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There is a very deeply disturbing agenda, the mere premise of which should shock you into reading further to see if any shred of it is true:

Powerful forces in your own government have set up operations to terrorize and kill you and to blame it on a foe of their convenience, in order to further a political agenda that will destroy what’s left of your Constitutional freedoms and enslave you. ~ What REALLY Happened at Sandy Hook, Johnny Cirucci

Sandy Hook was the ultimate amalgam of government, media and even Hollywood combining to fleece the American people out of their 2nd Amendment rights and ever-further into an Orwellian feudalist slave-state.

I’ve already covered this at-length so here are the bullets (sorry) and please go here for all of my source material.

  • Source data suggests that Adam Lanza may actually be Ryan Lanza.
  • Sandy Hook first-responders like the Connecticut State Police were evasive and even hostile to anyone who didn’t accept their story.
  • Media reports were far more confusing than just from normal tragedy chaos.
    1. They couldn’t get the number of shooters/suspects right, first reporting more than one then only one.
    2. They couldn’t get the location right, often showing nearby St. Rose of Lima and then labeling it as Sandy Hook Elementary.
    3. They couldn’t get the weapons used, right.
    4. They couldn’t get personal details of victims right like whether or not Nancy Lanza ever worked at Sandy Hook.
  • The behavior of the parents after the shooting was bizarre with “bereaved parent” Robbie Parker laughing up to a press conference and then hyperventilating himself for effect while he spoke (a cheap acting trick).
  • The behavior of “witnesses” shows they were coached with evidence that frequently-interviewed people like Gene Rosen actually practiced before-hand what he was going to say.
  • The behavior of the coroner, D. Wayne Carver, II, was bizarre as he seemed distracted and/or inebriated during a press conference where he couldn’t answer as to the genders and wounds of the victims and got the weapon supposedly used, wrong.
  • Only two weeks before, false flag expert Eric Holder visited with the governor of Connecticut to talk “gun control” programs like “Project Longevity”.
  • The official story has a psychotic, untrained teenager shooting 27 human beings as many as 11 times each in a matter of minutes with only one who didn’t die (and whose identity remains in question)—a feat humanly-impossible for even the best trained killer in any Elite unit.
  • An unprecedented Hollywood connection includes the author of the dystopic novel/movie hit The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) as well as the prop master for The Dark Knight Rises (Scott Getzinger). Dark Knight Rises was oddly connected to the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting by the props and Getzinger died in the hospital after a car accident which was reported to have caused only superficial, non-life-threatening injuries.
  • Evidence regarding the shooting from news stories to web pages to YouTube accounts has been wiped from existence. The school, itself, was razed to the ground with the contractors responsible being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Adam Lanaza’s medical files also remain undisclosed.

And as far as bodies go…

Conspiracies regarding the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims abound. Some say there were no victims at all but this could be extremely harmful to investigators lest they make such a brash assertion and somehow be proven wrong—they would not only lose credibility but they would also be immediately demonized as barbarically callous.

Still, evidence of dead children is extremely hard to come by and the only report I have found, to date, of an open-casket funeral was that of N Pozner.

I say “report” because no pictures were released nor were there photos of any of the dead.

Both Veronique Pozner … and MSNBC highlighted this:

Pozner’s mother, Veronique, told the Jewish Daily Forward that she made the painful decision to to have an open casket for his wake in order to show people the “ugliness” of gun violence.

But rather than showing those same “ugly pictures”, MSNBC chose to ride the story into racial hatred and linked it to the 1955 death of 14 year old Emmett Till!

This has frustrated gun-grabbing propagandist Michael Moore into pontificating that a grieved parent should release a photo to “finish off the NRA”, but that has yet to happen.

Certainly, school security camera footage of the crazed Lanza running through classrooms gunning down toddlers would be the death knell for, not just the NRA but the 2ndAmendment (as so many politicians have been pushing for).

