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I’ll bet you’ve never heard of a Christian pastor who is also a Bigfoot researcher.  Well not only have Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry radio heard of him, they brought him on the show.

Tommy Poland is an associate pastor at CenterPointe Community Church in South Carolina but before he heard the call of Christ, he was listening for the call of Bigfoot (and he says he’s heard it).

As a Bigfoot researcher and enthusiast, Tommy was surprised to see the Lord utilize his background in his ministry.  Christian churches today do not talk about the paranormal and there are many Christians who want to know more about such topics.

There are several ministries that are starting to fill the gaps on neglected subjects like “Bigfoot”, “UFOs”, spiritual warfare and interaction between humans and angels.

Some will even discuss the “New World Order”, satanism and shadow government as well.

Perhaps the reticence of pastors to tackle these topics reflects the human failing of prioritizing broad appeal over edification, or perhaps it’s simply just healthy skepticism.

However, Christians are asking questions and few are giving answers.


There are many conjectures about “Bigfoot” but it’s important to keep in mind that they are all conjecture.  Without multiple specimens (alive or dead) being studied, they remain in the category of “cryptid”—from the Greek κρύπτω (krypto) for “hidden”.

There are very few professionally-trained scientists who dare to broach the subject.

In fact, only a few come to mind; Wildlife Biologist John Bindernagel, Physical Anthropology Professor Grover Krantz and Anatomy and Anthropology Professor Don Jeffrey “Jeff” Meldrum.

Beyond the handful of professionally-trained scientists are an equally-small number of professionals from law enforcement and sports like former San Francisco Police Detective David Paulides, Crime Scene Investigator and Latent Fingerprint expert Jimmy Chilcutt and mountaineer and big game hunter Peter Byrne.

After that, the pool quickly drops into amateurs and enthusiasts, most of whom are under-funded and anything but objective-minded.

Most of the professionals are absolutely convinced that there is an evolutionary explanation for the creature’s existence.

They do not, however, have a plausible explanation for the creature’s illusiveness other than to point out the vast expanse of virgin woodlands in North America, and to reference how long mountain gorillas managed to stay “undiscovered”.

This is, actually, a misnomer as records of the gorilla run as far back as Hanno the Carthaginian explorer in the 5th century, BC.*

Of the professionals, only David Paulides has seen enough high strangeness (and that in regard to investigating missing persons) to stay completely open-minded about explanations.

One well-researched and prolific author, Nick Redfern, has given himself no other choice.  When covering a subject like “Bigfoot in Britain”, there is little modern science can do to present a plausible explanation.

…this wasn’t just a mystery of not fully understood proportions. It was also an issue that was very much one of not fully appreciated or recognised proportions.

Nevertheless, however, from all across the country’s forests, woods, hills, mountains and even fairly built-up areas, reports most assuredly did exist. And, unlike my own, personal investigations, those reports spanned not just the years or the decades, but the centuries even.  Thus, it very soon became evident to me that this was a phenomenon which, to a highly significant degree, and aside from only the occasional comment, was pretty much ignored, derided, laughed at – or all three.

But, the undeniable fact was that there were dozens – maybe even hundreds – of people all across the nation who had encountered beasts that, if we were talking about the Pacific northwest woods or the Himalayas, we would, without any degree of doubt or hesitation at all, be calling Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman.  So, I made it my time (well, a small portion of it – a normal life is essential in this field, too!) to dig as deeply as I was able into the puzzle of the Sasquatch of the British Isles.

Today, my collective research into the matter of the British Bigfoot is comprised of hundreds of stories of Sasquatch-style monstrosities, of wild men, of mysterious apes, and of creatures that should not exist, that logic tells us cannot exist, but that, in some most odd and ethereal fashion, clearly do exist.

But there’s more.  And it’s a word of some significant warning for those who may have preconceived notions and ideas about what might conceivably pass for the large and hairy chap in Britain.

