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Romans of Mass Destruction

How the Vatican created and enabled some of
history’s most monstrous serial killers.

By: Giovanni ‘Johnny’ Cirucci

Only the author of Eaters of Children could bring you this historical sequel.

Throughout history, a Satanic Elite or “lone wolf” serial killers have preyed upon the innocent.

But what you haven’t been told is that they have all been created and / or enabled by the most powerful and malignant entity that has ever existed to do what they did.

Most of the information has been either erased or buried.  Some of it has been allowed to surface but only after being twisted, obscured and made unrecognizable from the actual truth.

Giovanni “Johnny” Cirucci brings you the real stories; the blood-curdling history that you shouldn’t know but need to.

  • Who was “Bluebeard”?  Was he Catholic?  Was he in to witchcraft?  Both?
  • We’ve all heard of “Dracula” and some of us may even have heard of “Vlad the Impaler” but you haven’t heard what really happened and Johnny will tell you in shocking detail!
  • Lucrezia Borgia is history’s “black widow”; a femme fatale who ensnared her victims with sex and murdered them with poison.  But is that the real story?  Was Lucrezia a victim, herself, used as a smokescreen for far worse criminals?
  • Most of us don’t know much more about “Bloody Mary” Tudor than the alcoholic drink named after her and there’s a reason for that.  She was an agent for a malignant foreign power as voracious as any imaginable and Johnny tells her story as only he can.
  • Florence, Italy was a city-state that hosted such names as Michelangelo Buonarroti and Niccolò Machiavelli.  It was controlled with a deadly grip by one of the most infamous families in existence but it’s what one of them did outside of Italy that will really disturb you!
  • Was there a female Dracula?  Why is information on her both obscure and contradictory?
  • Why is Italy known for poisoners, especially female ones?
  • Is it possible to immerse yourself in witchcraft, Satanism and “magic” and yet still be a dedicated Roman Catholic?  A woman named “La Voisin” was and she was much more than that.

Johnny covers this and much, much more in his latest blockbuster exposé—

Romans of Mass Destruction

How the Vatican created and enabled
some of history’s most monstrous serial killers.

After 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, Army and Army National Guard, Jonathan Augustine “Johnny” Cirucci began to question why the American government appeared to be more dangerous to the citizenry than any enemy he’d ever fought or trained for, why educators, news reporters and even scientists were spreading lies and harmful propaganda and no one had the answers that made any sense. Having written for his college paper and blogged afterwards, Johnny became a detective of history to find out for himself. The results of his work were his first book Illuminati Unmasked. He has continued to sound the alarm across the “truth community” in interviews, his talk show Resistance Rising, his web site, public presentations, instructional videos and the book you now hold.

From Vlad the Impaler to black magician and serial child killer Gilles de Rais to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, Johnny Cirucci connects the legion of heresies and horrors committed by adherents to the Catholic Church in his book Romans of Mass Destruction. As with his other books, Mass Destruction contains substantial amounts of referenced historical knowledge, addressing such subjects as the foundations of Islam to the Templars knights to the Catholic secret society Opus Dei. If you want to see the profound impact the Catholic Church and its doctrines have had upon many of the human monsters of history, read Romans of Mass Destruction!

William RamseyAttorney, author, researcher and host of the 'William Ramsey Investigates' podcast

The moment you realize that the elite of politics like George Bush and Barack Obama and even Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks are all related to psychopath, Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Dracula, you know you have to reassess how the world works. Johnny Cirucci lays it out in clear fashion and you won't believe where all roads lead!

Freeman FlyHost of 'The Freeman Perspective' podcast,

Johnny Cirucci is an impressively detailed researcher who always takes his readers to deep, albeit sometimes, uncomfortable places. Not one to shy away from wherever the research leads, he's as true to form here as ever. Enjoy the ride!

Greg CarlwoodHost of 'The Higherside Chats' podcast

Many people will tell you all roads lead to Rome. only Johnny actually follows the breadcrumbs to prove it with concise details and facts of names places and dates. Johnny takes his dedicated research where no one else dares to go, right to the source of Rome, Vatican, and the Jesuits.

Jim DukeHost of the 'Jim Duke Perspective' podcast