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In December of 1998, Congress began impeachment proceedings against William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

In January of 1999, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton committed the American military to a 500 year old religious conflict between Bosnian muslims and Serbian Christians in the former Yugoslavia…aiding the Islamists against their Orthodox foes.

Orthodox Church in Kosovo-Metohija, Serbia destroyed by Albanian KLA muslim terrorists

The action was sold to the American people as necessary due to inhuman atrocities created by Serbian “ethnic cleansing”, but a decade later it emerged that Albanian muslims self-inflicted “cleansing” on innocent locals:

Eve-Ann Prentice, a British journalist who covered the Kosovo war for the Guardian and the London Times, testified during Slobodan Milosevic’s trial in the Hague. He said that rather than being driven out by the Serbs, “The KLA [Kosovo Liberation Army] told ethnic Albanian civilians that it was their patriotic duty to leave because the world was watching. This was their one big opportunity to make Kosovo part of Albania eventually, that NATO was there, ready to come in, and that anybody who failed to join the exodus was not supporting the Albanian cause.” ~ Rewarding Terrorism, Deception in Kosovo, Andy Wilcoxson, World Net Daily

Even the “atrocities” were hotly contested at the time as nothing more than contrived provocations for war:

…in Belgrade, Gen. Wesley K. Clark, the NATO commander, and Gen. Klaus Naumann, chairman of the NATO military council, were sitting with President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia. They came brandishing a plastic portfolio of color photographs documenting a massacre of Albanians three days earlier by Serbian security forces in the Kosovo town of Racak.

They also came with threats of NATO air strikes.

This was far from their first encounter with the Serbian leader, but this time, they recalled, they found a newly hardened man with a bunker mentality.

“This was not a massacre,” Milosevic shouted. “This was staged. These people are terrorists.”

When General Clark warned him that NATO would “start telling me to move aircraft,” Milosevic appeared infuriated by the prospect of bombings. He called the general a war criminal. ~ How a President, Distracted by Scandal, Entered Balkan War, Elaine Sciolino and Ethan Bronner, New York Times

This is the same Wesley Clark that later spilled the beans on similar plans for the Middle East—plans that ran as far back as 1991 to destabilize governments and overturn them with the help of radical Islam:

Note that Syria and Iran are on the doorstep of this policy.

The Bosnian War didn’t do much for Christian Serbs but it was a tremendous boon to the Religion of Peace—by the way, National Guardsmen that should be home digging citizens out of weather emergencies are still deploying on this mission today!

Mike Scruggs noted for the Tribune Papers (archived here) that this was a war that created a terrorist haven in the heart of Europe:

For 78 days in 1999, we bombed Christian Serbia and their forces in Kosovo, ostensibly as a humanitarian move to prevent Serbian ethnic cleansing of Kosovo’s Albanian population. Our real motive was to cripple the troublesome anti-multiculturalist Serbs and to enhance our standing with the oil-rich Muslim world. We bombed bridges, selected buildings, railroads, even passenger trains, and other targets in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. Unfortunately, the Chinese Embassy was also hit. According to John Pilger, writing in the Guardian, many of the bombs dropped from a relatively safe altitude (for us) of 15,000 feet, also hit schools, hospitals, and homes. Total Serbian dead amounted to about two thousand. Pope John Paul II described the bombing as an “act of diabolical retribution.” Many conservative and liberal American leaders agreed, but the Serbs eventually had to yield to our more advanced technology and vastly superior force. …

The results of our alliance with the KLA and establishing an Albanian base of Muslim power in Kosovo have been horrific. The Albanians have driven 277 thousand Serbs from Kosovo. Hundreds have been murdered. Thousands have been robbed and brutalized as their homes and property were destroyed. Muslim multiculturalists have destroyed 135 Orthodox churches, monasteries, and shrines. All this was done under the noses of UN security forces.

Bill Clinton’s great military achievement was a humanitarian disaster, and it established a dangerous Muslim foothold in Europe that is exporting terror and crime.

Unfortunately for Milosevic and the Christians of Serbia, their most important ally, Russia (lead at the time by Boris Yeltsin) was weak and unable to do much more than pick up the pieces for the embattled nation.

Russia has fiercely opposed the NATO bombing and acted as almost the sole ally of Milosevic as the conflict played out. But it has limited its support to hot rhetoric and criticism of NATO, offering no military assistance to the Belgrade government.

