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FROM JOHNNY: Below find the work of two of my good friends.

The brilliant talent who has done all of my graphics and dramatically upgraded my web site is now applying his gifts to resurrecting important literary works.

Unlike all other sources who scoop up public domain works, Resurrect Books is fastidiously editing them, perfecting them, adding fantastic graphics and selling only hard copies.  The digital versions remain free!

He has employed the talent of another gifted friend whom you know from many of our Cirucci Team Briefs to resurrect Avro Manhattan’s The Dollar and the Vatican.

You can get an excellent, clean hard copy here, but you can still get a free digital copy here!

Preface: The Dollar and the Vatican

The Dollar and the Vatican, authored by Avro Manhattan in 1957, a world renowned authority on Vatican geo-politics, is surely in need of a reprint. It gives the reader a true history of the United States, rather than the watered down history students receive in the public and Catholic school system alike. The alliance between the massive American corporations and the Vatican is one of most fundamental alliances to understand in the current geopolitical landscape. Avro Manhattan’s 1957 book, The Dollar and the Vatican, is a great in depth look at this relationship, and how it spells out disaster for true genuine freedom and liberty in the United States, and all over the world for that matter. The merging of these forces in the United States actually date back all the way to the founding of America. Avro Manhattan clearly shows in this great book, that the Vatican and the forces of Big Business play both sides of the political spectrum and are working together to subjugate the human race to their dominion. The financial house of DuPont saw to invest $250,000 in hard cash to both the republican candidate Herbert Hoover “The Oracle of Wall Street” and Alfred E. Smith the democrat. For the Vatican, one would assume that there could no Catholic power in America considering the devout Catholic Smith lost the election. Think again.

On September 29, 1932 “The Oracle” Hoover received a medal from the Catholic Boys Brigade. The Oracle wrote to the Rev. Kilian J. Hennrich, O. M. Cap., Director General, Catholic Boys’ Brigade:

“My dear Father Hennrich:

Will you please express to the Catholic Boys’ Brigade of the United States my warm appreciation of their sincere and helpful cooperation with the purposes of the White House Conference on Child Health and Protection, as expressed by their conferring upon me the Star Pro Juventute. It is indeed heartening to know that the Brigade, as an organization for all boys without distinction of class, color, or creed, enlists its energies in furtherance of the Children’s Charter which the Conference formulated as a goal toward which all people of good will might work to bring health and happiness to all children. I am touched by this recognition of my part in this great undertaking and I ask you to take back to the Catholic Boys’ Brigade U.S., my heartfelt appreciation.

Yours faithfully,


This care for the children was curiously absent when Hoover allowed thousands to starve in Hungary while heading the U.S. Food Administration.

“There, the workers’ government of Bela Kun was overthrown by conservative forces financed and armed by the European and American governments. Key in weakening that government was the manipulation of International Red Cross and the U.S. relief commission’s food shipments by Herbert Hoover, then head of the U.S. Food Administration, and later Secretary of Commerce and President of the United States. Hoover’s maneuvers caused thousands of people in Hungary to starve to death.” (DuPont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain, Gerard Colby, 1984, pg. 201)

The government of Nikolas Horthy that was afterwards installed in Hungary was very close to the Vatican. It was very sacrilegious then when Herbert Hoover went to Rome to see Pope Pius XII “to discuss food problems”. (February 15th, 1947) The information on Hoover’s role in sabotaging the Geneva convention in The Dollar and the Vatican (chapters 5,6) is excellent. Herbert Hoover, the non-Catholic, cozied up to the Knights of Columbus—as do almost all American presidents—and wrote to Martin H. Carmody, the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus March 29th 1932:

“My dear Mr. Carmody:

I cordially congratulate you, and through you the entire membership of the Knights of Columbus, upon the celebration of the Golden Anniversary of the foundation of an organization which has to its credit so many helpful contributions to education, fraternal benevolence, and the relief of human distress.

Yours faithfully,


General Smedley Butler, who is covered in great detail (chapter 7) in The Dollar and the Vatican, exposed the grand plot to fascitize the U.S.A, was puzzled as to why the devout Roman Catholic, Papal Chamberlain and Knight of Columbus Alfred E. Smith was completely shielded and protected by the McCormack-Dickstein committee investigating the plot, and why even his own testimony was censored.

The devout Catholic Smith was then chairman of the American Liberty League, and his name repeatedly came up among those who were responsible for the plot.

“In his broadcast over WCAU on February 17, 1935 Smedley Butler revealed that some of the “most important” portions of his testimony had been suppressed in the McCormack-Dickstein report to Congress. The committee, he growled, had “stopped dead in its tracks when it got near the top.” He added angrily: “Like most committees, it has slaughtered the little and allowed the big to escape. The big shots weren’t even called to testify. Why wasn’t Colonel Grayson M.-P. Murphy, New York broker called?  … Why wasn’t Louis Howe, Secretary to the President of the United States, called?  … Why wasn’t AI Smith called?  And why wasn’t Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, called?  And why wasn’t Hanford MacNider, former American Legion commander, called?  They were unmentioned in the testimony. And why were all mention of these names suppressed from the committee report?  This was no piker setup.

MacGuire, who was the agent of the Wall Street bankers and brokers who proposed this organization, told me that $3,000,000 was “on the line” and that $300,000,000-and that’s a lot of money even today was in view to put over this plot to bluff the government.”

Butler then lashed out at the American Legion:

“Do you think it could be hard to buy the American Legion for un-American activities?  You know, the average veteran thinks the Legion is a patriotic organization to perpetuate the memories of the last war, an organization to promote green peace, to take care of the wounded and to keep the graves of those who gave their lives. But is the American Legion that?  No sir, not while it is controlled by the bankers. For years the bankers, by buying big club houses for various posts, by financing its beginning, and otherwise, have tried to make a strikebreaking organization of the Legion. The groups-the so-called Royal Family of the Legion-which have picked its officers for years, aren’t interested in patriotism, in peace, in wounded veterans, in those who gave their lives… No, they are interested only in using the veterans, through their officers. Why, even now, the commander of the American Legion is a banker (Frank N. Belgrano Jr., a close friend of A.P Giannini, E.B.) — a banker who must have known what MacGuire’s money was going to be used for. His name was mentioned in the testimony.

Why didn’t they call Belgrano and ask him why he contributed?” (The Plot to Seize the White House, Jules Archer, 1973, pg. 209, 210)

As Avro Manhattan clearly shows in The Dollar and the Vatican (chapter 2)—during the American civil war the Vatican openly got behind the cause of the south and wished to keep the slave economy going.  The Catholic love for the Confederacy is still present in America today (2019) and it is expressed by the highest officials in the American government.  Witness devout Catholic Robert Wilkie, who is currently the U.S. Secretary of Veteran Affairs and was educated by the Jesuits at Loyola University and Georgetown. Wilkie praised Confederate president Jefferson Davis as a “martyr to ‘The Lost Cause’“ and an “exceptional man in an exceptional age” in a 1995 speech at the U.S. Capitol. (VA secretary praised Confederate president as a “martyr to ‘The Lost Cause’“ in 1995 speech, CNN Politics).  Wilkie was acting very Jesuitical, when he lied about his affiliations to Confederate groups while being sworn in as Secretary of Veteran Affairs. (VA secretary gave inaccurate answers on pro-Confederate ties during confirmation process, CNN Politics) It should be noted that the Jesuit view on slavery was that there was nothing wrong with it. (Reckoning with Slavery at Georgetown, Association of American Colleges & Universities, Adam Rothman)

“Faculty and students at Georgetown accepted the slave economy and even endorsed it…  Father James Ryder, S.J., a two-time president of the school, condemned abolitionism, declaring “God is a God of order.” (Georgetown Slavery Archive, 1835).  A strong majority of students and alumni who fought in the Civil War did so on the Confederate side.”

• • • •

Now to trace the origins of the relationship between the Vatican and big business on the American continent, one needs to go all the way back to the inception of the United States of America. While openly condemning the principles and ideas of the American revolution as “that immense Babylon”, as Avro Manhattan shows (chapter 2), she was secretly flirting with its cause in a very similar way she did to the Bolshevik revolution that would engulf Russia over 100 years later. The Vatican’s financial aid to the American revolutionary cause, came from the Gardoqui banking house of Spain and one of the leading American diplomats the banking house made contact with was Arthur Lee, who was appointed by the Continental Congress as its envoy to Spain and Prussia. Diego De Gardoqui, sometimes written as James Gardoqui, was the Spanish ambassador to the United States and the Spanish finance minister at the time of the American revolution. Interestingly, in a letter to George Washington dated November 9th 1787 from Gardoqui, it is shown that Diego Gardoqui gave Washington a copy of the Catholic Spanish classic novel Don Quixote.

“…but having wished for the opportunity to renew my respects by my good friend Col. H. Lee, I gladly embrace it requesting you would accept and give a place in your Library to the last Spanish Edition of Don Quixote which I recollect to have heard you say at Dr. Franklin’s that you had never seen it.”

Now here is the financial information;

“The ministers in Spain refused an immediate alliance as proposed by Franklin, but proposed to aid the Americans secretly.  Arthur Lee left Paris for Spain in February 1777, returning after being told he would get help directly from Spain or from New Orleans, principally by the Gardoqui banking house, whose principal, Diego de Gardoqui, was a Spanish merchant who was to play a critical diplomatic role.”

“Gardoqui received from the Spanish Treasury first 70,000 pesos, and then another 50,000 pesos, to be sent to the Americans.  Drafts in the amount of 50,000 pesos were also sent to Lee, and Gardoqui himself sent merchandise worth 946,906 reales, including 215 bronze cannon, 30,000 muskets, 30,000 bayonets, 512,314 musket balls, 300,000 pounds of powder, 12,868 grenades, 30,000 uniforms, and 4,000 field tents.”  (Carlos III and System, William F. Wertz, Jr.  and Cruz del Carmen Moreno de Cota, 2004, The Schiller Institute).

Gardoqui wrote to Arthur Lee from Madrid, February 17th, 1777 and said:

“My person and house, in a commercial way, are well known in the American Colonies, not only on account of our long standing correspondence of thirty to forty years, but also on that of the true affection with which we have endeavored to serve them.”  (The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, United States. Dept. of State, 1830, pg. 400)

Diego Gardoqui had a brother who was a Catholic priest, Cardinal Francisco Gardoqui, who was very active in Vatican diplomacy, and was a very influential figure in his time, both in the religious sphere and in politics.  The Cardinal was an advisor to Spanish kings Carlos III and Carlos IV, being sent by the latter to take part in the negotiations of the Peace of Amiens in 1802.

Diego de Gardoqui, the Spanish ambassador’s influence on the founding of America surely must have been significant, as there was a World War II-era ship in the United States Navy named the USS Gardoqui (IX-218), and there was the USS Gardoqui (1898), that had seen action in the Spanish-American War, named after him and his Catholic banking family.  (Avro Manhattan in The Dollar and the Vatican goes into detail on how the big financial trusts got America into the Spanish-American war).  Lastly on Diego De Gardoqui, it is significant that he in 1785 laid the cornerstone of the first Catholic Church in New York City (St.  Peter’s Church on Barclay Street).

“In 1785, an act of incorporation of St. Peter’s Church was obtained from the Legislature of the State of New-York, and early in 1786 five lots were purchased from the trustees of Trinity Church, at the corner of Barclay and Church streets, upon which old St. Peter’s Church—the first Catholic Church in the city of New-York—was built.  The Spanish Ambassador to the United States, Don Diego de Gardoqui, laid the first stone.”  (A brief sketch of the history of the Catholic church on the island of New-York., 1853, pg. 54, James Roosevelt Bayley)

There is a statue of Diego De Gardoqui in Philadelphia standing to this very day.

