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Well…what an odd topic to christen the new site with.

I guess I can thank the clean-cut young men who invaded my home 2 weekends ago and, again, today.

When they surprised me last weekend, my first thought was how badly I wanted to see their Latter-Day Saint brother, Mitt Romney win the Republican nomination and, subsequently, the White House. He’s far from perfect (can anything coming from Massachusetts be??) but he is the best of the entire lot of them in either party.

I looked at these young men sitting across from me at my dinner table with their short hair and their conservative suits and my first thought was, “Fellow Culture Warriors!”

So, rather than utilize my fair knowledge of Scripture to make them uncomfortable, I accented what we had in common.

Me being me, I did almost all of the talking, which was quite humorous given that they came to convert me. I think the older “elder” left behind his “Book of Mormon” for me more out of procedure than as an exclamation point to his witnessing (he really didn’t do any!). I had to embarrassingly move it from the TV tray where it sat all week before their return to at least make it look like I picked the thing up.

I went out of my way to invite them back by giving them my name and phone number. A few days later they called, we played some phone tag, and I invited them to return today.

But, in the days leading up to their return, I got an ornery streak due to the chance that the purpose of their returning was to try even harder to convert me. They certainly weren’t coming to sit and chat. It made me a little confrontational. I knew there were several issues that I could throw their way—issues that would stump any honest Mormon.

Even more, the L-rd was fueling my belligerent mood by having September Dawn conveniently in my mailbox from Blockbuster Online several days before their return visit. I was saving it to watch with my wife but, with nothing else on the boob tube (as usual), I put it in to watch while I ate my lunch (even though the wife had to work).

September Dawn is a movie by Christopher Cain starring Jon Voight (fresh off of his fantastic performance as Defense Secretary John Keller in Transformers). The plot revolves around what is now known as the “Mountain Meadows massacre.”

Cain thought it pertinent to today’s Islamo-facist threat to relive another event that occurred on September 11th…in 1857. It, too, was an event charged by hatred and religious fervor.

Now, in spite of my newfound love for Jon Voight, I hesitated to even put this movie into my Blockbuster queue because I was afraid it would preach what so many other Leftist morons are out there preaching, courtesy of the lunacy of “multiculturalism”—that all “religious fervor” leads to homicidal madness. It’s what unG-dly people do to slander Christianity in order to slight the Message they so hate — “Have some friggin’ self control you perverts!”

OK, so maybe I paraphrased the Gospel Message a little there, but there is plenty of evidence that the Left has used this slanderous tactic to sidestep Judeo-Christian morality.

athiest park blasphemyLike the Connecticut atheists who decided to show Christian children who wanted to walk or play in the town of Vernon’s Central Park that their religion is no different from the one that inspired the slaughter of 3,000 Americans on September 11th.

It, of course, tickles me no end that they tagged their sign with the song of one of my favorite long-haired, dope-smoking Leftists, the late (not-so-great) John Lennon.

Or, perhaps you’d like to go more “mainstream.” How about CNN, otherwise known as “The Clinton News Network,” or “The Caliphate News Network.”

It wasn’t just a “report,” but an entire series by Christiane Amanpour (be sure to put the right accent on the proper syllable) titled “God’s Warriors,” where, you guessed it — no difference between the “fundamentalists” of any given religion…even the one CNN twit equates jihadis with evangelicalsthat uses women with Down Syndrome as carriers of bombs to slaughter innocent people.

But I figured, “what the heck?” I went ahead and rented it anyway and, there it was, sitting on my TV, inviting me to challenge my 2 young guests.

So perhaps a little history lesson is called for:

Joseph Smith (1805 to 1827) claimed to have had a “visitation” from an [“angel” named] “Moroni” in 1823 which led to his finding and unearthing (in 1827) a long-buried book, inscribed on metal plates, which [supposedly] contained a record of God’s dealings with…ancient Israelite inhabitants of the Americas. ~ Joseph Smith, Jr., Wikipedia

By the way, that’s why you have to scrutinize Wikipedia — the entry for Joseph Smith seems like it was written by a Mormon public affairs manager.

This “visitation” was the basis for the new religion.