We’re still waiting. ~ What REALLY Happened at Sandy Hook, Johnny Cirucci

It’s truly fascinating that N Pozner would be the highlighted “open-casket” victim of Sandy Hook because little Noah was actually killed twice. He was amongst the dead children mourned after the horrid Taliban school attack in Pakistan.


For many, the idea that an entire town could be involved in such a terrible and devious agenda is too much to swallow. What force could be so powerful, so unifying and so malignant?


While researching my book, I found that the same people who run the CIA (the Jesuit-lead Vatican), don’t mind getting their hands dirty at the “tactical” level as well.

An early report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation stated that Adam Lanza was dressed in black “as clergy” and that he was able to enter the school with a “Bushwacker” assault riflez only because he was mistaken for clergy.858

That makes little sense for secular, public Sandy Hook Elementary, but it makes much more sense if the call came in from St. Rose of Lima parochial school less than 8 miles away.

Some of the first footage CNN aired as “chaos” from Sandy Hook turned out to be a drill at St. Rose.859

A vigil for the “victims” of the shooting was held—not in the vicinity of the school grounds—but by Parish Monsignor Robert Weiss at St. Rose.860

Monsignor Weiss has been in high demand since the shooting and was one of the first to be interviewed for his reaction.861

Monsignor Weiss is speaking frequently in diverse places about the tragedy and often mentions Newtown’s unusual residents such as Suzanne Collins.862

Two days after the “massacre”, St. Rose church received a “bomb threat” and was evacuated.863

St. Rose parishioner Mike Coppola shared his photograph of a “cross in the clouds” on day of the bomb scare with Monsignor Weiss864. Weiss stated that listening to a “visionary from Medjugorje” (a reported Marian apparition in Croatia) uncovered for him that it was proof he must “witness the faith”.865

While speaking to the Chief Administrators of Catholic Education in 2013, Monsignor Weiss admitted that drills for the St. Rose compound had not only been conducted, but that they had been projected and planned via computer simulation. That’s quite sophisticated for such a small town.866

Another key player in the Sandy Hook menagerie is the President and CEO of Newtown Savings, John F. Trentacosta.

Florida Atlantic University Professor Dr. James Tracey noted this about Trentacosta:

…John Trentacosta … owns the property next to the Lanzas’ 36 Yogananda Street residence [supposedly where Adam Lanza murdered his mother], at 34 Yogananda, is President and CEO of Newtown Savings Bank and serves in an advisory capacity to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Newtown Savings’ Chief Financial Officer, William McCarthy, owns 12 Crestwood Drive, directly behind Sandy Hook Elementary.

William Lavery, Trentacosta, and McCarthy serve together on the C. H. Booth Library’s Board of Trustees, although Lavery presently occupies an emeritus post.

In his capacity at Newtown Savings, Trentacosta collaborated with the United Way of Western Connecticut to establish the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. Logged and dated web posts suggest the Fund’s announced founding predated the event by three days. Much like the subsequent rapid establishment of “One Fund Boston,” a single day after the Sandy Hook massacre, on Saturday, December 15, 2012, Trentacosta speedily announced the Sandy Hook Fund on his Newtown Savings blog. ~ the Memory Hole blog867

Trentacosta is a graduate of both Manhattan College and Iona College868. Both schools are run by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools—a Catholic society that has an identical mission to the Jesuits. They share identical “spirit” and “zeal”.869

The Jesuits even have a university named after their mutual patron saint.870

z: There is no such thing, but there is a “Bushmaster” .223 semiautomatic rifle.

~ Illuminati Unmasked, pp. 284-285


I would’ve stopped digging after my column and related reference in my book but then an excellent documentary was published called We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook. It was a joint effort by several independent researchers who had posted their work on their respective YouTube channels.

But as soon as it was up on YouTube, it was taken down.

One of the tactics to squelch the release of information is to trademark the names of the supposed victims and then use Google/YouTube’s draconian copyright regulations as a weapon in that war.