Since 1957 when the Dollar and the Vatican was published, the alliance between the Vatican and the high powered dollar forces has strengthened ten-fold.  Across the board in all industries the massive corporations have immense consolidation of market share due primarily to the process of the merger.  The Open Market Institute in 2018 did a study titled America’s Concentration Crisis on monopoly power in the United States and the results were staggering.  For instance in the meat processing industry ($217 billion revenue) 53% of the market share is controlled by 4 firms.  The domestic airline industry ($142 billion revenue) has 76% of the market share controlled by 4 firms.  A few more examples will suffice.  The beer industry has 3 firms controlling 75% of the market share.  In the category of home improvement stores ($182 billion revenue) there are 3 firms controlling 87% of the market share.  In the cigarette and tobacco manufacturing industry ($46 billion in revenue) 91% of the market share is controlled by 3 firms, etc.

Military spending since 1957 continues to rise.  U.S. President Donald Trump has agreed to a request from the Catholic Secretary of Defense James Mattis to propose a defense budget of $750 billion for the year 2019!  The war in Iraq alone (2003-2011) cost the U.S. taxpayer $1.06 trillion, and what benefits did the average American receive from all that spending?  He received economic chains in the form of debt.

“Researcher Ryan Edwards estimated that the United States incurred an extra $453 billion in interest on the debt to pay for the wars in the Middle East.  Over the next 40 years, these costs will add $7.9 trillion to the debt.”  (Cost of Iraq War Its Timeline, and the Economic Impact, The Balance)

War has always been profitable for the armaments makers, the Iraq war being no exception.

Just glancing at the Korean war one discovers magnificent profits.

“In 1950 DuPont scored one of its highest annual profits, 13.3 percent.  G.M. reaped an even higher return.  During the war years of 1950-1952 G.M. averaged an annual profit rate, before taxes, six times that of the 1929 boom year.  From July 1950 to June 1952 G.M. grossed $5.5 billion in war contracts.”  (DuPont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain, Gerard Colby, 1984, pg. 398)

Now quickly glancing at war profits in Iraq—The United States has, spent at least $138 billion on private security alone.  This security includes:

“…logistics and reconstruction contractors, who have supplied everything from diplomatic security to power plants and toilet paper.”

“An analysis by the Financial Times reveals the extent to which both American and foreign companies have profited from the conflict – with the top 10 contractors securing business worth at least $72bn between them.  None has benefited more than KBR, once known as Kellogg Brown and Root.  The controversial former subsidiary of Halliburton, which was once run by Dick Cheney (Catholic, E.B.), vice-president to George W. Bush, was awarded at least $39.5bn in federal contracts related to the Iraq war over the past decade.”  (Contractors reap $138B from Iraq war, CNN Business)

The armaments maker Lockheed Martin for instance, would charge the U.S. military $600 for a toilet seat and $7,662 for a coffee maker, all financed by taxpayer dollars.  (Prophets Of War: Lockheed Martin And The Making Of The Military Industrial Complex, William D. Hartung, 2011, pg. 123) Americans should be concerned that since the signing of the program 1033 in 1997, $5 billion dollars in surplus military equipment has been funneled into various police departments across the country.  The program was briefly shut down by the Obama administration, but in 2017 president Trump signed an executive order bringing the program back into existence.  The U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions referred to the grenade launchers, humvee’s, light machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, tanks and bayonets, etc. that the police now have access to use on American citizens as “lifesaving equipment.”  (Trump Reverses Restrictions On Military Hardware For Police, Adam Goldman, Aug. 28, 2017, The New York Times)

• • • •

The police state is being buffed up by the powers that be (that being the Vatican and the massive corporations) to maintain to current status quo in society.  The power of both the mega financial forces and religion spearheaded by the Vatican is spelling out full spectrum dominance economic control on the Earth.  Never before in human history has so much economic power been concentrated into the hands of so few.

The British newspaper The Guardian reported in 2018 that the world’s richest 1% are on course to control as much as two-thirds of the world’s wealth by 2030.  Never before in history have we been in an epoch where corporate power rules virtually unchallenged.  As Avro Manhattan writes in The Dollar and the Vatican the financial aristocratic class have the masses acting as their “financial vessels”.  The Guardian in a 2015 article commenting on the appalling wealth gap noted that “About 3.4 bn (billion! E.B.) people – just over 70% of the global adult population – have wealth of less than $10,000.”  This wealth distribution is just the way that the Vatican geo political machine wants it.

While at least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day, in 2008 for example, as a result of the global financial crisis known as “the great recession”, which came about due to reckless and criminal behavior of the financial “dinosaurs”, as Avro refers to the money fraternity, the banks were rewarded with taxpayer bailouts to their top executives to the tune of $1.6 billion.  Never in history have the masses been at the mercy of the corporate giants as we are now.  For instance, a 2013 report by consumer rights group Food and Water Watch found that no matter how many brands appear on the shelves, consumer dollars are going to the same massive companies (Kraft, PepsiCo, ConAgra Foods, Nestle, General Mills, Campbell Soup Co., etc.) when going shopping at the grocery store.  The Business Insider reported:

“Among 100 grocery categories, Food and Water Watch found that a handful of the largest companies control an average of 63.3% of the sales.  In 32 of those categories, 75% of the sales were controlled by four or fewer companies.  The report concludes that the average consumer is powerless against the companies controlling the grocery market, and that since the beginning of the Great Recession, grocery prices have risen up to twice as fast as inflation.”

The Catholic Church has been a natural ally for the massive corporations, for it should be remembered that the Catholic Church is the most ancient corporation on the planet.  She has by no means been feeling the economic hardships that the common man faces in this current paradigm where the corporations own everything.  As The National Post brought up in a 2013 article titled Wealth of Roman Catholic Church impossible to calculate, the wealth of the Catholic Church is so incredibly vast that it is really, truly, impossible to calculate.

As the article points out as of 2013, the Vatican owns 716,290,000 square kilometers of land all across the earth which is an area slightly bigger than the Canadian province of Alberta.  “These properties include Vatican embassies, churches, cathedrals, monasteries, some schools and convents.”  These are assets in hard cash and are tax exempt!

A given Catholic school has an accrued real estate value alone at over $25 million (that being the average construction cost for a school as of 2015).  Just in the United States then (not including the rest of the world) the 7,498 Catholic schools as of 2006-07 serve the Vatican as immense financial assets that run into the billions of dollars; let alone the real estate value of the thousands of Catholic hospitals!!

“The number of Catholic-owned or affiliated hospitals in the United States has grown by 22 percent since 2001, and now 1 in 6 acute care beds is in a hospital connected to the church, according to a report released by MergerWatch.  The watchdog group found that due to mergers and acquisitions over the past 15 years, 14.5 percent of all acute care hospitals in the nation are now either owned by or affiliated with the Catholic church, according to the study.  In 10 U.S. states, the number of Catholic hospitals is more than 30 percent.”  (Number of Catholic hospitals in US has grown 22% since 2001,

Now to quote an excerpt from the 2013 MergerWatch report titled Miscarriage of Medicine: The Growth of Catholic Hospitals and the Threat to Reproductive Health Care, we see the Catholic health system rapidly expanding:

“In 2011, Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) was the country’s fifth largest health system and second largest non-profit health system.”

“Between 2001 and 2011, the number of CHI hospitals grew from 50 to 64 and its Medicare gross patient revenues ballooned from $2.7 billion to $12.2 billion.  This giant Catholic-sponsored health system continues to grow.  In May 2013, for example, CHI completed a $2 billion acquisition of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System in Texas, which included six acute-care hospitals in the Houston-metro area, as well as three emergency care centers, two medical clinics, and two diagnostic and treatment centers.  Catholic health care restrictions now apply in all of these historically non-Catholic facilities.  CHI is also now the majority sponsor of Kentucky One Health, Kentucky’s largest health system, formed in 2012 by the merger of two local health systems, Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare and St. Joseph Health System.”

“The University of Louisville Hospital joined the system in early 2013 in an arrangement that ‘carved out’ governance of its Center for Women and Infants, thus protecting it as a secular health care provider, but subjected the rest of the hospital and its 2,600 employees to Catholic restrictions on delivery of medical care.  Today, because of the addition of new hospitals since 2011, CHI has 87 acute-care hospitals in 17 states, approximately 88,000 employees, and annual operating revenues of more than $10 billion.  Like Ascension (the biggest Catholic health system in the world), CHI has a powerful position in the marketplace as well as the ability to influence health policy.”

Modern Healthcare has included CHI’s President and CEO Kevin Lofton 10 times on its list of the 100 most influential people in health care.  CHI established an online Advocacy Action Center in 2007, ‘designed to make the collective voice of Catholic Health Initiatives heard in the nation’s capital … [and] to participate in key advocacy efforts by communicating with legislators.’”

The report noted that in 2011 Catholic hospitals billed the U.S. government $115 billion, the funds being coughed up primarily by non-Catholic taxpayers.

• • • •

The Catholic Church is a unique religious institution compared to other faiths in the sense that she teaches she alone holds the keys to truth and salvation, and therefore all other cultures, faiths, philosophies etc. are errors and false.  It was the super reactionary Pope Pius IX who drafted his famous Syllabus of Errors in 1864, in which the Pope declares himself nothing less than the king of the world and the Catholic Church the only true religion.  The United States is the primary country of study in Avro Manhattan’s 1957 book The Dollar and the Vatican.  In the United States constitution, the first amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

The reader will see that this completely clashes with the fundamental basis of the Catholic doctrine, that being that the Pope is a non-earthly ruler; he actually rules from his divine-celestial-ethereal kingdom and therefore has absolute sovereignty and dominion over all earthly kingdoms and governments, for it was Christ himself who said “my kingdom is not of this world”, and the Pope claims to be the Vicar of Christ.

In the infamous syllabus we find such ideas condemned as heresy “Besides the power inherent in the episcopate (office of a bishop), other temporal power has been attributed to it by the civil authority granted either explicitly or tacitly, which on that account is revocable by the civil authority whenever it thinks fit.”  This is the absolute polar opposite from the principle that the Church and State ought to be separated; other condemned ideas in the syllabus include “The sacred ministers of the Church and the Roman pontiff are to be absolutely excluded from every charge and dominion over temporal affairs”.  It would be a very dangerous mistake to think that the Catholic hierarchy does not believe in this today.

Pope Leo XIII declared in his 1885 papal encyclical Immortale Dei, that democracy is the rule of the mob:

“Divine rule (Catholic rule, [E.B.]) is passed over in silence…as if there could be any government whose whole cause, power and authority was not vested in God (The Pope, [E.B.]) himself.  In this manner, as we see, the State is nothing else than a MOB as its own master and governor.”

The Pope is none other than God himself in Catholic doctrine:

“The Pope, then, is as a sun in the world, illuminating, with his rays, the politics of other princes.  For, when he declares a ‘reform’ to be un-Christian, every other ruler may see that it is bad.  When he proclaims that a principle is false, every other prince must shun it as deceptive… We must conclude then that priests must enter into politics.”  (Lord Robert Montagu, On some popular errors concerning politics and Religion, 1876, pg. 215, 232)

“The supreme Pontiff, by divine right, has the fullest power over the whole world both in ecclesiastical and in political matters.” (Cardinal Bellarmine Opera, Tom. I. De Romano Pontifice, L.v. C.i. Col. 887. A. Colonise, 1620, cited in Stamp’s edition of Elliotts Delineations of Romanism, pg. 707.)


“The Pope is bound by no forms of law; his pleasure is law”;

“The Pope makes right of that which is wrong, and can change the nature of things”;

“The Pope is all and over all; he can change square things into round.”  (The Christian World: The magazine of the American and Foreign Christian Union, Volume 21,1870, pg. 265)

If the Pope can “change the nature of things” and “can change square things into round” then surely he has the power of a god.  To summarize the anti-freedom, anti-reason, anti-logic and anti-democratic Papal doctrine I quote from the book Jesuit Political Thought, authored by Harro Hopfl, published by Cambridge University Press, pages 350/351.