But trouble followed Smith wherever he went. Smith exacerbated this by appropriating much of the Hebrew religion; calling non-Mormons “gentiles,” calling his main religious building “the temple” and so on. This is in stark contrast to mainstream, fundamentalist Christianity whose doctrine states that Jesus Christ completely fulfilled the only G-d-given religion on the planet (Judaism) whose purpose was to point towards Him —

Matthew 27:50-51
50 And Jesus cried out again with a loud Voice, and yielded up His Spirit.
51 And behold, the veil of the Temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the Earth shook and the rocks were split!
New American Standard Update (capitalization added to correct disrespect)

Making a new religion for the sake of personal power wasn’t anything “new.” What Smith did was just like another “prophet” who believed he was visited by a Heavenly emissary and given a “Divine revelation” for the sake of empowering himself…Muhammad.

And there are more similarities than that.

The Book of Mormon contains many plagiarisms of the King James English (at least 25,000 words). This is strange since the plates were supposed to have been in the ground many centuries before the King James Bible was completed in 1611! The Book of Mormon also contains many errors such as claims of elephants in the Western Hemisphere and advanced metal producing capabilities in America before 400 A.D. (See Walter Martin’s Kingdom of the Cults for a fine study in the errors of the Mormon Bible) ~ The Plain Truth about the Mormons, James L. Melton

Karen Armstrong, who is quite sympathetic to him in her biography Muhammad, notes:

“Muhammad did not know the chronology in which the scriptural prophets appeared: he seems, for example, to have thought that Mariam [sic], the mother of Jesus, was the same as Mariam [sic], the sister of Moses in the Jewish scriptures.”

It was not until later on, after already having given some of the recitations that form part of the Qu’ran, that Mohammed met with some friendly Jews in Medina who gave him more information on the Scriptures. Armstrong writes:

“Muhammad also learned about the chronology of Jewish history and discovered that the Jews and Christians, whom he had previously thought belonged to one religion, in fact had serious disagreements.”

I point this out because the Qu’ran reflects his lack of knowledge of the temporal sequence and progressive revelation revealed in the Bible. The Qu’ran does not contain the chronologies or genealogies of the Bible — which not only provide a continuous link in the records but also set the context for the prophets, priests, and kings, and for Jesus himself. There is no timeline like this in the Qu’ran. Instead there are snatches of stories which are distorted and made to differ from the biblical ones. ~ The Qu’ran: Plagiarism of the Bible and Omissions, Catez Stevens, Wednesday, February 16, 2005

As Smith and his followers bounced from state to state, they stayed only long enough to start scandal either based on unpaid debt or Smith’s outrageous polygamy habits which included “marrying” a girl as young as 14. It didn’t even matter if the women were already married to other Mormon men, Smith “married” them as well!

In identifying 33 well-documented wives of Smith — other researchers have placed the figure as high as 48 — Compton found that in the case of 11 women, Smith’s polygamy was polyandrous. That is, the women were married and cohabiting with their husbands, who mostly were faithful Mormons, when Smith married them…Eleven of Smith’s wives were between ages 14 and 20, nine were in their 20s, eight were in Smith’s own peer group of 31 to 40, two were in their 40s and three in their 50s. ~ Joseph Smith’s Wives, Salt Lake Tribune, 13 December, 1997

Beneath these dehumanizing sacks are Afghan women who, before being liberated by the United States, would be murdered on sight if they were ever caught without their “burqahs.”

Beneath these dehumanizing sacks are Afghan women who, before being liberated by the United States, would be murdered on sight if they were ever caught without their “burqahs.”