The Kremlin is in an uncomfortable position that requires it to play a tough theme to keep nationalist political opponents in Moscow in check even as it works to become a peacemaker on the world stage, where it depends on Western economic support to prop up its faltering economy. ~ Russia Presses For Diplomatic Role In Conflict, Terry Atlas and Charles M. Madigan, Chicago Tribune

But this conflict did set the stage for a paradigm shift that would place Russia and Christ on one side and America and Mohammad on the other.


on a boat on Lake Ladoga visiting the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery

In a previous column, I noted that today’s President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is a man known by his enemies:

It seems that Vladimir Putin’s American enemies are of the same two-Party Machine that many in the burgeoning Liberty Movement are also struggling against.

There is no greater example than one found in Damascus.

As the Middle East dominoes continued to fall, ousting stable governments and turning them over to Shariah-instituting radicals, Putin has been credited with stopping the Caliphate from making Syria the next victim. In his signature statesmanship, he reached out to the American people via an opinion editorial in the New York Times.

With surprising uniformity, the reaction from Democrat and Republican insiders was the same. Leftist NJ Senator Robert Menendez claimed with ridiculous hyperbole that Putin’s Op-ed. made him “want to vomit”.

In the same unimaginative vein as saying “I know you are but what am I?”, Arizona Republican Senator John McCain submitted a counter Op-ed. to Pravda.

Having nowhere left to turn, Syria’s Christians reached out to Russia for safety from the American Islamic scourge.

Does that characterization upset you? It does me, and I wrote it. But it is what America has become.

America is lead by a man who says we are not a Christian nation:

—and who mocks the Christian Bible:

How has America’s mortal Cold War enemy become her spiritual opposite?

Decades earlier, a secret plot was hatched in Leningrad of what was then the Soviet Union by Maria Ivanovna…the mother of Vladimir Putin. Ivanovna planted the seeds of her Christian faith covertly into her son and kept them from her husband who was a member of the atheist Communist Party. It was a conspiracy that changed a nation, and the world, for the better.

“My mother baptized me allegedly in secret from my father, who was a member of the Communist party. He was not a functionary; he was a plant worker, however, he was a party figure at the level of a workshop party organization. And mother allegedly baptized me in secret from my father. So, it affected me personally and our family”, Putin said.

In more than one sense, the Church is the government’s natural partner, Russian President Vladimir Putin said about the role of the Orthodoxy in Russian history when he appeared in the “Second Christianization of Rus” documentary film released by the one of the local TV channels. According to the President, the Russian Orthodox Church and the government are now cooperating in more than one aspect, including the cultivation of moral values and supporting families. ~ Secretly Baptized Putin says Russian Orthodox Church Helps International Accord, Voice of Russia

Today, aberrant lifestyles like homosexuality are receiving the imprimatur of Western governments all over the world and Right-minded citizens (most of them Christians) are now being forced by the coercive boot of that authority to accept it, or else!

In Colorado, a Christian bakery is being forced by a judge to cater a homosexual wedding against the owner’s Christian beliefs.

A judge in New Mexico is doing the same to a Christian photographer who refused to work a lesbian “wedding”.

russian coat of arms [cropped]Only one place in the world is saying “No!”: Russia.

Recently, the Duma (Russia’s Legislature) sent a bill to President Putin* which he signed into law stating that homosexuals can not use propaganda to court minors.

Outraged Leftists the world over wailed and gnashed their teeth, comparing Russia’s President to the man who slaughtered 6 million Jews. Lost in the shuffle was the fact that an unprecedented 88% of Russians polled, supported the new measure.

The Associated Press railed and mocked Vladimir Putin for the ridiculous notion that homosexuality is an impediment to saving Russia from a plummeting birthrate and cultural extinction, or connecting the attraction a man has to other men with a man being attracted to a young boy.

Absolutely outrageous!

Unless you take into account the two homosexual men who serial raped and abused the young boys they legally adopted.

The case of Connecticut “married couple” George Harasz and Douglas Wirth is beyond sickening when you learn that prosecutors were going to give the two men suspended sentences when their lawyer threw the offer in the government’s face…only to learn later that even more children were coming forward with allegations of abuse.

Clearly, the “Nazis” of Russia are barbaric in their efforts to stave the appetites of homosexual men.


In a few short weeks the Winter Olympics will be starting and their being hosted in Sochi, Russia seems to have a whole slew of people and organizations upset from Chechen insurgents to Saudi princes to American intelligence agencies. In fact, you can draw a line from one, clear through to the other.

Two bombings in the industrial city of Volgograd occurred within 24 hours of each other killing 33 and injuring 40 more. Forming a massive 10,000 kilometer triangle of intrigue, the city that was previously known as Stalingrad and, before that, Tsaritsyn, is a day’s travel north of Grozny, Chechnya while Sochi is a day’s travel west.

triangle of intrigue mapped

Also on this map is Ukraine; a nation recently visited by United States Senator John McCain (R, AZ) during his Foment Civil Unrest Tour.

