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Overwhelming evidence has piled up that will devastate Americans if it ever gets out: your government is a captured operation.  The United States is run at all levels by high traitors who consider you their enemy.  They will stop at nothing to sicken, dumb down, disarm, impoverish, enslave and kill you.

On the surface, that assertion sounds ludicrous.

But closer examination of some of the most traumatic moments in America’s history prove it is absolutely true.

From assassinations like that of Lincoln and Kennedy to terrible terror events like that of Oklahoma City and 9/11, you have been lied to through it all.  It may just be the mass shooting at Sandy Hook that was the over-reach which brings the house of cards tumbling down.

Sandy Hook has been the foundation of gun control and police state legislation since it occurred on December 14th, 2012…or was it December 13th?

adam lanza social security death index
Screen shot snagged by Fellowship of the Minds of Adam Lanza’s Social Security Death Index showing his death on December 13th, 2012.  Of course, this is no-longer available.

The number of anomalies surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting are staggering.  My in-depth column on Sandy Hook is excessively cited but here is my summary (please visit the original column for that evidence).

  • Source data suggests that Adam Lanza may actually be Ryan Lanza.
  • Sandy Hook first-responders like the Connecticut State Police were evasive and even hostile to anyone who didn’t accept their story.
  • Media reports were far more confusing than just from normal tragedy chaos.

1. They couldn’t get the number of shooters/suspects right, first reporting more than one then only one.
2. They couldn’t get the location right, often showing nearby St. Rose of Lima and then labeling it as Sandy Hook Elementary.
3. They couldn’t get the weapons used, right.
4. They couldn’t get personal details of victims right like whether or not Nancy Lanza ever worked at Sandy Hook.

  • The behavior of the parents after the shooting was bizarre with “bereaved parent” Robbie Parker laughing up to a press conference and then hyperventilating himself for effect while he spoke (a cheap acting trick).
  • The behavior of “witnesses” shows they were coached with evidence that frequently-interviewed people like Gene Rosen actually practiced before-hand what he was going to say.
  • The behavior of the coroner, D. Wayne Carver, II, was bizarre as he seemed distracted and/or inebriated during a press conference where he couldn’t answer as to the genders and wounds of the victims and got the weapon supposedly used, wrong.
  • Only two weeks before, false flag expert Eric Holder visited with the governor of Connecticut to talk “gun control” programs like “Project Longevity”.
  • The official story has a psychotic, untrained teenager shooting 27 human beings as many as 11 times each in a matter of minutes with only one who didn’t die (and whose identity remains in question)—a feat humanly-impossible for even the best trained killer in any Elite unit.
  • An unprecedented Hollywood connection includes the author of the dystopic novel/movie hit The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) as well as the prop master for The Dark Knight Rises (Scott Getzinger).  Dark Knight Rises was oddly connected to the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting by the props and Getzinger died in the hospital after a car accident which was reported to have caused only superficial, non-life-threatening injuries.
  • Evidence regarding the shooting from news stories to web pages to YouTube accounts has been wiped from existence.  The school, itself, was razed to the ground with the contractors responsible being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Adam Lanaza’s medical files also remain undisclosed.

Immediately after the event, there was a flurry of draconian gun control laws that ran through Congress.  Shockingly there was immediate resistance despite the specter of 5 year olds gunned down by an AR-15 wielding madman (or was it an AR-15?).

At the state level, however, weapon and magazine bans ran rampant across the country and were rammed through in surprisingly conservative states.  Again, from my previous column:

* Connecticut already had some of the most confiscatory gun laws in the nation (not to mention the fact that having a firearm within 1000 feet of a school was already illegal) but theDemocrat-controlled state piled on with banning magazines, specific firearms and adding even more Orwellian privacy violations for perspective gun purchasers.
* Colorado enacted laws so outrageous and onerous to her population that two key Democrats were ousted from their seats in recalls and a third promptly resigned when she realized the sights were set on her.
* Ammoland reports that Maryland hammered gun owners:
[the] new law will ban 45 specific types of commonly owned semiautomatic firearms, require future purchasers of handguns to obtain a license to do so, mandate reporting of lost or stolen firearms within an arbitrary time period, and institute a ban on the sale, manufacture, purchase or transfer of magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition.
* The worst of these was New York where the restrictions were so heavy handed that Governor Andrew Cuomo, son of former NY Governor Mario Cuomo (and who says America is governed by a Ruling Class?) had to railroad them through by suspending a state Constitutional requirement to allow 3 days for both legislators and citizens to familiarize themselves with any proposed bill. New Yorkers who were already restricted to handgun magazines of only 10 rounds were suddenly whittled down to only 7 and, shockingly, police are already making arrests.