How about some examples of the way the male followers of Muhammad treat women (incidentally, don’t hold your breath waiting for Gloria Allred and the “National Organization for Women” to ever address these outrageous injustices because Islam attacks their mutual enemy: the United States — where there are so many white men!):

  • In the good ole’ United Kingdom they have eradicated their Christian heritage and allowed the Religion of Peace to fill the void. But some young women are caught in between the 2 cultures; the decadence of Western Europe and the vicious harshness of Islamic men. In order to keep from getting murdered for being unchaste, muslim girls who have fornicated before marriage are having plastic surgeons sew them back into virgins (complete with blood capsules for the proper honeymoon affect).
  • Or how about the young Saudi girl who was caught sharing the company of a boy that was neither her husband nor her blood relative? When they were caught by some civic-minded Saudi men, both she and the boy were gang-raped. Afterwards, a Saudi court decided that she still needed to be punished further and sentenced her to 200 lashes and 6 months in prison.
  • slaughtered girlsHere’s one I know you’ve seen plastered on the evening news night after night; Egyptian-born Yaser Abdel Said of Lewisville, TX murdered his 17 and 18 year old daughters. Why? They were getting a little too Western for his muslim sensibilities. So, rather than have a long talk with them, he put them in his cab and then put bullets in their heads.
    This is well-known amongst those knowledgeable in Islam as an “honor killing” but, oddly, neither the media nor the Irving police could find a motive as to why a muslim father would murder his 2 Americanized daughters.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Rather than allowing the Spirit to guide you in how you behave, you allow your loins to guide you. In both cases of Smith and Muhammad, women were nothing more than breathing sex-dolls or personal property to extinguish on a whim.

This is in stark contrast to the Biblical, Christian doctrine which states that, yes, women are different than men, yes wives are subservient to husbands, but the other side of that coin is that husbands are to love their wives as much as Christ loves us—

Ephesians 5:25-32
25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the Church and gave Himself up for her,
26 so that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the Word,
27 that He might present to Himself the Church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless.
28 So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself;
29 for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the Church,
30 because we are members of His Body.
32 This Mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the Church.
New American Standard Update (capitalization added)

Have you seen The Passion of the Christ? Regardless of any controversy surrounding the private antics of Mel Gibson, the movie does a good job of helping its viewers get in touch with what it cost to buy our souls. That is the Example a Christian man is to follow in how to love his wife in specific, and respect all women in general.

Contrary to what modern, Leftist feminism teaches, men and women were created by G-d to be different (because it teaches us lessons about how to interact with our Savior)—

I Corinthians 11:3
3 …I want you to understand that Christ is the Head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and G-d is the Head of Christ.
New American Standard Update (capitalization and abbreviation added to correct disrespect)

But the most important thing to remember is that women are still completely equal with men in the highest sense of all: we are all souls Saved by Jesus Christ—

I Peter 3:7
7 You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is a woman; and show her honor as a fellow heir of the Grace of Life, so that your prayers will not be hindered.
New American Standard Update (capitalization added to correct disrespect)

Here’s how you can know man-made religion: what does it tell you is your reward for following its precepts?


  1. Mormons can become gods and goddesses.
  1. Goddesses will spend eternity in full submission to their god-husband.
  1. Mormon women will give birth “forever and ever” to spirit-babies.
  1. Mormon men can have multiple wives in heaven—eternal polygamy.
  1. Heavenly Father is an exalted man who lives with his goddess wife, Heavenly Mother, on a planet near the great star Kolob.
  1. American Indians are descendants of the wicked Lamanites, who were Israelites that God cursed with dark skin.
  1. God the Father had sex with Mary to conceive Jesus, who is the half brother of Lucifer.
  1. All Christian churches are an abomination.
  1. Mormons need 4 secret handshakes to get into the Celestial heaven.
  1. Joseph Smith revealed that the actual Garden of Eden is in Jackson County, Missouri.


[1] Journal of Discourses 1:50-51; J of D 8:115; Doctrine and Covenants Section 132:20

[2] Doctrine and Covenants 84:33-9; Goddesses are always subject to a god. Women are denied the Priesthood (meaning they are denied authority—not the same as Catholic priesthood). “In the LDS universe, theologically described as the real eternal universe, each man who achieves the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom is worth many times more than each woman, even the women who qualify at that highest Celestial level, because each man who achieves Godhood-level may have numerous God-wives, but each God-wife may have only one husband. This can only mean that each “heavenly father” is worth many times more than each “heavenly mother.” And, even if the ratio were strictly one to one, the male God, not the female God, holds the priesthood authority and is the only one of the God parents to whom his earth-mortality children are allowed to pray. So Mormon women can never, NEVER achieve equality with men, no matter how outstanding or righteous the women are. That’s just the way it’s set up.” Mormon Women, PROZAC® And Therapy By Kent Ponder, Ph.D. e-mail address:

[3] LDS Apostle Orson Pratt wrote, “Each father and mother will be in the condition to multiply forever and ever” (The Seer, 37).

