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Controlled Opposition

Are the Jesuits powerful enough to both create and control their own opposition?

The most ubiquitous symbol of resistance to the New World Order is the Guy Fawkes mask.  From the hacker collective known as “Anonymous” to “Occupy Wall Street”, anyone who wishes to strike a blow for freedom while in public demonstration is wearing one.

The masks were popularized by the 2005 movie “V for Vendetta.”

Starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, it’s another dystopic future set in England.

The movie was written by the brother/brother (sister) team of Andy and Laurence/Lana Wachowski (before Larry’s “gender reassignment”).  The Wachowskis also masterminded The Matrix and wrote, rather appropriately, Assassins starring Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas.

“V for Vendetta” portrays an odd love/hate dynamic with Christian and Crusader imagery.  The setting was a dark fantasy future but the person of Guy Fawkes comes from a real English past.

In the movie, “Evey Hammond” (Portman) states;

“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot…” But what of the man? I know his name was Guy Fawkes and I know, in 1605, he attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. But who was he really? What was he like? We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world. I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of ideas, I’ve seen people kill in the name of them, and die defending them… but you cannot kiss an idea, cannot touch it, or hold it… ideas do not bleed, they do not feel pain, they do not love… And it is not an idea that I miss, it is a man… A man that made me remember the Fifth of November. A man that I will never forget.

This vague reference is all we get to help us answer the question: Who was Guy Fawkes?

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was an effort by a Jesuit cabal of Catholics1222, led by Fawkes to assassinate James I of England1223.  Jesuit priests Henry Garnet and John Gerard were implicated during the subsequent investigation.1224

It was just one of many targeting Protestant England.

The Babington Plot [of 1580] was probably the greatest of the many plots of the pope and the Jesuits during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and [King] James I designed to bring about the downfall of Protestant England, the overthrow of the Reformation in England, Scotland and Ireland, and to place some other claimant upon the Throne who would be acceptable to Rome, and committed to bring the English in submission to the sovereignty of Rome.

Between 1569 and 1605 (of Gunpowder Plot infamy) there were no less than eleven great plots against Elizabeth and English Protestantism, working toward assassination, rebellion and invasion. Each is known by the name of the leader of the treachery: Ridolfi, Sanders, [Pope] Gregory XIII, [Jesuit priest] Campion, [Jesuit priest Robert] Parsons, the Duke of Guise, [Cardinal] Allen, Throgmorten, Parry, [Anthony] Babington, [Pope] Sixtus V, [King] Philip II of Spain, Yorke, Walpole, Southwell, and Guy Fawkes.

…There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Pope of Rome was very much interested as well as vitally involved in all of these attempts.

…The Babington Plot [to invade England, to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I, to incite rebellion, and then to place Roman Catholic Mary Stuart on the throne] took its name from Anthony Babington, a young English gentleman…but the real brains behind the conspiracy were the pope [Gregory XIII], Cardinal Allen, the Jesuits, and the Roman Catholic priest named John Ballard… ~ The Babington Plot, J.E.C. Shepherd1225

Every protestor that dawns a Guy Fawkes mask unknowingly glorifies Jesuit assassination—almost certainly by their design. ~ Illuminati Unmasked, Johnny Cirucci, CreateSpace (January 27th, 2015), pp. 409-411

F. Tupper Saussy, in his vitally-important exposé on Jesuit machinations made the powerful claim that the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was used so well by Rome that it is entirely possible that the conspirators were betrayed by their own for just that end-state.

…as Garry Wills in his book Witches & Jesuits points out, Macbeth is an elaborate condemnation of the Jesuits as satanists, murderers, witches.  Macbeth is one of many of its period’s “powder plays,” a genre in which certain buzz words, well understood by contemporaries, memorialize the guilt and execution of eight Jesuits for having schemed the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605. The Plot aimed to blow up the entire government of Great Britain, including the royal family, in a single catastrophic explosion under the Houses of Parliament.

