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The Kennedy who was murdered because he was a threat to become President (not JFK).

When you look back on the Kennedy family you’ve got to think someone, somewhere made a Faustian bargain for power. Only a “deal with the devil” could explain so much power and prestige surrounded by so much death and sorrow—Jack and Robert publicly murdered, Teddy kept from the White House by vehicular manslaughter, Jack’s son “John-John” killed in a mysterious plane crash, Mary Richardson Kennedy (wife of Bobby Junior) apparently taking her own life, but few know of the Kennedy who died demonstrating top secret technology that would later be suspected of use to help create the “New World Order”.

Perhaps some of the best words that describe the progenitor of the Kennedy clan, Joseph P. Kennedy, are “ruthless” and “driven”. They were traits that made him wealthy quickly in ways that were politely characterized as “roundabout”.

He made his fortune, as his 1908 yearbook at Boston Latin School forecast, “in a very roundabout way”… “From the beginning, Joe knew what he wanted — money and status for his family,” says one who knew him intimately in Washington during the New Deal. ~ Joseph P. Kennedy: A Portrait of the Founder, Richard J. Whalen, Fortune

Although the family commissioned authors to whitewash Joe’s illicit gains, he is well-known for having built the foundation of “Camelot” on insider trading, stock manipulation and maybe even bootlegging during Prohibition. He was no stranger to the Mob.

J.P. was what we call an operator. He made his money by (1) pulling various hustles before it had occurred to anyone to make them illegal, and (2) possibly pulling other hustles that were definitely illegal but generally winked at. His stock-market shenanigans were an example of the former, his Prohibition liquor business (never proven, by the way) an example of the latter. That said, let’s not get ridiculous. He didn’t sell opium to the Chinese; the British did. Nineteenth century. Very famous. Trust me.

Joseph P. Kennedy was the ambitious son of a prosperous Boston saloon keeper and ward boss. He married the mayor’s daughter, went to Harvard, and generally made the most of his ample connections and talent. He ran a bank (admittedly two-bit) at 25, and was number-two man at a shipyard with more than 2,000 workers during World War I. At 30 he became a stockbroker and made a fortune through insider trading and stock manipulation. He was a master of the stock pool, a then-legal stunt in which a few traders conspired to inflate a stock’s price, selling out just before the bubble burst.

Kennedy may also have traded in illegal booze, although the evidence is circumstantial. His father had been in the liquor business before Prohibition, and Joe himself got into it (publicly, that is) immediately after repeal. Some believe the family business simply went underground during the dry years. He may have been strictly a nickle-and-dimer; Harvard classmates say he supplied the illicit booze for alumni events.

But there might have been more to it than that. In 1973 mob boss Frank Costello said he and Kennedy had been bootlegging partners. Other underworld figures have also claimed Joe was in pretty deep. ~ What is the True Source of the Kennedy Family’s Wealth? Cecil Adams, Chicago Sun-Times

Joseph P. KennedyA shark like that was quick to rise in the Democrat Party and he was chosen by Leftist demigod Franklin Roosevelt to ally public fears of an out-of-control Wall Street by heading up the newly-created “Securities and Exchange Commission”. I guess that would’ve been like the Chick-Fil-A cow hiring Colonel Sanders to look out for the best interests of poultry.

It was clear Kennedy was a force to be reckoned with and WWII brought many opportunities for fortune-hunters across the U.S.

Unlike Vietnam (where George W. Bush spent time in the Air National Guard and John F. Kerry joined the Navy Reserve1), WW2 was a bit too public not to put yourself at risk over and many of America’s Ruling Elite rolled the dice. Doubtless, however, their careers were strictly governed to give them just enough danger to be contenders for later political office.

Douglas MacArthur, who was unenthusiastic about Lyndon Johnson’s one combat mission, was said to have been even less impressed by John Kennedy’s misadventures. MacArthur is supposed to have remarked that Kennedy should have been court-martialed for allowing his boat to be cut in two by a destroyer.

A squadron skipper later observed: “This was not a little stream. It was a big straight. Kennedy had the most maneuverable vessel in the world. All that power and yet this knight in white armor managed to have his PT boat rammed by a destroyer. Everybody in the fleet laughed about that.” But Kennedy received the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps medal for PT-109. His commanding officer put him in for the Silver Star. Joe Kennedy went to his friend [United States Secretary of the Navy] James Forrestal for help after the ambassador’s initial bid for a Congressional Medal of Honor failed.