It is important to remember that the Jesuit order a.k.a The Society of Jesus (S.J.) themselves are a strictly international military order who report to their general in Rome (The Black Pope) who is an absolute autocratic ruler whom the Jesuits view as Jesus Christ himself in the flesh. (R.W Thompson, The Footprints of the Jesuits, pg. 58)

The Jesuits like the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), are referred to as “the company” and they were initially created in 1534 by “Saint” Ignatius of Loyola to combat the reformation which involved re-subjugating all the thrones of the world back to the Vatican.  Anyone can search “Jesuitism” in Webster 1828 dictionary and will find:

“1. Cunning, deceit; hypocrisy; prevarication; deceptive practices to effect a purpose…”

Loyola, in his Spiritual Exercises wrote:

“We should always be disposed to believe that that which appears white is really black, if the hierarchy of the Church so decides.”

A former CIA officer E. Howard Hunt, who is most famous for his role in the Watergate burglaries alongside Jesuit educated devout Catholic, G. Gordon Liddy, and his role on the ground in the 1954 coup d’etat in Guatemala said in an interview in the documentary A Coup Made in America which aired on Canadian television series Turning Points of History in 1998, speaking on his role in the coup d’etat in Guatemala in 1954, now widely publicized on the internet that:

“We had gotten the okay from Cardinal Spellman to go ahead with this… and I wouldn’t presume to trace the lines of authority within the Catholic Church… how they get their information they deal with… We’ve always said in an admiring way that the Jesuits form the Greatest Intelligence service in the world and always have.”

Now to summarize the doctrine of the pope’s infallibility in spiritual and temporal matters:

“As Molina (Luis de Molina S.J.) stated the doctrine: the spiritual potestas of the Supreme Pontiff … has joined to it, as it were by entailment (quasi ex consequenti), the supreme and most extensive (amplissimam) power of temporal jurisdiction (potestatem iurisdictionis temporalis) over all princes and others who belong to the Church, precisely to the degree demanded by the supernatural end for which the spiritual potestas is ordained.  If this supernatural end demands it, the Supreme Pontiff can depose kings, and deprive them of their kingdoms (or kingships: regnis).  He can also judge between them in temporal matters, invalidate their laws and do among Christians whatever else is judged necessary to the supernatural end and the common spiritual welfare (salutem), not in any way whatsoever, but according to the judgement of the prudent; and to that end he may use compulsion consisting not only of ecclesiastical censures, but also external punishments, and force of arms, in a manner no different to any other prince, although for the most part it is expedient that the Supreme Pontiff should not do such things himself, but have them done by secular princes.  And for this reason it is rightly said that the Pope has both swords.  According to Bellarmine’s (“Saint” Robert Bellarmine, S.J.) formulation: ‘The pontiff as pontiff does not have any temporal authority directly and immediately, but only a spiritual authority; however in virtue of this spiritual authority he does have a certain indirect authority, and that a supreme one, in temporal matters (indirectam potestatem quamdam, eamque summam, in temporalibus).’”

“The potestas was ‘in ordine ad bonum spirituale’.  Suarez’s (Francisco Suarez S.J.) version was: ´The Supreme Pontiff, by virtue of his spiritual authority or jurisdiction (ex vi potestatis seu iurisdictionis), is superior to kings and temporal rulers, so that he may direct them in the exercise of their temporal authority in order to the spiritual end; by reason of this he can command or forbid any such use of this [temporal] authority, demand it or prevent it, to the extent that it is expedient for the spiritual good of the Church.”  (Jesuit Political Thought)

This doctrine of the Pope being God is still followed today.  Witness U.S. President George W. Bush, who said in an interview with Raymond Arroyo April 11th, 2008:

Arroyo: Mr. President, final question.

President Bush: Yes, sir.

Arroyo: You said, famously, when you looked into Vladimir Putin’s

eyes you saw his soul.

President Bush: Yes.

Arroyo: When you look into Benedict XVI’s eyes what do you see?

President Bush: God.

Arroyo: Good way to end the interview.

President Bush: Thank you.

George Bush had an interesting choice of words for the global war on terrorism (which like the red witch hunts back in the 20th century serves as a bogeyman for the advancement of military spending and police state measures) when giving a speech at the White House lawn on September 17th, 2001; just 6 days after the September 11th attacks.  “This crusade…This war on terror…is gunna take awhile”—and of course the crusades are of the identity of the Roman Catholic Church in her historical quest to Catholicize the whole world.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the current archbishop of New York, hinted at the doctrine of papal supremacy when he said at the 2016 inauguration ceremony of U.S. president Donald Trump “God of our ancestors and lord of mercy you have made all things and in your providence you have charged us to rule the creatures produced by you”.  Dolan like most American archbishops lives in a multi-million dollar mansion—15,000-square-feet to be exact on Madison Avenue appraised at over $30 million.  An illustrated 2014 CNN article titled The lavish homes of American archbishops shows “Records reveal that 10 of the country’s top church leaders defy the Pope’s example and live in residences worth more than $1 million.”

The influence of the Pope is in worldly affairs as a supreme sovereign is still practiced today as much as it was in the days of Pope Boniface VIII, whom in his Papal Bull Unam Sanctum (November 18, 1302) pontificated from his celestial kingdom:

“Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

This influence was seen when a statue of Pope Innocent X overlooked the signing of the new E.U.  (European Union) constitution at Capitoline Hill, Rome (October 29, 2004).

A very ominous choice for the statue, as Pope Innocent X, who was Pope during the height of the Thirty Years War—used all his divine powers to ensure that the harmony which existed between Catholic and Protestant layman alike would cease at once as the war was winding down.

“The condition of Germany was, indeed, pitiable, but so much the more profound was the universal joy when this lust of murder was at length sated, and the hearts of the princes turned to peace consummation, finally achieved by the treaties of Osnabruck and Munster, under conditions honourable alike for both the parties to it.  Perhaps in all Europe there was but one man who did not rejoice at this; that one was Pope Innocent X., who, after causing his legate to enter formal protest against the preliminaries of the peace then under discussion at Osnabruck, next issued a Bull (November 26th, 1648), denouncing the good understanding just secured between Catholics and Protestants as contrary to religion, an infringement of the papal prerogatives, therefore invalid, vain, and damnable, declaring the treaty was null and void alike, with regard to the past, present and future, and that it behooved no one, though he had taken the most solemn oath upon it, to hold thereto, either in the whole, or in any particular…”

“He cursed what all men blessed.”  (The Mysteries of the Vatican, Theodor Griesinger, 1864, pg. 98)

Now to briefly analyze some of the financial intrigue of some of the priestly orders of the Catholic Church—for this preface I will just look at the Jesuit order.  To analyze all of the various religious order’s financial intrigues would surely require a full book.  It becomes very hypocritical, that the various orders priests and especially Jesuit priests take an oath and a vow of poverty when Jesuits can see be seen on the boards of the world’s biggest financial conglomerates.

To quickly summarize some of the historical significance of the order, The Jesuits have had a very peculiar relationship with the United States, and are known as “The Shock Troops of the Catholic Church” (G. Gordon Liddy) and “The Pope’s Marines” (Pat Buchanan).

Jesuit priests can be found among the relatives of the Presidents of the United States.  Witness Father Andrew Monroe S.J., a brother of President James Monroe, and Robert Francis Taft S.J., who was a younger cousin of President William Howard Taft.  The reactionary secretary of state (1981-1982), and supreme commander of NATO (1974-1979) Alexander Haig, who went back and forth from the mega corporate sphere making millions at United Aircraft, to crusading for the pope via formulating U.S. foreign policy—was a Knight of Malta, educated by the Jesuits at Georgetown University, and had a Jesuit priest as a brother, Frank Haig S.J.  The controversial Allen Dulles (director of the CIA) and his brother John Foster(Secretary of State) whom of both, much has been written about, had a Jesuit in the family, Avery Dulles S.J., (son of John Foster, nephew of Allan) George Washington himself is said to have called a Jesuit priest to his deathbed, that being Leonard Neale S.J.  The story may have veracity to it, as the first mayor of Washington D.C., Robert Brent, was the nephew of the Jesuit priest John Carroll S.J., and a devout Catholic.  Mayor Brent’s uncle John Carroll S.J. has been almost deified in Jesuit circles, and was the founder of the orders Georgetown University.  Brent was quite a “dinosaur” himself as he became the first president of the Patriotic Bank and of the Columbia Manufacturing Co.

James Roosevelt Bayley, a former Archbishop Of Newark, who was an older cousin of American Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, wasn’t a Jesuit himself, but he was educated at St John’s College which would become Jesuit Fordham University.  Archbishop John Hughes of New-York (mentioned in chapter 2 of The Dollar and the Vatican) was the founder of St. John’s College which would become Fordham.  Going all the way back to the year 1832 there was a Jesuit priest Charles Constantine Pise S.J. (who was close friends with U.S. President John Tyler) who was serving as the chaplain to the United States senate (The only Catholic priest to do so to this very day).  Many Americans would probably be surprised to find out that a Jesuit Priest, Daniel A. Lord S.J., drafted the Hollywood motion picture code in 1930.(Avro Manhattan covers the Vatican concocted terror via Hollywood censorship at length in Chapter 12).

The Jesuit Daniel A. Lord S.J. in his autobiography Played By Ear: The Autobiography of Daniel A. Lord, S.J. writes:

“My own connection with the code was kept almost unexplainably secret.  It surprised me a little that none of the gossip columnists of the day made it a point.  I was much relieved that bigotry got no chance to scorn the code because it was the product of a Jesuit.  I agreed completely with the policy of silence, and for years never mentioned my authorship except in Hollywood, the Hays office in New York, or among close friends…It belonged to the industry and it was better that way” …

“It was an impressive group of leaders who gathered round the luncheon table for my presentation of the code.  Mr. Hays himself presided.”

“Mr. Martin Quigley (Knight of Malta, Knight of Saint Gregory the Great, E.B.) could feel that the moment was largely of his management.”

“I came with the code in my hand, and instructions to take half an hour to present it as only the actual author of the written document could do.”

There are even 35 moon craters named after Jesuit Priests!  (The 35 Lunar Craters Named to Honor Jesuit Scientists,

• • • •

Now to highlight the Jesuits intrigue in current massive corporations we start with Jesuit Priest, Chris Lowney, S.J., who entered a Jesuit seminary and was educated at Fordham University (The Jesuit University in New York City) who became a top executive at one of the world’s largest banks while being a Jesuit Priest—supposedly bound to a oath of poverty.  Lowney currently chairs the board of the health giant Catholic Health Initiatives.  He left the Jesuit seminary in 1983 to work at the Investment Bank J.P. Morgan Chase (1983-2001).  While at J.P. Morgan, the Jesuit was an investment banker to Fortune 1000 companies, and a managing director in Tokyo and Singapore, where he served on Morgan’s Asia-Pacific management committee.  (Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World, Chris Lowney S.J)

Later, as a managing director in London, the Jesuit Lowney served on J.P. Morgan’s Europe, Mideast, and Africa management committee.

Perhaps J.P. Morgan is hiring Catholic priests because John Pierpont Morgan Sr., the financial titan, (1837-1913) was friendly to the Catholic cause.  Morgan was knighted into the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, which is a “Roman Catholic dynastic order of knighthood bestowed by the House of Savoy, founded in 1572 by Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy, through amalgamation approved by Pope Gregory XIII”.

Mary Callahan Erdoes, the current CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Management ($2.8 Trillion in client assets), who is also a member of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s Operating Committee, is a devout Catholic and was educated at Jesuit Georgetown University.  Erdoes is on the board of the Catholic Alfred E.  Smith Memorial Foundation, and she attends the “Al Smith Dinner” for the Catholic elite regularly.

• • • •

Leo O’Donovan S.J., another Jesuit priest, who was the president of Georgetown University, joined the board of directors at Disney in 1996.  The Jesuit had close relations with the company before joining the board, Quoting from a 1996 article in the Washington Post titled Leo O’Donovan, Disney’s Provocative Choice we read:

“O’Donovan’s connection to the Walt Disney Co. dates to 1989, when he was inducted as Georgetown’s president and Disney Chairman Michael Eisner, whose son was a Georgetown student at the time, served on the college’s board.  The two became friends, and O’Donovan has served as an unofficial adviser to Eisner for several years.  Eisner holds O’Donovan in high esteem.  ‘He is just a wise, renaissance, all-purpose, creative, educated man.  And besides that, he has a perspective on things that bring diversity to the board,’ Eisner said in a telephone interview last week.  Eisner said he wanted to ask O’Donovan to join Disney’s board earlier, but there were no openings.”