How could a play defaming Jesuits be of service to the Jesuit agenda?  As we shall see, warfare in defense of the papacy requires extravagant measures.  In fact, both the Gunpowder Plot, which failed, and the celebration of its detection, which lives on in Macbeth, served Rome abundantly.  King James I, who declared himself the Plot’s divinely-illuminated discoverer, blamed the Plot on “Jesuits and papists.”  But at the same time, James exonerated “less fanatical Catholics.”6  According to Wills, “the Plot gave [James] his best opportunity to separate loyal and moderate Catholics from the mad extremists of the Plot.”  In short, the Plot secured England for “loyal and moderate” Roman Catholicism.  In the reasoning of a Superior General, particularly the General of the Gunpowder Plot and Shakespearian theatre, Claudio Acquaviva, the sacrifice of eight Jesuits was a small tactical price to pay for moving the King of England to express confidence in the pope’s British subjects, estimated at half the population of the realm. ~ Rulers of Evil, F. Tupper Saussy, Osprey (November 1999), pp. 68-69

On the 412th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, an incident occurred that is officially described thus—

On November 5, 2017, there was a mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, about 30 miles (48 km) east of the city of San Antonio.[1]  The gunman was 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley of nearby New Braunfels, who killed 26 and injured 20.  He was shot twice by a local civilian as he exited the church, then fled in his vehicle.  His vehicle crashed after a high-speed chase, and he was found with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

It was the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in Texas,[2] as well as the deadliest shooting in an American place of worship in modern history, surpassing the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting of 2015[3] and the Waddell, Arizona Buddhist temple shooting of 1991.[4] ~ Wikipedia

It targeted the apparent heart of American Protestantism: Texas.

Truth-seekers have learned, however, it is prudent to question the “official story”.  As we have shown, not only is it usually inaccurate, official stories almost always conceal avenues that lead back to the secret power that is the Vatican.

If the shooting was a Roman Catholic conspiracy, having a devout Catholic Governor almost certainly was helpful.  Governor Greg Abbott is a devout Roman Catholic.  Conveniently (especially for a border state), Abbot is married to a bilingual “Mexican-American” Catholic.

The high treason that is decades of open borders is a key Roman agenda.  It’s nation-killing success is proof of how many agents the Vatican has (and has had) in government and media.  Jesuit-trained pedophile President Donald Trump rode into the Father Andrew White-House on American anger towards this treason yet he has no intention of changing the agenda of his masters.  Allies in media ludicrously propagandize the warfare as “altruism verses populism”.

False flags are now occurring in America every three weeks.

As far as New World Order enablers go, “fundamentalist” muslims have been the soup du jour for decades.  They are the wild card of chaos who appear to be unfettered by any semblance of compassion or decency. Muslims used as pawns for power players is a little-disputed fact.

But what may come as a bitter, horrifying surprise to most Americans, is that it is an agenda whose ace-in-the-hole has been for intelligence agencies and puppet masters to murder their own citizens to further a political agenda.

False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations than those who actually planned and executed them. ~ Wikipedia

The historical examples are legion.

