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* Why are all the Pedocracy “whistleblowers” ignoring Johnny?
* Putting the “Spotlight” on priest pedophilia.
* Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer; dead or disappeared?

Butcher Harris Loosed the Flames of the Inquisition Upon Luther’s Homeland

* From Butcher Harris to Eisenhower’s Death Camp.

The D.C. Snipers Were Vatican Assassins

* Parkland had a cop at the school who didn’t intervene in the “shooting” and then mis-directed fellow first-responders!
* Is “Conservative” internet news controlled?  —ask World Net Daily’s Joseph Francis Farah.
* Is it a coincidence that Jesuit General Peter Hans Kolvenbach was based in Farah’s home of Lebanon just as the “War on Terror” began?
* How many times has the FBI “lost track” of a situation that caused harm to American citizens?
* Daryl Issa to Eric Holder: “You OWN ‘Fast and Furious’!”  Yup.  He’s “owning it” alright; all the way to his candidacy for President.
* From John Allen Muhammad to Robert Philip Hanssen; Rome spins them up then takes credit for taking them down.
* Teens for gun confiscation: they all unanimously chose the Beatles for their marching music?

* Why couldn’t Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg keep his story straight?
* From the Parkland shooting to the D.C. snipers to the murder of Chandra Levy.
* The unbelievable corruption surrounding the Levy “investigation”!
* From the DC snipers to Jimmy Savile; police corruption will shock you.
* Jimmy Savile “can’t” be un-knighted by neither the U.K. nor the Vatican but pedophile priest John Geoghan’s anemic conviction for touching a boy in a pool was expunged because he was murdered in prison.
* The shocking, war crimes of WWII swept under the carpet because Protestants were slaughtered wholesale on both sides.

* The Roman reasons for Harry Truman’s success.
* Heroes Douglas MacArthur and George Patton helped betray the veterans of WWI with tanks and bayonets.
* The nuance between George Patton, Jack Kennedy and Gary Webb.
* General Mark Clark, the Jewish Episcopal butcher for Rome behind the debacle of Anzio.
* Guess where Kennedy assassination conspirator Clay Shaw spent his WWII Army Intelligence days.

Dwight Eisenhower and Francis Cardinal Spellman at the 1954 Alfred E. Smith Dinner.

L to R Charles H. Silver, Vice President of the Smith foundation, John F. Kennedy, Francis Cardinal Spellman, Richard M. Nixon, 1960 Al Smith Dinner

William F. Buckley, Francis Cardinal Spellman, 1965 Al Smith Dinner

Lyndon Johnson, Terrance Cardinal Cooke, 1968 Al Smith Dinner

Jimmy Carter, Archbishop John J. Maguire, Ronald Reagan, 1980 Al Smith Dinner

1983 Al Smith Dinner; Lee Iacocca, Mario Cuomo, Ed Koch

Bill de Blasio, Andrew M. Cuomo, 2015 Al Smith Dinner

John McCain, Edward Cardinal Egan, Barack Obama, 2008 Al Smith Dinner

Barack Obama, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Mitt Romney, 2012 Al Smith Dinner

Hillary Clinton, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Donald Trump 2016 Al Smith Dinner



* The Age of Jesuit Aquarius!
* Liddy vs. Leary

Berkley Professor Timothy Leary along with his friend, FBI Agent George Gordon Battle Liddy. They frequently put on shows of debating each other, “Liberal verses Conservative”. Both were Jesuit-trained Roman Catholics.

* The big ADULT money behind the “spontaneous teenage” March to Confiscate Guns movement.

* Lift the Veil Stoplman “debunks” the March for Gun Confiscation early permit…but not really.

* Catholic Cardinal to “attend” Bilderberg.
* Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer: saving us from abandoned trafficking camps that are preying upon innocent Roman Catholic illegal aliens!!!
* When real treason needs doing, call in the Navy SEALs!  —then back them up with plenty of propaganda!!!
* Charlie Sheen: incestuous “Vatican Assassin”.
* Robert Schuler’s “Crystal Cathedral” returns to its original management!
* A Jesuit, an atheist and an astronomer walk into a bar to discuss “God vs. ‘science’”…
* Conservatives in India say Vatican trying to subvert their government!


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