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* Star Trek / Star Wars: the Jews, Jesuits and sexual deviants behind our “outer-space reality”.

* Pope Francis asks his “friends” to adore Saint Junipero Serra in the “Capitol”.

* WE GOT ANOTHER ONE: Jeanette Epps—black, female and Jesuit-trained CIA analyst who almost became an astro-not.
* Epps is yet another NASA twin!  And her sister is ALSO Jesuit-trained.
* Astro-nots give Francis his space-cape.

* Who is…or, rather, WAS, Roberto Calvi?

Slain ex-KGB Spy Accused Putin of Pedophilia 4 Months Before Poisoning

Murdered Spy Claimed Putin Was Caught on Film Having Sex With Boys In Same Moscow Flat Where Russian Prosecutor Was Secretly Taped Cavorting With Two Prostitutes

* Why is “waterboarding” so well-known as a torture technique?
* Are modern wars just extensions of the Crusades?
* Edmond Safra: dead Lebanese Jewish Brazilian bankers tell no tails.
* How to tell a false flag: they never do any harm to the supposed target!
* How the Roman Pedocracy gets you to stick your neck out in case they ever want to chop your head off.
* The OSS/CIA sucker-punch of betrayal and treason.
* Rome is equal-opportunity in treachery: the Great Harlot seems to take pleasure in betraying her own!
* The Roman Catholic Church: lawless criminals in plain sight.

* Jesuit-trained female Director of “Homeland Security” admits 50,000 illegals/month (you can bet it’s worse).
* How about pedophile priests?  Can we trust THOSE numbers?
* Johnny’s SHOCKING material on the treason of apparatchik Jamie Gorelick:

Nain Rouge

Eric Holder: the Teflon Gatekeeper

Jamie Gorelick

* Proof that Donald Trump is a fraud on closing the borders.
* Are Catholic and, especially, Jesuit colleges epicenters of power, control and manipulation for whole nations?
* Stumped for good PsyOps: phony ape “ancestor” named after Beatles song.


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