  • In 64 AD, Rome suffered a terrible fire that burned for nearly a week and destroyed 75% of the proud city. Citizens suspected that brutal emperor Nero had started it but instead, he scapegoated the troubling and burgeoning population of new Christians.
  • At the turn of the century, Cuba was an allure to American business for trade in sugar and iron. The Elite were eager to rid the hemisphere of Spanish influence, and the death of the U.S.S. Maine (along with 266 sailors) was the catalyst for war.  However, controversy swirls around the grave of the warship to this day and the original government explanation of a Spanish mine no-longer holds water.
  • In May of 1915, a German U-boat sank the ocean liner RMS Lusitania and she lost an astounding 1,195 passengers to the icy waters of the Atlantic. It was an outrage that echoed repeatedly until America joined WWI less than 2 years later.  What was discovered much later, was that it was the American and British governments that put those passengers at risk by loading the Lusitanian with arms for the war.
  • In 1932, Germany’s political landscape was strewn with schisms caused by competing parties and interests. In January of the following year, German President Paul von Hindenburg appointed the powerful Nazi Party’s Adolph Hitler, Chancellor.  Hitler was extremely ambitious but had learned from his attempted strong-arm coup of a decade earlier.  Less than two months after becoming Chancellor, Germany’s building of parliament—the Reichstag—burned to the ground.  German communists were blamed and the furor was a wave of emotion that Hitler rode into becoming Führer.  Few now dispute that Nazis started the blaze.
  • Success breeds success and 6 years later der Führer had his eyes on Poland. In late August of 1939, the German Secret Police (Gestapo) located an isolated radio outpost along the Silesian border near the town of Gleiwitz.  The three operators were subdued by “Poles”, the radio station taken over, broadcasting a message of Polish resistance that likely no one heard because it was only a relay station, and Polish sympathizer was dragged by the Gestapo in a drugged state to the location where he was executed as “proof” of the “aggression”. A few days later, in September, Germany invaded Poland.
  • At the close of WWII, an ugly skeleton lay hidden in the closets of Britain and America: their two respective governments had created the Soviet beast that threatened to engulf Europe. It was the greatest general America had ever created—George S. Patton—who threatened to disclose the annoying fact.  Author Robert Wilcox made the chilling accusation that America’s new intelligence service, the Office of Strategic Services (precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency) grievously wounded him in a staged car accident and then enabled Soviet Army Intelligence (the NKVD, precursor to the KGB) to finish the job.
  • “Remember the Maine!” In 1962, members of the United States military recommended to President John F. Kennedy that innocent Americans be murdered and Communist Cubans could be blamed as provocation for war with Cuba. In the most perverse sense of irony they even offered to blow up a U.S. warship in Guantanamo Bay, creating a new take on Spanish philosopher Jorge Santayana, “Those who are oblivious to real history are doomed to repeat it.” Some have pondered whether Kennedy’s refusal contributed to his assassination.
  • In 1964, American aid to South Vietnam was only in the form of “advisors” and Special Operations units. After a series of attacks on the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin, Congress gave Lyndon Johnson carte blanche to send tens of thousands of young men to be maimed and killed for a massive new “military/industrial complex”. Later it was found, no such attacks ever occurred.
  • In 1967, Johnson would again be implicated in the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty—an intelligence-gathering vessel busy keeping tabs on Egypt/Israel “6-day war”. On June 8th the Liberty was attacked by both Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats.  Over the course of the attack, 34 sailors were killed and 174 were wounded.  Plenty of firepower was nearby but ordered to “stand down”. Later, an astounding accusation surfaced that Lyndon Johnson had ordered the men of the Liberty be sacrificed so that he could plunge the nation into a nuclear war with Egypt and her surrounding allies.  It was averted with only minutes to spare when it became apparent that too many other nations (such as the Soviet Union) were aware of Israel having caused the damage to the Liberty.
  • In 2005 a group of contractors from the Zapata Corporation fired at a United States Marine Corps outpost in Fallujah, Iraq. This odd occurrence was chalked up to the “fog of war”…until one digs deep enough to find that the “Zapata Corporation” is a CIA front company founded by former CIA Director George H.W. Bush.
  • Allies shooting at allies may come as an awful shock, but a very high-profile example cropped up later that same year when two British operatives were apprehended by Iraqi police for shooting up the police station in Basra. The two commandos were dressed as Iraqi civilians and at least one Iraqi minister accused them of fomenting sectarian violence in the Shiite-dominated southern province that bears the same name.  Basra police suddenly became crazed “militia” requiring an astounding force of tanks and helicopters to quickly rescue the two offenders.  This was in sharp contrast to the 15 sailors and Marines captured by the Iranian navy whom British Elites felt were no high priority.

With incidents like these all well-established in the historical record, my recent claim that current Attorney General Eric Holder sits as the most powerful law enforcement officer in the world because he is a gatekeeper of similar treasons tracing all the way back through Oklahoma City to Waco, isn’t quite so unbelievable.  Nor is it any wonder that the Attorney General (a man who alerted the public in 1995 to his desire towards anti-gun “brainwashing”) was found to have visited the Leftist Democrat Connecticut governor only two weeks ahead of the Newtown School shooting to talk about “gun control”. ~ From Boston to the New World Order, Johnny Cirucci,

That the incident at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas was manufactured is beyond doubt.

“Twenty Six” [hat/tips REPLY-ALL GEORGE, Jim-Bo Drake]

Numerology can be used as a signature of those who manipulate events; taking a number they deem “significant” and making sure to highlight it.

The apparent perpetrator, Devin Patrick Kelley, was purported to be 26 years old and purportedly murdered 26 people at Sutherland Springs First Baptist.  CNN very specifically tells you this

Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, killed 26 people at a Texas church, police say.

* It is the same supposed number of dead from the Sandy Hook Elementary false flag.
* Timothy McVeigh was 26 at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing.
* John Wilkes Booth was supposedly killed on April 26th, 1865.  He was an agent of the Papacy and it is likely the story of his death was fabricated.  He was 26 at the time of that supposed death.
* The Italian government just announced it had recovered 26 bodies of teenage girls attempting to flee the chaos of Libya in the wake of the illegal war waged by Jesuit-trained community organizer, Barack Obama in 2011.

