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Resistance Rising 025: Papal Puppets, Race War False Flags & Jesuit Cosmology

By Sun, 21 June 2015June 3rd, 20212 Comments


  • Otto says:

    What’s up Bro..!
    Was so happy this morning to see not just one but TWO Podcasts..!
    Also., thanks for the ‘shout-out’., that made My night.. That was awesome..
    Can’t wait to show My Wife and My 12year old..
    Working 3rd Shift in Manufacturing allows Me the luxury to listen to Podcasts :)
    First heard You on Freeman-fly’s Show..
    Then listened to all Your other interviews..
    Listened to all 20something Podcasts of Yours in about 2 weeks., then just when I was going to email You, You came out with one about how You had gotten a job and we’re super busy.. So I know how big You are on emails., and thanks emailing Me back.. I showed it to My 12year old and read it to My Wife.. So I just want to be an encouraging email and Brother in Christ amongst all the other emails You must get..
    Well breaks over., I’ll be in touch..
    Thanks again for Your time, sacrifice and courage in sharing the hardcore Intel..

    • brother, if I can help make the night of a 3rd shift manufacturing guy go a little faster it is my honor

      few things you could’ve said would mean more to me–I can’t stand my day job

      thank YOU for encouraging me…like I said on the show, I’ve got your back just as much as you’ve got mine

      I don’t think I’m worthy of being shared with your family but I’ll take it–as long as you warn your son not to talk like me :/

      stay strong and, together, we’ll give the Luciferians what for! ~ Johnny

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