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I really don’t like “social networking”.  As you can tell, I don’t even like calling specific networks by name—although the top two (“Facebook” and “Twitter”) are so powerful they are virtually synonymous with the phrase.

If the world was controlled by a malignant, Luciferian cabal (and it is) intent on keeping track of and blackmailing as many human beings as possible—especially dangerous, awake ones—“social networking” would be an intelligence-gathering apparatus unparalleled in human history.

And it is.

If there’s one thing people want, it’s for other people to pay attention to them; “to be loved”.

Prior to social networking, intelligence-gathering was an extremely laborious and intensive undertaking requiring armies of skilled operatives and assets tailing and trialing their quarry—and there were never enough even to gather on “really important” people.

Today, all it takes are unskilled computer operators (or very skilled computer programs) to simply sit back and record all of the personal information people willingly give up themselves on “social networking”.

One Twitter user boldly proclaimed—

And he did (and then he disappeared…hope he’s alright).

drew on twitter

At best, the company you work for can mine your personal networking account and posts and, if it finds something there it doesn’t like, you will pay the consequences.

There are even companies who go so far as demand the ability to log in to your personal networking account!

It gets more dangerous from there.

There are so many pictures of you guys floating around the internet, thanks to “Facebook selfies” that one expert boldly proclaimed to his audience, “I can find you anywhere”.

Professor Alessandro Acquisti of Carnegie Mellon, who researches how technology impacts privacy, stunned [Leslie] Stahl [of CBS] with an experiment.  He photographed random students on the campus and in short order, not only identified several of them, but in a number of cases found their personal information, including social security numbers, just using a facial recognition program he downloaded for free.  Acquisti says smart-phones will make “facial searches” as common as Google searches in the future.  And nearly everybody can be subject to such prying, even those who are careful about their Internet use.

“One of the participants, before doing the experiment, told us, ‘You’re not going to find me because I’m very careful about my photos online.’  And we found him,” says Acquisti, “Because someone else had uploaded a photo of him.” ~ “Big Brother” Is Big Business? CBS News


Oh, and let me remind you that Shriner Freemason Franklin Roosevelt promised Americans that their Social Security numbers would never be used to identify them.

For many years, Social Security cards carried an admonition that they were to be used “for Social Security and tax purposes—not for identification.”

That assurance rings hollow today.  Congress has authorized so many uses of the nine-digit number, and Americans use it for so many unauthorized purposes, that it has just about become a national identifier.

For the Clinton Administration, which is considering assigning all Americans a health-care identification number, the slow, steady march of the Social Security number from secrecy to all-purpose identifier may be a cautionary tale. ~ The Nation; Not for Identification Purposes (Just Kidding), Robert Pear, The New York Times, July 26, 1998

Now even grocery store bonus shopper programs ask you for your SSN…oh, and they’re used to track how you feed your family and whether or not you’re “prepping” against government orders.

Of course, the big sharks on social networking are government agencies.  But those agencies have graduated from simply digging for dirt on you, they now actively participate in networking dialogue to take hot news items that have been leaked to you outside of “mainstream” sources and discredit them.

Perhaps one of the most shocking and under-reported revelations came from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden via his Pulitzer Prize-winning lawyer/journalist outlet, Glenn Greenwald.

Apparently, the “signals intelligence” branch of the British government—Government Communications Headquarters, or “GCHQ”—has been using its “Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group” (JTRIG) to destroy truth-seekers.  Its methods include sexual seduction (which I’ve proven includes children, both boys and girls), denial of service attacks, impersonating and/or co-opting truth-seekers and planting government operatives (“trolls”) in key discussions throughout the internet.

One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents. …

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums. ~ Greenwald, The Intercept


As a result of all this, I don’t stay on “Facebook” very long.

I stay on it even less when I see how infuriatingly easy it is to manipulate Western and American “Conservatives”.

The injustices we all suffer today should have us in the streets with torches and pitch forks—from mass, warrantless surveillance, to a militarized police force aimed at us, to endless wars that eat our children up and spit them out minus arms, legs and marriages (yet leave us even less “secure”), to confiscatory taxes that don’t even come close to staving off a debt that is guaranteed to fiscally collapse the nation.  We won’t even bring in the “conspiracy” efforts to poison us by the very air that we breath and water we drink; from the cancer industry to the prison-industrial complex—we have less freedom today than ever.

But give a “Conservative” a good meme on Facebook and they think they’ve taken America back overnight!

Darrell Issa: FBI Director Wants ‘to Indict Both Huma and Hillary’ Over Email Scandal!

“Lindsey Graham Destroyed Eric Holder!”

Trey Gowdy Probe Claims ‘Big Wins’ In Getting Benghazi Info

Each one of them (and the rags that put them out for exactly this purpose) is hilarious.  They don’t have a hen’s tooth of substance to ‘a one of them.

A better headline would read, Eric Holder Blissfully Retires on $11,500,000.00 After Scandals That Would Make Benedict Arnold Look Like George Patton!

It reminds me of a similar ridiculous assertion; that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was going to lose her position because she claimed she wasn’t read in on CIA torture when she was.  Sean Hannity from “Fox News” lead the way on this smokescreen.

That’s Irish Catholic Sean Hannity working for Knight of Malta, Order of St. Gregory, “I Like ‘Em Blonde” Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, claiming that Jesuit-trained Italian Catholic Nancy Pelosi was going down over Catholic/Jesuit-dominated CIA Inquisition-style torture.  As shocking as this may sound…it never happened.

the blondes of fox news

Another powerful trick is misdirection; build up the threat that doesn’t exist while masking the threat at the front door.

I just saw a great example of this on Facebook today—

Paul Ryan Tells Sean Hannity He Will Not Support Any Cuts To Muslim Immigration: ‘That’s Not Who We Are’—

Wow.  Where to begin?!

It’s always good to start a psychological operation (“PSYOP”) with a false assumption or four.

For instance: muslims are the source of America’s greatest threats.

At the very least, there is information from a very respectable source (ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera) which says Islam as a religion was created by Rome to win her back the Holy Land.

But the easily-verifiable path leads to a collaboration between Rome and Western Intelligence with such stand-out examples as Polish Catholic National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski working with CIA asset “Tim Osman” to create “al Qaeda”.  You probably know Tim better as “Osama bin Laden”.

When the fizz from al Qaeda began to go flat, creating “ISIS” was easy.

Not to be outdone by the CIA, British Intelligence continues to contribute their fair share to the jihadi scare (great work by my friend Jon Ryman).

When running out of actual terrorist events, the CIA began fabricating beheadings (and some of them weren’t even very good).  They got a lot of help from their friends in “Jesuit theater” like Jesuit-trained journalist James Foley, who volunteered to get beheaded.  It actually just stung a little.

The latest ridiculous rub is Fox News perennial clown favorite, “The Donald” (both he and his spawn are Jesuit-trained), exploiting the deluge of illegal immigrants to switch focus from the tens—perhaps hundreds—of millions of low-income, Hispanic Catholic illegal aliens and focus on the dreaded muslim hoards.

Proving how equally-ridiculous and depraved the United Kingdom is (where there are more CCTV cameras per capita than anywhere else in the world), the rainbow mayor of Londonistan—Sadiq Khan (no relation to Genghis…we think)—got into the clown act.

The reality is that Rome has filled every key position in America—from the Teleprompter-in-Chief to your local police chief—with her agents to insure that the waves of Catholic Hispanic illegals never cease.

When you get tired of being played, perhaps you’ll start looking around for some pitch forks.

I’ve already stocked up on torches.

an activated populace


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