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Thanks to my show, Resistance Rising, I have listeners who take an active role in sending me information based upon the TTPs (“Tactics, Techniques and Procedures”) I espouse for outing pawns and puppets of the JWO, the “Jesuit World Order”.

I call it “crowd-sourcing intelligence” and I liken these operatives of mine to Flying Monkeys that have been turned into detectives.  As Scotland Yard has its Flying Squad, I have Johnny Cirucci’s Flying Monkey Squad.

I give my Flying Monkey Constables signs to look for in order to detect how prominent people may be used by the 4th and Final Beast: Rome.

19th century bobby* Are they professing or devout Roman Catholics?
* Were they raised Catholic (regardless if they are currently practicing)?
* Do they have close relatives who are Catholic or Catholic clergy?
* Did they receive a Catholic education?
* Did they receive a Jesuit education?
* Are they a member of a Catholic secret society; Knight of Malta, Knight of the Equestrian Order, Knight of Columbus, Opus Dei, etc.?
* Are they a member of any secret society or civic order (nearly all of which are secretly controlled by Rome but not directly connected for plausible deniability); Skull and Bones, Rotary Club, Freemason, etc.?  Although some clubs are seemingly harmless, apparently philanthropic or have the appearance of operating in the open, all organizations of this nature are used to give preferential treatment to insiders and, being an “insider” means having knowledge the Elite have decided can not be shared with the general public.

One of my top tasks in elucidating this point is to review movies and point out that it’s not the Jews who control Hollywood, it’s the Jesuits who are hiding behind puppet Jews they’ve emplaced for just that purpose (because that’s how malignant cowards operate).

The number of movies that propagate Papist propaganda are as preposterous as the personalities that secretly pander to the Pope.

willis element knight of malta

Russell Crowe’s Catholic Cred

On my show, I have reviewed several movies that have a surprising connection to Rome.

Some of them aren’t even so “surprising”, such as the 2014 movie Deliver Us From Evil which promoted a hip Jesuit priest who smoked and drank alcohol, partnering with a non-practicing Catholic cop to take down a supernatural demon-possessed killer.  Deliver Us From Evil is “loosely based” on “true events” and stars Eric Bana, the star of another film “based on real events”, the Steven Spielberg movie Munich.

As a quick aside, I’m sure it was just a coincidence that the very first terrorist the Mossad goes after in retaliation for the Munich murders was based in Rome and spoke fluent Italian.

Interestingly, there is controversy over Spielberg’s attempt to create dialogue over state-sponsored assassination in the “Global War on Terror”.  The premier Jewish director has quite accurately noted that many of the actions of Western governments in prosecuting the “Global War on Terror” actually produce more terrorists then they “take out”.  What Spielberg either doesn’t say out of ignorance or doesn’t admit because he’s an insider is that is precisely the goal of the traitors who run the GWoT in the West for Rome and her financiers.

As a result of several excellent reports from more than one Flying Monkey Constable, I am forced to take up pen and paper—ah…keyboard—and convey their findings to you.

The first is a personality (not a movie) and a tough one to trace back to Rome; Russell Crowe.

Crowe doesn’t have any of the direct links to the Vatican that one usually finds in a quick, cursory search, which is why the work of Flying Monkey Constable Felipe is so good (if I haven’t done it before, I’m doing it now, Felipe—you are hereby promoted to Flying Monkey Sergeant, skipping the rank of Corporal, as your work is that good).

At the Christianity Today archives, under the headline Southern Baptists Break Ties With Roman Catholic Church, runs the sub-heading, Russell Crowe was a Seventh-Day Adventist minister before he was a gladiator.

Given that Rome now rules the world from behind the scenes, and that the only remaining Protestant sect that vehemently opposes her are the Seventh Day Adventists, this is an astounding thing to read (especially just a few months before 9/11)…except that it’s pure deception.

“Christianity Today” is Billy Graham’s flagship “Protestant” publication—

Christianity Today magazine is an evangelical Christian periodical that was founded in 1956 and is based in Carol Stream, Illinois.  The Washington Post calls Christianity Today, “evangelicalism’s flagship magazine.”[2]

Christianity Today magazine has a print circulation of approximately 118,000, of which approximately 36,000 is free, and readership of 260,000,[1] as well as a website at[3]  The founder, Billy Graham, stated that he wanted to “plant the evangelical flag in the middle-of-the-road, taking the conservative theological position but a definite liberal approach to social problems”.[4]  Graham started the magazine as counterpoint to The Christian Century, the predominant independent periodical of mainline Protestantism, and as a way to bring the evangelical Christian community together.[4][5] ~ Wikipedia

Sadly, Billy is not all he seems to be.

In his book The Deadly Deception, Jim Shaw recounts the Luciferian ceremony that made him a 33° Freemason.  On page 103, Shaw recounts becoming a “Grand Inspector General” which sounds an awful lot like the supreme commander of the Company of Loyola—the “Superior General”.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence…along with each candidate wearing a black robe and black trousers.