Many of the cases, and certainly the vast majority of the available testimony, on record from the British Isles clearly demonstrate that the British Bigfoot most assuredly is not a flesh and blood beast.  Or, at least, it’s not of a flesh and blood nature in the way that most of us generally accept, or understand, the term.

There are numerous reports of the British creatures vanishing in the blink of an eye.  Such entities are seen time and again in the vicinity of ancient stone circles, prehistoric hill-forts, and areas of historical and archaic significance.  They appear to have the unfathomable ability to significantly affect electrical equipment and even people’s perception and state of mind – and seldom, if ever, in a particularly positive fashion, either. ~ Trailing the British Sasquatch, Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe


In his interview, Tommy Poland remarked about unusual traits in Bigfoot coming from what he considered to be reputable witnesses.

In Washington there is the Mike Greene thermal footage of a subject keenly aware of exactly where the camera is.

The first and overwhelming reaction is, “This is a hoax.”  But if it isn’t, this creature is unusually aware of being caught on camera—even an infrared camera.

One could chalk this up to “Bigfoot” being smarter than your average bear, or even that non humans are able to sense electronics in spectrums unmeasured by our own senses.

Tommy says that the creatures have the ability to “bioluminesce” a red or orange eyeshine but bioluminescence does not have a natural precedent for radiating out of an organism’s eyes.  Bioluminescence is caused by light-emitting pigment known as luciferin when combined with the enzyme luciferase.

Witnesses claim that interaction with the beast has made them react in an unearthly terror beyond just seeing the unknown.  Some became nauseous, others broke down and cried.  Poland and other researchers believe this to be infrasound such as that used by tigers to stun their prey.

But without appreciable data or recordings of this phenomenon, this is still only conjecture.  Infrasound has not been known to make a sentient being cry.

This is not something unheard of in the Bigfoot community.  American Indian accounts name the creature Bukwus, Skookum and Wendigo with English meanings equivalent to “mountain devil” or “cannibal of the woods”.  Children are admonished not to speak the name lest they unwittingly conjur the creature and be carried off by one.  The lines of description often blur from traditional ape-like creatures to frightening wraiths and spirits that can change form like the Skinwalker.

A book I read as a boy, Bigfoot, by Ann Slate and Alan Berry has an entire chapter titled The Psychic Elements which covers creatures that disappear before your eyes, others that can paralyze with their gaze, make you cry, vomit or break out into a cold sweat.

Alan Berry wasn’t just any researcher, he was one of a handful of men (along with Ron Morehead) who collected the second most powerful evidence of Bigfoot’s existence next to the Patterson/Gimlin footage: the Sierra recordings—a series of vocalizations recorded in northern California that are truly astounding to listen to.

While they were in their log lean-to there were strange goings on like inexplicable clicks, members who seized up with fear or fell asleep and couldn’t wake up.

Another account in the Slate/Berry book claims that a researcher was able to elicit an encounter through meditation.  Some might explain this away as a result of 70’s era drug use and Hindu mysticism but there are modern facsimiles.

One of the foremost names in the UFO community, Whitley Strieber, appears to have done the same thing to welcome a completely different entity (but one that works out of the same realm, perhaps?).

From my book Illuminati Unmasked (pp. 753-754):

On April 6th 2013 the Biography Channel showed its first episode in a new documentary series titled Alien Encounters.  Two alien abduction victims told their stories and they were re-enacted for the audience; Audrey Hewins and Whitley Strieber.

Strieber is the author of a series of books about his experiences that have been hugely successful starting with the religiously-named Communion in 1987.

In that pilot episode of Alien Encounters, Strieber recounts the horrors of being forcibly abducted from his bed, receiving an “implant”, having a needle thrust into his brain while he watched and being fully aware of something getting shoved into his rectum.

He later states that he was shown the deathbed of his father, whom he was very close to, a vision of his son being harmed and/or abducted and an apocalyptic explosion of a weapon of mass destruction in an unknown city.

