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A common tactic for political manipulators is the “Friday night document dump”—an unloading of controversial regulations and declarations done by the power parasites during the window in the news cycle where it is least likely to be picked up and reported.

It’s actually quite humorous given the extent the media is in the tank for the Manchurian Messiah but the Ruling Elites (whom I call “Luciferians” because their agenda is so astoundingly malignant against the common man it seems to be handed to them by Lucifer) don’t take chances. There’s always that one reporter or Congressman who decides to break ranks and start blowing the whistle.

It’s like George Bush (uh, the second one that was knighted to the presidency) making amazing strides for globalism and the death of American sovereignty but who was constantly portrayed by the media as some kind of radical Right-wing Christian fundamentalist (which he is not).

Well what Barack Hussein Obama slipped into last Friday’s “document dump” was astounding.

Queerly titled “Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness“, it is without the usual number—which are now around 13,600. That’s thirteen thousand, six hundred “Executive Orders” since they began to be numbered by the State Department in 1907.

Originally used to help execute existing law and give directives within the Executive Branch, they have now become laws unto themselves, completely devoid of Constitutional backing. The power and authority for writing law exists only in the United States Congress with only approval authority or veto power residing in the Executive:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. ~ Article I, Section I of the United States Constitution

japanese childrenSome of the most devastating harm to the rights of American citizens have been done via the sweeping pen of tyrannical presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt’s “Executive Order 9066“ which summarily ordered the internment of an entire swath of the citizenry based upon their ethnicity alone. Just think about the precedent that sets—it was never challenged nor overturned and it wasn’t until 1976 that Gerald Ford—another president—rescinded it via his “Royal Executive Authority”.

And it wasn’t just Japanese Americans. Americans of German and Italian descent were also rounded up, pulled from their homes, placed on cattle cars and sent to internment camps…just because their bloodlines were contrary to what the ruling Autocrat liked.

Our Founders were/are rolling over in their graves.

Previous to EO 9066, Emperor Roosevelt had used an Executive Order to confiscate all personally-owned gold coin, bullion and certificates in 1933 simply because he decided that it was a “national emergency” and gold should not be in the hands of the peasantry.

Later, another Leftist Dicto-crat (Harry Truman) would attempt to seize all of the country’s steel foundries via only an Executive Order simply because he deigned it a “national emergency”. At the time, even the Left-leaning Supreme Court thought it was a tad too much and reigned in Mr. “Buck Stops In My Pocket” but it was a momentary setback.

Are you seeing a pattern to how useful “national emergencies” have been to presumptive autocrats? Why, you could almost say that, if a handy “emergency” weren’t around, any entrepreneurial Luciferian power-parasite might just be tempted to make one or two.

Even the wrongfully portrayed “hapless” Jimmy Carter got in on the dictatorial fun creating one of the most dangerous bureaucracies in American history—the Federal Emergency Management Agency—via Executive Order.

During the conduct of Barack Obama’s treasonous and unconstitutional war against Libya (where bankers and European oil-drinkers were served by the might of the United States military rather than American citizens) he used an Executive Order to seize Libyan assets which, I guess we could say, were the bankers’ “spoils of war“.

So when I see writers from Hot Air and WorldNetDaily pooh-pooh this latest affront as “routine” and concerns over it being “conspiracy-think” I consider them, at best, useful idiots who have no clue what this “routine” process has been over the generations and, at worst, wolves in Conservative clothing; enemies of American liberty working in conjunction with government Constitutional subversives like Obama and his masters.

So what does this new illegal affront to our liberty say?

Pam Geller notes at Atlas Shrugs:

It calls for a draft, but not just a draft. A civilian draft, of “persons of outstanding experience or ability” without compensation. If they think they need you, they can compel you to work for the government for nothing.

They can, under this order, restrict civilian travel by any mode, including (probably) foot travel. They can ration food. They can restrict water usage, even from private wells. They can ration any and all drugs, including OTC and vitamins. They can collectivize farms. They can take over all energy production, including home solar units.

It also allows for drafting civilians. If they have need of your skills, they can compel you to work for no compensation.

All this not in a time of war, but in time of “National Emergency” (several EO national emergency states already in place) or even in Peacetime.

But Activist Post’s Brandon Turbeville gives a more complete, if disconcerting picture:

In a stunning move, on March 16, 2012, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order stating that the President and his specifically designated Secretaries now have the authority to commandeer all domestic U.S. resources including food and water. The EO also states that the President and his Secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy, and infrastructure inside the United States as well as forcibly induct/draft American citizens into the military. The EO also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill “labor requirements” for the purposes of national defense.

Not only that, but the authority claimed inside the EO does not only apply to National Emergencies and times of war. It also applies in peacetime.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order exploits the “authority” granted to the President in the Defense Production Act of 1950 in order to assert that virtually every means of human survival is now available for confiscation and control by the President via his and his Secretaries’ whim.

The unconstitutionality of the overwhelming majority of Executive Orders is well established, as well as the illegality of denying citizens their basic Constitutional and human rights, even in the event of a legitimate national emergency. Likewise, it should also be pointed out that, like Obama’s recent Libyan adventure and the foregone conclusion of a Syrian intervention, there is no mention of Congress beyond a minor role of keeping the allegedly co-equal branch of government informed on contextually meaningless developments.

When combined with other recent pieces of legislation or regulation, the noose around the necks of law-abiding Americans gets tighter and tighter.