Then came the ceremony.

jesuit cassocksWINE IN A HUMAN SKULL

When it was time for the final obligation we all stood and repeated the oath with the representative candidate, administered by the Sovereign Grand Inspector General. We then swore true allegiance to the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree, above all other allegiances, and swore never to recognize any other brother as being a member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry unless he also recognizes the supreme authority of “this Supreme Council.”

One of the Conductors then handed the “candidate” a human skull, upside down, with wine in it.

With all of us candidates repeating after him, he sealed the oath, “May this wine I now drink become a deadly poison to me, as the Hemlock juice drunk by Socrates, should I ever knowingly or willfully violate the same” (the oath).

He then drank the wine.  A skeleton (one of the brothers dressed like one — he looked very convincing) then stepped out of the shadows and threw his arms around the “candidate.”  Then he (and we) continued the sealing of the obligation by saying, “And may these cold arms forever encircle me should I ever knowingly or willfully violate the same.”

The Sovereign Grand Commander closed the meeting of the Supreme Council “with the Mystic Number,” striking with his sword five, three, one and then two times.  After the closing prayer, we all said “amen, amen, amen,” and it was over.


There were some extremely prominent men there that day, including a Scandinavian King, two former presidents of the United States, an internationally prominent evangelist, two other internationally prominent clergymen, and a very high official of the federal government, the one who actually presented me with the certificate of the 33rd Degree.  Some made only brief appearances; others stayed much longer.  However, they didn’t do much mixing or socializing with us, except for those whom they already knew.  Even though these celebrities weren’t extremely “brotherly,” it was still quite an experience for me just to be associated with them.  It was easily the largest gathering of such prominent and influential men of which I have ever been a part.

The third day there was a banquet to celebrate our becoming “Grand Inspectors General, 33rd Degree.”  The banquet was a little anticlimactic, at least for me, and I was anxious to get it over with so I could return home.  It was good to be a 33rd at last.  But it wasn’t as exciting or fulfilling as I had thought it would be during all those years in the Craft.  I guess this was because of the profound changes going on down deep within me.

I returned home as soon as the 33rd Degree award and related social functions were finished, for it was time for my next appointment with the doctor.  After he had examined my eyes he said that they were healing fine, that he felt good about the way they were looking, and as usual he spoke with me about the Lord.  I told him that I planned to come to his church the next Sunday and that I had been reading the Bible.

Obviously pleased, he said, “Good.  Keep studying, and your sight will soon be much better.”  By this time I knew what he meant — he was speaking of my spiritual sight. ~ The Deadly Deception, Jim Shaw, pp. 104-105

It is widely understood by researchers that the “internationally prominent evangelist” was Knighted “Defender of the Realm”, William Franklin “Billy” Graham, Jr.

Graham would go on to whisper into the ear of Ronald Wilson Reagan that, after America cut ties to the Vatican in 1866 for her murder of President Abraham Lincoln (usually a nation run by Patriots would’ve went to war over such a revelation but fortunately for her, Rome had so many insurgents in American government they instituted a military tribunal instead of a civilian court to try the conspirators in a way that minimized Rome’s role), it was time to open them back up again.

After 117 years, America’s “great Patriot” (more government, more illegal aliens, more gun control) Ronald Reagan officially reconnected America to the Dragon of Rome.

Was Russell Crowe a Seventh Day Adventist minister prior to becoming a Hollywood superstar?  —You have to read on (again, from Billy Graham’s Christianity Today):

A little-known fact: one of the earliest works by Russell Crowe, the Australian who won Best Actor in last night’s Academy Awards, was a pastoral recruitment video for the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  In the film, the 18-year-old Crowe played a farm worker who decides to devote his life to the church.  Crowe says he did A Very Special Person only because he needed the acting experience: “I didn’t have anything official showing I had studied this art form.” The film’s director of photography, Russell Gibbs, says the film was influential: “It was shown in colleges and high schools to encourage people to become priests.  He actually spoke to real ministers in researching for the role and admitted he found the whole thing very interesting.”  Weblog is sure there’s a joke about Christians and gladiators in here somewhere, but he’s past deadline …

So the reality is that Crowe was simply holding his nose to get some acting on his resumé—something about as close to being an Adventist minister as staying overnight in a Holiday Inn Express.

This was excerpted from an piece that has since been taken down.  Even so, I am not aware of any “Christians and gladiators” jokes…but I am aware of the unbelievable suffering early Christians had at the hands of the Roman empire, from being wrapped in animals skins and torn apart by abused wild predators to being dipped in pitch and burned alive to light Nero’s gardens.  Hilarious.

It’s quite a shocking bit of disinformation but not a surprise coming from a headline which reads, Southern Baptists Break Ties With Roman Catholic Church.  Given the proclivities of prominent Southern Baptist preachers like Rick Warren, I don’t think these two close friends are in any way at risk of “breaking ties”.

