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* From Costco and Starbucks in Seattle through racial outrage in Philadelphia to Rome.
* Yellow Journalism: why “mainstream” news boldly enflames racial hatred and tension.
* Do the Jesuits revere Ellen G. White?  If so, why?

* Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera on Adventism and the Sabbath.
* How successful has the Jesuit assault on the Bible been?  —Judge by what “Christians” believe.
* Want to succeed?  —It requires a “deal with the devil”.
* Seattle; Starbucks, Microsoft, institutional pedophilia and Rome.
* How many of America’s mayors are far-Left, homosexual and Catholic?

* Roman Catholic-OWNED Ireland opens the floodgates of infant sacrifice through far Left homosexual interloper PM Varadkar, who is honored by his fellow agents in the U.S.
* Mocked even further by Pope Francis’ “World Meeting of Families” occurring in Dublin!
* Éamon de Valera: Ireland’s mystery insurgent Prime Minister at a critical time with England.
* “NOT BORN HERE”—How Rome uses insurgents with no attachment to the citizens they betray.
* Seventh Day Adventism: FRIEND, FOE OR BLUE PILL SLAVES?

Can We Finally Call Hillary A Roman?

* “NOT BORN HERE”: Rockefellers in Arkansas, Clintons back to New York.
* “NOT BORN HERE”: California’s Governors (quite a few of them).
* Female Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a far-Left Catholic homosexual (just like in Seattle and elsewhere).
* Who owns Utah, Mormons or Jesuits?  Jesuits Have Had a Strong Presence in Northern Utah
* From big business to social networking; Jesuit-trained Roman Catholics are in control.
* Wherever an American state is pushing privately-owned firearm restrictions, there are far-Left Catholics behind it.
* Ronald Reagan: far-Left gun-grabber?  HE WAS!  As both Governor and President!
* Hegelian politics: radical Left and phony Right.
* Why is Paul McCartney being resuscitated to push gun control?
* Was there a secret agenda behind the movie Jaws?
* Did thinking for themselves require John Lennon and Malcolm X to be murdered?
* How much does Rome control “popular culture”?  —Ask Ed Sullivan.
* Ahmet Ertegun: the Jesuit-trained Turk behind Atlantic Records.
* Jews even write the music for Hollywood; but they aren’t allowed to run the Pentagon.
* From Billy Joel to Robert Downey, Jr.; Jews grease the skids in Hollywood but Romans make things happen.
* Harry Houdini, Arthur Ignatius Conan-Doyle, child trafficking and Rome.

The Most Dangerous Anti-Establishment Movement in History!



  • Justin says:

    Hi Johnny,

    Keep up the great work exposing the satanic Jesuit Papacy New World Order. I will be reading your article on the Seventh Day Adventist church as I am a SDA Christian of 20 years. Remember that the end-time Prophet Ellen G. White strongly warned SDA’s and condemned the nefarious Jesuits, and accurately predicted that the Jesuits would actively infiltrate God’s Remnant SDA church in this end-time, and would challenge the people and the message with other doctrines and traditions and would lead many astray from the Gospel and the Three Angels Messages, particularly the Third Angels Message concerning Jesus’ warning NOT to receive the diabolical Mark of the Beast, a global SUN-DAY, SUN-WORSHIP, SATAN WORSHIP LAW, in which the Final Inquisition of a revived global Church and State oligarchy will enforce by law the worship of SUN-DAY upon ALL the inhabitants of the world, the important end-time issue will directly involve and concern the matter of who do we choose to give our faithful and obedient Worship, the true merciful loving God of Heaven (who is Jesus Christ), or the false evil lawless god of this world who is Satan – Revelation 13 & 14! We are warned that ALL those who refuse to Worship the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13 & 14 shall be punished and persecuted economically at first as they shall NOT be allowed to “buy or sell”, and as a final punishment and persecution against the faithful saints of Jesus Christ, ALL those who refuse to Worship the Mark of the Beast shall be physically “put-to-death” under the authority and order of the Anti-Christ Pope Papacy Church-State dictatorship!

    • Justin:

      In over three years of work I’ve heard from perhaps two other Adventist laymen.

      Where are you all?!

      Every time I mention Adventism or Adventists I try to keep the rare few like yourself in mind and hope not to be offensive in my criticism when I bring it.

      I’m excited to hear from you.

      Although I disagree with you that the “Mark of the Beast” has anything to do with Sunday worship, we certainly can stand shoulder-to-shoulder against who is BEHIND it all: ROME.

      I also fervently disagree with the Adventist belief that what is needed to combat the Harlot is the “secular state”. Rome INVENTED the phrase “separation of Church and State” because she knows that, in a vacuum, SHE will rise to control it all.

      We don’t need “separation of ‘Church’ and State.” We need “separation of ROME and State.”

      God bless and stay in touch.
      ~ Johnny

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