Unbeknownst to him, this was the same agenda of fear that was being imposed on those who come upon mutilated animals that have been purposefully left to be seen: fear is what the “aliens” feed off of. Not very “advanced” of them.

Later in the episode, the actor depicting Strieber is shown using a Hindu meditation technique to entice the entities—whom Strieber is very careful not to strictly label as “aliens”—to return.

Back in 2008, I recounted an even more unusual story that actually puts the two phenomena together in a single occurrence!

Pennsylvania UFO researcher Stan Gordon told the story:

Briefly, on the night of October 25, 1973, my UFO Hotline was active with UFO reports from around the state. About 10:30 P.M. that evening, I received a call from a state trooper from the Uniontown barracks concerning an incident which he had just returned from investigating.  One of those involved, was put on the phone for me to interview.  At about 9 P.M. some 15 people had observed a very large red spherical object hovering low in the sky which began to descend towards a pasture.  The witness and two boys proceeded up the field and observed a white dome shaped object on the ground that illuminated the area, and was making a loud whirring sound.  It was estimated at about 100 feet in diameter.  They were about 250 feet from the object, and 75 feet from a fence line.  Walking along the fence line were two tall figures, 7 to 9 feet tall, covered with hair, and arms hanging down past the knees, and displaying glowing green eyes.

The creatures were fired upon, tracers were shot overhead…

The Pennsylvania Research Organization’s account states that the creatures were shot at directly with no effect.

…The largest of the two creatures turned towards the other almost touching it, and at the same time the object in the field disappeared, and the sound stopped.  The creatures slowly walked towards the woods.  One boy had already ran home, the other two left the field, went to the farmhouse and moved the family members to a neighbor’s home, and called the state police.  When the trooper arrived he and the main witness went to the site, and where the object had landed there was a glowing area that, according to the trooper was about 150 feet in diameter.  He said he could read a newspaper from the amount of light that it was emitting.  The farm animals refused to go into the area.  The witness we talked with stated that before they left the field, the largest of the two creatures was seen in the woods about 10 feet from them, and he shot at it and struck the fence that stood between them.

Later that night our team arrived in the area.  Radiation levels were normal, the glowing area was now gone, but the animals still wouldn’t go near the spot.  Strange events began to occur during the early morning hours in this dark secluded location.  A farmhouse several hundred feet from us was seen by some in the party to suddenly light up like daylight for several seconds.  A bull in the field and a dog seemed unconcerned about us, and were looking into the woods.  The main witness, a rather large individual while being questioned, suddenly began to growl, throwing his father and my assistant George Lutz towards the ground.  The man ran into the field growling like an animal and emitting screams, one which was near inhuman.  His own dog approached him as to attack, then ran off whimpering.  The man suddenly collapsed onto the ground.  Then two of my team members begin to complain that they are having trouble breathing.  Suddenly the air was filled with a strong odor that can best be described as rotten eggs.

The man, as he came out of what appeared to be an almost trance-like state, began talking about visions he saw about the end of the world.  Not knowing what could happen next we helped each other back to our vehicles.  It was apparent that professional help was required in this case, and eminent psychiatrist Berthold E. Schwarz was contacted.  Dr. Schwarz traveled to PA at his own expense and interviewed all of those involved including the eyewitnesses and state trooper.


The Bible speaks of a shocking interaction between angels and men; spirits disloyal to YHWH coming down to Earth and interbreeding with mankind to create a race of abominable hybrids.  Does this explain what “Bigfoot” really is?

It’s easy to confuse the sagital crest witnesses claim makes a Bigfoot appear to have a conical head with the elongated skulls of supposed human/angel hybrids (known by the Hebrew “Nephilim” נְפִילִים for “fallen ones”).  A sagital crest is typical of any primate and is simply an extension of bone for attaching of massive muscles to work the simian’s oversized jaw.

But some experts still see a strong connection.

