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Dear Nancy,



An Open Letter to Sean Penn


Dear Mr. Penn,

GET THE F–K OUT! [of the America you seem to hate so much]


MurthaMurthaMurthaAn Open Letter to Congressman John Murtha

Mr. Murtha,

On behalf of your Marine brothers, of whom you blindly accused of murder, and for the serious blows to U.S. service members’ morale and US strategic goals;


[active duty Marine, now serving his second tour in Iraq]

(page 2)—

Mr. Murtha, thank you for defining “EX Marine.”

LtCol ChessaniAlso, please find attached an open letter to everyone in LtCol Chessani’s chain of command all the way up to the Commander in Chief:

You f—ing p*ssies. These barbarians are out there testing chemical weapons on dogs, cutting the throats of anyone they can catch unaware and strapping bombs to women suffering from Down Syndrome. You have done your best to NEUTER what few hard-charging warriors we have. I never thought I’d see the f—ing day when MARINES were put IN F—ING JAIL for doing nothing more than being Marines. The depth of the injustice is beyond overwhelming. I wish I had the authority to take each and every one of you little tin god, POGu pieces of sh*t and put YOU in f—ing jail.

P.S. Please send a copy of this to the treasonous prosecutor in Texas and his boss in the White House for the same traitorous behavior towards our brothers serving in the Border Patrol.

Viva Mehico

Very Sincerely Yours,
Johnny Cirucci

UPDATE: Monday, 16 February 2015; 02:03 PM, EST


I look back on this and smile at my Rush Limbaugh/Fox News naïveté.

I’ve come a long way since then, and I’ve found that all three of these individuals have simply been playing out their parts as puppets on behalf of a much more powerful enemy.

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