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There are no truth-seekers in the spotlight today without an agenda.  Even the best and most trustworthy can be clouded by biases.  The vast majority of talking heads proceed from selfish motives of personal aggrandizement and, given that the world is run by the people who wish to remain in the shadows, that means it behooves program hosts to steer clear of them (and they do). Occasionally, a rare voice rings out that speaks beyond selfish reasons and seeks to serve a higher calling.  In my experience, all of these are Christians and that “higher calling” is to serve Jesus Christ. But even here there are biases and prejudices that can deflect from a complete grasp of the Truth. For instance; the best names in the field of disclosing Rome as the secret Puppet Master ruling the world from behind closed doors are Seventh Day Adventists. They’ve wonderfully institutionalized all of their brilliant insights like Rome being the 4th and Final Beast, how modern Israel is a Luciferian fabrication and how many of today’s “Protestant” theological doctrines are actually Jesuit subterfuge. And they’ve wonderfully institutionalized all of their needless baggage like a hyper-legalistic keeping of a Saturday Sabbath or a near-deification of a “prophetess” whose prophecies are quietly left unexplored and unfulfilled. It’s no coincidence that their founder was a Freemason who started their wayward sect during a 19th century push by the Papacy through secret societies to fractionalize Christendom; Mormonism, Adventism and the Jehovah’s Witnesses were all created by Freemasonic frauds in this time period.  For the details, listen to my show on the subject. In 1129, The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon were officially recognized as an order under the fealty and servitude of the Papacy. Better known as the Templars, it was an order that quickly grew in power, wealth and reach as Templars fought Crusades for their Vatican masters. catholic crusade Within 200 years, the Templars dominated Europe and an ambitious king of France, Philip IV, seized upon an opportunity to destroy his competition. Rumors had circulated that the key to Templar power were black rituals that included denial of faith in Jesus Christ, worship of Lucifer and extreme, perverse sex rites (all of which are said to be the cornerstone of today’s Luciferians from the Jesuits to their Freemasonic footsoldiers). Philip was able to bend fellow Frenchmen Raymond de Got to his will.  As Pope Clement V, de Got ordered the suppression of the Templars and on Friday 13th of October in 1307, Philip moved quickly to arrest every Templar he could find (which included their “Grand Master” Jacques de Molay) and confiscate all of their belongings.  Those Templars that fell into Philip’s hands were tortured for information and executed.  It was not a bright time for the Vatican.  De Got was so thoroughly controlled by Philip he even moved the Papacy to Avignon where it stayed for almost 70 years before being returned to Rome. The Templars were the Roman force to be reckoned with in their time and they weren’t so easily suppressed.  Many were able to escape Philip and go underground and they learned a valuable lesson that was carried on by their successors; the Hospitallers and the Jesuits. The Sovereign Military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (the Hospitallers) are also known as the Knights of Malta and today, they, like all other secret societies, are controlled by the Company of Loyola, the “Society of Jesus”, the Jesuits. The valuable lesson the Templars learned was never to allow their real names and faces to be put to their machinations. The Templars invented modern usury banking and it was as powerful to them as drug trafficking is for Western Intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI6 is today (oh, they serve the Papacy as well). They needed a fall-guy; a scapegoat.  Perhaps an entire group of them—a group traditionally despised by Rome. Pretending to be “Christian”, the Romans couldn’t go there. But they could target a group that was much more vulnerable; the Jews. Soon thereafter, Papal powers began elevating Jews to hide behind and when their plots were found out, all they had to do was duck and help point the finger. It is a smokescreen that has worked sickeningly, shockingly well since the 14th century; through Communism, Nazism and modern Fascism (all created by Rome) “the Jews” have remained the scapegoat for world enslavement. A reference I found extremely helpful for my book Illuminati Unmasked was a work by Emanuel Josephson titled The Federal Reserve Conspiracy & Rockefellers: Their Gold Corner.  I referenced it more than once—

Jewish Patriot Emanuel Josephson, writing in 1968, brilliantly put it all together from banking to the Bolsheviks and from Secret Societies to the Society of Loyola. Most astutely, Josephson described how Jewish bankers were used as an end-around by their crafty Vatican masters to allow the appearance of piety while still cashing in on currency manipulation. …

Rome’s successor, the Holy Roman Empire, dissimulated its interest in money and its power. This was in accord with its professed tenets of Nazarene, theistic Communism. …

Thus theistic, Nazarene Communism, and the “modern” religion that goes by the name of Communism and is supposedly atheist, both are basically super-capitalist and both mask their avid grab for money and wealth.

