

Having twelve children is an astounding number of offspring and, certainly, a family plan that fits very much in line with Catholic doctrine.

If you follow the Wikipedia footnote, it takes you right to the Christian Research Institute!  —Certainly an objective, critical source, there.

A blog connected to alternative media investigative journalist Anthony J. Hilder claims that Kathy is Hanegraaff’s second wife and he has a daughter by his first!  Indeed, Hendrick has been a busy man.

Although Wikipedia doesn’t have much to say about Hanegraaff, it does have an interesting article on Dutch Catholicism.

The Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands (Dutch: rooms-katholiek kerkgenootschap in Nederland (RKK)), is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope, Dutch Conference of Bishops, and curia in Rome.  The Metropolitan Archbishop of Utrecht, currently Willem Jacobus Eijk, is Primate (bishop) of the Netherlands.

Although the number of Catholics in the Netherlands has decreased significantly in recent decades, the Dutch Catholic Church is today the largest religious group in the Netherlands.  Once known as a Protestant country, in 2007 the Netherlands was only 16.8 percent Dutch Protestant (down from 60 percent in the early 20th century; defections primarily due to rising unaffiliation).  There are an estimated 3.992 million Catholics (31 December 2013) in the Netherlands, 23.7 percent of the population[6] down from more than 40 percent in 1970’s.

That would put Hanegraaff’s family in midst of a burgeoning boom for Rome; perhaps eager to be sent on a mission to America or at least providing a very appealing background for Hendrick to be chosen for use after he got here.

Hanegraaff employs a powerful Jesuit tactic when arguing; having memorized vast portions of Scripture, he can throw out copious amounts in debate whether they’re related to the topic or not and the immediate reaction of any Christian is to be humbled by the reference of God’s Word.

For a “Bible Answer Man” Hanegraaff’s secret past is a dark one.  He has been accused of plagiarizing D. James Kennedy’s 1970 book Evangelism Explosion for his 1987 book Personal Witness Training, and Kennedy was a close friend.

CRI is based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California and there are some interesting articles about Hanegraaff in the Los Angeles Times.

For instance, Hanegraaff took over the Bible Answer Man from Dr. Walter Martin but after Walter’s death, the Martin family began to show public displeasure with Hanegraaff’s decisions—

Relatives of the late Walter Martin, founder of the Christian Research Institute, based in Rancho Santa Margarita, contend that Hank Hanegraaff has departed from the organization’s mission of debunking unusual religious claims.  And they are demanding his resignation.

Hanegraaff, 50, was the handpicked successor to Martin, who retired in 1979.  But in recent years, the Martin family has been troubled by Hanegraaff’s leadership.

After a public rift with Hanegraaff in 1996, Darlene Martin, the widow of Walter Martin, resigned from the institute’s board. Last October, the family sent Hanegraaff a letter detailing objections to his leadership. ~ Elaine Gale, LA Times, 15 April 2000

Do you get the feeling that Hank is a bit of an interloper?  Perhaps “insurgent” is a better word.

Doctor Martin’s wife, Darlene confirmed this in a chilling letter to the editor.

After reading your article “Casting Stones” (April 15), I am writing to clarify several issues.

First, my husband, Walter Martin, never “handpicked” anyone to succeed him at Christian Research Institute and “The Bible Answer Man” radio program.

This claim was handed to me by someone I thought I could trust as I approached the lectern at my husband’s memorial service.

I read it for the first time—aloud—while standing in front of 1,500 people.  It took me completely by surprise and put me in a very awkward position.  I wish to take this opportunity now to apologize for allowing this statement to stand for so many years.

At the time of my husband’s death, I believed Hank Hanegraaff was a man God could mold into a strong Christian leader, one who could play a positive role in leading CRI.  I supported him loyally for six years before I came to see he was not the man I believed him to be.

Secondly, one of our family’s main objections to Hanegraaff’s continued leadership is his mistreatment of fellow Christians.  He has left a trail of wounded people behind him since the takeover of CRI in 1989.  The testimonies against him include those who are his “right-hand” people, people who worked closely with him.

Hanegraaff has called repeatedly for accountability in other Christian leaders and should be held accountable himself.

DARLENE MARTIN, San Juan Capistrano

Hanegraaff Wasn’t “Handpicked”, LA Times, 30 April 2000

Hendrick Hanegraaff wasn’t acting like a very good Christian but he sure does act like an excellent Jesuit.