One numerology blog states this about “26”—

It is the number of generation from David to Christ according to the evangelist Luke and also the number of generations between Moses and Adam.  The genealogy of Sem comprises twenty-six descendants.

In the Psalms, the God of Israel promises to the nations the iron rods and in chapter XXVI of the Leviticus, an avalanche of curse is pronounced against his people among which “a sky of iron”.  The atomic number of iron is 26. …

The number 26 is used only once in the Bible.

The word “Beloved”, representing the Lord, appears 26 times in the Song of Songs.  The words prescription and baptism are used 26 times in the Bible. The word “merciful” is used 26 times in the NRSV.

“Iron” is the metal that signifies the “Fourth and Final Beast” from the Book of Daniel: Rome.

A noteworthy mention to these numbers is Micah Xavier Johnson, the former Army soldier who supposedly murdered 5 Dallas police officers in 2016 to “protest” their “racism” with yet another “AR-15”.

Francis Xavier co-founded the Jesuits.  Micah Xavier was 25 at the time and media states police responders were able to kill him during the ensuing stand-off with a remote-controlled bomb.  Orwellian, indeed.

Regarding the propensity for “mass shooters” to prefer the AR-15, the New York Post blared with its headline on the Sutherland Springs incident—

Texas church gunman used same rifle as Las Vegas, Newtown, Aurora, San Bernardino mass shooters

USA Today posted an interview which explained how the AR-15 isn’t the most deadly weapon available, but it does seem to be the most targeted.


The point man for the carefully-planned exploitation of this particular incident is far-Left Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy.

Murphy is still riding the waves of tyranny from Sandy Hook; to date one of the worst false flags committed by agents of treason and subversion.

What REALLY Happened At Sandy Hook?

Lenny Pozner: the Sandy Hook Pozer

Sandy Hook Shakedown: How Google & the Government are silencing alternative media.

If you miss connecting Murphy to Sandy Hook, CNN makes sure to re-connect you by calling the Democrat the “Sandy Hook Senator”.

Despite his Irish/Polish ancestry, neither Wikipedia nor the Notable Names Database admit to any Vatican connections.

Murphy married a career lawyer who kept her maiden name after their public ceremony (whirlwind romance?).

Murphy may not have any overt connections to Rome but he is very loyal to key Vatican agendas like wide-open American borders.  Interestingly, spins Murphy’s treason towards Muslims and not the tens of millions of Roman Catholics streaming up from the south.  Perhaps it’s not very surprising given leadership at the supposedly “Conservative” media outlet that includes men like Stephen Kevin Bannon.

Bannon was conveniently in the wings to take over after the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart (the murder of his coroner notwithstanding).  As others raised concern over the circumstances of Breitbart’s demise, Bannon assured them there was nothing unusual going on.

Bannon, a Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic, visited the Vatican in 2014.  Two years later, he would become Donald Trump’s chief strategist.  Both are Jesuit-trained and Bannon had the extra appeal to trump: he’s a Goldman Sachs man.  In fact, Bannon compared his time at Goldman to being in the “Society of Jesus”.

Murphy is so adamant to exploit controlled and contrived mass shootings that he doesn’t care who he offends.  After “terrorists” Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik supposedly killed 14 in San Bernadino, California in 2015, Murphy jumped in front of the media to proclaim he was tired of hearing about “prayers” and ready to start confiscating guns.

According to mainstream media, Devin Kelley was wounded as he fled the scene by a local NRA instructor.

A good guy with a gun, along with his National Rifle Association training, stopped a bad guy with a gun, according to the NRA.

On his show this week, Grant Stinchfield, a conservative talk show host on the NRA’s online television network, commended longtime NRA member Stephen Willeford for using his NRA training to conceal himself and find a flat platform to fire off shots at Devin Patrick Kelley, who killed dozens inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex.