Title to all wealth was vested in the Church and in its champion “knights,” who at the same time assumed the role of so-called “protectors,” much like the present-day “labor leaders” of their vassals whom they mercilessly enslaved and looted.

Both Churchmen and lay knights used the despised Jews for the conduct of their usurious financial operations, in order to avoid “sinning” and the death penalty that it involved.  The Jews proved very useful and handy for that purpose.

Scapegoating Jews has been such a successful agenda that those who portend to speak against governmental tyranny are crying out for a “Final Solution”.  Rockstar-turned-2nd Amendment defender Ted Nugent recently published this post on Facebook:

nugent's jew-hating fb post

Know these punks. They hate freedom, they hate good over evil, they would deny us the basic human right to self defense … Posted by Ted Nugent on Monday, February 8, 2016

I recently had an exchange with an internet personality who came forward to me as someone who promoted and appreciated my work.  Our correspondence was eye-opening as I was exposed to the depth of this rationale—

I don’t know how familiar you are with ancient (Gnostic) cosmogony or the Nag Hammadi material (being a Christian it *should* be right up your alley): John Lash’s Metahistory site is a good place to start. Being ostensibly Abrahamic, Jews and Jesuits (and a couple of others) both spring from the same diabolical root, which I believe to be extraterrestrial/extradimensional—and the Gnostic warnings about the pernicious mind-parasitism of the ‘Archons’ matches the MO of Jew and Jesuit alike. On the Jews: there are very few ‘racial’ Jews.  Of the 13 million total, up to 90% are Eastern European Kazarians who converted from paganism in the 8th century—for an easier life.  I believe ‘true’ (shem-itic) racial Jews are not truly human, as they gave up at least part of their spiritual (soul) development WAY BACK, in favour of material acquisition (this [Faustian] surrendering allowing the demonic intrusion of alien control). Their ages-old assault on the (true) Aryan race—Iran (‘Land of the Aryans’), Yizidis, the so-called ‘Islamic Invasion’ of Europe (see Barbar Spectre), etc.—their cold, non-human Palestinian genocide, the targeting of Palestinian infants, etc., are symptomatic of an alien psychopathic psychology. The misogynistic nature of monotheism also strongly suggests that there is a greater, more metaphysical game in play than mere political manipulations (?) There are still many, many pieces to this puzzle that I confess I don’t have and, like climbing the Masonic pyramid, each step brings new revelations that overturn the preconceptions that seemed so ‘sensible’ lower down (I’m sure you know that feeling).

I have to admit that I found this rather shocking as this gentleman had posted one of my interviews on his site and the page was very professionally done.  How could he have fallen to such wild speculation culminating in such naked prejudice? I smelled the Jesuits yet again. Of course modern Israel is a Luciferian fabrication created by, for and through them for the express purpose of throwing Bible-believing Christians off the track of understanding Rome as the 4th and Final Beast.  With a rebirth of Israel, Christians were now given the Jesuit-fabricated doctrines of Dispensationalism, Zionism and the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Not only did I cover this in my book but I went into more detail in a recent day-long presentation at Calvary Chapel, Lima, Ohio (Pastor Mike Spaulding and his family remain a blessing me and mine). Yes, many “non-Jews” were needed to be convinced they were Jews in order to populate this new Luciferian fabrication called “Israel” but instead of understanding and compassion, this information has been warped into justification for action. With the extreme and outrageous dehumanizing of “Jews” the next Holocaust is clearly on the horizon.  How we are to test for bloodline purity is something I assume the next Joseph Mengele will tell us.  At least one puff-piece from the UK Guardian was forced to admit that Mengele and his Nazi comrades escaped Europe to hide in an old pariahArgentinian Jesuit mission, but the rest of the story is “more fiction than fact.” I’m sure we can absolutely rely on newspapers to tell us the complete and total truth, why wouldn’t they? Normally, I’d write off someone espousing such an extreme and disconcerting view but I took the time to respond and asked this gentleman if he minded me posting our exchange and he said he didn’t mind—