Evangelical [that’s a laugh] Pastor Rick Warren Speaks at Catholics’ World Meeting of Families, The Christian Post

Rick Warren Joins Pope Francis in ‘Common Mission’, Newsmax

He even had an exclusive two-part interview with EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo—

For Rick Warren’s ties to Rome through Robert Schuller, read my column, here.

Putting up shockingly deceptive headlines isn’t a surprise coming from the “Christian” magazine that puts copious effort into bolstering Freemasonic false flags like the Charleston Mother Emanuel AME Church shooting by “Dylann [two n’s] Storm Roof”.

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire!

As I told you in my previous column, when the Jesuit World Order needs an army to spin a web of lies, it uses Freemasonry.

The story goes (and I do mean “story”) that on June 17th, 2015, Dylann Storm Roof entered Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Calhoun Street in Charleston, South Carolina and proceeded to shoot 19 people including Mother Emanuel’s Pastor, Clementa Pinkney.

Pinkney was a Democrat State Senator for Ridgeland and was also (and still is) a Freemason. [hat/tip to the Parables blog which, although accepts too much of this false flag as real, pointed me towards some great leads]

Chapter 1 in the Jesuit playbook of distraction and destruction is to stoke the flames of racial hatred and Charleston’s black Freemasons are the front lines for this effort.  Not to worry, stoking the flames of racial hatred is an equal-opportunity event for Freemasonry that included the white North Charleston cop Michael Slager (scroll through my previous column to the photo of Slager with his pant leg rolled up like when he was initiated into Freemasonry).

Clementa was there when the Freemasons rededicated “sister” African Methodist Episcopal Church; Campbell Chapel in 2004—planting another seed of black hatred, racial divide and Luciferianism.

He was riding high as the pastor of the “oldest African Methodist Episcopal Church in the South” which, thanks to his absence (a permanent vacation in Tahiti sitting next to Antonin Opus Dei Scalia sipping Mai Tai’s) now sports a double surnamed woman as pastor (the Right Reverend Doctor Betty-Deas-Clark)…not that Scripture ever got in the Luciferian’s way.

Clearly, the Dylann Storm Roof shooting was the culmination of a combined effort by National, State and local traitors to take racial hatred and the Roman fascist Police State to the next level—

The 200-year-old church has played an important role in the history of South Carolina, including the slavery era, the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, and the Black Lives Matter movement in the 2010s.[9]  The church was founded in 1816 and it is the oldest African Methodist Episcopal Church in the South, often referred to as “Mother Emanuel”.[10][11]  It is the oldest historically black congregation south of Baltimore.  When one of the church’s co-founders, Denmark Vesey, was suspected of planning a slave rebellion in Charleston in 1822, 35 people, including Vesey, were hanged and the church was burned down.[12][13]  Charleston citizens accepted the claim that a slave rebellion was to begin at the stroke of midnight on June 16, 1822, and to erupt the following day; the shooting in 2015 occurred on the 193rd anniversary of the thwarted uprising.[14]  The rebuilt church was formally shuttered with other all-black congregations by the city in 1834, meeting in secret until 1865 when it was formally reorganized, acquired the name Emanuel (“God with us”),[15] and rebuilt upon a design by Denmark Vesey’s son.[14]  That structure was badly damaged in the 1886 Charleston earthquake.[16][17]  The current building dates from 1891.[14][15]

The church’s senior pastor, the Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, had held rallies after the shooting of Walter Scott by a white police officer on April 4, 2015, in nearby North Charleston, and as a state senator, he pushed for legislation requiring police to wear body cameras.[18]  Several observers noted a similarity between the massacre at Emanuel AME and the 1963 bombing of a politically active African-American church in Birmingham, Alabama, where the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) killed four black girls and injured fourteen others, an attack that galvanized the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.[17][19]

A number of scholars, journalists, activists and politicians have emphasized the need to understand the attack in the broader context of racism in the United States, rather than seeing it as an isolated event of racially motivated violence.  In 1996, Congress passed the Church Arson Prevention Act, making it a federal crime to damage religious property because of its “racial or ethnic character”, in response to a spate of 154 suspicious church burnings since 1991.[20][21]  More recent arson attacks against black churches included a black church in Massachusetts that was burned down the day after President Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009.[22][23][24][25] ~ Wikipedia

It’s interesting that even Mother Emanuel’s home page is careful to note that it is the “oldest African Methodist Episcopal Church south of Baltimore”.