PT 109's ignominous endThe PT-109 episode would become an ink-blot test for the people’s judgment of Kennedy’s character. The argument over PT-109 anticipated other either/or perceptions of him—as either the graceful prose stylist who wrote Profiles in Courage, or the political hack who had Ted Sorensen write it and then cynically accepted the prize in the same spirit in which he collected his navy medal. PT-109 in fact anticipated the larger historical debate over whether Kennedy was the prince of Camelot and martyred hero of a generation, or a relatively inconsequential president who was also a reckless sex addict.

PT-109 asked whether Kennedy was a war hero who saved his men or a slovely skipper whose inattention got his boat sunk and two men killed.

The answer on PT-109 is—a little of both. ~ The Best Year of Their Lives: Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon in 1948, Lance Morrow, pp 189-190

But few Americans know that Jack was not J.P. Kennedy’s chosen successor. His appropriately-named first-born son, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., was.

Oddly, JP Junior has been swallowed by history and perhaps it was as a result of just how he died that keeps the Elite shooing away curious truth-seekers.


Underwater missiles that could have hit New York, jet-powered bombers that were nearly impossible to intercept, sub-orbital bombers, vertical launch rocket fighters, or infrared visors are just a few of many in this definitive collection of incredible Nazi weapons. Be happy that those bastards never got to mass produce them. ~ The Definitive Collection of Secret Nazi Weapons, Attila Nagy, Sploid

Nazi Germany was so far ahead of all other nations (anywhere from 1 to 4 generations in leap-ahead technology) that some experts and authors contend they had help from other dimensions. I have to admit, it would explain a few things!

One of those “wonder-weapons” were radio-controlled smart bombs like the “Fritz X”:

The Allies had a lot of catching up to do but they sure put plenty of effort into it.

One such attempt was Operation: APHRODITE2. Old “worn out” bombers were packed to the brim with explosives, brought up to altitude by crazy volunteers who then bailed out and a chase plane steered the remote-controlled aircraft to its target.

Joseph Kennedy, JrWith one Aphrodite mission equaling 5 regular missions and plenty of hype and medals to be had, it was a future senator’s dream. Perhaps such were the thoughts of Joseph P. Kennedy, as he volunteered to “pilot” the converted Navy B-24J Liberator (originally designated a PB4Y and then re-designated the BQ-8) on 12 August 1944.

The mission couldn’t have been easier (if piloting a flying bomb could have such a mission): get the bomber up to attitude and point it towards France then bail out. The target was the Mimoyecques Fortress complex in Pas-de-Calais, France—the closest point between the two nations—so close it was where the Allies pretended the “D-Day” invasion would occur.

Intelligence planners saw a fortified facility there and thought it would soon be launching V2 rockets. The truth was much more frightening as Hitler had ordered a series of 25 “V-3” guns installed that would shower London incessantly with massive, deadly projectiles.

Getting a big 4-engine bomber up to altitude did take a little bit of time and some slow, lazy turns but after the 2nd turn something went terribly wrong and the aircraft exploded before it even left British airspace.

The only secret bigger than Joe Junior’s flying bomb mission and fiery death was who it was that was entrusted with oversight of the bomber: Colonel Elliott Roosevelt, later General Roosevelt, son of the sitting president.

Coincidence? Joe Senior didn’t think so.

“Harry [Truman], what the hell are you doing campaigning for that crippled son-of-a-bitch that killed my son Joe?” — Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

Sixty-four years ago yesterday, Lieutenant Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., naval aviator, met his untimely death in the skies over England.

Flying a B-24 Liberator bomber, on a TOP SECRET experimental mission, the details of which were not made public knowledge for FIFTY YEARS AFTER THE FACT!!

“British military officials did not want their people to know that planes packed with explosives, under shaky radio control, were flying over the country [England].”

A B-24 Liberator packed with high-explosive [ten tons worth], manually taken aloft and flown — part way to the target — guided the rest of the way to the objective by remote control from a chase plane, the two-man crew having previously bailed out. Intended to destroy German “V” [Vengeance] weaponry. A “flying bomb”, part of the Operation Aphrodite project.

It was Joseph Jr. that the father, Joseph Sr., had been grooming to become the first Irish Catholic President of the United States. Joseph Jr. had already completed two tours of duty flying Liberators and was due for return to the U.S. but volunteered for this experimental mission, knowing full well the danger.

For inexplicable reasons, the Liberator, chock full of high explosives, exploded spontaneously, Joseph Jr. and his co-pilot meeting instant death, bodies not recovered [BNR].