“When Disney’s acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC Inc.  was completed in February, two new board positions were added, one of which Eisner asked O’Donovan to fill.”

O’Donovan while being appointed to the board of Disney was on the board of the Riggs National Bank.

“Riggs would be embroiled in the most extensive money-laundering scandal in modern banking, fined $25 million and damaged so severely that it would be forced into a merger.”  (The Washington Post)

The Scandal was due to Riggs Bank courting business from former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, whom happened to be a devout Catholic, and was placed into power by a coup d’etat by the CIA and Henry Kissinger in 1973.

Kissinger became a professor at Jesuit Georgetown University in 1977.

Riggs Bank, while the Jesuit Leo O’Donovan S.J. was on the board, helped Pinochet hide millions of dollars in assets from international prosecutors while he was under house arrest in Britain.  Riggs merged with PNC financial as a result of the scandal.  It was by no means though the only scandal the bank had to endure however while the Jesuit Leo O’Donovan, S.J. was on the board:

“President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea ‘siphoned millions from his country’s treasury with the help of Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C.’  For this a Riggs account executive, Simon Kareri, was indicted.”

“But Obiang enjoyed State Department approval for a contract with the private U.S. military firm M.P.R.I., with an eye to defending offshore oil platforms owned by ExxonMobil, Marathon, and Hess.”  (The American Deep State, Deep Events, and Off-the-Books Financing, Peter Dale Scott, The Asia-Pacific Journal, Volume 12, Issue 14, Number 3, Apr 06, 2014)

These two Jesuits seen above (Lowney & O’Donovan) were earning their million dollar plus salaries tax free.

“If a bishop is a Jesuit or a Franciscan, he is sacerdotal religious and any income received by him is transferred to the Order, which then takes care of his personal needs.  If diocesan or secular, he is permitted to own property and could conceivably be required to pay taxes.  A Jesuit could, therefore, serve as president of a bank and receive a salary of $500,000 without being required to pay income or Social Security taxes; nor would he be under the necessity of filing any income-tax return at all.” (The Religious Empire : The Growth and Danger of Tax-Exempt Property in the United States, Martin A. Larson, C. Stanley Lowell, 1976, pg. 24)

• • • •

To briefly cover more Jesuit intrigue in the financial world in an interview for a French news documentary, Goldman Sachs: The Bank That Runs The World, Steve Bannon, who served as Donald Trump’s chief white house strategist for the first 7 months of his term, was educated at Georgetown, and is a big financial “dinosaur” himself, compared joining the Goldman Sachs bank to joining the Jesuits!

“Interviewer: What did Goldman Sachs represent for you?”

“Steve Bannon: Goldman Sachs represented excellence and meritocracy.”

“It didn’t matter where you came from, it didn’t matter what school you went to, what your religion was or what was your ethnicity.”

“It just mattered how hard you worked, how smart you were, and how good a banker you were for your clients.  It was really like joining the Jesuits.  This seems antiquated today, it was before the financialization, it was before all these quants and mathematicians really came to Wall Street.”  (STEVE BANNON SAYS JOINING GOLDMAN SACHS IS LIKE ‘JOINING THE JESUITS

A couple of Jesuit alumni appear on the board of directors at Goldman Sachs as of 2019.  Board members include: Peter Oppenheimer (Santa Clara University), former executive vice president and CFO at Apple, and Lakshi Mittal (St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta), who is the founder of Mittal Steel Company and Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal S.A., the world’s leading integrated steel and mining company.  Timothy O’Neill, who is Global Co-Head of the Investment Management Division at Goldman Sachs and serves on the Management Committee is a member of the board of directors at Jesuit Georgetown University.  Der Spiegel, the German magazine, wrote an article on August 8th, 1958 on the Vatican’s financial shareholding activities titled The Major Shareholder and have some very revealing information on the Jesuits financial activities, we read:

“The influence of the Society of Jesus in the American financial world first became apparent fifty years ago, when Italian financier AP Giannini (Knight of Malta, E.B.) founded the Bank of California, which today is one of the largest banks in the world under the new name Bank of America.  Giannini was an extremely skillful financier who owed his starting capital to the Jesuits and figured as their trust or straw man.”

“Today, Bank of America is 51 percent owned by the Order.  In San Francisco, the Society of Jesus financed another Italian financier, the Sicilian Antonio Di Giorgio, who founded the politically influential fruit company ‘Di Giorgio Fruit Company’.  The group owns extensive fruit and banana plantations in Central America and a transport fleet of more than 100 ships.  The Jesuits are also involved in the major U.S. steel companies Republic Steel and National Steel, as well as in the four major U.S. aircraft plants: Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas and Curtiss-Wright.”

“They also control the independent petroleum company ‘Phillips Oil Co.’ in Galveston, Texas, and the Creole Petroleum Co., which has extensive concessions in South American Venezuela.  Until American companies launched competitor companies in South America a few years ago, the Society of Jesus also had a monopoly on mercury.  In fact, in 1923, the Order’s financial experts managed to seize all the shares of Almaden’s famous Spanish mercury mines held by the Madrid bank Banco Hispano-Americano.  From the point of view of stock market history, it was a masterly coup, for the Jesuits beat America’s largest chemical concern DuPont de Nemours out of the field; who also wanted to acquire the Almaden shares.  The founder of this trust, Alfred II DuPont de Nemours; said then: ‘I have had a great experience, one should never argue with priests, especially with Jesuits.’”

(The lawyer for the DuPonts during the 1934 munitions hearings was none other than “Wild Bill” Donovan, the devout staunch Catholic, who was head of the Office of Strategic Services.  Donovan was made a Knight of Saint Sylvester in 1944, and was a Knight of Malta.  Avro Manhattan has great information on the treasonous behavior of the DuPonts scattered throughout The Dollar and the Vatican, E.B.)

“In 1932, the Jesuits acquired the Tuscan mercury mines in Italy, which, together with Almaden, supplied the world market almost exclusively until a few years ago.  During the Second World War, the Order earned on both sides with this armor-important resource.  While the Spanish company supplied mainly to the Allies and Russia, the Italian mines supplied the German armaments.  In France, the interests of the Society of Jesus extend to the car companies Peugeot and Citroen and the ‘Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas’, the numerous companies in France, Belgium and Holland, such as Schneider-Creusot, but also the casino controlled by Ostend.  The Jesuits also have a decisive influence on the Paris Bancque Francaise et Italienne for l’Amerique du Sud, in whose supervisory board again the Vatican financial expert Nogara appears; this financial institution virtually dominates the South American coffee market and the New York coffee exchange.  The assets of the Order are, however, largely in the hands of the American Jesuits, who are economically independent of Rome and do not wish the Holy See to have direct control over their possessions.”

The Jesuits as far as the current writer is aware have never denied these allegations made by Der Spiegel.  The Boston College CEO’S Club is additional evidence of the close relationship between the Vatican and big business.  Boston College is one of the 28 Jesuit Universities/Colleges in the United States.  Quoting from the website of the Club:

“The keynote speakers at these events are CEOs drawn from the top echelons of their fields – thought leaders who welcome the opportunity to address an audience of their peers.  Among the recent speakers are Disney’s Bob Iger, Nike’s Mark Parker, and IBM’s Virginia Rometty.”

Some other recent speakers at the Jesuit university include:

  • Brian T. Moynihan,Chairman & CEO of Bank of America (November 8, 2018).
  • Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., CEO Visa Inc. (September 27, 2018).
  • Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman & CEO, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (March 22, 2018).
  • Randall Stephenson, Chairman, President & CEO, AT&T (February 15, 2018).
  • Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum (September 22, 2017). Etc.

Staying in the microcosm of Boston, it is evident when looking at the list of the members of the financial council at the Boston Archdiocese (some listed below) of how close the relationship between the Catholic Church and the corporate machine is.  Now multiply this influence by the thousands, as there are thousands of archdioceses with a vast investment platform (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles etc.) with equally far reaching financial councils.  Then one can begin to see the covert influence the Vatican can excerpt.  Let alone the Catholic schools (in particular Jesuit schools) that have an incredible amount of connections to thousands of massive corporations through the members of the board of directors/trustees, and through donations that they receive from large corporations.

For example, from looking at the 2017 Annual report of the General Electric Foundation, it is seen that General Electric gave out over $3 million to various Catholic charities, schools, organizations and Jesuit schools in 2017.  John L. Flannery, current CEO/Chairman of General Electric, was educated by Jesuits at Fairfield University and is a devout Catholic.  Catholic hospitals, Catholic lawyer guilds, Catholic foundations, etc. also need to be included in the overall influence that the Vatican exerts to the corporate sphere though the boards of trustees.  Here are just a few of the names, off of the financial council at the Boston Archdiocese (2017):

  • His Eminence Sean P. Cardinal O’Malley, OFM, Cap., Chair
  • John H. McCarthy, CPA, Vice Chair Senior Advisor to the President, Northeastern University
  • Paul Hanley, CP Partner, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, L.L.C.
  • Kimberly Y. Jones, Esq., Athena Legal Strategies Group
  • Robert M. Mahoney, President and CEO, Belmont Savings Bank
  • George E. Massaro, Vice-Chairman, Huron Consulting Group, L.L.C.
  • Sean P. McGrath, Stonegate Group, L.L.C.
  • Robert J. Morrissey, Partner, Morrissey, Hawkins & Lynch
  • Kevin C. Phelan, Co-Chairman, Colliers International
  • Mary L. Ryan, CEO, Thompson Steel Company
  • Paul W. Sandman, Esquire, Board of Directors, PDL BioPharma
  • John E. Straub, Chancellor, RCAB
  • Most Reverend Peter J. Uglietto, V.G. Vicar General, Moderator of the Curia, etc.

Catholic Priests also act as lobbyists and can attract billions of dollars to covert intelligence projects.  Witness Father Felix Morlion, a Belgian Dominican priest who founded the Catholic intelligence organization Pro Deo.  The devout Catholic William “Wild Bill” Donovan made a pact with Father Felix Morlion to merge their intelligence apparatus’s together.  When the Nazis took control of western Europe, Donovan helped Morlion move his propaganda operations from Lisbon to New York.  Avro Manhattan in his 1985 book Murder and the Vatican briefly mentions this relationship.

“During World War II, in July 1944, for instance, Pope Pius XII decorated General William Donovan with the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester, a reward given only to 100 other men, ‘who by outstanding deed…championed the Church.’  The significance of the reward was in the fact that Donovan had served as a chief of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the wartime predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA.  Early in the war, in 1941, Donovan had already forged an alliance with the founder of a Catholic intelligence agency, called Pro Deo.  The two agencies collaborated during and after the war, to such an extent that eventually they amalgamated.”

“This resulted in the de facto integration of the CIA and of the Vatican intelligence, into a global USA-Vatican apparatus, whose operations now encompassed the globe.  The amalgamation operated in favour of the advancement of the Catholic Church in the political fields, at home and abroad.  And indeed, in joint USA-Vatican promotion of their respective objectives.  It helped in the promotion of Presidential candidates in the USA, and in the promotion of potential papal candidates in the Vatican.  The Vatican-CIA spying operations have assessed both Presidents and Popes, during the past three decades, and acted accordingly.”

• • • •

Father Morlion’s financial intrigues are shown in a declassified letter of the Inter-American Development Bank (The bank of the Organization of American States (OAS)), dated April 11th 1966.  The letter is from Grayton Upton, an executive vice President of the Bank, to Walter Rostow, special assistant to the Jesuit educated U.S. President Lyndon Johnson.  The subject heading on the letter is revealing in itself: “Father Morlion and Program, of Catholic Church for Indoctrination of Latin American Priests in Divulgation of Principles of U.S. Free Enterprise System.”  Parts of Grayton Upton’s letter to Walter Rostow include:

“You will recollect the lunch here at the Bank a few weeks ago with Father Morlion.  I now enclose a description of what he is doing.  I personally consider this matter of the utmost importance to U.S. Policy makers for Latin America, and ask you to give it the most serious study.”