The lead man in this fight is Lenny Pozner, the man named as “father” of Sandy Hook victim N Pozner. He has gone after my YouTube channel and his efforts have resulted in me receiving the onerous YouTube “STRIKE” against my account. Three “STRIKES” and your channel is involuntarily taken down, you lose all of your audience and all of your online material. Any reporter who has ever linked to one of your videos now has a broken link.

After watching the documentary (particularly the work of researchers like Mr.Stosh314), one will quickly see why the Sandy Hook actors want it banned.

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook from Illuminated on Vimeo.

Nearly all have some form of lower-echelon acting experience (from children’s shows to voicing animated porn) as well as connections with the CIA. Scarlet Lewis (mother of supposed victim Jesse Lewis) is connected to Barack Obama’s sister, Mia Soetoro, via New Age “cognitive training” (read: mind control) techniques.

They are also of one voice on the desire to disarm the American public.

Their attack dog is Lenny Pozner.

Pozner has been given all of the power he needs to hunt down and persecute—by name—so-called “Sandy Hook Truthers”, to include printing his op-ed in the newspaper.

As a parent of one of the murdered students, N Pozner, I have worked to debunk and stop the cruel and hateful hoaxers who use the Internet to spread their lies. Recently, some hoaxers have stepped up the intensity of their twisted campaign in an effort to draw more people into this destructive tale of misinformation and continue to disrupt the lives of victims’ families. …

Clearly, the premise of this false flag was created for maximum emotional effect—grieving parents demand that no one look too closely at the loss of their children. Pozer plays this up to the hilt.

In the immediate aftermath of the senseless atrocity, the hoaxers labeled virtually everyone in Newtown as involved in the alleged plot to fake the shootings, including police, medical personnel and — most egregiously — the parents whose young children had just been slaughtered. Bloggers and YouTubers from across the Internet accused these grief-stricken parents of being paid actors and told them that their children never existed. Emergency responders and school staff, whose acts of heroism saved lives and helped mitigate the tragedy, were likewise scoffed at and accused of playing parts in this so-called scripted event.

As I’ve already shown you, we sadly have the facts on our side. Agents of disinformation like Pozer have only emotion, normalcy bias and ad homonym attacks to distract with.

Fortunately, saner minds generally have prevailed in this war of fact over fiction. Diligent researchers pored through mountains of evidence from multiple sources, including the voluminous final report submitted by the state of Connecticut, and thoroughly debunked the multiple false theories and claims proffered by the hoaxer community. As a result, much of the hysteria died down and many former skeptics were relieved to learn that their suspicions were unfounded.

This is known as Gas Lighting. Not only were there no “mountains of evidence” there was no evidence thanks to the government/media efforts to destroy it all including the very school, itself!

Unfortunately, there still exists a small but obsessive faction of hoaxers who are either unable or unwilling to objectively discern the hard facts from among the fleeting hunches and groundless accusations. Others are well aware of the truth but exploit the tragedy for their own aggrandizement. Regardless of their motivation, all have one thing in common: They persist in stalking and harassing the Sandy Hook parents and others intimately connected to the tragedy.

Again, a grieving parent must be allowed any whim they demand including the loss of everyone else’s Constitutional rights from self defense to freedom of information.

Among their most active leaders is Tony Mead, apparently a resident of Florida. For several months, this serial cyber stalker has hosted a Facebook page where he has amassed a cult following of like-minded hoaxers who ravenously feed off each other’s paranoia and hatred for anyone who was affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Only an agent of the traitors in government can get away with personally targeting researchers by name.

This is not a place where meaningful discussions are held or investigative inquiries are made. This is a place where strategies are plotted against grieving relatives and children’s identities are stolen and exploited to fulfill a twisted fantasy.

When all else fails, go for the heart to disconnect the brain.

Mead’s contempt for the slain children is evidenced by the image that graces his Facebook page: A pale-white little girl with dark rings around her eyes. She is dirty, as if she has just crawled from the grave. A filthy forefinger is pressed against her pursed lips. Her devious grin implying that she is an undead or zombie child who is keeping a deadly secret from the gullible masses.