[4] Doctrine and Covenants 132; Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 11:269; Men can still be sealed for eternity (not time) to women other than their wives; “The practice of polygamy has been discontinued, but the doctrine of polygamy has never been revoked. D&C 132 is still part of the LDS canon. And some current church practices are still based on polygamous principles.” See pro-Mormon site (accessed February 25, 2007).

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[8] Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith—History 1:19. Smith claimed God sent him to “restore” true Christianity.

[9] Celestial Kingdom is the highest of 3 levels in the Mormon heaven (need handshakes to get past the angel guarding the veil); See ex-Mormon site (accessed February 25, 2007); David John Buerger, The Mysteries of Godliness: A History of Mormon Temple Worship, (accessed February 25, 2007).

[10] Doctrine and Covenants 116; Journal of Discourses, 10:235; Smith named the Spring Hill, Daviess County, Missouri area Adam-Ondi-Ahman.

Top 10 Amazing Facts of Mormonism, Jill Martin Rische, March 1, 2007


Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.

How should ye not fight for the cause of Allah and of the feeble among men and of the women and the children who are crying: Our Lord! Bring us forth from out this town of which the people are oppressors! Oh, give us from thy presence some protecting friend! Oh, give us from Thy presence some defender!

Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of idols. So fight the minions of the devil. Lo! the devil’s strategy is ever weak. ~ Surah 4:74-76

What will they find in “Heaven”? Girls and boys waiting to pleasure them—

They will recline (with ease) on Thrones (of dignity) arranged in ranks; and We shall join them to houris [virgins], with beautiful big and lustrous eyes. And those who believe and whose families follow them in Faith, — to them shall We join their families: Nor shall We deprive them (of the fruit) of aught of their works: (Yet) is each individual in pledge for his deeds.

And We shall bestow on them, of fruit and meat, anything they shall desire. They shall there exchange, one with another, a (loving) cup free of frivolity, free of all taint of ill.

Round about them will serve, (devoted) to them, young male servants (handsome) as Pearls well-guarded. They will advance to each other, engaging in mutual enquiry. They will say: “Aforetime, we were not without fear for the sake of our people. But Allah has been good to us, and has delivered us from the Penalty of the Scorching Wind.” ~ Surah 52:20-27

Pretty twisted, huh? Just in case you wanted to slay some infidels but really wanted to be sure of the “boy” thing in your “heaven,” here’s more—

And they will be given to drink there of a Cup (of Wine) mixed with Zanjabil, — A fountain there, called Salsabil. And round about them will (serve) youths of perpetual (freshness): If thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered Pearls. And when thou lookest, it is there thou wilt see a Bliss and a Realm Magnificent. ~Surah 76:17-20


In dramatic contrast to the fleshly promises of food and perverse sex found in these false religions, the observant Christian can expect that, while suffering, they can take heart in the indescribable Glory that will one day be revealed to them—

Romans 8:18
18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the Glory that is to be revealed to us!
New American Standard Update (capitalization added to correct disrespect)

It is Glory so simple and subtle, yet beyond words; the Glory of being the friend of Almighty G-d—

Exodus 33:11
11 Thus the L-RD used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend.
New American Standard Update (abbreviation added to correct disrespect)

It is a friendship defined by sacrifice given, not taken—

John 15:13-15
13 “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.
14 You are My friends if you do what I command you!
15 No longer do I call you ‘slaves,’ for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you ‘friends,’ for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you.”

It exists in a Place where lusts of the flesh no-longer have pull…or even meaning—

Matthew 22:23-30
23 On that day some Sadducees (who say there is no resurrection) came to Jesus and questioned Him,
25 Now there were seven brothers with us; and the first married and died, and having no children left his wife to his brother;
26 so also the second, and the third, down to the seventh.
27 Last of all, the woman died.
28 In the resurrection, therefore, whose wife of the seven will she be? For they all had married her.”
29 But Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the Power of G-d.
30 For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in Heaven.”

