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For the past several days, the blogisphere has been on fire over a comment Democrat “strategist” and Caliphate News Network “commentator” Hillary Rosen made regarding Ann Romney’s lack of qualification to speak to her husband on “women’s employment issues” because she “never worked a day in her life”.

What we were told was that this was a slight on “stay-at-home moms” because, apparently, that is what Ann Romney’s employment has been since hitting paydirt with old Mitt. As far as I know, no one has asked Ann the role she’ll play in Mitt’s celestial harem, but I guess the media isn’t ready to hit that one full force yet.

It is an amazing feat of propaganda magic to make middle-income families identify with the Bain Capital Vulture and his wife who paid a mere 15% in income tax for 2010. I still neither know nor care who the hell “Hillary Rosen” is and I barely care who Ann Romney is (and you better damn well be sure she doesn’t give a flying pig’s @ss who I am or who you are).

Am I dissing “capitalism”? Of course not! Real capitalism is the best system of economics out there because it takes into account the reality of the disgusting human drive of greed and self aggrandizement.

The problem is that greed, evil and sin are like Michael Crichton’s explanation of “chaos”: they can not be easily contained. It is the natural outcome of any corporation to seek to acquire all levels of the production process, to crush it’s competition, and then gouge the sh*t out of the poor buyers.

Now it is the megabanks and gazillionaires who park politicians in their pockets to dictate the public policy that most benefits them.

Pretty soon, it’s a race to see which bloodsucking parasite can bleed what’s left of the producers before fat-catthe Luciferian Puppet Masters can destroy the last vestiges of American manufacturing. While disloyal megacorporations easily pick up and leave for the promised land of slave labor, the small businesses that made America great get crushed into fine powder by outrageous government regulations that take more and more until there’s nothing left.

It is the über-rich bloodsuckers that party their way to the offshore bank account while slowly ramping up the pressure of burden on the God-fearing producers.

The real topic of discussion should be the outrageous crime that has purposefully driven moms out of the home in order to feed the fatcat pigs the caviar they never earned.

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