Anyone who questions the Sandy Hook Pozers hate all children! We must confiscate the guns and shut down the trouble-makers for the children!!!

The conversations held on this page are a morbid reflection of that image. Anyone stumbling upon this page by accident could easily mistake it as a meeting place for necrophiliacs and child predators. Photographs of the slain children are posted along with derogatory comments, often accusing them of being actors themselves or part of a satanic cult. Parents of these murdered children are regarded with the utmost contempt. Some posters make threats, while others fantasize about putting parents and others they consider conspirators away behind bars.

Pure PsyOp propaganda. No researcher is posting photographs of “slain children” because there are none. We continue to post pictures of renamed patsies and actors in order to track down their true identification.

Mead, like his ally and fellow hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig, has expressed his desire to dig up the dead children. Though these hoaxers claim the corpses would serve as proof of the victims’ deaths, their actions tell an entirely different story of complete disregard for the families grieving the tragedy they know to be all too real. Their actions speak to a continued desire to dig through the lives and exhume the pain of all those who have been affected by the brutality displayed at Sandy Hook Elementary School — and who want nothing more than for their lost loved ones to rest in peace. ~ Lenny Pozner, the Hartford Courant

Again, when you have nothing to stand on but lies, you must invert reality completely. Pozner drops the “Truther” insult and projects his label of “hoaxer” on the truth-seekers which doesn’t even make sense. But that’s how propaganda works.

Wolfgang W. Halbig is a school safety expert who did on-site investigations of Columbine. He is punching so many holes in the Sandy Hook hoax they have sent Connecticut law enforcement to his Florida home to threaten him.

Lenny Pozner’s crusade has gone so far as to create a corporation that scours the internet to beat down anyone who questions the official story; the now-defunct “Traxware”.

For a grieving father, Pozner seems to be putting an awful lot of effort into controlling the free flow of information.

His wife, Veronique Haller-Pozner, was a high-profile guest for CIA-trained homosexual “news” anchor, CNN’s Anderson Cooper (also a convenient heir to the Vanderbilt dynasty).

Veronique Haller-Pozner is also legal counsel for the nation of Switzerland.

swiss lawyer veronique haller pozner

This was corroborated by her documented role in the international Conference on the States Parties to the Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons held in Geneva. If you wanted to find someone willing to commit the ultimate criminal fraud, someone as dedicated to the end-state of stripping the American people of self defense as Veronique Haller-Pozner would be more than trustworthy.

The ability to keep their mouths shut is made many times stronger with the continued fundraising the families do; because that’s the first thing I think of when I lose my child—how to make money off of the tragedy.

On the Facebook page of relative Patricia Ordonez-Haller we find a ten year old picture of “Kevin”, wishing him “happy birthday”. But “Kevin” (who is now 17) looks an awful lot like N Pozner.

(**orange cone**)

Israel and the Mossad have been accused of being integral to American Intelligence false flags and it is Israeli corporate media that helps confirm that this is the same Veronique Haller-Pozner.

Veronique was born in Switzerland to French parents who raised her in Scarsdale, N.Y. She converted to Judaism in 1992 when she married her first husband, Reuben Vabner. Her second husband, Lenny, is also Jewish; he is originally from Brooklyn and works in information technology. In 2005, Lenny and Veronique relocated to Newtown from nearby Bethel. ~ Haaretz

These are the shills who were and continue to be the propaganda lobbying force behind draconian gun control measures at the state and federal levels.

  • Connecticut already had some of the most confiscatory gun laws in the nation (not to mention the fact that having a firearm within 1000 feet of a school was already illegal) but the Democrat-controlled state piled on with banning magazines, specific firearms and adding even more Orwellian privacy violations for perspective gun purchasers.
  • Colorado enacted laws so outrageous and onerous to her population that two key Democrats were ousted from their seats in recalls and a third promptly resigned when she realized the sights were set on her.
  • Ammoland reports that Maryland hammered gun owners: [the] new law will ban 45 specific types of commonly owned semiautomatic firearms, require future purchasers of handguns to obtain a license to do so, mandate reporting of lost or stolen firearms within an arbitrary time period, and institute a ban on the sale, manufacture, purchase or transfer of magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition.
  • The worst of these was New York where the restrictions were so heavy handed that Governor Andrew Cuomo, son of former NY Governor Mario Cuomo (and who says America is governed by a Ruling Class?) had to railroad them through by suspending a state Constitutional requirement to allow 3 days for both legislators and citizens to familiarize themselves with any proposed bill. New Yorkers who were already restricted to handgun magazines of only 10 rounds were suddenly whittled down to only 7 and, shockingly, police are already making arrests.