Ron Morehead, one of the team who made the Sierra recordings, now does research with Nephilim hunter Lynn “LA” Marzulli.

Genetic manipulation is certainly a viable explanation for the origin of Bigfoot and one geneticist claims they can prove it.

Bigfoot is people!  At least that’s according to a new five-year study of the creatures purported DNA by a prominent Bigfootologist.  “Genetically, the Sasquatch are a human hybrid with unambiguously modern human maternal ancestry,” reads a statement released last weekend by former veterinarian Melba T. Ketchum, the lead researcher of the study.  “Researchers’ extensive DNA sequencing suggests that the legendary Sasquatch is a human relative that arose approximately 15,000 years ago.”  Yes, that would mean that Bigfoot is more man-ape than ape-man.  However as the hominids are notoriously reclusive, if not entirely fictional — there has never been a single confirmed sighting — it’s unclear whether we will need to extend an invitation to our Sasquatch relatives for Easter brunch.

For her study, Ketchum “sequenced 20 whole mitochondrial genomes and utilized next generation sequencing to obtain three whole nuclear genomes from purported Sasquatch samples.”  As her team interpreted their findings, the Sasquatch is a human hybrid with mitochondrial DNA identical to human mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA that is of “novel,” or non-human, sequence. ~ Bigfoot Is Part Human, and Here Are the DNA Tests to Prove It, Claims Researcher, Melissa Locker, Time

In fact, Ketchum uses Genesis 6 as her explanation for her findings.  Unfortunately, such an assertion had no place in a peer-reviewed paper and Ketchum’s peers did not accept her assertions with that being one of their main criticisms.  Did Ketchum purposefully muddy the waters on such a seminal examination?


Last month, I wrote to you about a disturbing realization that that I had.

In 2008, three men claimed to have put the body of a Bigfoot on ice in Georgia.  A wealthy investor, William Lett, put up $50,000 in cash for the prize but later found out it was a fraud.  He and those with him reported the incident to the FBI but nothing happened.  An auction was held and an unknown buyer paid over $250,000 for the worthless monkey suit filled with animal entrails and all civil lawsuits were quickly settled.

To this day, two of the hoaxers—Tom Biscardi and Rick Dyer—are still cranking out Bigfoot hype unbeknownst to many in their audience.

One of the Bigfoot researchers on the receiving end of the hoax, Robert “Java Bob” Schmalzbach, was also on the Melba Ketchum team until Ketchum learned that some of her DNA samples that seemed to be testing human had markers for something non-human.  She quickly—and illegally—dissolved the corporation that created the experiment and kept only one or two onboard.  Her final results were highly criticized.  Did she skew them on purpose?

More importantly, why did no criminal charges get filed.

The third hoaxer, Matthew Whitton, was a Clayton County, Georgia police officer.  Did this outrage have official sanction from the United States Federal government?

In 1884, the British Columbia newspaper The Colonist asked “What is it?” claiming that railroad men had captured a hair-covered juvenile creature that was described in much the same fashion as we believe “Bigfoot” to appear.  It was said that he was taken by rail and intended to be displayed around Canada and, later, Europe, but “Jacko” disappeared.  Most consider the report to have been another hoax but the newspaper account has been found in microfilm and the lack of evidence works both ways; Jacko can be neither confirmed nor denied.

In the 1960’s another hapless Bigfoot juvenile was apparently shot and put on ice in Minnesota.  The “Minnesota Iceman” appeared so realistic, including frozen spirals of blood plasma curling up from wounds, that the FBI was notified the victim may actually be human but, once again, the G-Men did nothing.

minnesota iceman

Inexplicably, the unnamed “eccentric millionaire” owner of the body told his caretaker Frank Hansen to remove the specimen and replace it with a rubber mock-up.  It has never been seen since.


Who would benefit from the suppression of Bigfoot evidence as well as the promulgation of hoaxes?

— “The Illuminati.”

Or, more accurately, the Luciferian Elite who run the world.