Anyway, all of this scandal finally caught up with Joseph Smith in Missouri. And he handled it in an interesting way—

On October 14th, 1838 Joseph Smith equated himself with Muhammad. As reported by another Mormon historian, in a speech given to “every able-bodied Mormon in Caldwell County” Missouri, [Smith] said:

“If the people will let us alone we will preach the gospel in peace. But if they come on us to molest us, we will establish our religion by the sword. We will trample down our enemies and make it one gore of blood from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. I will be to this generation a second Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was ‘Alcoran [“the Qur’an”] or the Sword.’ So shall it eventually be with us — ‘Joseph Smith or the Sword!’” (Fawn Brodie, No Man Knows My History, 230-231. See History of the Church 3:167) ~ Archive for the “Joseph Smith” Category, January 30, 2008, Sharon Lindbloom

So Joseph Smith equated himself with Muhammad, threatening blood retribution for the rejection of his “gospel”…because that is what Muhammad did—

The Sayings and Deeds of Muhammad and His Companions

One of Muhammad’s popular claims is that God commanded him to fight people until they become Muslims and carry out the ordinances of Islam. All Muslim scholars without exception agree on this. Muhammad said: “I have been ordered by God to fight with people till they bear testimony to the fact that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is his messenger, and that they establish prayer and pay Zakat (money). If they do it, their blood and their property are safe from me” (Bukhari Vol. I, p. 13).

Scholars understood this claim to mean the waging of offensive wars against unbelievers in order to force them to embrace Islam as individuals or communities. This is exactly what Muhammad himself did in carrying out God’s commandment to him.

Azhar’s Scholars in Egypt

In his book, “Jurisprudence in Muhammad’s Biography”, the Azhar scholar, Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti says the following (page 134, 7th edition): “The Holy War, as it is known in Islamic Jurisprudence, is basically an offensive war. This is the duty of Muslims in every age when the needed military power becomes available to them. This is the phase in which the meaning of Holy War has taken its final form. Thus the apostle of God said: ‘I was commanded to fight the people until they believe in God and his message …’” ~ Truth About Islam, Shabana Muhammad, 10 June, 2006

Both of these “gospels” are in stark contrast to the Message of the Prince of Peace—

Matthew 5:39-47
39 “But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.
40 If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also.
41 Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.
42 Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you.
43 You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’
44 But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in Heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?
47 If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same?”

By the way, that is why Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was so successful in his efforts to erase bigotry, while Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan (both followers of Muhammad) exacerbated racial strife — in the case of Farrakhan, he still does to this day.

Why was polygamy so important to Joseph Smith and to Muhammad? Because they were ruled by lust (might I even say, “demons of lust”?)—

Most of Smith’s plural wives boarded with other families, whom he visited periodically. His secretary, William Clayton, recorded one such visit to young Almera Johnson on May 16, 1843: “Prest. Joseph and I went to B[enjamin] F. Johnsons [sic] to sleep.” Johnson himself later noted that on this visit Smith stayed with Almera “as man and wife” and “occupied the same room and bed with my sister, that the previous month he had occupied with the daughter of the late Bishop Partridge as his wife.” Almera Johnson also confirmed her secret marriage to Joseph Smith: “I lived with the prophet Joseph as his wife and he visited me at the home of my brother Benjamin F.”

While in hiding, Joseph Smith wrote a revealing letter which he addressed to her parents, Newel and Elizabeth Whitney, inviting them to bring their daughter to visit him “just back of Brother Hyrums [sic] farm.” He advised Brother Whitney to “come a little a head and knock at the south East corner of the house at the window.” He assured them, especially Sarah Ann, that “it is the will of God that you should comfort me now.” He stressed the need for care “to find out when Emma comes,” but “when she is not here, there is the most perfect saftey [sic].” The prophet warned them to “burn this letter as soon as you read it” and “keep all locked up in your breasts.” In closing he admonished, “I think Emma won’t come to night if she dont [sic], dont [sic] fail to come tonight.” ~ Joseph Smith…Cover[ed] Polygamy Pregnancies, The Mormon Curtain

Muhammad had sex with just about anyone he pleased, thanks to Allah’s remarkable interest in his personal sex life.