“I first met Father Morlion at the Caracas meeting of CICYP last year.”

“There he gave a short talk in which he said, in effect, that after a year or so of letting the priesthood in Latin America follow their own ideas with respect to economics (and politics) the Pope had decided to make a major effort to indoctrinate them in the concepts of the free enterprise system and to insist that they take an active role in teaching these concepts.”

“The chief mechanism for this is the International University for Social Studies Pro Deo in Rome, which I understand must in the future be attended by any Latin American Priest before he rises to a higher level in the Catholic hierarchy.  In addition the various economic and social directives which will be issued to the Church in Latin America.”

Continuing “In effect what Father Morlion now wishes to obtain is the following:

1.) A serious review of, and orientation in, this whole effort by the U.S. Government (I understand that Ambassador Reinhardt is well informed on the matter.)

2.) The strong moral backing of the U.S. Government, in a discreet fashion, of this effort.  In this respect, as a first step, he wants to arrange a lunch in which you both, and hopefully Lincoln Gordon, would be present, with as many of the U.S. Directors as possible, where you would indicate the moral support of the U.S. Government for this effort — a support which would hopefully contribute towards substantial private contributions from U.S. business.

3.) An investigation of the possibility of financial support for this effort by the U.S. Government through an appropriate agency”.

The banker Grayton Upton notes:

“For obvious reasons, efforts have been made to date to give no publicity to the program” and says in conclusion “PS: I understand that commitments have already been received for contributions from business of $250M (250 Million)and that Father Morlion expects this to be increased to $1MM (1 Billion) in the next few weeks.”

Father Felix Morlion sent Grayton Upton a correspondence (April 6th, 1966) five days previous the letter quoted above from Upton to Walter Rostow:

“Mr. Grayton Upton Executive Vice President Inter-American Development Bank 808 17th Street Washington, D.C.”

“Dear Friend,”

“Here with the second draft improved on the basis of your suggestions.”

“If you think the matter is sufficiently clear, you might send to Mr. Mann, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Rostov photostats of this so that they can tell you which day — they could eventually meet with a few businessmen to conclude the first phase.  Mr. Huerdemat or another assistant can eventually make some further improvements after phoning me.”

“Before the middle of next week, I hope to tell you what first payments are made by some of the business leaders approached.  As you can imagine, the Rome authorities are waiting for my return at the end of the month to start preparations in practice.  I want to thank you again in the name of my high Roman friends for the inspiration you gave me in Caracas and the help so generously these days.  We will need very much that you should repeat your speech of Caracas in one of our Rome symposia, possibly in the Autumn.”

Totus tuus Pro Deo

“Felix A. Morlion”

“Pres., Intern. Pro Deo University”

These funds would go fund repressive dictatorial regimes all over South America to maintain the socio-economic-religious status quo.

For instance in Paraguay:

“Gran Chaco Ayoreo (Moro) and Tomarxa Indians were forced to choose between surrender and peonage or fighting the advance of the frontier of General Alfredo Stroessner’s dictatorship, which boasted census figures showing that 52 percent of the country’s arable land belonged to 145 owners.  There were Indian raids on settlements along the Trans-Chaco Highway financed with U.S. money under sponsorship of the Inter-American Development Bank.”  (Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest Of The Amazon, Nelson Rockefeller And Evangelism In The Age Of Oil, Gerard Colby, Charlotte Dennett, 1995, pg 680).

Cardinal Francis Spellman, who himself was known as “cardinal moneybag”, was very close to the dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner.

“Spellman landed in Paraguay, where he warmly greeted the dictator Alfredo Stroessner, who had recently affected A military coup.”

“Unlike military dictatorships in Brazil and Chile that at least paid up service to helping the people, Stroessner made no pretenses.  His military and police were rewarded with graft, contraband and the spoils of lucrative narcotics and prostitution trades.  Upon his arrival Spellman went to the general’s residence, where he publicly proclaimed what a pleasure it was to be in ‘the ancient Catholic country of Paraguay.’”

“Stroessner, who desired just such a blessing for his regime, thanked the Cardinal profusely…”

“The C.I.A., like the F.B.I., turned to Spellman because of his connections and his prestige throughout Latin nations, where he helped churchmen with money and political advice and rebuked them on occasion…Spellman was an avowed supporter of the controversial dictatorships that the American government backed.  The Cardinal was wined and dined by Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Stroessner in Paraguay and Somoza in Nicaragua, and he accepted their many honors and blessed their regimes.”  (The American Pope, John Cooney, pg. 232, 233)

Spellman was very influential in the world of the big financial dinosaurs:

“The Catholic Church never had a greater executive than Cardinal Spellman”, said Jonah J. Goldstein, a Republican politician in New York.  “If there was a merger of AT&T, U.S. Steel, Westinghouse.”

“General Electric, and General Motors—and if you were asked to pick a president of that merged corporation, and he was not a priest—I’d suggest Francis Spellman.”  (Ibid, pg. 98)

What the Cardinal was referring to above by when saying “the ancient Catholic country of Paraguay” were the reduction camps that were set up in Paraguay by the Jesuits in the early 1600’s.  Spellman himself was educated by the Jesuits at Fordham University.  These reductions were essentially communist work camps where the local Indians were placed into a state of profound ignorance by the Jesuit fathers, whom they began to look upon as their spiritual masters.  The ideals and tenets of communism ruled the reductions whereby the Jesuit fathers replaced the secular state in the communist model, and thereby owned all of the property in the reductions as the state owns everything in a communist dictatorship.  It is rather intriguing then that Karl Marx was himself a pupil of the Jesuits for five years at the Jesuit high school in Trier, at that time known as the Friedrich-Wilhelm Gymnasium (, Karl Marx).  The amount of money that the Jesuits made as a result of these reduction camps in Paraguay was enormous.

“There could not, however, be the slightest doubt that the profit was something enormous, as their dominion of Paraguay alone gave them annually over four millions of ducats, as is shown by an official report of the Portuguese Governor-General of the town of Potosi, Don Mathia de Anglose Gortari, written in the year 1731.  The said Governor, who had received from his Government orders to make the most minute investigation on all sides, found the country to be divided into thirty-six parishes, or reductions, and each of these comprehended in itself 10,000 families; in all of them, however, there existed so great a surplus of stores and produce that a single reduction was alone in a condition to supply six others for the whole year.  Even the smallest of their reductions possessed their 40,000 or 50,000 head of oxen and cows, and the larger and richer ones of them not less than double that quantity.  In consequence of this the Jesuits were enabled to export yearly to Spain about 300,000 hides of cattle, each of which was sold for six piastres or more, and the trade in leather brought in even as much.  The fields proved to be very productive, and all kinds of grain were grown upon them, as well, especially, as tobacco, sugar, and cotton, which latter the Indian women were required to spin and weave; all these articles were likewise transported to Europe, and cotton stuffs alone yielded an annual profit of 100,000 heavy piastres.  Everywhere were to be observed well-appointed workshops, and the Indians manufactured therein most beautiful gold and silver wares.”

“Moreover, there were numbers of locksmiths’ shops, and forges and foundries even were not wanting, in which cannon, mortars, and the like might be cast.  However, the latter manufactories were designed not so much for trade as for internal use; and the same remark also holds good as to manufactories of Arms.  A particularly extensive commerce took place, on the other hand, in the so-called Paraguay herb, and, as there was sale for it almost all over the world, it indeed brought a profit which was certainly as great as the gold and silver mines in other American countries…It was also to be remarked that in every parish considerable store-houses existed, in which the wares and land produce were stored until they could be conveyed to the great market-places of Santa Fe, Buenos Ayres, and Tacuman, either for sale or exportation, and from this it will be seen how exceedingly well the Jesuits understood the draining of their dominion of Paraguay.  Thus did Don Mathia de Anglose Gortari report concerning the Jesuits in Paraguay, and he calculated, as already remarked, the amount of their commercial trade at even more than ten millions of hard dollars annually.”  (The Jesuits: A Complete History of Their Open and Secret Proceedings from the Foundation of the Order to the Present Time, Theodor Griesinger, 1885, pg. 423, 424)

• • • •

Quoting from the 1967 annual report of the Inter-American Development Bank, we see the program of “Father Morlion and Program, of Catholic Church for Indoctrination of Latin American Priests in Divulgation of Principles of U.S. Free Enterprise System” being put to good use in Venezuela:

“Up to $55,000 of a $1.5 million loan extended Dec. 19 from the Fund for Special Operations to the Fundacion Andres Bello for a program of improvements at the Andres Bello Catholic University may be used to hire specialists to advise the School of Engineering on improvements in its curricula and studies programs.”

In Ecuador, from the 1970 annual report:

“With resources from the Populorum Progressio Fund, which the Bank administers for the Vatican, the Bank financed technical advice for studies to carry out agrarian reform programs in Ecuador on lands provided by the Catholic Church”.

The ancient military orders of the Vatican such as the Knights of Malta (SMOM), and the Knighthoods that have been erected since the Inquisitions and the crusades are influential as they have ever been in controlling the economic destiny of nations.  Many prominent financial “dinosaurs” as Avro Manhattan describes them, are indeed Knighted into papal orders of the Vatican, for example Rupert Murdoch, a non-Catholic (CEO/chairman of News Corporation).  In 2000, News Corporation owned over 800 companies in more than 50 countries.  Murdoch has a net worth of over $19 billion.  Quoting from the LA Times in an 1998 article we read:

“Pope John Paul II has awarded papal knighthood to comedian Bob Hope, news magnate Rupert Murdoch and entertainment executive Roy Disney—all non-Catholics—along with 64 prominent Los Angeles-area Catholics.  Among the Catholics named were actor Ricardo Montalban, longtime Los Angeles City Councilman John Ferraro and hotel executive Barron Hilton.”

Four more examples will suffice, these include:

  1. Robert Shafer, who is the former senior public relations officer of Pfizer, ($52.5 billion revenue in 2017). Shafer is the Knights of Malta representative to the United Nations (where they have a permanent observer status). Shafer has a degree from Jesuit Georgetown University, and has also been the Chairman of the Catholic Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich Connecticut.  Shafer is a director on the board of a number of mutual fund corporations; and is member of the Board of Regents at Catholic St. John’s University.
  2. John Joseph Danilovich, who is currently Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce, which “is the largest, most representative business organization in the world”.

Danilovich is a Knight of Malta.  Prior to his current position Danilovich was United States Ambassador to Costa Rica (2001-2004), United States Ambassador to Brazil (2004-2005), and CEO of Millennium Challenge Corporation (2005-2009).

Danilovich also serves as a Director of the Stanford Trust, a Trustee of the American Museum in Britain , a Director of the U.S.-U.K. Fulbright Commission, a member of the Council of the Harvard School of Public Health, a member of The Council on Foreign Relations, and is a member of the American Academy of Diplomacy.

  1. John Studzinski, who is Vice Chairman of Investor Relations and Business Development at the Blackstone Group (The World’s largest private equity firm), as well as Senior Managing Director of the Blackstone Group, where he holds “special responsibility for sovereign and institutional investor relationships.”

Studzinski is a Papal Knight of the Order of St. Gregory and a Knight Commander of Saint Sylvester.  Also at Blackstone there is Joseph Baratta, who is Global Head of Private Equity and a member of the firm’s Management Committee.  He also serves on many of the firm’s investment committees.  Baretta is on the board of directors at Jesuit Georgetown University, and was educated there.  Prior to joining Blackstone Group, Studzinski was at Morgan Stanley (1980-2003), and at HSBC (2003-2006), building mergers-and-acquisitions divisions in both of those institutions.

  1. Thomas Stephen Monaghan, who is a Knight of Malta (SMOM) and is said to have strong connections to Opus Dei, founded Domino’s Pizza in 1960, and sold 93% of the stock it to Bain Capital for $1 billion. He also owned the Detroit Tigers (1983-1992). Monaghan also owns the Domino’s Farms Office Park.

In 1983 Monaghan established the Mater Christi Foundation, today known as the Ave Maria Foundation, to focus on “Catholic education, media, community projects and other charities.”