Since the suppression of the Templars (the first usury bankers, founders of modern banking) in 1307, the Papists have learned to never allow their own faces/names to be placed upon their machinations—especially their criminal financial exercises.  Instead they hide behind scapegoats and their number one favorite targets are the Jews.

Sadly, they’ve always found Jews interested only in self-aggrandizement, willing to be enriched and targeted in the process, or even malignant Jews who knowingly give their own race a bad name because they are true Luciferians.

The Bank of Italy was launched by Amadeo Peter Giannini in California.  After it’s shocking success, Americans began to get angry with both Rome and Italian immigrants.

The name was changed to “Bank of America” (just like the Jesuit magazine is “America magazine”).  Giannini used his money to found 20th Century Fox but put two Jews up front: Darryl Zanuck and Joseph Schenck.  Zanuck and Schenck immediately produced a movie about the Rothschild banking dynasty called The House of Rothschild which was so effective in stirring hatred against Jews it was used in Nazi propaganda.  Were Zanuck and Schenck really that self-loathing or were they merely Jewish faces behind a Papal plot?


In his 2002 book Swarms of Locusts (pp. 116-119), Michael Bunker has a lengthy section on Hank.

Hundreds of thousands of “Christians” listen to Hank Hanegraaff, specifically because he claims to have the answers when it comes to Christian doctrine. …

In CRI’s statement entitled “What Think Ye of Rome? (part 2)” on Catholicism, CRI states that Roman Catholicism only “compromises” the biblical doctrines of justification, the sufficiency of Christ’s atonement, the authority of the Bible, and total depravity!  CRI accuses the other cults of DENYING these doctrines, but allow that the Catholics only “compromise” them. How can that be?  How can TOTAL DEPRAVITY be “compromised” but not denied?  Does CRI have a problem understanding the word TOTAL or the word DEPRAVITY?  How can the doctrines of justification and the sufficiency of Christ’s atonement on the Cross by “compromised” without denying them?

CRI states that:

“…no matter how theologically deviant Catholicism might be ‑ even if in some respects apostate ‑ it certainly does possess a structural or foundational orthodoxy, reflected in its adherence to the ancient ecumenical creeds …” (ibid, CRI)

In a fundraising letter dated 6/7/95, Hanegraaff stated that any obstacles between Protestants and Catholics should not stand in the way of cooperation in areas where we share mutual interests and concerns.  Sounds like Chuck Colson’s, “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” to me.

Hanegraaff is also a self-proclaimed Charismatic.  He was ordained by Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel:

“Despite Hanegraaff’s 1993 anti-charismatic book, Christianity in Crisis, CRI is not to be trusted when dealing with the charismatics either.  In an interview printed in the 5/93 Charisma magazine, Hanegraaff admitted that he himself is a charismatic and that more than half of the CRI staff are charismatics as well!  He said, ‘Spiritual gifts are not an issue at CRI.  We have never made a single anti-charismatic statement on our show.’” (Biblical Discernment Ministries, article on Hank Hanegraaff, revised 3/98) …

It is easy enough to trace the Jesuitical fingerprint back from Hank Hanegraaff to Ignatius of Loyola himself.  Hanegraaff is the product of Calvary Chapel, which is the product of the Neo-Pentacostal/Charismatic movement, which is the product of the Pentacostal movement, which is the product of the Ignatian/Arminians John Wesley and Charles Finney, who are the product of Jacobus Arminius, who is the product of Luis de Molina, who is the product of Ignatius of Loyola.

Do you wonder why Hanegraaff vociferously denies that the Catholic Church is HARLOT of Romans 17, and that Rome is the city that sits on “seven mountains”?

“Rome has not changed its heretical character…  If Hank Hanegraaff wants to look upon Rome with some favor and refuse to look upon it as the great anti-christian religious harlot that it is, that is his prerogative, but he is deceiving his listeners when he claims that old-fashioned Protestant and Baptist views on this matter are ‘extremist’ or unscholarly.” (David W. Cloud, 2000, Identifying the Whore)

Can you see why the last days Great Deception is considered GREAT?  When the armies of Jesuitical evangelism swarm the globe, they have a veritable buffet of “Catholic-Light” theology to offer.  Whether a new “convert” chooses a more austere, formalistic institution to attend, or a more emotional Charismatic church to frequent ‑ he will be thoroughly indoctrinated in Arminian theology in short order.