That’s important because George Calvert, the 1st Baron of Baltimore was a devout Roman Catholic who founded Mary-land as the foundational toe-hold for the Papacy.  It is no coincidence that “America” would create her capital close by (“Little Rome on the Tiber”, later to be re-nicknamed “Little Rome on the Potomac”)

If it creeps you out to see a “Christian” church called “Mother Emanuel” it should.  “Mother” is Luciferian the title for a supreme Freemasonic lodge—

In Great Britain, the term mother lodge is used to identify the particular Lodge where the individual was first “made a Mason” (i.e. received his Entered Apprentice degree).  “Mother lodge” may also refer to a lodge which sponsors the creation of a new lodge, the daughter lodge, to be warranted under the jurisdiction of the same grand lodge; specific procedures pertaining to this vary throughout history and in different jurisdictions.  Lodge Mother Kilwinning No 0 in the Grand Lodge of Scotland is known as the Mother Lodge of Scotland, having been referred to in the Schaw Statutes of 1598 and 1599, and having itself warranted other lodges at a time when it did not subscribe to a grand lodge. ~ Wikipedia


The tenderest of Masonic affections cling around this phrase; men away from home have a longing for their Mother Lodge, indefinable in words, as etherial as a flower-scent, as actual as the good standing cards they carry in their pockets.

But what is this that men call Mother Lodge?  Ritual-istically, a Lodge is a legal number of brethren, assembled with a Charter, or Warrant of Constitution, and the Three Great Knights of Masonry properly arranged.  Legally, it is all the brethren whose names are carried on the rolls, formed into an organization by recognition from the Grand Lodge which gave them — or those they succeeded — life as a part of the Grand Lodge family of Lodges.  Physically, a Lodge seems, to the brethren who compose it, to be the room in the Temple in which they meet.  Yet none of these definitions satisfy the thoughtful as complete. ~ Masonic

Charleston is a key city to the Freemasons and has been since the beginning of their satanic influence in America.

The “Mother Supreme Council, Scottish Rite (Southern Jurisdiction, USA)” — frequently abbreviated “SJ” but no relation to the “Society of Jesus”…no, really — was also birthed in Charlestown.

The Supreme Council was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 1801.[4] In 1911 the Mother Supreme Council began construction of a national headquarters of the Supreme Council in the District of Columbia, called the House of the Temple.  Finished in 1915, the House of the Temple remains their headquarters to this day.  It is located at 1733 Sixteenth Street, NW.[4]  The House of the Temple also contains the remains of Albert Pike, the author of Morals and Dogma. ~ Wikipedia

Christopher Edward Harle Story (1938-2010) was an Intelligence insider which means he worked for Rome.

Narrator: The Americans’ strongest ally inside Guatemala [for the overthrow of populist Jacobo Arbenz on behalf of the United Fruit Company] is the Catholic Church.  The CIA contacts Cardinal Spellman in New York to take part in their psychological warfare against Arbenz…

Everett Howard Hunt: We had gotten the OK from Cardinal Spellman to go ahead with this and I wouldn’t presume to trace the lines of authority within the Catholic Church—how they get their information, but they do!  We’ve always said in an admiring way that the Jesuits form the greatest intelligence service in the world and they always have.

Story was quite the propagandist with an eclectic mix of topics—each one having the effect of creating a boogeyman that is not the Roman Catholic Church.

* The European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States (1997) — “The Soviet Union was secretly in bed with Germany in an effort to bring Lenin’s goals to fruition via the European Union.”  José Manuel Barroso, EU President from 2004-2014—Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic.  Barrosso was replaced by Jean-Claude Juncker of Catholic-dominated Luxemburg, he’s Catholic private school-educated Roman Catholic.  Juncker was Prime Minister of Luxemburg and was replaced by homosexual Xavier Bettel who has since married another man.  Herman Achille, Count Van Rompuy; Jesuit-educated Roman Catholic, President of the European Council 2009-2014, replaced by Donald Franciszek Tusk, Polish Roman Catholic educated at Nicolaus Copernicus High School No. 1, which is interesting.  What is also interesting is that neither Wikipedia nor Britannica lists Tusk’s religion.  For that you have to go to KidzSearch.
* The Perestroika Deception: Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency — “Please!  Someone help!  The CIA is asleep and the Communists have taken over!  The collapse of the Soviet Union was a Trojan Horse!!!”  There was so much information on what a ridiculous Intelligence PSYOP (Psychological Operation) this was I filled an entire column with it.
* Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West (1999) — “It’s the Soviet Union and Communism that was trafficking in narcotics and putting hard drugs on American streets to destabilize U.S. cities.”  This is quite ridiculous as it has always been the Jesuit/Catholic-dominated Central Intelligence Agency that has destroyed America with narcotics. [Compromised by Terry Kent Reed, Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Cocaine Explosion by Gary Stephen Webb]

* The New Underworld Order: Triumph of Criminalism the Global Hegemony of Masonic Intelligence — “Commies aren’t selling anymore as the boogeyman so now we’ll pull a Fritz Springmeier and say ‘IT’S THE SATAN WORSHIPPERS!!!’”

The funny thing is that this last piece of near-fiction actually has the most truth mixed in with it, as that is the foundation of the religion that comes from the City of the Dead.

Since the suppression of the Templars it’s been Rome’s tactic to prop up Jews to hide behind and partner with, but to make the smokescreen believable there always has to be an appetizer of truth mixed in.

syn·cre·tism: noun; 1. the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.