I’m always wary of getting too far with what I know to be the Truth as it’s quite clear from my research that the Jesuit-controlled Papacy rules the world from behind all her secret societies. If that’s true, I expect to be fully monitored and controlled and, if necessary, harassed and stopped. That’s where my “misogynist monotheistic” Faith comes in.  There is nothing I can possibly do to protect myself from an entity that controls all of the world’s intelligence agencies, banks, armies and governments.  But I can appeal to the Being who has the power to wipe them all out with a single thought based upon my relationship with His Son.  My theory is; as long as I make Jesus Christ the ultimate Authority in my life, and discipline myself from what the Bible has told me “sin” is, I can have immunity to be a legitimate Truth seeker—to poke the very Dragon, himself. To date, this theory appears to be a valid one. “Gnosticism” in its purest form is “salvation through secret knowledge” but what it has devolved into is simply “raw power by manipulating knowledge.”  As a result, gnostics (Jesuits at the top controlling the secret societies) have created a system of manipulation that reigns supreme but is built upon keeping the world’s populace asleep and oblivious to its machinations.  It works flawlessly but is also a house of cards. You have several rationalizations for your view—

* “Jews” have sold their souls * “Jews” are manipulated by extradimensional beings * “Jews” are assaulting the Aryan race * “Jews” aren’t true “Jews”

Each premise of yours is next to impossible to prove or disprove so zetetic examination is impossible.  Without zetetic examination, one can not subject this world view to the Scientific Method; observations leading to an hypothesis proven by experiments where variables are isolated and observations are found to repeat. Therefore, stripping each premise away you’re left with one thing: ugly, primordial racism.  There is no reason or rationale to prejudice, just nonsensical hatred. What stands behind my world view is volumes of names, places and dates and I am very confident in them as a result. This has been fascinating for me and because I respect the work I’ve seen from your site I’ve invested time and effort in writing back to you.  If you don’t mind, I’m going to keep you anonymous and blog this.

I immediately got a response which told me they were okay with me posting this and that my attempts to dissuade them from this very near and real future catastrophe were of no use. The Whore of Babylon, the Dragon of Rome, is closing in on her victims (any who oppose her will be close behind).


  • Lisa says:

    That email you received from the anonymous gentleman is a bit scary. You did an excellent job of responding to him, respectfully. Another great article!

  • Camille says:

    Fascinating article. I need to listen to the show you posted above to understand more on this.

  • Barbara says:

    Eh I think Jews know who they are and that is what makes them unique, that they have preserved their identity and even bloodlines through the centuries of diaspora. I think the enemy will do anything it can to discredit them, even denying that they are who they are. This whole bit about the Jews in Israel aren’t really Jews, that is another red herring. There might be people around who seem not to be Jewish but really are, but the other way around, they are either delusional wannabes or else they are Jews.

  • Robin Johnson says:

    Your articles are refreshing and disturbing at the same time. I have encountered a lot of this ugly racism, as well. It is disturbing and prophetic. It is truly shocking how many people are on evil’s team. My soul grieves for the innocent. How long must we wait to be truly free in our Father’s house? Everyone seems to be at each others throat. This world has become so burdensome, I find myself in tears almost every day over cruelty and hatred. My parents were Catholic and as soon as I was old enough, I said, NO MORE! Thank Yah He did not leave me in that condition but intervened in a mighty way on my behalf. Thirty five years later, I still find it hard to believe He died for the likes of me. Keep fighting the good fight, brother! Come Master, Yahshua, come!

  • Justin says:

    Love all your work Johnny exposing the Satanic Jesuit Vatican Papacy Whore of Babylon. As a Christian Australian I have been amazed by your God inspired insight into exposing the evil wiles of Satan and his reprobate puppets in power. Your personal research inspired by the Bible and history is a blessing to Christians and non, your dedication and depth of research to discover the truth is God guiding you through His holy spirit and leading you to all His truths and empowering you to expose all evil. May God continue to bless you and your work like a guiding beacon exposing the darkness of this world. God bless from Australia.

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