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This morning, a member of my team sent me a video of “Jeff” from the YouTube Channel “Break Free” telling the “You Tube Reality Show” that, in an effort to out a troll he hacked everyone who went to his channel.

He claimed that, in the process, he found that several of them appeared to be one person—Kyle Jones / Tim Osmond / Cognitive Dissonance—and that the individual worked for Kent Hovind in an effort to actively attack and discredit prominent personalities in the “flat Earth” community.

“Jeff” also claimed that “Secular Humanist” and Doctor of Philosophy Robert “Bo” Bennett secretly worked for Kent Hovind as well.  This was just as shocking as Bennett is a premier voice for atheists who use “science” to attack God and the Bible via “Humanism”.

As a quick aside, both “science” and “Humanism” have been completely co-opted and corrupted so both are quite useful in this regard.  Humanism used to be a movement that elevated Natural and Divine Law above the whims of men in power and questioned such corruption and abuse of power, particularly as they were evidenced through the crimes of the Catholic Church.  Five hundred years ago, Humanism was represented by men like Desiderius Erasmus and Jehan Cauvin (John Calvin), although Erasmus refused to break from Rome whereas Cauvin had the courage of his convictions.  It was such a powerful threat to the Catholic Church that it was thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted to the point where, today, “Humanism” is synonymous with the descriptor “Secular Humanism”.

For more, read Secret History.

The accusations are difficult, if not impossible to verify, but they do comport with some very troubling things about Kent Hovind.

First, it is important to reaffirm the shocking reality that what you think is “reality” is not.  Our cosmology, astronomy, palenontology, archeology and all of our understanding of how we got here and just what “here” is are corrupt and fabricated.  Although there is now a sizable and powerful movement revolving around (sorry) “flat Earth”, none in the movement have the courage to answer the questions of “Who?” and “Why?”—

Prior to his apparent imprisonment, Kent Hovind’s career powerfully aided this Roman false reality with the “hook” of acknowledging some of the lies but then reaffirming others in the process.

What we call “dinosaurs” are, at best, a disproportionate aberration and, at worst, a complete fabrication in support of this false reality.  They were virtually unknown before the 19th century and the majority of skeletal examples are acknowledged as “copies” or “recreations”.  As “dinosaurs” come more and more under scrutiny, some of the most famous examples are quietly being “retired” out of view.

But they play such a critical role in what Kent Hovind teaches that he is known as “Doctor Dino”.

Another example of this “hook” is when wrestler, actor and politician Jesse Ventura acknowledges for us that “9/11 was an inside job” but then tells us that the World Trade Center skyscrapers in New York City (all three of them) were razed to the ground by “particle beam weapons from space”.

“Dinosaurs” play a similar role in another large, powerful “Christian” enterprise, “Answers in Genesis”.  Not surprisingly, founder Ken Ham is completely united with his entire staff in their support of putting “dinosaurs” in the Garden of Eden while strongly attacking anyone who questions the rest of our false reality.

Ham’s multi-million-dollar “Creation Museum” pulls “dinosaurs” right out of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park and puts them right next to Adam and Eve.

This is important because those who created the false construct that is our reality incessantly reinforce it by the “magic of Tinseltown”; from Allosaurus to aliens.  As a result when “user-edited” Wikipedia calls the Creation Museum “pseudo-science”, it’s being both disdainful and accurate.  Sadly, what Wikipedia claims is “science” is quite the same.

Ken Ham sports a look as unique as his name1 and he wields an unusual amount of money and power for a “Protestant Bible-believing Christian”.

Author and speaker Noel Hadley gave an interview for Resistance Rising late last year.  During the interview, he related how he met AiG’s Dr. Danny Faulkner at a flat Earth conference and how antagonistic Faulkner is towards the cosmology that turns the Bible back into a science textbook.

Dr. Danny got his Doctorate in “astronomy” from Indiana University, the home of the Alfred Kinsey Institute for “sex research”.

In 2006, Kent Hovind was convicted of failing to withhold employee income taxes and “structuring” bank withdrawals (keeping them under $10,000) to avoid reporting requirements.

Those who follow Kent’s example are intended to follow his apparent2 imprisonment.

It would seem that this is a carefully cultivated trap, as Kent is not the only “Christian” encouraging those who resist to fall into it.  For large sums of money (almost $2,000 as I remember hearing directly), Christians who are awake to secret Roman rule can pay Eric Jon Phelps for the secrets of how to use or not use all caps in legal documents and exactly where to stand when in a courtroom.  Eric is the self-styled “White Separatist, American Freeman, Dispensational, Fifth Monarchy, Seventh-Day Baptist-Calvinist” whose book Vatican Assassins can be had on Amazon for almost as much as his classes on how to not pay your taxes and not get away with it.  Exactly how you print a 1,300-page tome is up to you (all of those self-imposed challenges are meant to keep you from Eric’s important information).

After you fall into the trap, you can have an actual Jesuit priest prosecute you on behalf of “America’s secular government” as Father John MacCoon did F. Tupper Saussy.  Saussy recounted the incident as the impetus for his seminal work Rulers of Evil.  It’s in the introduction to that book.

There’s no way to know exactly who Kent Hovind is, or the exact details of his prosecution and incarceration.  Certainly, very bad things happen to people in prison, even to those already working for the “Hidden Hand”.

