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Resistance Rising 028: Fascism in America, Flat Earth Fail, Opus Dei

By Mon, 13 July 2015June 3rd, 20214 Comments


  • Another great show I posted on my show Facebook page. It clearly is very important that your work up on exposing the Jesuits. Unfortunately the loudest voice there is Phelps and his is poisoning the message with his racism. I believe he not controlled disinfo. It is clear that is flat out white supremacist. Dubay does not know the True and Living God so we have to take what he says with a grain of salt. You correct we have to go back to the history books because we been screwed up by Jesuit education.

  • Tele says:

    Nation (etymology) = race with common history, culture, religion.
    A nationalist is automatically a racist. Not a supremacist though. Nationalists don’t want other races in their nation states to oppress them or for other reasons.
    Jews are the most supremacist group of all. For Jews, non-Jews were created only to serve Jews. That is their doctrine.

    Germany had TOTAL GUN BAN laws in 1919, 1928 some people were allowed guns, such as hunters.
    1938, Germany REVOKED these gun ban laws. Germans were allowed to have licenced pistoles and rifles were allowed even WITHOUT licenses.

  • Tele says:

    Racist as in race realist. You acknowledge race exists and you work for the interest of your own race. All other races but Whites do this and are allowed and encoureged to do so.
    Now a supremacist added to racism is bad. He wants other races in his realm for several reasons. A non-supremacist racist, or nationalist, does not want to dictate to other races.
    Regarding Jews, please read their doctrines and rabbinical and secular commentary on Chosen vs All others. Jews see non-Jews as soulless animals in human form, created by their G-d, only for the purpose of serving them. It’s not my opinion but theirs. Study their literature.
    Have a good day.

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