“The tiny town of Sutherland Springs needed a brave, calm-headed gun owner, an NRA instructor to stop the rampage of a deranged monster,” Stinchfield said, referring to Willeford. ~ Washington Post

Although “the NRA found its hero” in Stephen Willeford, defenders of 2nd Amendment right of private citizens to partake of coercive force best not get their hopes up.  The National Rifle Association is equally infiltrated by Roman Catholics from CEO and VP Wayne LaPierre to “gun lobbyist” and former seminarian John Snyder.  The boogeyman of the far-Left has an unexpected tendency to fold just when American gun owners need them most.  Catholic insurgents like NY Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy don’t even attempt to hide the source of their agendas such as the 2002 “Our Lady of Peace Act” which sought to bribe local authorities into giving personal identification information of American citizens to the Central government when they attempt to buy a gun (currently it remains dead but can be brought back at any time).

Less than one month ago, “gambling multimillionaire Stephen Paddock” supposedly killed 58 and injured 546 on the Las Vegas Strip—a feat not accomplished by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best attempts.

When the media claimed that Paddock had some 33 weapons equipped with so-called “bump-stocks” (a specialized stock that enables rapid fire in semiautomatic weapons) the organization leading the charge for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to restrict them was the NRA.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with what the NRA promotes—either sporting, hunting or even “personal defense”.  It is in the Bill of Rights to guarantee citizens have protections against tyrannical government which means they are to have access to the same military small arms that might someday be used against them.

It is extremely telling that the vaunted “National Rifle Association” has never defended the 2nd Amendment on its original intent.

This ability of the common citizen to stand up to a standing army has been slowly eroded to almost nothing.

Despite this, the media and the far-Left continue to compare 16” barreled semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 to much shorter select-fire weapons available to the Praetorians of government such as the M4.

Each new mass tragedy is another assault on what few arms citizens have left to them.

Method to Their Madness

The methodology of false flags allows for a number of different strategies to be executed, especially when agents of insurgency control at all levels; government, law enforcement, judicial, media.

The easiest method is to employ trained “crisis actors” to feign a disaster where there is actually no loss of life.  This isn’t preferred due to the compassion of the insurgents, but as a result of their desire to keep angry, grieving loved ones from digging too deep.  It also makes it easier to convince their agents and assets that they’re really not doing anything wrong.

However, real damage has its advantages.  There are many cogs in the Machine and the carnage of an actual event easily convinces them of the necessity of Luciferian agendas like “gun control” and the completion of an Orwellian Police State where warrantless surveillance is common.

This may be what has happened in Sutherland Springs.

To conduct a false flag with real casualties, sometimes a hapless patsy is placed on the scene of the crime but then true bloodthirsty killers conduct the harm.

An alternative is to select, train, control and enable a chosen agent of chaos and then turn him lose upon unsuspecting victims.

If mainstream media is to be believed, Devin Kelley was just such an asset.  He bullied and brutalized all innocents in his orbit; abused his dog, beat his wife and cracked the skull of his toddler step-son.  He appears to have been carefully enabled by traitors in the government, military and law enforcement for just such a terrible end.

The gunman who killed more than two dozen people in a small church outside San Antonio on Sunday had a string of troubling episodes in recent years, including an escape from a mental health facility in 2012 after he was caught sneaking guns onto an Air Force base “attempting to carry out death threats” against military superiors, according to a police report.

Devin P. Kelley’s young life was riddled with warning signs, mounting during and after his time in the Air Force, including a conviction for beating his then-wife and stepson, charges of animal cruelty, mental health concerns, investigations for domestic assault, threats against his family members and a motorcycle crash that left him with lingering physical pain.

Interviews and police and military documents depict Kelley as a distressed — and at-times, violent — man in the years before authorities said he walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., and fired round after round into the congregation gathered for Sunday morning services.

Police in El Paso, reported that five years before the church massacre, officers were dispatched to a bus terminal after Kelley escaped from a nearby behavioral facility. Officers wrote they were told Kelley, who was serving in the Air Force, “was a danger to himself and others” at the time and “was also facing military criminal charges.” While it is unclear why Kelley was at the behavioral facility and whether he ever faced military discipline for the threats, he was court-martialed that same year and convicted of abusing his wife and stepson.

But the Air Force has acknowledged that it did not tell federal authorities about the domestic violence conviction, which should have prevented him from buying firearms, and the revelations about Kelley’s stint in a mental health facility and making threats against his superiors raised new questions about the service’s handling of Kelley and his discharge. ~ Washington Post

Perhaps most disturbing are the rape and sexual assault committed by Kelley yet not acted upon by law enforcement.