Cultural icons like Aldus Huxley and Timothy Leary encouraged Americans to “turn on, tune in, drop out” with LSD.

—That’s Holy Cross Jesuit-educated Catholic Irishman Timothy Francis Leary.1497

Mind control researcher Walter Bowart interviewed Timothy Leary on the counter-culture.

Bowart put MK Ultra on the map with his book Operation Mind Control.  By a twist of fate3, he was born in Omaha, Nebraska but his family relocated to Enid, Oklahoma where he attended the University of Oklahoma.1502

Bowart died at a relatively young 68 years of age.1503

In working with Leary, Bowart found that Leary was not treated well for all he had done on behalf of the Company (either “Company”).  Bowart found CIA memos seeking intelligence from both Leary and Aldus Huxley regarding the effects of hallucinogenic drugs for their applications in mind control programs like MKUltra.

He also found government grants sending Leary money from 1953 to 1958 through the National Institute of Mental Health, a front organization for mind control experiments.

Leary was eventually imprisoned for drug possession and interned into the Vacaville California Medical Facility where he was subjected to mind control medical procedures—perhaps some his “research” helped perfect. One of the trauma-based procedures was “anectine therapy” which makes the victim feel as if they are dying through loss of control of their respiratory system. ~ Illuminati Unmasked, Cirucci, CreateSpace (January 27th, 2015), pp. 532-533, 535-536

As it became time for Hovind to be released, some interesting names took up his cause.

Harlem’s “Protestant” Pastor James David Manning is better known as the man who called Barack Obama the “Long-legged Mack-daddy”.  Manning has received even more coverage than Hovind having been on shows as big as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.

Earlier that year (2015), Manning admitted that he was never for the “Protestant Referation” and that his very life was at stake if he didn’t honor those who have empowered him.  Manning also bolstered the Catholic claim that Popes sit in “Peter’s chair” and then made the astounding claim that the Catholic Church preserved the Bible.

Perhaps one of the keys to Pastor Manning’s success has been his complete inversion of reality and history; unless, of course, “preserving” the Bible means burning it and/or anyone caught with it.

I had just burst onto the scene with Illuminati Unmasked and Hovind was the topic amongst all the popular “Christian alternative media”.  Not knowing the full scope, I, too, was sucked in to the game.  Although I only spoke about Hovind’s circumstances but once or twice, I immediately attracted the attention of Peter J. Reilly.

Reilly is the Certified Public Accountant who gave up-to-the-minute details on Kent Hovind’s situation via Forbes.

He is also a Roman Catholic trained by the Jesuits in both high school and college.

Upon getting out of prison, things happened fast for Hovind, including trying to wrest his assets away from his son Eric and divorcing his wife Jo (who served a year in prison as his accomplice).  In short order, Hovind got re-married.

He also quickly jumped into the “flat Earth” debate squarely on the side of “globe Earth-ers”.  It shocked and hurt those who questioned their cosmology but also followed Hovind, that he should be so quick to throw away what they considered were the keys to validating the Bible he claims to revere.

Hovind is also careful to remove understanding Rome as the Fourth and Final Beast of Daniel and Revelation.  Instead, he claims it is Islam and technology.  Hovind takes special care to mark the “legs of iron” in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 2) as Islam in direct contradiction to Christian eschatology well-known in the time of Martin Luther.

He proudly calls men like Chuck Missler his friend and, no wonder; he teaches the same Jesuit heresies as Missler from the “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” to Dispensationalism.

In this light, the accusation that Hovind has an extensive and frightening operation filled with hackers and “Humanists” to discredit the God he claims he’s served all his life has disturbing purchase.

A tree is known by its fruit and the fruit from Kent Hovind has always been rotten and Roman.

  1. We’re sure Ken’s Abraham Lincoln beard has as little to do with one of the Jesuits’ favorite assassination victims as his name does with lies and acting.
  2. I am careful to write “apparent” because I have not verified this and both Kent and his imprisonment were/are highly used by the Luciferians.  If I had to make an educated guess I would say that he was imprisoned but something is very wrong in Kent’s life and he is neither what he seems or what he says he is.
  3. Omaha is the home of the infamous Catholic orphanage Boys Town where the trafficking and abuse of children was allowed to be spoken of during the 1980s and 90s but only as “the Franklin Coverup”.  For the Truth on what really goes on there, read Eaters of Children.


  • I agree Johnny. We must judge a tree by its fruit. Kent is saying that Adam & Eve existed among Dinosaurs… he says that the Flat Earth is a hoax and he has other bogus ideas that he pushes. I really enjoy your work and I’m going to purchase your book as I imagine it’s a gem. I’ve been onto the Jesuit Order now for a decade and have been researching the subject for as long. Thanks for all you do. Keep it up.

  • Cromulent Word says:

    Hovind is an enigma to me now. I first liked his teachings, but now find them notably devoid of any new content, and dangerously lacking in any type of exposing of orders, like the Jesuits. The Jesuits are by their own admission through their oaths, the perfect infiltrators, and will show themselves to be a valuable part of whatever organisation they choose to inject themselves into. He claims to take the bible literally, but refuses to hear the flat earth matter out, even on a scriptural basis. I’m starting to think that way about Mike Hoggard too unfortunately.

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