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Pick a random headline, especially one from the direct CIA propaganda outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post (from which many other papers, like the Boston Globe, get their “news”) and you will see what we have come to call “Jesuit breadcrumbs”: proof that Rome rules the world from behind the scenes.1

The “Chairman” of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, along with the “Representative Director”, Greg Kelly, have been arrested for “underreported compensation to the Japanese government” and “misuse of funds”.

Taxation in Japan is even more confiscatory than the United States.  In “the land of the free”, the average wage-earner forfeits over 40% of their income before they ever see what they’ve earned.  In the Land of the Rising Sun, it’s nearly 42%.

But that’s for the average worker.  Corporations and CEOs have it much easier at under 30%.

There’s no such thing as “fair share” because governments are wickedly corrupt and are (and always have been) completely incapable of playing the “redistribution of wealth” game.  That being said, one wonders why Ghosn would break the law to keep as much of his $10,000,000 “salary” as possible.  Especially when lawyers and CPAs abound who are more than willing to find legal ways for millionaires and billionaires to avoid the chains of taxation on the Middle Class.

But what is poignant is the answer to the question, “What helped get Carlos Ghosn and Greg Kelly emplaced in a Japanese car company to make millions of dollars in compensation?”

Ghosn is Lebanese, Brazilian and French: three nations that are openly-dominated by the Catholic Church.

The 29th Jesuit Superior General, Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, spent the majority of his time in Lebanon, the home of Ghosn’s father and grandfather.  The first Prime Minister of the nation, Saad Hariri, was educated by the Jesuits at Georgetown.  Hariri has been eager to give back to the Jesuits and, just last year, handed the Hoyas $22,000,000 as a “gift”.  It would take Carlos Ghosn two years to “earn” that much!

Hariri was simply trying to out-do Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal who had previously given Georgetown $20,000,000.

It does seem odd to see wealthy men from Islamic nations battling to see who can throw more millions at the Jesuits—especially for a member of the Saudi Royal family.  Supposedly in Saudi Arabia, Catholics who practice openly are imprisoned!

Ghosn received a Catholic education at the Collège Stanislas in Paris, and Jesuit training at the Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour.

Greg Kelly is an American, yet he, too, has a Catholic education from Augustana College and learned how to be a lawyer from the Jesuits at the Loyola University of Chicago.

Apparently, Kelly didn’t do well at Loyola because he is being called the “mastermind” of these heinous crimes.

Interestingly, no details are being given by media about exactly what laws were broken and how badly.  No monetary amounts are mentioned anywhere.

Jesuit-trained Catholic millionaires and billionaires have little need to fear the law.  Their role in the child sex slave trade proves that conclusively.

There’s obviously something else going on, but we will have to wait and dig if we’re to ever know.  “Journalism” has nothing to do with keeping citizens informed of important events.


  1. That’s why Revelation 17:5 calls her “Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations”.  “Mystery” signifying how she manipulates in secret with agents, insurgency and treachery.

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