The foundation funds the Catholic Ave Maria School of Law.

In 1987 he helped form Legatus, an organization for Catholic CEOs of companies earning more than $4 million per year to promote and support “moral ethics in business in conformity with the teachings of the Roman Catholic church so that the lives of all can be enhanced”.  Legatus was to serve as a spiritual resource and social community for “top-ranking Catholic business leaders”.  Monaghan also helped to establish the Ave Maria Mutual Funds, “which is a U.S. mutual fund family that targets clients interested in financially sound investments in companies that do not violate certain religious principles of the Catholic Church.”  Reminds me of the old Spanish proverb: “Money is very Catholic.”  (“El dinero es muy Catolico”)

• • • •

This short look at the relationship with the forces behind high powered capitalism and the Vatican, would be incomplete without briefly going into sports, and how thoroughly controlled the “bread and circus games” are by the Vatican.  American sports alone are a multi-billion dollar industry, and are brilliant in distracting the masses from relevant geo political events.  An entire book could be written on how the Vatican and the big financial dinosaurs control all of the prosports leagues.  Limited space in this preface will suffice looking at just one of these leagues close relationship with Catholicism—that being the NFL.  To start, the super bowl trophy is named the Vince Lombardi trophy, after Vince Lombardi, who was as devout a Catholic as one can be, and educated by the Jesuits at Fordham University.  Lombardi in addition to being educated by the Jesuits, was going to become a Catholic Priest!  He attended Cathedral Preparatory Seminary in Queens, a part of Cathedral College of the Immaculate Conception in Brooklyn, with the intention of becoming a Catholic priest.  Lombardi was also a 4th degree Knight of Columbus, and there is a KOC lodge named after Lombardi in New Jersey!  (The Vincent T. Lombardi Council, No. 6552, Knights of Columbus, in Middletown, New Jersey).  Then there is George “Papa Bear” Halas.  Halas, was the founder, owner, and head coach of the NFL’s Chicago Bears, and was one of the co-founders of the NFL in 1920.  Halas was also as devout Catholic as one can get.  Pat McCaskey, the current owner of the Chicago Bears, who happens to be Catholic, said this about his grandfather George Halas.

“My grandfather played football, basketball and baseball for the University of Illinois.  He played briefly for the New York Yankees and then transitioned back to football.  He was a player, coach and executive for the Chicago Bears, and then in 1932 he became sole owner.”

“He was a six-time NFL champion as head coach—not to mention two more just as an owner—and still has the second-most head-coaching wins in NFL history.  More importantly, he was a deeply Catholic man.”

“He went to Mass on Sundays, even when games were played that day, and he also went to confession on Saturdays.”  (Carrying on Catholic and Football Traditions in Chicago, National Catholic Register)

George Halas Sr. was even given the Sword of Ignatius of Loyola (a replica of the sword Ignatius used to murder heretics, there is a statue of Ignatius Loyola stomping on a heretic in Rome) in 1979 by Chicago’s Jesuit Loyola University.  George Halas Jr., who became a president and treasurer of the Chicago Bears, and served on the NFL’s management council, was also very close to the Jesuits.  He was educated at Loyola University in Chicago.  The Halas Sports Center and Halas Field at Loyola was named in honor of him after he passed away.

“On Sept. 2, 1982, Loyola held a ceremony under a large tent on the field to dedicate the new sports center to Halas Jr.  ‘Papa Bear wanted to do something for his son,’ Senior Associate Athletic Director Tom Hitcho, who attended the ceremony, said.  ‘With representatives from different NFL teams, the Halas family, students, faculty and trustees, it was a pretty big event from our history.”  The NFL commissioner at the time, Pete Rozelle, and Halas Sr. both attended and gave speeches.’” (Bears president was a Loyola alumnus, Loyola Phoenix News)

Pete Rozelle, who was commissioner of the NFL (1960-1989) was educated by the Jesuits at the University of San Francisco.

When the New Orleans Saints were created as an expansion team (clearly with the team name referring to the process of Canonization in the Church, i.e becoming a Saint) while Rozelle was commissioner, Catholicism as one can imagine played a large role.

“NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle traveled to New Orleans to announce that they would be the home of the newest expansion team.”

“Although the decision was made more than a week prior to the announcement, Dixon convinced Rozelle to wait for the upcoming Catholic holiday to go public.  Thus, the proclamation took place on November 1, which made the team birthday All Saints Day.  Out of respect for the large Catholic community in New Orleans, the team’s management consulted then-Archbishop Philip Hannan of the Archdiocese of New Orleans to make sure the name would not seem offensive or sacrilegious.  The archbishop saw no problem with it; in fact, he liked the idea so much that he offered to write the team a prayer.”  (Song of faith and jazz: How the New Orleans Saints got their name, Aleteia)

Thomas Benson, the auto magnate, and longtime owner of the New Orleans Saints who passed away in 2018 was very close with the Vatican.

“In recognition of their generosity to the Catholic Church, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and his wife, Gayle, have been awarded the highest papal honor that Catholic lay-people can receive.”

“They were nominated for the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (for the church and the pope) Award by San Angelo, Texas, Bishop Michael Pfeifer, a longtime friend, who cited their generosity to his religious order, the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate in San Antonio, where Benson has several auto dealerships, he (Benson) gave $15 million to the capital campaign of the Oblate School of Theology, which the order operates.  The Bensons were married in San Antonio in October 2004.”

“The order operates Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in New Orleans, where Benson’s church-related gifts include $2 million for a senior citizens center.  The Bensons also gave Loyola University $8 million in 2010 for construction of a Jesuit Center, to include a major new campus chapel and headquarters for faith and service programs that express the university’s Jesuit worldview.”  (Tom and Gayle Benson receive highest papal honor for their generosity to Catholic Church,

It couldn’t get more obvious with the underlining Catholicity in the NFL, than the “Hail Mary” passes, which are passing attempts of long distances—The Hail Mary is one of the most familiar of all Roman Catholic prayers.  Many professional sports teams have the name “Cardinals” as there team name.  Catholic archbishops are referred to as Cardinals and have worn the long red robes for centuries-long before the little red bird now known as a Cardinal was given its name.

The devout Catholic Robert Hannegan (who is mentioned in chapter 14 of The Dollar and the Vatican) who was chairman of Democratic National Committee (1944-1947) and United States Postmaster General (1945-1947) purchased the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team in 1947, and was educated by the Jesuits at Saint Louis University.

Sports stadiums like Churches are tax exempt.  “Laws allowing teams to fund stadiums with tax-exempt bonds have cost the United States $3.7 billion in lost tax revenue from 2000 through 2014, according to a Brookings Institution paper released last year.” (Reuters)

This money for instance could have went to improve libraries all across the United States.  Rome requires the masses to be entertained rather than educated.

On average, American adults are watching over five hours of television every day, with a good portion of this being sports related programs.

The size of the TV deals of the four American sports leagues is impressive.  The NBA’s current contract with ABC, ESPN, and TNT is $24 billion; the NFL’s with Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC is $27 billion; the MLB’s with ESPN, TBS, and Fox is $12.4 billion, and lastly the NHL’s TV deal with ESPN, Fox, and TSN is $7.2 billion.

• • • •

Continuing on this brief look at the alliance of the forces of The Dollar and the Vatican, John J. McCloy (1895-1989), who is known as “The Chairman of the American Establishment”, whom had chairmanships on the Council on Foreign Relations, Chase Manhattan Bank, the Ford Foundation, the World Bank, etc. was on the board of over 15 large corporations, and was directly involved in the 1964 coup d’etat in Brazil, is a prime example of how the Vatican is working with the “secular” corporate apparatus.

McCloy was quoted by The New York Times in an 1975 article titled Head of Study on Gulf Oil Funds, saying “I have a sort of Catholic attitude…a lower case ‘c’,” he added with a laugh, “or else my Scotch Presbyterian forebears will stir in the graves.”  McCloy added that “I had the powers of a dictator as High Commissioner of Allied Forces in West Germany”.  “But I think I was a benevolent dictator”.  McCloy was pivotal while working as the American High Commissioner in West Germany, for the Vatican’s plans to free high level Nazi war criminals (Reinhard Gehlen, Klaus Barbie, Ernst Von Weizsacker, Martin Bormann (whose son was a Jesuit), Otto Ambros, Joseph Mengele, Walter Emil Schreiber, etc.) so that they could come work for the Catholic, in particular Jesuit controlled western intelligence agencies, and corporations.  Reinhard Gehlen, who was “chief of the Wehrmacht Foreign Armies East (FHO) military-intelligence unit for the Nazi’s”, was made a Knight of Malta in 1948, and Gehlen became the chief of the Western German Intelligence service (BND), which was funded and overseen by the CIA.  (known as “Catholics in Action”)

• • • •

Witness Otto Ambros, who became the head of head of IG Farben’s Schkopau plant in 1935.  Ambros’ division of IG Farben developed chemical weapons, including the nerve agents sarin (1938) and soman (1944) that were used in the concentration camps all over Europe to enact “The Jewish solution”.  Ambros , the most guilty of a war criminal that one could ever be, became an advisor to the W.R. Grace Co. in the United States (after serving a very lenient three years in prison for war crimes), which had a Knight of Malta J. Peter Grace as Chairman/CEO.  Ambros, the Nazi IG Farben chemist, also did work for Dow Chemical Co. and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps.  This was all part of Operation Paperclip, overseen by McCloy and his “Catholic attitude”.  Indeed Otto Ambros even became an advisor to the Knight of Malta, devout Catholic, Konrad Adenauer, who was the chancellor of West Germany (1949-1963).

Adenauer, who would attend Catholic Mass every-day while chancellor of West Germany—was very fond the Nazi Fascist cause:

“On August 10, 1934, Konrad Adenauer wrote to the Nazi interior minister in Berlin: ‘I have always treated the Nazi Party very correctly and thereby repeatedly placed myself in opposition to ministerial instructions of the time and those opinions represented by the Centre faction of the Cologne City Council.  For instance, I put the city’s sporting facilities at the disposal of the Nazi Party for years, in contradiction to the regulation of the Prussian Interior Minister at the time and allowed it to fly the swastika flags on the city’s masts at these places during its events.  I refer to the relevant files of the City of Cologne and the testimony of the retired Assistant Billstein.’”  (God And The Fascists: The Vatican Alliance With Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic, Karlheinz Deschner, 1965, pg. 82)

From the ABC Documentary Escape From Justice: Nazi War Criminals in America that aired Sunday, January 13th, 1980, this was said of the relationship between Knight of Malta, devout Catholic J. Peter Grace and Nazi chemist Otto Ambros:

“His (Ambros) prison sentence was commuted after only three years by American officials and he was helped in a bid to enter the United States by J. Peter Grace, President of W.R. Grace, a major American chemical company.  An internal State Department document describes how J. Peter Grace helped Otto Ambros in his efforts to enter the U.S.  In a memorandum to the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Grace acknowledges that Ambros was a war criminal.  But he adds that in the years he’s known Ambros, ‘we have developed a very deep admiration, not only for his ability, but more important, for his character in terms of truthfulness and integrity.’”

“Today Otto Ambros does consulting work for W. R. Grace and Company and lives here in Mannheim, Germany.  In a recent telephone interview Ambros said ‘I’m happy to still be working as a chemist…but it’s funny.  Now I’m helping the Americans.’”

The documentary gave additional insight into Ambros’s background:

“Ambros was a chemist and a director of the notorious I.G. Farben Chemical Company which supplied gasoline and rubber for Hitler’s war effort…he played a supervisory role in the construction of Farben’s buna plant in the Polish village of Auschwitz…For his role there, Otto Ambros was convicted of slavery and mass murder and sentenced to eight years in prison.”

• • • •

J. Peter Grace was the introductory speaker at the annual convention of the Knights of Malta (SMOM) in 1989, when U.S. President Ronald Reagan as a sitting U.S. president was knighted into the order at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. (January 13, 1989) Grace at this time was the President of the American wing of the Knights of Malta.