This is exactly what we see from Christopher Edward Harle Story—


The ‘Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite’ originates from the rite called Scottish of Perfection or of Heredom, having 25 Degrees, which was ‘worked’ in Europe in the 18th century by Masons devoting themselves to occultism.  Albert Pike says that ‘in 1761, the Lodges and Councils of the superior Degrees being extended throughout Europe, Frederic II (Frederick the Great), King of Prussia, as Grand Commander of the Order of Princes of the Royal Secret, or 32 Degrees, was by general consent acknowledged and recognized as Sovereign and Supreme Head of the Scottish Rite’56.

‘On the 25th October 1762, the Grand Masonic Constitutions were finally ratified in Berlin and proclaimed for the government of all Masonic bodies working in the Scottish Rite over the two hemispheres; and in the same year they were submitted to the Jew, Stephen Morin, who had been appointed… in August 1761, Inspector General for the New World by the Grand Consistory of Princes of the Royal Secret, convened at Paris, under the Presidency of Chaillon de Joinville, representative of Frederick (the Great) and Substitute General of the Order…. The 33rd Degree was not then created; and under Frederic the Great, there was no rank higher than the 32nd Degree…’57.

This statement definitively affirms the supremacy of Berlin as the central authority governing Scottish Rite Freemasonry in both Europe and America, and its seniority over the Political Action Centre established by Giuseppe Mazzini, of Jewish extraction, in Rome (The Vatican).  Morin travelled to Santo Domingo, where he was joined by two fellow Jews, Moses M. Hays and Henry Andrew Francken, who founded a branch of the rite in Jamaica, while Hays was entrusted with founding Lodges in North America.  Hays duly established a ‘Sublime Lodge of Perfection’ in Boston, of which he constituted himself Grand Master, and charged a fellow Jew and Mason, one Isaac Dacosta, who had founded the St. Andrew Lodge in Boston, with the mission of introducing Masonry into South Carolina.  On 27th August 1766, Brother Morin’s patent was revoked by the Grand Body in Paris for ‘propagating strange and monstrous doctrines’, and handed to a Brother Martin.  [But] Morin continued constituting chapters with Dacosta, a full 17 years after his Freemasonic patent had been annulled.  In 1783, he inaugurated ‘The Grand Lodge of Perfection’ in Charleston, with Dacosta as its Grand Master — this unofficial, unauthorised behaviour thus accounting for the strange, subsequent ‘parallelism’ of the ideological centre consolidated in 1870 by Albert Pike in Charleston, after the American Civil War, with its countervailing revolutionary Vaticanbased Political Action Centre.

Morin was succeeded by another Jew, Joseph M. Meyers.  It suited the Jews concerned to continue with the Jerusalem connection, and when the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem was established at Charleston on 20th February 1788, Meyers was one of the Deputy-Inspectors who established it.  The two Masonic powers at Boston and Charleston created numerous Lodges and inner shrines in the United States, and each gave themselves the titles of Mother Lodges of the United States58.

A Lodge at Albany, New York, was transmitting reports to Berlin, the seat of the Prussian Monarchy, as early as 1770.  It is clear that the Prussians were using the New World’s burgeoning Masonic network for espionage operations, and were employing Jews for that purpose.  Pope Clement XII had excommunicated Freemasons as early as 1738.  But the Jewish Masons, who obviously did not belong to the Catholic Church, continued promoting the cult in the United States in pursuit of their secret Kabbalistic agenda.  On 15th May 1781, at a convention of Deputy-Inspectors called by Hays and Meyers at Philadelphia, Moses Cohen was named Deputy Inspector of Jamaica, as Francken, originally appointed by Stephen Morin to found Lodges there, had neglected his mandate.  It was not long before another Jewish Freemason, Hyman Isaac Long the son of a Dutch writer called Isaac Long arrived in Jamaica, having derived his ‘powers’ from Morin.  In addition to Francken, Hays and Moses Cohen, there was another prominent Jewish Mason associated with them at the time, called Spitzer.  All seemed to be bent on spreading (anti-Christian) Masonry in North America, as though motivated by the ‘seething powers’ of Lucifer, and driven by them to cut short the Christian heritage of the earlier American fathers.  Thus the claims of Samuel Oppenheim concerning the importance of Jews within early U.S. Masonry, cited on pages 274-276, are indisputable. ~ The New Underworld Order: Curse of Criminalism: Dark Actors Playing Games: The Luciferian German Fascist llluminati Criminal Revolution Conspiracy to Control the World By means of A global coup d’etat by instalments by Christopher Story pp. 297-298, 300

It’s beyond humorous for Story to contend that a Jewish Freemason had his “patent revoked” because he was pushing a satanist agenda given that such is the very foundation of Freemasonry!  What is far more important, however, is that Story admitted to direct involvement with the Freemasons and their installed Jewish patsies by Rome.