Muhammad was married to eleven women at one time, relegating them to either consecutive days or (according to some accounts) all in one night. He married a 9-year-old girl and even his adopted son’s wife. On top of that he had a multitude of slave girls and concubines with whom he had sex – sometimes on the very days in which they had watched their husbands and fathers die at the hands of Muhammad’s armies.

So, by any realistic measure, the creator of the world’s most sexually restrictive religion was also one of the most sexually indulgent characters in history.

For the sake of brevity, I have given just 2 of the examples listed by this site—

Sura (33:37) — “But when Zaid had accomplished his want of her, We gave her to you as a wife, so that there should be no difficulty for the believers in respect of the wives of their adopted sons, when they have accomplished their want of them; and Allah’s command shall be performed.” No doubt millions of young Muslims, trying to outdo one another at memorizing the Quran, have wondered about what this verse means and why it is there. In fact, this is a “revelation” of convenience that Allah just happened to hand down at a time when Muhammad lusted after his daughter-in-law, Zaynab, — an affair that disturbed local customs. The verse “commands” Muhammad to marry the woman (following her husband’s gracious divorce). As for why this should be part of the eternal word of God…?

Sura (33:50) — “O Prophet! surely We have made lawful to you your wives whom you have given their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses out of those whom Allah has given to you as prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who fled with you; and a believing woman if she gave herself to the Prophet, if the Prophet desired to marry her specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers; We know what We have ordained for them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess in order that no blame may attach to you;” This is another special command that Muhammad handed down to himself that allows virtually unlimited sex, divinely sanctioned by Allah. One assumes that there was some sort of disgruntlement in the community over Muhammad’s hedonism that this “revelation” was meant to assuage. ~ What does the Religion of Peace Teach About…The Sex Life of the Prophet, Religion of

As I was saying, this all caught up with Joseph Smith in Missouri.

[Smith] claimed to have received a revelation on polygamy in 1842 but hid it from the public during his lifetime. [That issue was] key to his arrest. In public he strongly denied polygamy while practicing it privately.

On June 7, 1844…Smith read the first (and only) edition of the Navoo Expositor. This paper was printed by [Smith]’s second in command, William Law and William’s brother Wilson. In this only edition, Law publicly exposed [Smith]’s “Plural Wife System.” [Smith] had proposed to William’s wife and wanted her to become one of his plural wives. (The fact that [Smith] proposed to another man’s wife is always ignored in LDS reviews of [Smith]’s death.) She was highly offended and told her husband, who purchased a printing press and exposed [Smith] in public print.

Joseph Smith was so upset about being exposed that he called a city council meeting and, as mayor, declared the press a public nuisance and ordered it destroyed (Documentary History of the Church [DHoC], Vol. 7, pp. 61-65). Even in 1844, this was a violation of freedom of the press. [Smith] was first arrested in Navoo, but being the mayor, he let himself out of jail on his own recognizance. This is why charges were filed against him in Carthage.

The Navoo Expositor was the first newspaper to publicly expose Joseph Smith’s active practice of polygamy and his attempts to marry other men’s wives [“polyandry”]. The polygamy revelation (D&C 132) was not printed until some years after the saints arrived in Salt Lake. [Smith]’s first wife Emma did not like polygamy. After [Smith] was killed, she denied that [Smith] ever practiced it and blamed Brigham Young for the polygamy revelation (D&C 132).

While Smith was in jail, 2 guns were smuggled in to help him break out. [Smith] defended himself by shooting…with a pepperbox six-shooter that belonged to John Taylor which was smuggled into the jail by Cyrus Wheelock (HoC 7:100).

The gun battle in the jail is recorded in DHoC 7:101-105. John Taylor recorded the number of shots fired by Joseph Smith. He shot all six rounds, but three shots misfired. The three shots that did go off killed two men and wounded a third. It is recorded that Joseph Smith was shot in the back while trying to escape by jumping through the second-story window. His dying words were uttered outside on the ground. ~ The Mormon Miracle Pageant, Marshall Almarode, MacGregor

These were the events that set the stage for the Mountain Meadows massacre.