When it comes to the official CRI position on the Catholic Church, Michael Bunker isn’t exaggerating; it’s downright cozy


While Protestants continue to disagree over the issue, CRI firmly maintains that Roman Catholicism is a religious system which includes both orthodox biblical Christianity and elements of unbiblical or “cultic” doctrine and practice.  In other words, we recognize that Roman Catholicism historically has affirmed the essential teachings of the Bible, while also teaching doctrines which are inconsistent with that affirmation and which seriously compromise the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We acknowledge in Roman Catholicism the presence of many genuine brothers and sisters in the Lord, while also recognizing that many of those within Roman Catholicism worldwide appear to be lost.

“Is Roman Catholicism a Cult” is not the most important or the easiest issue to prove (which is why it’s the one CRI addressed).  But even when cornered by callers to his radio show on Catholic doctrine that is questionable, he attacks their sources and dodges the issue.  I used a short clip on my show Resistance Rising and it’s quite clear who Hank works for.

CRI is fully aware of powerful accusations that they serve Rome; the issue is avoided with the usual Christian-speak that’s as soothing as the stare of Kaa the snake from Jungle Book.


We take this stand fully aware that many are going to criticize us for it. In fact, Catholics will take issue with us because we are critical of many of their teachings.  Protestants label us because we don’t strongly criticize Roman Catholicism.  In fact, there have been some Protestants that have even accused CRI of being Jesuit-controlled!  Well, our concern, is not to please men, but to speak the truth in love.  Obviously we are not in any way controlled by the Roman Catholic church…




For the “Bible Answer Man”, Hanegraaff isn’t too keen on obeying Biblical restrictions on lawsuits—

Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unrighteous, and not before the saints?  Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?  Do you not know that we shall judge angels?  How much more, things that pertain to this life?

If then you have judgments concerning things pertaining to this life, do you appoint those who are least esteemed by the church to judge?  I say this to your shame.

Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you, not even one, who will be able to judge between his brethren?  But brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers!

Now therefore, it is already an utter failure for you that you go to law against one another.  Why do you not rather accept wrong?  Why do you not rather let yourselves be cheated?  No, you yourselves do wrong and cheat, and you do these things to your brethren!

~ I Corinthians 6:1-8, New King James Version

A best-selling Christian author and radio evangelist known as the “Bible Answer Man” has filed a defamation lawsuit against a longtime critic who had accused him of being under investigation for mail fraud.

Controversy surrounding Hank Hanegraaff’s Rancho Santa Margarita-based Christian Research Institute arose earlier this year after he sent out an urgent fundraising letter, saying that a “bizarre error” by postal workers caused donations to be thrown away.

Critic and former Christian Research Institute employee Bill Alnor, a journalism professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, posted a story on his online magazine, the Christian Sentinel, saying that Hanegraaff was the focus of a federal mail-fraud investigation.

According to Hanegraaff, that was never true. Citing Alnor’s “escalating personal attacks,” he filed suit this week in Orange County Superior Court because, he said, Alnor’s allegations have “crossed the line.”  He is seeking unspecified damages. ~ Evangelist Sues Critic Over Charge, Kimi Yoshino, LA Times, 2 April 2005

It’s not the first time someone has accused Hank Hanegraaff of illicit or illegal behavior.  In fact, previous accusations rather shockingly include criminal behavior worthy of a full law enforcement investigation—

Christian Research Institute’s Hank Hanegraaff had been accused of financial fraud and other criminal activities.  A lawsuit was filed (“wrongful termination suit”) on March 7, 1994, in Orange County Superior Court, California.  The suit alleged that Hendrik (Hank) Hanegraaff, president of CRI, was guilty of numerous ethical lapses, financial theft, tax fraud, and a shocking list of other criminal activities and deceptive practices.  The plaintiffs also charged CRI and its president and officers with violation of the federal racketeering act, defined as a criminal conspiracy or a “combination.” ~ Brad Sparks, Biblical Discernment Ministries, 22 April 1996

Amazingly, Hanegraaff was only investigated by a religious insider group and not the FBI.

After complaints from former employees, a Southern California evangelist who calls himself a theological watchdog for Christians worldwide has been chastised for his ministry’s financial practices.

Officials with the national Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability conducted an audit that has resulted in what they called a “significant reimbursement” in June to the Christian Research Institute, a ministry run by Christian author and radio personality Hank Hanegraaff.

Neither the council nor Hanegraaff, known on the radio as the “Bible Answer Man,” would say how much money was paid back to the institute or by whom. Council officials said the ministry cooperated fully with the audit.