Comal County Sheriff Mike Reynolds admitted that a failure to investigate a sexual assault case involving Devin Patrick Kelley was a disservice to the alleged victim.

Reynolds, who was not in office when the alleged crime occurred, said he promised to find out why detectives never followed through.

During the investigation, Reynolds said, Kelley moved to Colorado, but he doesn’t know why that seemed to stop the investigation’s progress.

“I know that we had gone out of state to question suspects before.  I don’t know why it wasn’t done at this particular time,” Reynolds said.

In February 2014, when Kelley returned to Texas, deputies received a domestic disturbance call to Kelley’s Comal County residence alleging that a woman was abused in a separate incident, but no charges were filed. …

The sexual assault investigation from 2013 was never picked back up, even though Kelley was in reach.  Reynolds wants to know why.

“Those are, of course, questions I can’t answer because we had a previous administration and a different commander in our criminal investigations section at that time,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds wonders, if Kelley had been charged in the sexual assault case, would that have prohibited him from buying guns legally.

“You think about it, you do.  What could’ve happened?  Not saying what would’ve happened.  But what could’ve happened to prevent all this?” Reynolds said. ~ ABC KSAT 12

It is interesting to note that the KSAT anchor for that story was “Isis Romero”. [hat/tip and apologies, REPLY-ALL GEORGE]

As has been conclusively proven in Eaters of Children, the Pedocracy has a shocking level of influence and seems able to shield the most powerful predators in power.

What is somewhat less intuitive is how that protection seems to extend even to predators not in power.

In 1993, three 8 year old boys were found naked and murdered in a West Memphis, Arkansas drainage canal.  One of the boys, Christopher Byers, had been castrated.  Three ne´er-do-well teenagers — Charles Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley and Michael Wayne “Damien” Echols — were arrested for the heinous crime.  In the wake of their conviction, a media and entertainment frenzy surrounded Catholic-turned-witch “Damien” Echols.  He had been given the death penalty.  Echols remained cause celebre through 18 years on death row and was finally released via intercession by Arkansas Supreme Court.

Lost to onlookers was how the step-father of Christopher Byers, Mark Byers, escaped official attention of any sort despite overwhelming forensic evidence, some of which provided by one of those media documentary crews.

What was noteworthy was that the film crew was given a “memento” from (John) Mark Byers, the adoptive father of Christopher Byers: a folding knife.  When the crew realized the knife had blood on it, they sent it to the West Memphis Police.

All three boys had received lacerations and Christopher was mutilated with a knife.

The blood tested human — O+. Both Byers and, by coincidence, his adopted son had O+ blood.

Mark Byers and his wife Melissa (Christopher’s biological mother) had been in trouble with the law. In 1994, they were arrested for stealing $20,000 of antiques from a neighbor’s house and trying to sell them at a pawn shop. When Byers happened upon a fight between two boys, he forced them to finish with his knife while he held them at gunpoint. One boy required hospitalization.

During their interviews by HBO, the Byers were the most vocal in their hatred for the three suspects.

While the court appearance for their burglary was still pending in 1996, Melissa Byers died “mysteriously”.  Paramedics were dispatched to their home in Cherokee, Arkansas to find her naked, on her bed with her arms at her sides, unresponsive.

When she was pronounced dead at the hospital, Sharp County Sheriff Sonny Powell called Arkansas State Police Investigator Stan Witt to report it as suspicious. ~ Eaters of Children, Johnny Cirucci, CreateSpace (September 11th, 2017), p. 515

Family of child sex abuse victims are often involved in the crime, especially if there is an animus towards the child because he/she has different biological parents.

Conflicting Reports

Supposedly, Kelley parked across the street from Sutherland Springs First Baptist, approached on foot, opened fire outside then walked inside.

NBC highlighted this supposed witness and then acknowledged that First Baptist records all services but didn’t show any footage of the actual shooting.

In another clip, supposed shooting survivor Rosanne Solis claimed that shots rained down upon the parishioners from the roof.

It’s difficult to imagine powerful tyrants in government and media having access to video footage of a gun-wielding mass murderer slaughtering church-goers as they prayed and not at least sharing a disturbing few seconds to push the next level of the gun-confiscating Police State.

If innocents really did die in Sutherland Springs, did Devin Kelley kill them or was it a team of murderers working for the very people we pay and employ to protect us?

As is so often the case with mass tragedies, after the incident, after supposedly being wounded, the apparent perpetrator, Devin Kelley, committed suicide.  He “self-destructed”.