~ What REALLY Happened at Sandy Hook, Johnny Cirucci

As I noted in my book, what most of you don’t know is that these “grieving parents” are now touring the nation with the full-time paid career of attacking a citizen’s ability to defend from government tyranny with a firearm (the express purpose of the 2nd Amendment).

In Marysville, Washington a school shooting took place at Pilchuck High School where a 15 year old boy named Jaylen Fryberg apparently shot 4 students before killing himself. This incident, also occurred in late October 2014 just before elections and referendums were voted on. Prior to the shooting, billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates had spent $8 million promoting gun control legislation, “Initiative 594”, that would make it illegal to have a friend watch a firearm without a background check1177. Just one day before, Marysville police held an “active shooter” SWAT training drill1178. “By coincidence” (words actually in the news King 5 report), grieving Sandy Hook mother Nicole Hockley was in Seattle to support Initiative 594 at the time of the shooting1179. I-594 miraculously passed.1180 ~ Illuminati Unmasked, p. 400*

They have a seemingly endless supply of money and resources and are using the government/media complex for maximum effect.

UPDATE 15 March 2017, 10:55 AM, EST

Lenny refuses to leave me alone.  His schizophrenic mania has him scouring the internet ceaselessly for anything related to his name.

After blackmailing me with threats to my wife and my livelihood, I was forced to make this column inaccessible to the general public.

He crawled back out from underneath his rock several weeks ago with renewed threats.


In his ceaseless self-obsessed searching he located a Facebook post of mine that was about 2 ½ years old pointing to this column which was unavailable.

That was all Lenny needed.

He returned with more threats aimed at my wife (because he’s a cockroach and a coward).

He has a Google+ profile named “Blue” which is odd.

—Unless it’s an allusion to the homosexual magazine “Blueboy”.

Is this part of the paranoia that fuels Lenny to scour the internet and destroy anyone who would dare to question him?

Being a “family man” who is now child-less is the perfect role for such a bad crisis actor to play.

* The original reason I included this example in my book was to prove that Conspiracy King Alex Jones is controlled opposition as he covered none of this information during a spree of false flag shootings which helped insure the Washington gun control would pass.


  • Peter Klein says:

    Wow. That was a fantastic article. You’ve covered so much territory and made some great points/conclusions that are sound. Even though we don’t always get everything correct, we are helping by looking at what limited information we have and making a rational assessment.

    I, too think it’s very likely that Adam was a fabrication. Your article had me thinking…it’s very much like the concept of the ‘big lie.’ It’s been known that, when someone is lying they tend to provide too much detail. Given all the details and elements of this story, it’s Adam that we get the most information about. So, that in itself is indicative of him being a fabrication; likely well defined in the script.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I’ll be contacting you with the IMS position on your video removal.

  • Jackey says:

    Every time Noah Pozner dies, I feel bad — until I realize that boy keeps dying all over the world, at different “school shootings.”
    Lenny Pozner is too busy censoring Sandy Hoax info to watch his own son. That’s why Noah keeps dying, over and over.
    Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook (Newtown CT), then died AGAIN in Pakistan.
    If Lenny Pozner took better care of Noah, perhaps Noah would stop dying so often. I wonder what Veronique Pozner (the “mother”) thinks of her son dying every 2 years.
    Is Veronique Pozner (Diplomat attached to Embassy of Switzerland in DC) pushing some kind of UN Agenda 21 Gun Control scam?

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