But a group of former employees called the audit a whitewash and made its complaints public by taking the story to the magazine Christianity Today. ~ Audit’s Lesson Was “Painful” for Evangelist, William Lobdell, LA Times, 17 August 2003

After this clean bill of health, perhaps we can call Hanegraaff the Teflon Don of Christian media!

Some accusations against Hanegraaff never make it to the forefront thanks to Christians who do try to live by what Scripture says about such things but that never stopped Hank from attacking them anyway…even when they mentored him like the late Dr. D. James Kennedy—

Hank Hanegraaff is president of the Christian Research Institute, an organization located in southern California that specializes in reviewing the major doctrines of various “cults” that profess an identity with “Christianity.”  Hanegraaff is the host of a radio program, called The Bible Answer Man.  The program is broadcast daily throughout the United States and Canada.

Currently, however, the “Answer Man” is under pressure for some “answers” relative to his own ethics.  And this is not the first time the gentleman has been in legal trouble.  See: “CRI – Hank Hanegraaff Lawsuit”.

Dr. James Kennedy is “Pastor” for the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kennedy is widely known for his own radio and television ministry, during which he enunciates strong positions relative to certain moral and social issues.  For example, he vigorously opposes abortion, and he courageously exposes the fallacies of the theory of evolution.

For some years Kennedy and Hanegraaff were associates and close friends.  It seems that Kennedy was significantly responsible for training the “Answer Man” for the position the latter now holds with the Research Institute.  Currently, though, the two are at serious odds.

Recently, Hanegraaff, via his radio broadcast, rebuked Kennedy for some statements the minister had made relative to “astrology.”  On the other hand, Dr. Kennedy is charging that Hanegraaff has flagrantly plagiarized his writings.  Supposedly, the offense is so serious that a lawsuit would be a viable recourse were it not for Kennedy’s scruples against such a drastic action. ~ Hank Hanegraaff and the “Christian Research Institute”, Wayne Jackson, the Christian Courier

And, despite being a lightning-rod for controversy (or perhaps because of it) Hanegraaff sure seems to have some high-powered friends.


Since the beginning of Christianity, Believers have understood Rome to be the 4th and Final Beast of Daniel, the Dragon of Revelation.  As I noted in my book, this was something the Pope’s Special Forces—the Jesuits—worked overtime to fix:

With Rome so clearly depicted as the 4th and final Beast of both Daniel and Revelation, Jesuits needed to disconnect Christians from that interpretation and they used Preterism and Futurism to do it.

Preterism is the idea that most of prophecy has already taken place.  It was concocted by a Jesuit. …

Preterism wasn’t accepted by large groups of Protestants and an alternative interpretation of the End Times was put forth.

Futurism is more appealing in that it acknowledges that much of prophecy is yet future but it distracts from the 4th Beast and paints the anti-Christ as a man who suddenly appears just before the Tribulation and who stands alone, apart from any organization or system.

It, too, was fabricated by a Jesuit. ~ Illuminati Unmasked, pp. 185, 186

If that weren’t enough, the Jesuits contrived a Pre-Tribulation Rapture to insure any Christian who had second thoughts would rest assured that they would be beamed out before any trouble started.

Sadly, Scripture proves that is not the case.

Every single mainstream sect of “Protestant” Christianity teaches these Jesuit doctrines as if they’ve always existed with the exception of some stalwart Seventh Day Adventists.  A little digging shows that Jesuit-influenced Protestant preachers re-wrote 1800 years of eschatology, erasing Rome from our understanding.

One of the reasons they walk in lockstep is the culture created by wealthy fiction writers like Tim LaHaye.  His Futurist/Dispensationalist Rapture series “Left Behind” is so big it now has talent like Nicolas Cage starring in the latest batch of movies.

Can you remember the last time you saw a movie depicting the Vatican as secretly ruling the entire world through the banks, militaries and intelligence agencies?  How about a movie that showed any controversy regarding Rome?

Well we already know why; just ask Daryl Zanuck.

But the Jesuits never leave good people without a false outlet.  In fact, channeling anger and frustration is what they count on; part of the Hegelian Dialectic of thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

And they take great pleasure in using the good names and resources of their enemies to do it.  Let’s return to Jean Joseph Amiot again—I’m sorry…I mean “Sun Tzu”:

II Waging War

… a wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy.  One cartload of the enemy’s provisions is equivalent to twenty of one’s own, and likewise a single picul of his provender is equivalent to twenty from one’s own store.