Freemasonry hasn’t always been so equal-opportunity, however.  When free black man Prince Hall petitioned to become a member of St. John’s Lodge in Boston prior to the Revolutionary War, he was turned down.  But whomever was behind the Revolutionary War (and it’s not who you were taught) found black Freemasons useful and Prince Hall was initiated into Lodge No. 441 of the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 1775 and from there went on to found the first “African” lodge in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

From there, “African” lodges grew “like weeds” and in 1797, African Lodge #459 of Philadelphia was founded.  Absalom Jones was entitled “the Worshipful Master of the Lodge” and Richard Allen was the first Lodge treasurer.  Jones and Allen would then go on to found the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

As a quick aside from the aside we’re already on, it’s fascinating to see how many Freemasons like tying themselves to the Roman Catholic order of the Knights Templar, like Prince Hall Freemason Luther Alexander Townsley (1878-1939) who, according to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Centennial Encyclopaedia of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

…has been elected four times as delegate to the general conference, and is now the chairman of the delegation from Georgia. He is a thirty-third degree Mason, Knight Templar, Royal Illustrious Imperial Potentate of the Mystic Shrine, R. W. Grand Chaplain of the M. W. Union Grand Lodge of Georgia, Past Chancellor Commander and U. R. K. of P.; member Grand Council G. U. O. of O. F., P. M. W. Governor H. H. of Ruth and Worthy Deputy Grand Master P. B. and S. of Light. Dr. Townsley is one of the leading ministers of the A. M. E. connection, and eminently qualified to fill any place in the Church.

Although I couldn’t verify ParablesBlog’s assertion that the Templar cross-in-crown image was in a Mother Emanuel stained glass window, it does make sense.

Mother Emanuel Stained Glass Window

—which brings us back to the Jewish-birthed black Freemasons of Charleston and the series of false flags they committed there.

Black Magick Woman

So Russell Crowe isn’t a Seventh Day Adventist…but is he a Roman Catholic?

According to Russell Crowe: From growing up in his father’s pubs to brawling, bristling and brilliance, Paul Giamatti, Interview magazine, May 2005 [cited in the “Notable Names Database”] Crowe’s mother was forced to attend Catholic Mass by her step-father but she wanted him to make up his own mind.  Given the effort Crowe put into showing how the new Jesuit Pope approved of his 2014 gnostic rendition of Noah, I think we have a winner.

He’s tweeted at him, sent him numerous messages and even turned up to mass at the Vatican.

But Noah star Russell Crowe’s dreams of meeting Pope Francis were finally realised, and he was more than a little charmed by the pontiff.

“Look I’m not Catholic and I’ve never felt any connection with any previous Pope, but I like this guy,” he told Good Morning America.

“I like what he says… He’s changing the tone of the way you regard the Pope and I think it is a magnificent thing.  I was very privileged and humbled to be in that environment.” ~ Jenn Selby, the Independent

Although there were several aspects of Noah that I liked, the biggest re-write of the Biblical narrative was the most Luciferian.  Genesis 6 remarks that an intermingling of the sons of God with the daughters of men produced a race of “fallen ones” called Nephilim.

In Noah, the fallen ones are re-written to, not only be the “good guys” who make the Herculean task of building an ark big enough for Noah’s mission but also stave off the hordes of evil men until Noah can get out.  In the end, the fallen are redeemed and rise to Heaven in their deaths—a plot that hasn’t a shred of Biblical evidence but is everywhere in Luciferian and gnostic writing.

Through pages 50 to 70 of Helena Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled, Volume II, she accuses Rome of practicing black magic and being gnostic Luciferians (which she says is different from her Luciferianism because, to her, satan doesn’t exist).  Did the Jesuits feed Noah’s kabbalistic writer/director Darren Aronofsky these ideas?

This despoiling of the human genome seems to have been a primal factor in the Divine action of the Flood (something that makes perfect sense if the world is flat and surrounded by a 200 to 300 foot high barrier of ice).

the ross ice shelf, NASA

NASA image “from space” (dried precipitation on the camera lens, included) of the Ross ice shelf…which is actually much, much more than just a “shelf”.

The re-writing of our reality is the deception of all time, birthed by the Counter-Reformation as the ultimate satanic tactic of, rather than attempting to suppress Scripture, simply discredit it.

If this seems like an interesting topic, don’t worry, Lord willing I’ll be hitting it up again soon.


Well, talk about rabbit holes…

Where was I?

Oh yes, movie reviews and their ties to Rome!

So I have been reviewing all forms of entertainment (TV, movies, internet streaming) that don’t have the reputation of being Papist or having Papist actors but they damn well should; movies like—

* Body of Lies (2008), directed by the CIA’s very best, Ridley Scott, starring Rome’s very best, Russell Crowe and Leonardo “I Visited the Pope and All I Got Was This Lousy Oscar” Dicaprio.
* The Last Witch Hunter (2015), with Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine.
* The Hateful Eight (2015), a movie XXX should be prosecuted for and then charged with all modern hate crimes and punished accordingly.
* The TV sitcom Frasier and it’s sickening connection to Rome and 9/11.
* Broken City (2013) starring, Rome’s favorite bellhop bully, Russell Crowe, and Boston’s favorite racist son, Mark Robert Michael Marky-Mark Wahlberg.