“Grace had also served as the Chairman of the Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty Fund, a CIA front infested with Nazi collaborators, and on the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), another CIA funded organization.  The Chairman of the W. R. Grace Executive Committee, Felix Larkin, is also a SMOM (Knight of Malta).”

“The Chancellor of the Order, John D. J. Moore (U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, 1969-1975, E.B.), was a Director of the Grace company until at least 1982 having been with the company since 1946 managing its Peruvian operations from 1947-1950” (The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Francois Hervet, 1986, CAIB 25).

Joseph J. Larkin, a vice president at Chase Manhattan, a bank which John J. McCloy would later chair, was another Knight of Malta in the financial dinosaur world who was very sympathetic to the Nazi and fascist cause.

“Joseph J. Larkin [vice-president of Chase Manhattan Bank in charge of European affairs] kept the Chase Bank open not only in the neutral countries of Europe and South America but in Nazi-occupied Paris throughout World War 2.  …A distinguished member of the Roman Catholic family, he had received the Order of the Grand Cross of the Knights of Malta from Pope Pius XI in 1928.  He was an ardent supporter of General Franco and, by extension Hitler.”

“Morgenthau first suspected him as a fascist sympathizer in October 1936, when Ferando de los Rios, the ambassador of Loyalist Spain, dedicated to Franco’s defeat went to see Larkin to open an account of $4 million.  The account was to be used to raise local assistance for the Spanish government, including the Lincoln Brigade.  Larkin said firmly that the 4 $ million account would not be allowed.  Larkin went a step further in the service of fascism.  When the Loyalist government deposited a similar account in the Chase bank in Paris, Larkin was furious with the subordinate who accepted the account.  He immediately contacted the Loyalist emissary and had him withdraw the deposit.  Simultaneously with the encouragement of Schacht, Larkin took on the Franco account and the Reichsbank account, though the Reichsbank was under the personal control of Hitler.” (Trading with the Enemy, Charles Higham, 1983, pg. 20,21)

• • • •

It was very fitting then for the CIA to move there head office in West Germany to the IG Farben building.  The American air force somehow missed the IG Farben headquarters while they were leveling the city of Frankfurt with 12,000 tons of explosives.  John J. McCloy, very fittingly, had his office at the former Nazi military machine headquarters as well.

Indeed the building was referred to by U.S. authorities as the Headquarters Building.  The United States Army Europe (USAREUR) with the U.S. Army renamed the building the General Creighton W. Abrams Building in 1975 after U.S army general Creighton Abrams, who converted to Catholicism while serving in the Vietnam war.  The IG Farben building was then informally referred to as “The Pentagon of Europe” while the CIA and U.S. Military occupied the building.

Many directors of the CIA have in fact been members of the order of the Knights of Malta (SMOM), as was Hitler’s Vice Chancellor Franz Von Papen, and fought in Knight of Saint Sylvester, SMOM William Donovan’s OSS (Office of Strategic Services) in World War 2.  Just to cover a couple of them, there is John A. McCone, Knight of Malta, CIA director (1961-1965), who was affiliated with over 10 massive corporations including: ITT, Standard Oil, Bechtel Corp, Consolidated Steel Corporation, and the California Shipbuilding Corporation etc. McCone was also Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (1958-1961).  William Casey, a Knight of Malta, who was trained by the Jesuits at Fordham University, was CIA director (1981-1987), chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission (1971-1973), and Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment (1973-1974).  Casey got involved in the “financial dinosaur” realm before becoming a crusader for the Pope in his various positions in the U.S. government, such as his role in hiding the U.S. Military’s role in the 1985 arms shipments to Iran.  From 1957 to 1971, Casey was a partner at Hall, Casey, Dickler & Howley, a New York corporate law firm.  Ronald Reagan while President (1981-1989) used prominent Catholics in his administration to brief Pope John Paul II of developments in the Cold War.  Casey—according to Knight of Malta, devout Catholic Richard V. Allen, who was the United States National Security Advisor (1981-1982)—would regularly fly secretly to Rome in a windowless C-141 black jet and be “taken undercover to the Vatican”.  (Officials say pope, Reagan shared Cold War data, but lacked alliance, Catholic News Service)

Quoting from a 2016 article in the Catholic Herald titled Why Catholics Thrive in the CIA we read:

“…three out of the last five CIA directors have been Catholic: Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and the current director, John Brennan…”

“Some of the most influential directors in CIA history have been Catholic—men such as Walter Bedell Smith, John McCone, William Colby and William Casey.  They were not just casual Catholics.  They were devout Mass-goers—in many cases, members of groups like the Knights of Malta.”

There was perhaps was no greater evidence showing the relationship between the massive financial dinosaurs, the Vatican, and the CIA than the 1954 coup d’etat to take out the government of Jacobo Arbenz in the banana colony Guatemala.  Arbenz was elected as president in 1951 and immediately upon election began speaking on land reform to fix the miserable state of poverty the masses of Guatemala found themselves in.  The American United Fruit Company-known all across the region as “The Octopus” was the largest landowner in Guatemala.  United Fruit owned the railway lines, the powerlines, and controlled Guatemala’s biggest ocean port.  The economic tyranny of United Fruit was shown when:

“In 1928, 1,500 men, women, and children, employees of United Fruit, were murdered by troops in Santa Marta, Colombia, for striking in protest of receiving only 60 percent of their promised wages.”

“The survivors were imprisoned on the banana plantation and flogged, while two U.S. warships were anchored nearby in readiness to intervene if necessary.”  (DuPont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain, Gerard Colby, 1984, pg. 262)

The Vatican like the United Fruit company had reason for concern.  The Catholic clergy were excluded from the national affairs of Guatemala due to the policies of Justo Rufino Barrios, who became president in 1873, running on the principle of separation between church and state-the clergy were expelled and their properties confiscated.  John McCormack, who was Speaker of the House (1962-1971), and at the time of the coup, was the House Minority Wip, annually gave speeches on United Fruit and Guatemala, and even read into the Congressional Record articles by executives of the United Fruit Company, praising the companies contribution to Latin America.  McCormack was a Knight of Columbus and a devout Catholic.

Arbenz upon election began to nationalize many of United Fruit’s assets and signed decree 900, which gave 400,000 acres of land owned by United Fruit to Guatemalan nationals.  Arbenz was instantaneously labelled an agent of the Soviet Union and a Communist.  The great financial dinosaurs went to work through their tightly financed press syndicate (chapter 11 in The Dollar and the Vatican) to alarm Americans that the threat to the profits of the United Fruit company’s multi-million dollar banana plantations was a threat to national security.

United Fruit and the CIA then began working together to distribute hundreds of thousands of pamphlets warning of the existential Soviet threat that Arbenz posed, even going as far to hire propaganda expert Edward Bernays to convince the world Arbenz was a commie.

The Soviet Union had no diplomatic relations with Guatemala at this time.  Incredibly, Cardinal Francis Spellman of New York contacted the Archbishop in Guatemala, Mariano Arellano to issue a pastoral letter (April 9th, 1954) to the flock of Guatemalans telling them to rise up against Arbenz’s communist regime and overthrow it—the CIA then took the pastoral letter and airlifted it all over Guatemala.  (A Coup Made in America) Arbenz had no chance—he desperately took to the air waves to warn the people of the coup taking place, but all to no avail.  Arbenz then in desperation blacked out all of Guatemala City to in an attempt to stop the CIA’s radio broadcasts.  The CIA and the dinosaurs man in Guatemala was Castillo Armas.  Armas promised to crush Communism and restore the wealth of the United Fruit company.  With the gaining support Armas was receiving, bombs and machine gun fire all over Guatemala City, and one by one losing the loyalty of his top generals, Arbenz resigned from the presidency and the government was overthrown.  The big financial dinosaurs were once again all powerful in Guatemala.

The Catholic Church was also a big winner with Armas taking power.

“Spellman had reason to rejoice.  The new government re-established long-broken ties with Catholicism.  Castillo Armas restored the right of the Church to own property, to give religious instruction in public schools, and to increase the number of foreigners among the clergy.”

“To further enhance the Church’s position in Guatemala as well as that of the United States, Spellman saw to it that Catholic Relief Services, the metamorphosis of the War Relief Services, began operating in Guatemala shortly after Arbenz fell…Instead of putting Guatemala on the path to prosperity, Spellman and the U.S. officials involved in the Arbenz coup merely set the stage for decades of bloodshed.  Guatemala became a financial sinkhole for the United States, which poured some $80 million into the nation in the first three years of the new regime.”

“Little of it filtered down to the poor.  By the 1980s, Guatemalan history was marked by a succession of dictatorships and brutally crushed revolts.  According to a 1978 report on Guatemala by the World Bank, more than eighty percent of the land was owned by ten percent of the population; the illiteracy rate of seventy percent was the highest in the hemisphere but for Haiti’s; the infant mortality rate was also tragically high.”  (The American Pope, John Cooney, 1984, pg. 236)

The connections from the CIA to the United Fruit company were spectacular.  When President of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz threatened to nationalize land belonging to the United Fruit Company, Walter Bedell Smith, a devout mass-going Roman Catholic, who was director of the CIA (1950-1953) ordered the American ambassador in Guatemala John Peurifoy to put a CIA plan for a Guatemalan coup into action.  Smith then after leaving the CIA in late 1953 took up a position with the United Fruit Company!  Indeed, Arbenz even requested for international observers to be in Guatemala to ensure the borders were secure, the U.N. Security Council authorized the sending of an emergency peace-keeping unit, but it was blocked by the United States ambassador to the U.N. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (1953-1960) who had a substantial amount of stock invested in United Fruit!

Cabot Lodge Jr. would then become Richard Nixon’s personal ambassador to the Vatican (1970-1977) while Nixon was president of the United States.

Nixon, at this time U.S. vice president, gave a speech shortly after the coup praising the new regime of Castillo Armas and his victory in ousting the Communist menace with Armas present with him side by side.  Nixon’s anti-communist advisor oddly enough was a Roman Catholic priest!

That being father John Francis Cronin, who was in the Catholic secret society The Society of Saint Sulpice.  Nixon at this time would ask Cronin for help in writing speeches.  Cronin became an unpaid assistant to Nixon and even wrote the first draft of Nixon’s 1956 acceptance speech at the Republican Convention in San Francisco just two years after the coup. (Crusader in the Cold War: A Biography of Fr. John F. Cronin, S.S. (1908-1994), John T. Donovan, pg. 1)

The Dulles brothers John Foster (U.S. Secretary of State 1953-1959), and Alan (CIA Director 1953-1961) were very close to the United Fruit company.

“John Foster Dulles, who represented United Fruit while he was a law partner at Sullivan & Cromwell—he negotiated that crucial United Fruit deal with Guatemalan officials in the 1930s—was Secretary of State under Eisenhower; his brother Allen, who did legal work for the company and sat on its board of directors, was head of the CIA under Eisenhower; Henry Cabot Lodge, who was America’s ambassador to the UN, was a large owner of United Fruit stock; Ed Whitman, the United Fruit PR man, was married to Ann Whitman, Dwight Eisenhower’s personal secretary.  You could not see these connections until you could—and then you could not stop seeing them…” (The Fish that Ate the Whale, Rich Cohen, 2012, pg. 186.)

United Fruit was also the official bottler of Coca-Cola in Guatemala.

Coca-Cola was very sympathetic to the cause of dictatorships—in 1939 for instance a whole fleet of Coca-Cola trucks gathered en masse in a show of force in Essen’s Adolf-Hitler-Platz.  At the time of the coup of Arbenz, the Chairman of Coca-Cola export international was none other than the devout Catholic, Knight of Malta, James A. Farley, former chair of the Democratic national committee (1932-1940) and U.S. Postmaster General (1933-1940).

“The Coca-Cola Company was perfectly happy to conduct business with dictators, as long as they were professed anti-Communists.”