One of the great Protestant martyrs was an Englishman named William Tyndale.  Tyndale bravely spoke out against Papal injustices and the crowning glory of his efforts were the breaking of the restrictions of the Council of Trent (which forbade the printing of Scripture unless expressly approved by a Vatican official) and the printing of Bibles in English.  For that, Tyndale was condemned to be burned at the stake.  In an unusual show of “mercy”, he was strangled first.  Foxe’s Book of Martyrs has volumes on Protestants who didn’t receive the same “mercy”.

Who is it that publishes Tim LaHaye’s Jesuit Chloroform?  “Tyndale House”.

Sensing a glaring monotony in their Futurist fare, “Tyndale” brought in a “true Protestant” to offer Christians a different point of view.  Opposite LaHaye’s Pre-Tribulation Jesuit Futurism, Tyndale published Jesuit Preterist fiction written by our very own Hank Hanegraaff.

Although LaHaye is making hay about his “betrayal”, he still receives the lion’s share of attention…and money.

Tim LaHaye, coauthor (with Jerry Jenkins) of the Left Behind series, is publicly airing his displeasure with his publisher.  Tyndale House is selling The Last Disciple, a novel with a distinctly different take on the Book of Revelation than that of the Left Behind series.  LaHaye says he feels betrayed and told The Dallas Morning News, “They are going to take the money we made for them and promote this nonsense.”

The Last Disciple was coauthored by Hank Hanegraaff and Sigmund Brouwer, and teaches that most prophecies in Revelation have already been fulfilled.  The Left Behind series, however, is grounded in a premillennial, dispensationalist view of the end times, which includes a pre-Tribulation Rapture.  “I guess you would say I am disappointed, perplexed, and confused,” LaHaye told Christianity Today.

Ron Beers, Tyndale’s senior vice president and publisher, said his company wants to promote healthy dialogue on eschatology.  Beers said, “We haven’t come up with a consensus on end-times issues.”

LaHaye is continuing the Left Behind series with Tyndale, having agreed with Jenkins to produce three more books. LaHaye also signed a lucrative deal with Bantam Dell, a division of Random House, to write a four-book biblical adventure series, with Babylon Rising being the first installment.  LaHaye said press reports that the deal was worth $45 million were exaggerated.  “It is less than 60 percent of that amount,” LaHaye told CT. ~ LaHaye’s Tribulation, Jim Jones, Christianity Today, 20 January 2005

Don’t worry, LaHaye’s Babylon Rising series steers well clear of connecting the dots between Rome and the first rebellion empire of Babylon…but that’s why you have me.


Perhaps the most disturbing of all are the rotten fruits of Hanegraaff’s work: Protestants doing the exact opposite of what Christ told them.

And I heard another voice from Heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. ~ Revelation 18:4

I have been a Catholic now for 4 years.  I was raised in the Nazarene Church.  I wouldn’t say our family was overtly anti-Catholic but I always heard comparisons between our Church and the Catholic Church and how Catholics were wrong…

My long discovery started when I met my future wife in college.  Before I married her I went to church with her and quickly realized that Catholics did not worship Mary.  While their service (the mass) was alien, I didn’t feel that uncomfortable going to church with her.  In college, I had already moved away from the fundamentalist Nazarene faith and adopted more of a generic “mere” Christianity approach to faith (i.e. CS Lewis).  Regardless, when I got married, I told her I would never become Catholic and my wife told me she would never become Protestant.  We just agreed to disagree. (My wife proved to me that practicing Catholics were indeed Christians. Prior to meeting her most Catholics I knew didn’t really live their faith.)  We considered each other to be Christians and that was good enough.  I agreed to get married in the Catholic Church. After we were married we went to the Catholic Church most of the time.  In fact, I went with my wife for 22 years and never had any motivation to become Catholic. …

When my daughter received her first communion in 1999, I started to think about investigating the church.  Protestants cannot receive communion and thought it would be good to receive communion as a family.  Unfortunately my schedule made it impossible to research the church at that time.  Later I heard Protestant Hank Hanegraaff (The Bible Answer Man) on the radio say that the Catholic Church was a true church but a church with “issues”.  I decided that I would investigate what the Church taught and if the Church was a “true church” I would consider joining… ~ 12 Reasons I Joined the Catholic Church, Tim Cooper, Triumph of Truth, 29 July 2007

For a “Protestant” “Bible Answer Man”, Hank Hanegraaff sure is doing great work for the Beast that crucified Christ and burned alive tens of thousands of His devoted Believers.