But the worst is far from over.

The never-seen corpses of Sandy Hook’s schoolkids continue to be raised from where-ever they are and invoked for new attempts at disarming the American people.

This is usually couched in terms like “common sense background checks” as Barack Obama did just a year ago.

But better than Barack Obama are the devastated and bereaved Sandy Hook parents.  A few of which, apparently, are well-off enough to make a career out of stumping for the destruction of the 2nd Amendment.

One of them is Nicole Hockley.  Her son Dylan was one of the victims we still haven’t seen.

Nicole is touring the country, lobbying heavily to make America a country where only a militarized, MRAP-driving police force has guns.

But not only is Nicole extremely active and able to lobby against the 2nd Amendment for a living, she’s clairvoyant!

In Washington state, Nicole was busy lobbying for gun control Initiative 594 when another school shooting took place in Marysville.  Coincidentally, police were holding an “active shooter” drill at the same time.

In the special operations community, this is done to confuse first responders and media, which allows agents and operators an extra edge for a clean exfiltration.

When reporting the synchronicity of these events, Seattle’s local NBC King5 actually used the words “by coincidence”.

By coincidence, Hockley happened to be in Seattle on Monday evening.  She’s here to support Initiative 594, a gun control that will be voted on next week by Washington voters.  The trip was planned long before the shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, but she’s glad to be here during this difficult time. ~ Heather Graf, Seattle

All of this occurred a mere 2 weeks before the big vote.

But Nicole Hockley wasn’t the only one working hard to disarm Washingtonians.  Billionaires Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg were shoveling out money like water to bend the vote their will.

Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and three other billionaires are bankrolling a controversial gun-control initiative that will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot in Washington State.

Even the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Ballmer, has gotten into the act, writing a check for $1 million dollars to help flood the airwaves with anti-gun propaganda. …

Backers of the proposal are flush with cash, as nearly $8 million has been shoveled in their direction from wealthy businessmen such as Bloomberg, Gates, Ballmer, Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. ~ Leo Hohman, WND

After such a co-ordinated onslaught, Washington citizens were left pinching pennies and scrambling to gun stores when they realized I-594 had been railroaded through.

But Nicole continues in her crusade to have “common sense background checks” be the foot in the door to total confiscation.

Once those are in place, people who thought they were sane suddenly become “mentally unstable”.

The American Psychiatric Association has now made this tremendously easier with the advent of their 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the “DSM5”.  Now any behavior from storing extra food to questioning authority is considered “abnormal”.

The Veterans Administration is wielding this weapon with devastating effect, as my interview with one Illinois resident proves.

When Vietnam veteran Arthur Lovi told a VA assistant that he resented the doctor who misdiagnosed his wife, directly contributing to her death, he was reported to the local police.  They quickly appeared at his door and confiscated his firearms.  A long court battle ensued and when he finally received them back, he found that they had been maliciously damaged.

In California, they are literally going door-to-door with SWAT teams, confiscating the firearms of citizens who are newly-designated as “unfit” to own them.

The sign in the window warned burglars that the homeowner owned a handgun and would use it in self-defense. The state agents knocking on the door were there to confiscate the weapon.

The agents are part of the California Department of Justice’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS), a program that takes firearms from people barred from owning them.  The law says that group can include ex-felons and people deemed to be mentally unstable.

Often arriving in SUVs and dressed in black tactical uniforms, the teams regularly sweep through California cities with a list of names and addresses.

It was Fresno’s turn last week.

Thursday night, the agents went to the home near Roeding Park to collect a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol from a woman who had been evaluated under California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150 as a danger to herself and others.  As such, she had been ordered to surrender any firearms in her possession and had not. ~ The Fresno Bee

And Nicole Hockley is the face of this effort.

When she stands in front of an audience and tries to sway them, she need only rely on her college major for what to do and say: acting.