Marky-Mark was recently the mark of one of my best investigators, FMS (Flying Monkey Sergeant) Graham.  FMS Graham sent me an outstanding report that wonderfully completmented the information I dug up on Marky-Mark for Resistance Rising Episode 95.

As I noted on my show, Wahlberg was a good Boston Roman Catholic and quite the racist ruffian.

By age 13, Wahlberg had developed an addiction to cocaine and other substances.[13][14]  At 15, civil action was filed against him for his involvement in two separate incidents of harassing African-American children (the first were siblings of each other, and the second incident was a group of black school children on a field trip), by throwing rocks and shouting racial epithets.[15]  At 16, Wahlberg approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man named Thanh Lam on the street, and using a large wooden stick, knocked him unconscious while calling him a “Vietnam fucking shit”.[16][17]  That same day, Wahlberg also attacked a second Vietnamese man named Hoa “Johnny” Trinh, punching him in the face.  He believed he had left his victim permanently blind in one eye.[15][16][18] Trinh was interviewed in December 2014 by the Daily Mail; he revealed that he had already lost that eye during the Vietnam War, and did not know the identity of his assailant prior to being contacted by the media.[19]  According to court documents regarding these crimes, when Wahlberg was arrested later that night and returned to the scene of the first assault, he stated to police officers: “You don’t have to let him identify me, I’ll tell you now that’s the motherfucker who’s (sic) head I split open.”[18]  Investigators also noted that he “made numerous unsolicited racial statements about ‘gooks‘ and ‘slant-eyed gooks’.”[16][18]

For these crimes, Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, pleaded guilty to assault, and was sentenced to two years in Suffolk County Deer Island House of Correction.  He ultimately served only 45 days of his sentence,[16][20] but carries a permanent felony record.  In another incident, then 21-year-old Wahlberg fractured the jaw of a neighbor in an unprovoked attack.[21]  Commenting in 2006 on his past crimes, Wahlberg has stated: “I did a lot of things that I regret, and I have certainly paid for my mistakes.”  He said the right thing to do would be to try to find the blinded man and make amends, and admitted he has not done so, but added that he was no longer burdened by guilt: “You have to go and ask for forgiveness and it wasn’t until I really started doing good and doing right by other people, as well as myself, that I really started to feel that guilt go away.  So I don’t have a problem going to sleep at night.  I feel good when I wake up in the morning.”[20]

After prison, he decided to improve his behavior.  Of this he has said,

As soon as I began that life of crime, there was always a voice in my head telling me I was going to end up in jail.  Three of my brothers had done time.  My sister went to prison so many times I lost count.  Finally I was there, locked up with the kind of guys I’d always wanted to be like.  Now I’d earned my stripes and I was just like them, and I realized it wasn’t what I wanted at all.  I’d ended up in the worst place I could possibly imagine and I never wanted to go back.  First of all, I had to learn to stay on the straight and narrow.

Wahlberg first relied on the guidance of his parish priest to turn his back on crime.  He told his street gang that he was leaving them and had “some serious fights” with them over it.[22]

On November 26, 2014, Wahlberg filed an application in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requesting a full and unconditional pardon[23] from his prior convictions.[24]  His pardon application engendered some controversy.[16]  According to the BBC, the debate about his suitability for a pardon is still ongoing with the arguments on both sides being far-reaching and complex.[25]  One of Wahlberg’s victims, Trinh, pledged in December 2014 to make a written statement supporting a pardon.[19]  Also, a petition to the Massachusetts governor to deny Wahlberg’s pardon is ongoing.[26] ~ Wikipedia

45 days for assault and attempted murder?  I don’t think Wahlberg can really say “I’ve paid for my mistakes” and keep a straight face but he is an actor!

It seems like the system was looking out for Marky-Mark, perhaps it had use for a vehemently racist Roman Catholic (and it did).  I’m unaware of any Christian doctrine that generally states “ask for forgiveness” (“forgiveness comes from the one you’ve injured and the One keeping track of your sins) or that doing right “by other people, as well as myself” absolves guilt—but then again, Hollywood money can re-write any doctrine you keep in your head.

FMS Graham confirmed in his e-mail to me that Marky-Mark was being looked out for…or at least used for propaganda purposes; “Mark Wahlberg must have a horse shoe up his ___.”

On September 11th, 2001, the 43-year-old Transformers star was actually booked on the doomed American Airlines Flight 11 that left Boston’s Logan Airport and flew into the North Tower of the World Trade Center killing all 92 passengers on board. ~ Daily Mail

Sadly, as I reported to you previously, Frasier creator and writer David Angell, along with his wife Lynn, did get on AA Flight 11 that fateful day.  Would you believe they ended up sitting right across from Mohammad Atta, himself!

