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Wed, 9 May 2012

Freedom News for Wednesday, 09 May 2012

NOW A WITNESS TO BREITBART’S DEATH VANISHES WND: A private investigator has been unable to find the only eyewitness to the sudden death of media innovator and conservative activist Andrew Breitbart. ... Filmmaker Steve Bannon, appointed executive chairman of the Breitbart News Network after Breitbart’s…
Mon, 30 April 2012

Freedom News for Monday, 30 April 2012

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INSTIGATION NY TIMES WAKES UP TO FBI’s MANUFACTURING FALSE-FLAG TERROR Although it’s great to see a “mainstream” source hit this subject it goes FAR beyond the examples of outrageous entrapment to flat out MANUFACTURING EVENTS. (JULY 2011) TOP OF THE LINE MILITARY…