Nicole and Ian met when she was an exchange student during her junior year in early 1991 at the University of East Anglia, U.K. Originally from Cranston, R.I., Nicole graduated with a double-major in English and theater from Trinity College in Hartford and moved back to England after graduation in 1992.  They married in January 1993, settled in England and had both boys. ~ Hockleys Find Comfort in Sandy Hook Friends, the Hartford Courant

Some enterprising independent researchers believe they have found Nicole’s now extant MySpace blog where she opined that she wished she’d never left acting.  Perhaps she’s gotten her wish.

In fact, independent skeptics, journalists and researchers are becoming a damn nuisance for anyone trying to exploit the official Sandy Hook story.

Enter Lenny Pozner.

Lenny is the father of little Noah Pozner who died in the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, and then again in the Peshawar, Pakistan school shooting in 2014, as their wall of victims shows.

Lenny is married to Veronique Haller-Pozner, a staunch gun control advocate who is also legal counsel for the nation of Switzerland.

A relative of Veronique, Patricia Ordonez-Haller, has a picture of “Noah” on her Facebook page but it lists “Noah” as “Kevin”…10 years ago.  For more, see my column below.

Lenny Pozner: The Sandy Hook Pozer

With the help of Google, Lenny is on a Crusade to crush independent journalists through a very ingenious method: he has apparently copyrighted images of “Noah” and where-ever they show up, he immediately slaps them with a “copyright infringement”.

How do I know?  He’s done it to me.

An excellent documentary was recently published titled We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook, by Independent Media Solidarity.  It was a cooperative work by several enterprising YouTube channels with powerful evidence that destroyed the official story behind Sandy Hook.

But as soon as it was posted, it was pulled.

Word immediately went out in the “Truth” community and copies were downloaded and uploaded in an attempt to overwhelm the system.  I was one of the channels that tried to do that.

As soon as I did, I was given a “strike” by YouTube with Lenny Pozner and his Honr Network claiming “copyright infringement”.  He found another video on my sight and filed again, crippling my channel.


On one of the claims is the ridiculous evidence “work allegedly infringed: Artwork ‘Noah brown jacket SHE001”.  It’s the same picture that proved Noah was killed in Pakistan.

Now my channel is one step away from being deleted completely.  Thanks to Google taking over YouTube, it is also tied to my Google+ profile which further hampers any important connections I have there.  Any videos used as a citation or reference, any connections with other well-known independent media figures gets wiped out.

This is clearly a bogus claim as many other copies of these videos are all over YouTube.  The ruse is to force a counter-claim by the channel owner who usually posts their videos via a pseudonym.  Once that information is obtained by Pozner, he then hands it to trolls for harassment or uses it to look up information on the journalist.  I caught him looking at my LinkedIn profile.

Sometimes the channel is resorted, sometimes (like mine) it isn’t.

Lenny’s LinkedIn profile is shockingly bare: no personal information is available, only his amazing repertoire of endorsed skills.

Not very professional for a professional networking site.

Lenny seems to be using multiple identities to conduct his mischief as well.  His “Honr Network” maintains a “Leonard P. Osner” profile on it (but you’re not allowed to look too closely).

This tactic is being used repeatedly by the Pozner/Google team to stifle the dissemination of information and intimidate journalists and researchers with fraudulently-acquired personal information.

They have the best of both worlds on me: I’ve given up my personal information to fight their ridiculous copyright claims and not received full use of my channel back.  It’s only a matter of time before I see who Lenny has given my information to.  Perhaps a “no-fly” list is in my immediate future…and yours?

NOTE: I’m hoping to pursue legal action.  If you can help, e-mail me: Johnny (at) Johnny Cirucci . com




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  • No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper says:

    Relax and know that God is in control of all things, and while the devils offspring Bloomberg, Gates, Ballmer , Cuomo and all of the rest are celebrating their evil misdeeds right now, they will pay the price for all eternity where they have no money, no power, no excuses and NO MERCY…

    The people who participated in these events are not only the enemies of the citizens, but they are equally the enemies of God as well, and their end judgement will far exceed their gain financially..

    Posner and the rest will have no defense but they will have plenty to be sorry for and eternity will be used to pay for what they have done to mankind..

    Rejoice and know that God is in control of all things and they are all being used to bring about their very own personal eternal destruction, now that is certainly worth celebrating!

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