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On September 11th of this year, I released Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed.  How access to power is granted through the rape, torture and ritualistic slaughter of the innocent.

In the Province of Ontario, Canada, parents are infuriated over the latest push by educrats to inundate their small children with materials that will sexualize and confuse them.

Conservative Catholics are (rightfully) up in arms.

After winning a Liberal majority, Premier Kathleen Wynne reintroduced a very similar radical Sex Ed Curriculum from the one she developed as Education Minister, and which outraged parents back in 2010.  In spite of multiple protests, student strikes, and petitions, the Ontario government disregarded the concerns of parents and began to implement the controversial curriculum in the summer of 2016.  According to many reports, schools only began teaching the new curriculum during the last 2 weeks in June, after report cards were finished and when there was nothing left to grade.  Effectively, 2016/2017 is the first school year in which it was implemented.

In 2010, parents and religious leaders came out angrily against Liberal plans to teach early grades about age-inappropriate topics like masturbation, anal intercourse, oral sex, vaginal lubrication, and the idea that being male or female is merely a “social construct”.  So strong was the backlash that McGuinty “shelved” the curriculum after only 3 days of public outcry.

At the time, CLC warned that the curriculum was only “temporarily” shelved and would return.  Kathleen Wynne proved us right by putting this at the top of her agenda at a time when it cannot hurt her at the voting booth.  She announced the reintroduction in October 2014, but refused to let the public see the document for months.  She even held a farcical “public consultation” in which hand-picked parents were invited to give feedback on the curriculum – without actually being allowed to see the “new” curriculum.

Months of parental protests against the curriculum, across the province, have ensued.  Despite having been implemented in the Spring term of 2016, parental opposition continues to grow.  In the meantime, Premier Wynne continues to obstinately ignore the voices of parents who are demanding a repeal of the curriculum and that the government start over with a legitimate consultation process. ~ Campaign Life Coalition

  • 6-year-olds are given graphic descriptions of genitalia and told how to give “consent” for sex.
  • 8-year-olds are told that gender is an interchangeable “construct” and extreme sensitivity and openness to homosexuality is pushed.
  • 9-year-olds are encouraged to date romantically.
  • 11-year-olds are encouraged to masturbate.
  • 12-year-olds have oral sex and sodomy described to them.  They’re also encouraged to explore sex because it’s “pleasurable”.
  • 13-year-olds are taught to plan out their sexual activity (like one would plan a day at an amusement park).  They’re also taught to keep a condom on them at all times, “just in case”.

If you don’t live in Canada and didn’t make the connection, the “Liberal Party” masquerades as “centrist-Leftists” but are clearly far-Left.  The same is true all over the West from “Labour” to “Democrats”.

Would that those Conservative Catholics knew their own hierarchy was responsible.  In fact, some of their leaders do know and they are using those outraged Catholics as pawns in their Hegelian game of chess.

For anyone aware of the “Devil’s Simulation” that I describe in my book, there’s no mystery to any of this.  — It’s simply another criminal act by the Pedocracy to warp and sexualize children so that they can become the next generation of sex slaves and victims.

Confirming it all is the Deputy Education Minister, Ben Levin.  Levin was the central planner involved in Ontario’s “change” in “sex education”.  Levin was arrested and in March of 2015, arraigned in court.

Benjamin Levin, who was also a university professor, entered a guilty plea for making written child pornography, counselling a person to commit a sexual assault, and possession of child pornography. ~ National Post

Canadian government is filled with pedophiles but Levin was selected as a scape-goat because he’s a Jew.

Again, we told you so.


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