Amazingly so, Elliott Roosevelt, THE SON OF PRESIDENT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT, was flying in an accompanying “chase plane” and witnessed firsthand the explosion of the Liberator flown by Kennedy!!! ~ The Flying Bomb! Military Thoughts

Consolidated B-24 Liberator

This first Kennedy death may very well have presaged the deaths of Jack and Bobby which I loosely summarize as one group of wealthy outsiders trying to horn in on the turf of the Establishment and getting taken care of…permanently.


While Nazis with little use to the Elite were put on trial for war crimes, those with special knowledge were given a free pass and whisked away to the United States via the magic carpet ride known as Operation: PAPERCLIP.

This very quickly put the power players in Washington well ahead of everyone else in everything from rocketry to biological warfare to mind control to remote-controlling vehicles.

Today, there is an entire new phase of warfare being fought by remotely-piloted aircraft so much so that the Air Force can’t find enough teenagers willing to work joysticks and those they do find they give medals to for sitting behind TV screens as they rain down death and destruction worlds away. Annoyingly, even teens can still find a conscience.

“These moments are like in slow motion,” he says today. Images taken with an infrared camera attached to the drone appeared on his monitor, transmitted by satellite, with a two-to-five-second time delay.

With seven seconds left to go, there was no one to be seen on the ground. Bryant could still have diverted the missile at that point. Then it was down to three seconds. Bryant felt as if he had to count each individual pixel on the monitor. Suddenly a child walked around the corner, he says.

Second zero was the moment in which Bryant’s digital world collided with the real one in a village between Baghlan and Mazar-e-Sharif.

Bryant saw a flash on the screen: the explosion. Parts of the building collapsed. The child had disappeared. Bryant had a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Did we just kill a kid?” he asked the man sitting next to him.

“Yeah, I guess that was a kid,” the pilot replied.

“Was that a kid?” they wrote into a chat window on the monitor.

Then, someone they didn’t know answered, someone sitting in a military command center somewhere in the world who had observed their attack. “No. That was a dog,” the person wrote.

They reviewed the scene on video. A dog on two legs? ~ Dreams in Infrared: The Woes of an American Drone Operator, Nicola Abé, der Spiegel

Fortunately for the vampiric world Elite, drones are now being developed to take that last pesky bit of human compassion out of the loop and even have them survive combat as inter-communicating insects would.

But these technological leaps have brought into question official narratives on 9/11 and Malaysian airliner MH370.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad thinks both Boeing and the CIA are hiding the true story behind the missing jet liner:

In a blog entry posted on 18 May entitled “Boeing Technology – What goes up must come down”, Dr Mahathir Mohamad makes ten claims which he believes render the search operation for the aircraft, and the 239 missing crew members and passengers on board, a “waste of time and money”.

“The plane is somewhere, maybe without MAS markings,” reads Dr Mohamad’s post on chedet.

“Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that MAS and Malaysia should take the blame,” 88-year-old Dr Mahathir, who was Malaysia’s prime minister between 1981 and 2003, alleges. ~ Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: “CIA Hiding Something” Claims Former Leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Kashmira Gander, the Independent

Prime Minister Mohamad may be on to something.

At least as far back as 2007, media were reporting about a remote control civilian airliner technology that was intended to make a future 9/11 impossible.

Boeing, in particular, has a patent on what is known as an uninterruptible autopilot system:

Boeing Wins Patent On Uninterruptible Autopilot System
Homeland Security NewsWire

New technology can be activated by the pilots, government agencies, even on-board sensors; not even a tortured pilot can give up control; dedicated electrical circuits ensure the system’s total independence…

But is this technology the result of an unforeseen event or simply the unveiling of a completely planned agenda accomplished because of that very same technology that was already in use?

One thing is for sure: if all you do is listen to your government and watch CNN, the world you think is out there is much more dangerous than you know.


  1. Likely, Kerry thought his time in the Navy Reserve would keep him well out of the line of fire but the New England Skull & Bones playboy soon found that God has a wry sense of humor and he was placed in the “brown-water” navy patrolling Vietnamese rivers.  Fortunately for him, there was this loophole about getting 3 Purple Hearts which allowed for a ticket home.  Kerry got them so fast his awards became known as “Purple Owies”.
  2. Speaking of reaching out to other dimensions for deadly tech, how about the odd pagan naming of America’s top secret initiatives…?


  • Dr Don says:

    Pt 109 didn’t get hit by a Jap destroyer, that’s nonsense.. more likely they were partying out on the boat and someone dropped a lit match in the bilge. If you’re out on the water at night with your exhausts muffled, a 3000 ton ship moving toward you at 30+ mph is going to be as loud as a freight train. The only witnesses were Kennedy’s crew, and a Japanese destroyer captain called to testify after the war. More than likely paid to fabricate a story.

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