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act though claiming not to apply to American citizens later grants the ability to the government and military to indefinitely detain any “extremist” who is “engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces” based upon the “Authorization for Use of Military Force“ signed 18 September 2001. The 2001 AUMF is so basic that either of these two documents could easily reclassify any person so deemed as an “enemy of the state” and both states and civil libertarians have seen enough to decide that this must be fought now before it’s too late.

Perhaps it already is. Recently, ABC News aired a program designed to terrify Americans into believing that the most dangerous enemy they now face are Constitutionalists and militias which are “on the rise”. Apparently, the 35 terrorism/assassination training camps being run by radical Islamists under the watchful All-Seeing Eye of the Federal Bureau of Instigation isn’t newsworthy.

Certainly, though the finished product of the 2012 NDAA may include some “wiggle-room” for American citizens, it was not the intent the Obama Administration gave to Congress. Perhaps that intent is made a little more clear by the Administration’s push to set up staffing of FEMA internment camps all across America.

The size and scope of these camps was recently expanded by the “National Emergency Centers Establishment Act“ (H.R. 645) which gives the truly disturbing precedent of setting up new camps on existing military installations where the might of the United States Armed Forces could be easily tapped in maintaining control over unruly Patriots. Many have already noted the dramatic levels of experience the U.S. military has gained in methods of “population control“ in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Should the states cause too much trouble, the reigning dictator now has the authority (via an Obama Executive Order) to minimize the state influence down to 10 select lap-dogs known as “The Council of Governors”. At that point, he can simply declare himself the final ruling authority via a Presidential Directive set up by his predecessor, George W. Bush (um, that’s the second one…remember “nooclier“?)—National Security Presidential Directive 51.

All that remains now is just the … “appropriate crisis“.

UPDATE 01, Tuesday, 20 March 2012

In a round-table discussion with FoxNews host Sean Hannity, Constitutional lawyer and Chief Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) Jay Sekulow had this to say about the new Executive Order—

Sekulow: … The idea of this act is nothing new. Presidents have had this since the 1950s. But what is different about this one, the difference than any of the other ones is the definition of national defense. It is incorporated what is called the Stafford act I don’t not want to get overly technical. But this gives the President much more authority than any of the previous acts. In fact, Lanny [Davis, former special counsel to Bill Clinton] may remember this. The previous acts didn’t give incorporation of the Stafford act, which is a civil situation where the President would have unlimited authority, subject, of course, to checks and balances. We can’t ignore checks and balances here. But the definition of national defense is broader than it has ever been under any of these previous executive orders.

And I think that’s the most significant aspect of this. And by the way, the President is getting flack from the left and the right. The left said, this is preparation for the war with Iran, that’s why the President is doing this. A potential war in Iran but the concern about the energy resources of our country, and of course conservatives ever saying, this is unchecked power. There’s a balance here but the one thing that’s very different, Sean, is the fact that the national defense definition is different than it has ever been in much broader than it has ever been.

UPDATE 02, Thursday, 22 March 2012

Subsequent research has uncovered another Obama Executive Order that removes prior Reagan Administration restraints from the very aptly named “International Criminal Police Organization”, a.k.a. “INTERPOL” giving that organization frightening powers and freedom of operation on American soil such as immunity from the Freedom of Information Act as well as having zero oversight from any American law enforcement agency.

You know all of the Hollywood movies where some threat is contained and addressed by local law enforcement and then the obnoxious Federal guys show up in suits and say, “Thanks Police Chief Jones, we’ll take it from here.”? Imagine that being said through an interpreter and then anything that happens from there on out—to include the taking of American citizen prisoners—is done in a complete black hole of accountability.

An article by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton posted at tells us who built Interpol into the machine it is today:

It is well to know who these people are, and where they’ve been. Though the expression “modern day SS” sounds like a hyperbolic metaphor, an examination of Interpol’s roots shows that it is, in fact, more literally true than that.

I was in Europe in 1973 when an expose was published, revealing that many, if not all, of the presidents of Interpol from the late 1930s or early ’40s until at least 1972 were Nazi Gestapo and SS officers. Reinhard (“The Hangman”), Heydrich (also head of Nazi SS Intelligence Service) and Gestapo chief Ernst Kaltenbrunner. By 1942 Interpol was consolidated with the Nazi Central Police, run by the Gestapo. As the Nazis invaded cities throughout Europe, police files from each were seized and evidently integrated into Interpol’s files. In 1972 the sitting Interpol President was Paul Dickopf, former Nazi SS officer (SS #337259).


The source on this? The Simon Wiesenthal Center. Simon Wiesenthal is pretty much the most famous of the post-war Nazi hunters, having impressively thorough files.

It gets better.

The current Secretary General of Interpol is one Ronald K. Nobel, best known for his handiwork covering up the Branch Davidian raid by the United States government that slaughtered nearly 80 men, women and children (many of them burning to death in the wreckage that was quickly plowed over). As the Firefighter baby okc bso-called “Under Secretary of Enforcement” at the Treasury Department (just picture an iron fist tightly grasping a roll of quarters) at the time, Noble was in prime position to smooth away any prying eyes into the failed outrage. It is now clear that the compound was targeted by the Clinton Justice Department to elicit a groundswell of anger against “Right-thinking” isolationist, Christian Americans intent on protecting their Constitutional freedoms from a growing, all-powerful government. Instead, most Americans looked on with sympathy at the charred bodies.

It would later take a massacre in Oklahoma City to achieve what they were looking for.

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