Bigfoot distractions are extremely powerful as are UFOs.  Many who are exposed to either one allow their research and pursuit to become an obsession that literally takes over their lives.  A definitive answer one way or another upon the phenomenon would end this powerful weapon and allow its captives to examine more critical issues like false flags, chemtrails, fluoride or “what happens to my soul when I die?”

There are many experts within the Christian community who have accused organizations like the Smithsonian Institute of purposefully burying evidence of Biblical giants to insure the longevity of the theory of Darwinian evolution.

In the Twelfth Annual Report from the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian, published in 1894, Cyrus Thomas and Thomas Powell of the Bureau of Ethnology wrote of several discoveries where large, seemingly human skeletal remains were found.  The first we’ll examine here was discovered in Roane County, Tennessee:

“Underneath [a] layer of shells the earth was very dark and appeared to be mixed with vegetable mold to the depth of 1 foot. At the bottom of this, resting on the original surface of the ground, was a very large skeleton lying horizontally at full length.  Although very soft, the bones were sufficiently distinct to allow of careful measurement before attempting to remove them.  The length from the base of the skull to the bones of the toes was found to be 7 feet 3 inches.  It is probable, therefore, that this individual when living was fully 7½ feet high.”

Often, such accounts end up being fabrications or portions of text that are taken grossly out of context.  Hence, I decided to see if any scans of the original published report could be found online for download.  Indeed, the entire Twelfth Annual Report from the Smithsonian’s Bureau of Ethnology can be found online at, with a PDF version here that can be viewed freely in its entirety.  The relevant portion from the excerpt above can be found on page 362, and is pictured below:

Twelfth Annual Report Smithsonian Bureau of Ethnology 01

Another instance occurs in the same report, this time at presumed Indian burial mounds at Dunlieth, Illinois:

“Near the original surface, 10 or 12 feet from the center, on the lower side, lying at full length on its back, was one of the largest skeletons discovered by the Bureau agents, the length as proved by actual measurement being between 7 and 8 feet.  It was clearly traceable, but crumbled to pieces immediately after removal from the hard earth in which it was encased….”

Page 115 of the printed report features the relevant text:

Twelfth Annual Report Smithsonian Bureau of Ethnology 02

Indeed, it seems that the Smithsonian at one time did discover and document what could only be called “giants,” during the same period that many of the American newspapers were reporting similar stories.  Whether this bolsters the legitimacy of those reports may still be questionable; however, few would argue that trained scientists the likes of Powell and Thomas–despite the allegations of coverups and conspiracies–likely knew what they were talking about when they took these measurements, and reported on the existence of humans that, when alive, would easily have stood taller than seven feet. ~ Big Buried Secrets: Giant Skeletons and the Smithsonian, Micah Hanks


In 1967, thrill-seeker and adventurer Roger Paterson was pushing through the underbrush of Bluff Creek, California with outdoorsman Bob Gimlin.  They were hoping to catch sight of the creature that had made monstrous human-like footprints through a logging camp just a few weeks before, and they did.

The resulting 16mm, only a few seconds worth, rocked the world and continues to this day.

The circumstances will never be duplicated again.

The state of technology in 1967 of both costumes and movie cameras makes calling the Patterson/Gimlin film a “hoax” nothing short of ludicrous.

The size of the subject, alone, would require so much bulk for a human to wear in an approximating suit that they would surely be unable to move smoothly.

And, speaking of movement, attempts at recreating the stature and gate of the subject from the Patterson film all went the way of Lee Harvey Oswald’s 3 highly-accurate shots from a 6.5mm bolt-action Carcano in 5.6 seconds on the head and shoulders of a moving target: impossible to duplicate.

Our conclusion?

—Something’s out there and the most powerful people in the United States, and the world, want it to remain a mystery.


* Animals in the Ancient World from A to Z, Kenneth F. Kitchell Jr., Routledge (2014), pp. 77-78


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