It seems word is getting out amongst Ukrainians that joining the European Union is akin to Shangri-la, Nirvana, Eden and Paradise all rolled into one. Well that’s absolutely spot on!

If you were more cynical, you’d almost think that someone was trying to weaken and attack Russia by destabilizing her vulnerable southern provinces. I would counter with, just because the master of world terrorism, Bandar bin Sultan (also known as Bandar Bush) recently threatened the President of Russia for slowing down the Wahhabist dominoes at Syria, does not a conspiracy make!

If that were the case, why you’d think there were Cold War Puppet Masters who never knew when to quit—who received so much power from their machinations against the Soviet Union that they continue to undermine Russia long after she has shed herself of the ghosts of Lenin and Stalin (men adored and empowered by the West).

The devastating weapon that Communism was for the Western Globalist Elite of old, Islam is, today:

…this “hornet’s nest” [of Islamic terrorism in the Cold Steppes of Russia] was organized, sponsored and stirred up, as Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted in 1998, by the United States and its partners, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. “What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?” Brzezinski told Le Nouvel Observateur.

It wasn’t, however, the liberation of Eastern Europe that primarily interested the United States. Following the suicide bombing of a bus outside Volgograd in October, President Vladimir Putin said the ongoing terror attacks are part of an effort to undermine Russia proper. “Some political forces use Islam – the radicals within it who are not typical of Russian Muslims – to weaken our state and create conflicts on Russian soil that can then be controlled from abroad,” he said. ~ Volgograd Bombings: CIA’s Chechen Assets Attack Russia Ahead of Winter Olympics, Kurt Nimmo, InfoWars

And they should be attacked, dammit! They continue to undermine a man so great that he has been likened to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Jesus Christ.

lincoln roosevelt christ

With blatant disrespect Russia has impugned his very legitimacy!

American politicians and the media are lying to the American people. They do so because they hope that their complicity in the greatest fraud in U.S. history will be overtaken by events, that is, the 2012 election. It is the Big Stall to cover up the Big Lie.

In the Russian language there is a term called “vranyo.” It is loosely defined as telling a white lie or a semi-truth. It may contain fantasy or involve the suppression of unpleasant parts of the truth.

In regard to Obama’s ineligibility and his alleged felonies, politicians and the media expect the American people to respond in this way:

“You know that you are lying, I know that you are lying, and you know that I know that you are lying, but we both smile and nod in agreement.”

Barack Obama, according to Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the U. S. Constitution, is an illegal President. The law requires a candidate for the Presidency to be a “natural born citizen,” that is, a second generation American, a U.S. citizen, whose parents were also U.S. citizens at the time of the candidate’s birth. ~ Barack Obama Is An Illegal President, Period, Lawrence Sellin, Pravda

What hubris! To imply that Russians have more courage confronting a subversive insurgent trying to destroy America from within, as if not one of her 535 Legislators wouldn’t have the courage to address this issue themselves!

While brave men like Al Gore try to save us from our own carbon dioxide, the Russian Secret Service is hacking the e-mails of global warming propagandists—ah… “researchers”, and inconveniently leaking what they found. The polar bears are dying, for crying out loud!

The news that a leaked set of emails appeared to show senior climate scientists had manipulated data was shocking enough. Now the story has become more remarkable still.

The computer hack, said a senior member of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, was not an amateur job, but a highly sophisticated, politically motivated operation. And others went further. The guiding hand behind the leaks, the allegation went, was that of the Russian secret services. ~ Was Russian Secret Service Behind Leak Of Climate-Change Emails? Shaun Walker, Independent

What we need is something so bold, so “in your face” that it can take reality and turn it on its head. If Islam is the source of terror the world around, we’ll say it’s Orthodox Christianity! If Islam is taking over whole cities like Deerborn, Michigan, we’ll say that’s where the “Christian terrorists” are coming from. As the coup de grâce we can hijack a character from one of our most outspoken opponents (an exploitation made possible by his very timely demise).**

That is the entirety of Hollywood’s latest action film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Barack Obama, Hollywood, the CIA, Saudi Arabia…if a man be known by his enemies, then Vladimir Putin (and the country over which he presides) may very well be the last hope for the free world.


* Notice even supposedly “state media” RIA Novosti headlined the bill as “anti-gay”.
** Christian philanthropist Dr. Jim Garrow has made the amazing assertion that he has worked for the CIA until “outed” by the Obama administration and that Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and Tom Clancy were
all murdered by the government. This could be the source for an entirely different column though I, personally, find his accusation both possible and credible.

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