Of course the Mormons that remained in Missouri were driven out and they found a new home in what was to become Utah.

Fueled by their isolationism, warped ideology and paranoia, they were expecting a company of U.S. soldiers to come wipe them out. When they saw the Fancher-Baker wagon train filled with Arkansas and Missouri immigrants bound for California, they knew it was time to act.

Two men — leaders in the Mormon militia, Isaac C. Haight and John D. Lee — conspired to lead Paiute tribesmen and Mormon militiamen disguised as Indians in an attack. Unfortunately for them, the Bible-thumping pilgrims were armed and able to defend themselves. In spite of their long journey and need for rest, the immigrants accounted for themselves well enough to turn the attack into more of a siege.

After 5 days, a group of plain-dressed Mormons approached the wagon train under a flag of truce and claimed that they had worked a deal with the Paiutes; if they turned over all of their 800 head of cattle and the rest of their supplies, the survivors would be permitted to leave the area with their lives.

As soon as they left their defensive perimeter, the Mormons turned and executed the men while (it was reported) they had the Paiutes execute the women and children. A small number of children too young to understand their circumstance were permitted to live.

dead Indian agentDo you remember the year? 1857. Do you know what was going on at that time? If you were educated in an American public school you probably don’t. Before word of the atrocity could get circulated in a time before internet, TV and telephones, the Civil War broke out in 1860.

It wasn’t until 20 years later that the incident was investigated. The only conviction was that of John D. Lee. LDS president Brigham Young could not be proven to have been criminally involved in the atrocity but, if he knew of the events as they took place (and it’s a good bet that he did), he was guilty by omission. It is a matter of historical record that Young righteously called the slaughter “God’s vengeance,” (Blood of the Prophets, Will Bagley, p. 247)

Back before judges and governments were warped by liberalism, socialism and secular humanism, there was still a sense of G-dly Justice. Upon conviction, John D. Lee was taken to the scene of the massacre and summarily shot by a military firing squad.

UPDATE: 13 February, 2008 (Wednesday) —

In spite of my vote for Governor Mitt Romney, he has been forced out of the Republican primary by an unholy alliance between media darling Senator John McCain and self proclaimed “Evangelical Christian” Mike Huckabee.

Do you want to know what trumps the sordid, perverted past of Governor Romney’s religion? — The best interests of this nation.

If I have the time and energy, I will put together a voter’s guide that spells out the specifics of why I endorsed and voted for Mitt Romney as the best choice given Republican voters to protect the strength and values of the United States. Given that so many well-known names on the Right were with me like Rush Limbaugh, Senator Rick Santorum, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Lars Larson and Senator Thad Cochran to name a few, I think you can understand where I was coming from.

But, after delivering an amazing speech at the 2008 Conservative Political Action Committee (where was this ideological passion during the campaign??) Romney bowed out of the race.

It is a foregone conclusion that the Romney campaign was doomed by thousands of Christians who knew too little about what Mike Huckabee stands for (like a free ride for illegal aliens and criminals—over one thousand pardons delivered by governor Huckabee) and simply played identity politics; “Hmm. Huckabee ‘Christian,’ me Christian too! I vote for him!!”

No different than the racists who vote for Obama because he’s black or the sexists who vote for the bride of satan, Hillary Rodham Clinton because she has ovaries.

Well, my stupid brothers and sisters, you have gotten rid of the Mormon whose religion, thanks to over a century of life in America, was really no threat what-so-ever and have exchanged him for a Baptist minister who said he wants to make amends for president Bush’s “bunker mentality” foreign policy and have tea with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — the Iranian leader who claims there was no Jewish Holocaust dour mittens(while he eagerly prepares to initiate another).

Oh, by the way, morons, did you happen to notice that Huckabee is now getting creamed by McNasty who is a shoo-in to become the guy we put up against the Democrat winner who will be riding a massive wave of anti-Bush, debt-increasing, illegal-loving hatred?

But, hey, we don’t need to worry about the president telling someone that Jesus is the “spirit brother” of Lucifer, do we.

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