“Several ministers serving Franco (Catholic, E.B.), Spain’s fascist ruler, doubled as Coca-Cola bottlers.  James Farley met and befriended Getulio Vargas(Catholic, E.B.), the Brazilian dictator; while in Nicaragua, he solicited Anastasio Somoza’s (Catholic, E.B.) autograph for his daughter.  Big Jim was always lavishly entertained in Taiwan by Chiang Kai-shek and his wife.  He even unsuccessfully wooed Portugal’s autocratic ruler, Antonio de Oliveira Salazar (Catholic, E.B.), undeterred by the fact that Salazar ran a police state.  In 1954, the United Fruit Company, Coke’s Guatemalan bottler, helped overthrow the democratic leftist government, replacing President Jacobo Arbenz with a series of strong-arm dictators.  In a Coca-Cola Overseas feature three years later, the Company blandly ignored the overthrow, praising United Fruit for supplying workers on its banana plantations with Coca-Cola, their favorite soft drink.”  (For God, Country & Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It, Mark Pendergrast, 2014, pg. 297)

This Vatican influence is by no means limited to just the CIA.  For example, Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Richard Cushing said of the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in 1953 “You know in these parts if I quote J. Edgar Hoover, it’s just like quoting the Pope.” (The Director and His Eminence: The Working Relationship and Questions of Church and State as Reflected in Cardinal Cushing’s FBI Files, James F. Garneau).

Indeed J. Edgar Hoover even received a Sword of Ignatius of Loyola in 1964.  The New York Times reported thus:

“SEPT. 23, 1964: CHICAGO, Sept. 22 (AP)—J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was named today the first recipient of the Sword of Loyola Award of Loyola University of Chicago… The award, a reproduction of the sidearm of St. Ignatius of Loyola, is to be given annually to a person of a national or international prominence who exhibits to a high degree the qualities of courage, dedication and service.”

“Mr. Hoover has headed the F.B.I. for 40 years and, the university said, ‘has acted with authority and dispatch to effectively implement’ the goal of life that Mr. Hoover says is defined for him in the sixth chapter, eighth verse of Micah:

‘And what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God?’

“CHICAGO: Nov. 24 1964—J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, pledged tonight that pressure groups would not be permitted to use the F.B.I. to ‘attain their selfish aims.’”

“The occasion for Mr. Hoover’s address was a $250-a-plate dinner in the Conrad Hilton Hotel to benefit the school of medicine.  He became the first recipient of the Sword of Loyola, a copy of the sword carried into battle by St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.”

“In presenting the full-sized sword, which was made in Toledo, Spain, as was Loyola’s original, the Rev. James F. Maguire, S. J., president of Loyola University, termed the honor the university’s highest non-academic distinction.  He said it was awarded to Mr. Hoover for his courage, dedication and service in giving the past 40 years of his life to ‘fashioning the most thorough and efficient crime-fighting agency in the history of law enforcement.’  The dinner was attended by 1,100 persons.”

Cardinal Cushing also celebrating big for Hoover’s 40th year anniversary in the FBI.

“The most outstanding expression of the level of sharing on the part of Cushing, however was expressed when Hoover celebrated his fortieth anniversary as director of the FBI in 1964.  For this occasion, Cushing arranged that forty masses would be celebrated by the priests of the St. James Society in Latin America, during a special period of forty days of prayer, set aside for the purpose of the Cardinal.” (The Director and His Eminence: The Working Relationship and Questions of Church and State as Reflected in Cardinal Cushing’s FBI Files, James F. Garneau)

This grand praise from the Vatican to J. Edgar Hoover is very natural, as Hoover was quite the tyrant himself.  But then again even Hoovers Machiavellian acts are child’s play compared to the those of the Roman Catholic Inquisition.  A newly declassified letter from J. Edgar Hoover to Sidney Sours, July 7th 1950 (a former director of Central Intelligence, who was a financial dinosaur) shows that J. Edgar Hoover, the longtime director of the F.B.I., had a plan to suspend habeas corpus and imprison at least 12,000 Americans, who were of course threats to national security and communists.  Parts of the letter include:

“For a long period of time the FBI has been accumulating the names, identities and activities of individuals found to be potentially dangerous to the internal security through investigation.  These names have been compiled in an index which index has been kept up to date.  The names in this index are the ones that have been furnished to the Department of Justice and will be attached to the master warrant referred to above.”

“This master warrant will, therefore, serve as legal authority for the FBI to cause the apprehension and detention of the individuals maintained in this index.  The index now contains approximately twelve thousand individuals, of which approximately ninety-seven per cent are citizens of the United States.  Immediately upon receipt of instructions and the master warrant from the Attorney General the various FBI Field Divisions will be instructed by expeditious means to cause the apprehension of the individuals within their various territories…In order to make effective these apprehensions, the proclamation suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus for apprehensions made pursuant to it.  The plan also contains a prepared joint resolution to be passed by Congress and an Executive Order for the President which too will validate the previous Presidential proclamation…The permanent detention of these individuals will take place in regularly established Federal detention facilities.”

“These facilities have been confidentially surveyed and the facilities have been found to be adequate in all areas except in the territory covered by the FBI’s New-York, Los Angeles and San Francisco Offices.  In these three areas arrangements have been perfected with the National Military Establishment for the temporary and permanent detention in Military facilities of the individuals apprehended.”

We get a glimmer of the Inquisitions of old when Hoover speaking on the details of the hearing procedure to be set up by this fascist round up says “The hearing procedure will not be bound by the rules of evidence.” (E.B.)

Book II (2) of the official government report of the 1975 U.S. Senate Church Committee Hearings showed to what grave extent freedom in America has sunk:

  • “Nearly a quarter of a million first class letters were opened and photographed in the United States by the CIA between 1953-1973, producing a CIA computerized index of nearly one and one-half million names.
  • At least 130,000 first class letters were opened and photographed by the FBI between 1940-1966 in eight U.S. cities.
  • Some 300,000 individuals were indexed in a CIA computer system and separate files were created on approximately 7,200 Americans and over 100 domestic groups during the course of CIA’s Operation CHAOS (1967-1973).
  • Millions of private telegrams sent from, to, or through the United States were obtained by the National Security Agency from 1947 to 1975 under a secret ‘arrangement with three United States telegraph companies.
  • An estimated 100,000 Americans were the subjects of United States Army intelligence files created between the mid-1960’s and 1971. Intelligence files on more than 11,000 individuals and groups were created by the Internal Revenue Service between 1969 and 1973 and tax investigations were started on the basis of political rather than tax criteria.
  • At least 26,000 individuals were at one point catalogued on an FBI list of persons to be rounded up in the event of a ‘national emergency’.” (Final report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, United States Senate: together with additional, supplemental, and separate views, Book II, 1976, pg. 6, 7)

• • • •

To conclude, The Vatican has made great strides in taking full control of the world since The Dollar and the Vatican was published (1957) and continues to exert her geopolitical influence on Catholic politicians, judges, lawyers, generals etc. worldwide.  Interestingly, the word world is defined as “The Roman Empire” in Webster’s 1828 dictionary, and the Vatican has full legal diplomatic relations with 180 countries.

Is it a mere coincidence that the patenter for the ATM machine (which is now inescapable in our digital age as we progress towards a cashless society controlled by mega-monopolies), Donald Wetzel, was educated by Jesuits at Jesuit High-School in New Orleans, and at Loyola University New Orleans?

Or does it show the Vatican’s interest in hoarding as much earthly treasure as possible following the trend of economic globalization with more wealth, power, and decision making falling into fewer hands.  Wetzel even credits his instructor at Jesuit Loyola for getting him his job at IBM, and IBM it should be noted was working hand in hand with the Nazi regime.  Edwin Black, in his book IBM and the Holocaust, reports that every Nazi concentration camp maintained its own Hollerith-Abteilung (Hollerith Department), assigned with keeping tabs on inmates through use of IBM’s punchcard technology.  In 1937 the Chairman and CEO of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, was awarded the Order of the German Eagle by Adolf Hitler.

Wetzel said in a interview with Dr. David K. Allison of the National Museum of American History (NMAH) September 21, 1995:

“Well, the dean of our business school at Loyola, whom I got to know fairly well, recruited, in a sense, for IBM, and he knew a lot of people at IBM and he helped me get the interview at IBM, and from there I was able to get the job, with his recommendation, I’m sure.  So that made it easier for me.  And that’s really the reason I went to work for IBM.  It turned out, I think, it was a good decision on my part and I hope it was for them also.”

A Cashless society whereby all financial information for a given person will placed into a RFID chip inserting in one’s body is looking very inevitable at this point.  The chip of course will be easily be able to be monitored with GPS and turned off by a third party source creating an 1984 Orwellian nightmare scenario where if one is disobedient to the ruling status quo their ability to engage in commerce will be completely cut off once everything is digitized.  Therefore the masses will be forced to submit, or the run the risk of going hungry.  Already in Sweden half the nation’s retailers are predicting they will stop accepting paper money before 2025.

“More than 4,000 Swedes have implanted microchips in their hands, allowing them to pay for rail travel and food, or enter keyless offices, with a wave.  Restaurants, buses, parking lots and even pay toilets depend on clicks rather than cash.”  (In Sweden, cash is almost extinct and people implant microchips in their hands to pay for things, The Financial Post).

• • • •

In the United States, the prominent Catholic publication Commonwealth (December 19th, 2012) wrote an article titled The Catholic takeover of the U.S. is almost complete.  Here are some excerpts.

“Upon the passing of Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii (a war hero from WWII, leaving Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey the sole remaining WWII veteran in Congress), Senator Pat Leahy of Vermont becomes the President pro tempore of the Senate and, I believe, the first Catholic to hold the position.  Indeed, if Senator John Kerry is nominated and confirmed to be Secretary of State, the four offices in line of succession to the presidency will all be held by Catholics: Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker John Boehner, Senator Leahy, and Secretary Kerry.”

This echoes what the Archbishop of Chicago, James Edward Quigley, said in 1903 at the Children of Mary sodality at the Holy Name parish school, Chicago avenue and Cass street, covered by The Chicago Tribune, May 5th 1903:

“Since I have seen the western parochial schools I have come to the conclusion that in fifty years, if things go on as I see they are going on at present, the Catholic Church will actually own the west…”

Quigley continued.

“Within twenty years this country is going to rule the world.  Kings and emperors will soon pass away, and the democracy of the United States will take their place.  The west will dominate the country, and what I have seen of the western parochial schools has proved that the generation which follows us will be exclusively Catholic….In fifty years Chicago will be exclusively Catholic.  The same may be said of greater New York and the chain of big cities stretching across the continent to San Francisco.  It has never forced itself on me—this conviction—as it has since I have been in Chicago.  I am simply overcome by it.  I am not telling you this to flatter you.  I mean what I say.  When I see what is going on I am more than pleased.”

The pious Archbishop then threatens all politicians in Chicago who won’t submit to the Church.

“Nothing can stand against the Church.  I’d like to see the politician who would try to rule against the Church in Chicago.  His reign would be short Indeed.”

• • • •

This is the power apparatus that current U.S. President Donald Trump, whose older sister Maryanne Trump Barry gave $4 million to Jesuit Fairfield University in 2016 (Palm Beach Daily News), who was educated himself for two years at Jesuit Fordham University, and who went to the Vatican to see the Pope only 6 months into his first term, was defending when he said during his speech at the 2016 Catholic Alfred E. Smith Dinner “We can also agree on the need to stand up to anti-Catholic bias”.  (October 20th, 2016) Author Peter J. Doeswyck, in his book Catholic Victory in 1960? accurately states:

“No one has ever doubted that the average Roman Catholic farm boy is as loyal as a non-Catholic.  The disloyalty and subversion is found in the professional groups of teachers, priests, judges, journalists, police, sheriffs, mayors, senators, etc., who by papal Bulls are bound to written and secret obligations which are contrary to the interest of the United States and contrary to its Constitution.”

I have no issues with everyday Catholics, but I certainly take issue with the Catholic hierarchy and corporate imperialism.  This brief preface is just the tip of the iceberg.  A full up to date (2019) in-depth analysis of the current alliance between the powerful forces of the dollar and the Vatican would require many volumes.  The Dollar and the Vatican, by Avro Manhattan is an excellent study in the forces that truly wish to conquer the earth, that being the Vatican and Big Business, and this book gives the reader much insight into what is happening in the world around him.


February 17th, 2019


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