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  • Johnny talks starting his own Wiki and how it would give you all the research he looks for and finds.
  • Johnny’s Wiki examples: globe Earth gate-keepers.


  • Johnny does what no-one else in the “Truth Community” does: gives you the “Who?” and the “Why?” behind globes, Darwin and dinosaurs.
  • From Jesus Christ, through Constantine to Martin Luther.
  • Was Constantine the real deal?
  • Will we ever see a “Sunday Law”?
  • “Baptist Pastor” James David Manning says the office of the Papacy (what Martin Luther rightly called “Anti-Christ”) is Biblical…which is why he doesn’t agree with the “Protestant Referration”.
  • Was Martin Luther a Rosicrucian?

  • Freemasons and Templars in space! (Traitors to humanity, each and every one.)
  • Where do “Jesuit breadcrumbs” lead? Take actor Tom Hanks, admitted by Wikipedia to have grown up in a “Catholic and Mormon” household but later described himself as “Bible-toting Evangelical”.  Which religion won out?  Hanks’ son Colin got his education from the Jesuits at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles.
  • Alfred Hitchcock knows what the Jesuits say when prepping for an Inquisition, “Come rack, come rope.”
  • What do Jimmy Stewart and James Cagney have in common?
  • What was Benjamin Franklin’s connection to the Hellfire Club?
  • Red Star Amazonian Fighter Squadron? The media blows up how one of their own saved the day (except for one poor woman).
  • “WOMAN ‘FIGHTER PILOT’ SAVES THE DAY!!!” (Except for one unlucky passenger.) Is that what really happened?  If not, why is the media pushing this narrative…?

  • SOVIET RED STARS: Was/is there something really weird going on with this all-female “fighter” squadron?
  • Did you know that the first female “Navy fighter pilot” killed herself in a routine carrier landing because she was unqualified to fly but graduated from Pensacola anyway?

  • “Women in Combat” the secret “front lines” of the trans-gender agenda of perversion!
  • “Who’s in charge here?”

  • The Boston Globe vs. Johnny’s team: who are the more trusted “journalists”?
  • How the Luciferians target on or around April 19th to do their evil such as Waco.
  • The arm of St. Francis Xavier is traveling across Canada!
    • Was Xavier’s birthday celebrated with a child sacrifice?
  • Heat: 1995, Robert Deniro, Al Pacino.
    • Johnny and his team make another startling connection: is Hollywood again responsible for encouraging real life tragedy and trauma?
  • “S.W.A.T.!”: the pre-Police State, it’s Roman roots and it’s repeated reinforcement by “Jewish” Hollywood.
  • Austin, Texas, from the Texas Tower sniper to Alex Jones to almost pedophile whistleblower Elijah Wood (also Roman Catholic).

Elijah Wood Clarifies Comments on Hollywood Pedophilia

  • Was Barbara Bush the satanic ritual child of Aleistair Crowley? We go beyond physical resemblance and give facts: names, places and dates!
  • What was the key to “Hollywood Marine” R. Lee Ermey’s success?
  • Can you guess what connects R. Lee Ermey to Art Bell?



  • Elliott says:

    Great show! The best team of Christians doing investigative reporting anywhere.

    I found this book that backs up what was said.

    William A. Wallace “Galileo and his sources: the Heritage of the Collegio Romano in Galileo’s science” 1984

    It argues for the influence of the Jesuits of the Collegio Romano on Galileo in his early career.

    • Great source, Elliott! I’m looking it up, now and it’s bearing fruit.

      • Elliott says:

        I’m looking to compare William Wallace’s 1984 book with John Heilbron’s 1999 book that covers Jesuit influence in the 17th century science.

        Electricity in the 17th and 18th Centuries: A Study of Early Modern Physics (1999) by J.L. Heilbron, pages 101-114

  • Elliott says:

    Reason in Aristarchus and Copernicus commits such a rape upon their senses as to make herself mistress of their beliefs.

    Galileo Galilei 1633

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