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* Puerto Rican National Guard C-130 takes a “mysterious” nose-dive into a George highway.
* The National Guard does NOT serve the interests of the States and their citizens (that’s why they spend so much time on crazy deployments from Libya to Lithuania).
* War is business and business is good; especially human trafficking and sex slavery.
* Names mean things: why does the military, NASA, the government always name things after Greek or Roman mythology?
* The names of the C-130 crew that supposedly die seem suspicious; perhaps are phony names meant to convey secret meaning.

* Bible teacher Chuck Missler: Jesuit coadjutor.
* What REAL “journalists” report on: racism in “black fashion”!

* Did people really get Saved at Billy Graham “Crusades”?
* Robert Schuller and his Satanic “Crystal Cathedral”: owned by Rome covertly then, overtly today!

Catholic Crystal Cathedral: the Papal Insurgency of Robert Schuller

* Do Jews in “journalism” and Hollywood know what they’re doing (groveling before the Inquisition) when they kiss the Ring?  —Yes they do!
* What Japan means to the Jesuits.
* George Takei’s homosexual hypocrisy isn’t very funny.
* Who really controls the space PsyOp of “Star Trek”, Jews or Jesuits?

* What happened on May 4th?  Is it a coincidence that the date is important to Protestants?  (Jan Hus, John Wycliffe condemned as heretics by the Council of Constance, Kent State false flag outrage)
* Are colleges now teaching that being a man is a mental disease?
* Is there hidden meaning behind the ridiculous “road rage” false flags in Toronto and Virginia?
* The new enemy of convenience to blame false flags on: MEN.
* How easy is it for aircraft to have “accidents”?

Did Hale Boggs Drop From The Sky?

* The NRA has won as many battles for gun owners as the Catholic Church has won for the unborn: NONE (and for the same reason).


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