David was also a writer for the Boston-based sitcom Cheers, and he got his start like all Hollywood writers do—first serving at the Pentagon.

I’m sure this is a coincidence, as well, but David’s brother is Roman Catholic Bishop Kenneth Anthony Angell, the Papist prelate responsible for burying reports of several pedophile Priest predations.  Normally, one would consider such behavior criminal activity worthy of prosecution but, miraculously, Bishop Ken remains the Teflon Don.

Perhaps the best part of all concerning David and Lynn Angell’s “death” was how it was predicted in a 1997 episode of Fraiser when guest star Linda Hamilton left a message on Frasier answering machine that she’d be coming in to Seattle on American Airlines Flight 11.

The coincidences are flying thick and heavy here, folks!

Graham wrote to share a video that contained “9/11 truth” hidden in plain sight in the movie Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg (it has been removed by YouTube).

I wrote Graham back and noted that it would seem the Whore of Babylon had taken key actors and movie-makers into her confidence in order to make sure her propaganda got out there.  Only the knowledge that 9/11 was a fraud could fill Marky-Mark with such ridiculous bravado that he would claim he’d wished he’d made it onto Flight 11 so he could’ve taken the plane over and saved the day.

There are a great number of Hollywood names that have been bandied about as members of the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta (the Knights of Malta).  The roles of secret societies are very difficult to validate so you have to rely on insiders outing their friends—usually as part of a PSYOP (Psychological Operation) designed to get you to believe a lie by first seeding it with the truth.

Just such an operative is my neighbor, Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins; a phenomenal source of information if you can get past the purposefully wrong dates and the distractingly bad writing (all Jesuit tactics to discredit the truths that were given up).  Printings are nice and scarce so hard copies of this book don’t usually go for anything under $100 (again, by design to mitigate its circulation).

My book, by the way, is both affordable and available!

According to Eric Phelps (not his real name), the following Hollywood names are Knights of Malta:

NOTE: being that Phelps is an incognito Jesuit, part of his schtick to discredit his work and divide the anti-Jesuit camp is vicious race-baiting, some of which I’ve included here in his “list”

  • Walt Disney
  • Frank Capra
  • Anthony Quinn
  • “Black race-mixer Sammy Davis, Jr.”
  • Jack Nicholson
  • “another Black race-mixer Sidney Poitier”
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Tom Cruise
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Robert De Niro
  • George Clooney [who recently met with his boss, the Jesuit Pope]
  • “Nicolas Cage (who played the part of a fornicator with African Black women in ‘Lord of War’)”
  • John Malkovich
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

Employing six degrees of separation, FMS Graham then switched from Marky-Mark Wahlberg to the writer/director/producer for his 2012 crass comedy Ted, Hollywood cartoon animator Seth MacFarlane—another Boston native and another Hollywood personality that “should’ve” been on AA Flight 11.

Narrowly Escaped Death on 9/11

MacFarlane had been scheduled to fly on the doomed American Airlines flight from Boston that was hijacked by terrorists and deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Instead, he arrived late at the airport — after partying hard the night before and getting the departure time wrong — and missed the flight.  “I was generally late for flights,” MacFarlane told Piers Morgan in 2011.  “In that moment, we’re all the same.  I’m not a fatalist.  I was not shaken to the core.”

Ironically, MacFarlane’s “Ted” co-star Mark Wahlberg had also been scheduled for Flight 11 but canceled his ticket at the last minute. ~ ABC News

It’s easy to see why he’d be a favorite for the Whore of Babylon—MacFarlane (flanked by the ever-present Roman-propped Jewish men of Hollywood, David Goodman and David Zuckerman) frequently rides his erudite “adult cartoon” Family Guy into the deepest recesses of anti-Christian hatred that he can find, such as his special “Jesus the 2000 year old virgin” episode.

“Do I have that much contempt for Christianity?  I guess maybe I do…The Big Bang has got a lot of support, live with it,” he added in the Family Guy Season 4 commentary. ~ Christian Today

macfarlane mocks Jesus

That’s really quite convenient: a Jesuit-controlled mouthpiece uses the fabricated stupidity of “first there was nothing, and then it exploded” created by a Jesuit-educated Catholic priest, friend of the puppet fraud Jewish “genius” who helped the Whore re-write our reality with his “theory of relativity” that is purposefully convoluted—

It’s not possible to give a very satisfactory answer without going into a lot of detail about what General Relativity is and how it works.  But that would take a book rather than a few paragraphs… ~

—to mock true scientific reality made by Almighty God, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

MacFarlane said in an October 2011 interview that as a child he was always “weirdly fascinated by the Communion ceremony”.  He created a strip with a character kneeling at the altar taking Communion and asking “Can I have fries with that?” ~ Wikipedia

There’s a lot of support for the fact that one out of one people will die at some point in their lifetime and be judged by their Maker…have fun dealing with that, you skidmark on the shorts of satan.


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