UPDATE 31 May 2016, 10:11 AM, EST:

Catholic Crystal Cathedral: the Papal Insurgency of Robert Schuller

UPDATE 12 April 2017, 10:13 AM, EST:

Hanegraaff has made it official.

Three days ago (9 April, 2017) on “Palm Sunday”, Hanegraaff publicly submitted himself to the pagan rite of “Chrismation” at Saint Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“What astounding news,” said Rod Dreher, an Orthodox Christian and author of the New York Times best-selling book The Benedict Option, in an interview with The Christian Post Monday.

“Many evangelicals seek the early church; well here it is, in Orthodoxy,” he continued.

“I am sure some will be scandalized by Hannegraaf’s [sic] conversion but I hope at least some will wonder how someone as knowledgeable about the Bible as Hank could convert to Orthodoxy, and go to a Divine Liturgy to taste and see what it’s like.” ~ The Christian Post

Actually, it’s just the opposite: Hanegraaff was chosen from the beginning as an agent of disinformation who could twist and abuse Scripture to serve the Great Whore drunk on the blood of the Saints—but Dreher (and the “Christian Post”) would certain know about such agendas.  Dreher’s just-published book is a siren’s call for right-minded Christians to believe they are served by joining themselves to the very entity who tortured them horrendously not 500 years ago.

Johnny’s soon-to-be-released book will show you how these outrages never ended, they just went underground.



  • Lisa says:

    Fantastic work Johnny!! You’ve done a great job researching Hank. Even though there isn’t a concrete piece of evidence tying him to Rome, what you’ve found and how you have connected it all is more than proof enough. Your closing statement is very powerful.

  • Camille Campo says:

    This is an excellent article. You provide so much information, and I really appreciate your style of writing. I am new to all of this, so it is a bit overwhelming for me. Now that I am “awake” it is hard to know who is for real and speaks the truth. Thank you – your work is much appreciated!

  • Sandra Young says:

    Very good article, well researched. However, I have listened to Chuck Missler. I believe him to be sincere, but wrong. I do not think he is intentionally misleading us. Interesting about LaHaye though. Apparently Missler and LaHaye came up with the rapture theory together from what I have understood Missler to say. I personally have become Messianic, which I believe is the true way.

    • Thanks Sandra. I guess I’m just too cynical not to believe Missler has betrayed me and everyone he has influenced. I can’t see him so immersed in the military/industrial complex, so passionate about ALL Jesuit doctrines right on down to his frequent mention of “plane geometry” vs. “curvature of the Earth”, to all of the Jesuit-sponsored guests he’s given his little medals to, to not believe him to be a willing instrument of disinformation.

      Not sure what “Messianic” is but if you’re here and understand Rome to be the 4th and Final Beast you’re ahead of the curve…(sorry). ~ Johnny

  • Robin Johnson says:

    This is more confirmation that my discernment from YHWH works just fine. Everyone of the people mentioned just did not set well with my gut. I am from Southern California and am very familiar with Chuck Smith and his false doctrines. They are subtle and all that is required is that 1 degree of separation. Tim Lahaye’s books have led many astray. It seems the more a pastor is idolized, the worse he/she is. People don’t seem to realize that satan has an anointing, as well. I’m now hooked on your articles…No fawning, I just appreciate good teaching!

  • Beth says:

    Good article. Hank first came on my radar while researching Witness Lee’s “Local Church” cult. Walter Martin identified the Local Church as a cult (started in China and moved to Anaheim, CA); H.H later said they were devout Christians. Their errors and heavy-handed control of their followers are are too much to write about; research it online. The late Witness Lee despised the papacy and “harlot Roman systme”, yet he exerted just as much control and claim to infallibility as any pope. They target young adults in college campuses.

  • Irv Spielberg says:

    Re Sandra Young’s comment that “Missler and LaHaye came up with the rapture theory together…,” journalist Dave MacPherson’s authoritative nonfiction book “The Rapture Plot” is the most accurate, detailed, documented, and highly endorsed work on the long-covered-up-but-now-revealed beginnings of the famous pretribulation rapture doctrine still held by vast numbers of deceived prophecy fans.(“Plot” is available by calling 800.643.4645.) The real originator of the pretrib fly-away fantasy was a young woman in Scotland in 1830. Google “Scholars Weigh My Research” for analyses of “Plot” by leading scholars, also Google “F. Nigel Lee on Dave MacPherson”; Lee is Australian and has nine earned doctorates! For a different and devastating look at evangelical leadership, Google “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty.”

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