On the rare occasions that a patsy perp is caught, he is disappeared in a thoroughly corrupt penal system.  When supposed Aurora, Colorado mass shooter James Holmes was shown for his court appearances, he did not seem to even know where he was.

James HolmesRemember, Remember the 5th of November

It is significant that First Baptist “Pastor” Frank Pomeroy and his wife Sherri were absent from church on the day of the shooting, yet their 14 year old daughter Annabelle is listed amongst the dead.

Was she voluntarily sacrificed by a father who didn’t love her?

Annabelle was adopted.  Perhaps that allowed the callousness necessary to “offer” her up for sacrifice.

Pomeroy’s presence on the internet is predominantly a recent one.  Video uploads of his church services only go back 3 years.

The first one shows the married Christian Pastor wearing no jewelry on either hand (no wedding ring on his left).

In July of 2017, Pomeroy began wearing a ring on his right hand.

Noteworthy was his sermon on “addictions” where Pomeroy admitted to having been addicted to undisclosed habits, and that “powerful people try to tell you that is who you are”.  He also stated that he was abused as a child but dared his congregation to ask any of his eight children if he had abused them.  Instead, I’d ask why a “non-Catholic Pastor” had such a seemingly large Catholic family.

It wasn’t until his October 22nd, 2017 sermon that he began being seen with a very noticeable ring on his left hand (where his wedding ring should be, but isn’t).

The ring on his right appears to be a Texas university ring.

The ring seen recently on his left is less easy to decipher.  It is not a traditional wedding ring.  He is photographed here woodenly hugging “Evangelical Catholic” Vice President Mike Pence.

The design of the ring barely splits the difference between a traditional Christian cross and the symbol of fealty towards Rome: an equidistant Maltese cross.

Particularly disturbing is the picture of Pomeroy with a small child (listed by “” as one of his grandchildren) on his lap in a very sexual pose.

If that image isn’t reversed, Pomeroy appears to be wearing the more robust class ring on his wedding finger.

As has been fully detailed in Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed, the surest way to seal a conspiracy is with the suffering of a child.

At least one YouTube channel is drawing attention to hand gestures made by Frank Pomeroy during one of his services.

Incidental hand gestures are a difficult clue to prove (perhaps that’s why many questionable “investigators” make so much out the topic).

What is more significant is where the images come from.

The internet has been scrubbed of any evidence regarding the life of Frank Pomeroy save videos of his church services.

The service in question was this year’s “Easter” service.

Although claiming to be a “Baptist” institution, Frank Pomeroy’s church celebrated “communion” in true Catholic fashion save the vestments.

It is a ceremony that has nothing to do with either Christianity or Judaism.

Below is a screenshot capturing Pomeroy with clasped his hands in an unorthodox manner during this “Easter service”.

The “diamond” hand gesture has also been called the “Sign of Practicus”, supposedly rooted in Kabbalah.

Here it is demonstrated by Haile Selassie, “Emperor” of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974.  The photo is provided by Knight of Malta1 William Randolph Hearst’s “Life magazine”.

Selassie was a product of both Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry.

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany since 2005, is so fond of the gesture, media is forced to lampoon it.

It is also the way one describes female genitalia in sign language so perhaps the well-entrenched Chancellor is repeatedly telling everyone she is female…or she likes females.

Perhaps far more telling than Pomeroy’s momentary hand clasping is his unique tie; it bears a striking resemblance to Roman Catholic “Stations of the Cross”.

Langendorff and Peacetrucker

That’s not a Woodstock folk duo…although they could be.

As the official story goes, after “hero” Stephen Willeford wounded “lone gunman” Devin Kelley, he flagged down “hero” Johnnie Langendorff who followed Kelley at speeds of up to 95 mph until he hit a stop sign and drove into a ditch.

Langendorff is, to say the least, an unusual character.

But for all his unorthodoxy, he certainly seems enamored with an ancient symbol of fidelity towards Rome: a Maltese cross.

He has it on his hatband.

And a multiplicity of neck-ware.

This look we might call “Confederate Homie”.  We’ll see more “white power” from a different source below.

When he does accompany them with a “Christian” cross, it still has a Templar flare to it.

For that matter, so do the “grave markers” set up by local towns-people to commemorate their loss.

