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* Johnny’s back!
* Should we question authorities like “science” and “astronomy”?  Is there a reason such authorities would lie to us?
* From astronomy to psychiatry, the connections to Rome are hidden and surprising.



* What is the relationship the Vatican has with Jews?  —It’s more poisonous and shocking than you know!
* Did the Inquisition go away?
* The shocking truth about the Vatican and the Ustaše atrocities.
* What are the names of the families who rule the world in secret?  —It’s not what the internet tells you.
* What do you call “an astronomer”, an atheist and a Jesuit?  —A “Vatican debate”!
* How many skyscrapers collapsed into their own footprint on 9/11 in NYC?
* How is it possible for Catholic clergy to boldly defy Federal law and give safe harbor without consequence to illegal aliens?
* Is Hollywood run by Jews?  What does Tom Cruise think?
* The “secular State” is a complete failure.  Who is responsible for it?
* Is Halloween a Catholic “holiday”?



  • Jacque says:

    I don’t usually post, I have even closed all my social media accounts due to the false information that is so prevelant! I’m appalled that most believe it and many more use it as their main news source!! I’ve recently woken up to the “real” information that many believe to be conspiracy theory.
    It’s taken the lunacy of this presidency to make me seek deeper truth. It’s sooooo hard to believe anything due to disinformation and sometimes ridicule. I have lived my life as a Christian, which means I’m a sinner. I don’t judge on someone’s use of colorful language…because that’s not my cross to bear. I do consider what someone has to lose for what they do & say…and I thank you more than I can express for all you’re doing to bring darkness into the light.
    I just purchased 2 of your recent works (via B & N I had a difficult time finding on Amazon). I’ll be sure to rate them with positive feedback too! I’ve listened to your podcasts on Deception Detection and look forward to listening to more of you.
    In His Love,

  • john says:

    i was listening to your interview on the Jim Duke
    show and it sounded like you were saying it was
    a false teaching, however, I’ve listened to you before
    and you said that globe earth was a lie brought in by
    the catholics.  Sometimes you make quick comments
    and use sarcasm and i cant tell exactly what it
    is you’re saying. 
         I really respect what you have to say and i would
    love to hear your extended thoughts on flat earth.


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