Interestingly, the pop culture blog “” has “5 Facts You Need to Know” about several key players from Johnnie Langendorff to Frank Pomeroy.

The Heavy piece on Pomeroy includes embedded social media from some surprising sources such as the Instagram of discredited Tel-evangelist Rod Parsley.

Using frauds and insurgents to destroy the credibility of Christians remains a high priority for the Counter-Reformation.  It seems to be a priority for “” as well.

Also included is a “tweet” from “Arthur Peacetrucker” a.k.a. @IndictedArthur.

Mr. Peacetrucker doesn’t say what he’s indicted for but he does describe himself this way—

obergruppenmemer • uncuckable beating heart of the #maganationalism aesthetic • filthy rich boomer who can outbench you

“obergruppenmemer” seems to be a not-particularly-humorous alluding to Obergruppenführer—the second-highest rank in the Nazi SS.

“uncuckable beating heart” appears as metaphorically perverse and deviant as Mr. Peacetrucker’s profile pic.

Indicted Arthur has only been on Twitter for 6 months yet has “tweeted” 7,308 times and has 3.164 followers to include:

* TTA Mädel, “When you’re white there’s no upgrade.”

* Michelle Obama has a huge Cock @LmfaoMikeHunt

* Peekay Truth (a “Truther” YouTube personality)

* Rev Mike Londen, a Catholic priest from Texas who just joined Twitter November 2017

* Lucius Crassus, @TradWhiteLucius, “Alt-Right. Pro-White. All Night. #HailVictory”—another Roman racist?

* Squints McCuck, @FemzHaveBalls whose header states “It’s OK to be White” in style of the large white HOLLYWOOD letters.

* Snow White, @Blue_Santorelli, “just white girly things as well as family and friends. xoxo”—an Italian racist who joined Twitter in July.

* Hunter S Randolph, @PunctumGladio, “TradWorker. NatSoc. 2016-2017 Meme War Veteran. MAGA. Shitposting.”—a Roman Nazi who seeks to “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) with “National Socialism.

* Brant Law, @law_brant, “Single. White. Trad. Nationalist.”—joined Twitter February 2017

* Kay Rander, @K4y_R4nd3r, “Nationalist White American”—joined Twitter November 2017

Do you get the sense that forces friendly to Rome are stirring racial hatred as hard as they can?

When Indicted Arthur tweeted his support of Sutherland Springs First Baptist—

—he got an immediate response from Gays Against Guns, @GAGnoguns, “The Official Twitter Account Of Gays Against Guns. GAG is an inclusive, nonviolent direct action group of LGBTQ+ people committed to ending gun violence.”  They shared an “unlikely” repartee with each other.

Indicted Arthur links his profile to the “tragicomedy” novel Joan of Iraq by Arthur Angell.  The cover sports interesting Catholic imagery.

When you click on his #maganationalism you only come up with the tweets of Mr. Peacetrucker and one other profile; Jorge Arturo, @actanonverba147.

“Jorge Arturo” just happens to be the first names of the “White” and “Black” Popes (both happen to be Jesuits); Jorge Mario Bergoglio, “Pope Francis” and Arturo Sosa, the Superior General of the “Society of Jesus”.

It’s probably not a leap to say that, even in Texas, all roads still lead to Rome.

  1. “Episcopalian” Hearst has been carefully scrubbed of mainstream sources regarding his Knighthood in the service of the “Vicar of Christ”.  He was even removed from the list provided by “WikiSpooks” (I have the archive).  However, all those around him can be shown as also being Papal Knights by “accepted” sources.  The Hearst Corporation, itself, proudly proclaims former President Frank Massi was a Knight of Malta.  The New York Times acknowledges Hearst Manager Richard Berlin as Knight of Malta.  On page 333 of 666 total pages of Who’s Who of Pulitzer Prize Winners, Greenwood Publishing Group (1999), authors Elizabeth Brennan and Elizabeth Clarage acknowledge “Episcopalian” William Randolph Hearst, Junior as a Knight of Malta.  Less mainstream sources such as “conspiracy researcher” James Arendt state Hearst was a KoM.  A fascinating article by Christian J. Pinto explains how Evangelist Billy Graham was empowered by Knights of Malta William Randolph Hearst and Henry Luce to be the fraudulent face of Protestant Christianity.  How did Mr. Pinto come by this critical, secret information?  Perhaps he’s also playing a role and exploiting information from the source, itself.

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